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3:38 AM
Q: Is this a hole in the theory that the invaders were demons?

Rob JacksonThere is one thing that the theory doesn't explain. (I just wanna reminder that water is not what kills them and that I do support that they are aliens with demonic intentions, unlike other movie aliens, but they're not purely demons, but they are demonic aliens, if you people can understand what...

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4:53 AM
Q: Which anime chapter/episode featured a trivia whiz proto-speedrunner?

LampreyIn the manga Yu Yu Hakusho (or possibly Yu-Gi-Oh), I remember very intently a chapter that featured the following: the main characters had to go up against a minor villain, a teenage trivia game whiz who specialized in one particular arcade trivia game. In the first half of the game, the heroes w...

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7:49 AM
Q: Has the rumour of putting Starwars VII - IX to legends been addressed by Disney?

ShadeAt the beginning of 2020, a rumour has been going round that Disney wants to retcon Star Wars VII, VIII and IX, i.e. put it into Star Wars Legends. Has there ever been a statement from Disney concerning this rumour? I am specifically looking for a statement from Disney or Lucas Film or somebody c...

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9:12 AM
@SQB no im not Dutch
9:29 AM
Q: (Blindsight by Peter Watts) Are unconsciousness actually superior than the conscious mind?

Quartz2The book mentions of something of a "neurological bureaucracy", which the conscious mind has little purpose other than acknowleding what has already been thought and done by the unconscious mind. Using example like Eureka moments and musician performing to let the unconscios mind to take control ...

9:47 AM
@Nacht Ah, I thought you might be because "nacht" is Dutch for night. Of course, it's German as well.
@SQB Thank you for the bounty SQB!
It was well deserved.
And welcome to chat, I don't think I've seen you in chat before.
Yep. I have to say, I have been asked many times if I was German, but never if I was Dutch
It's because I am, so that's what came to mind first.
10:09 AM
Ooh, new faces in chat :-) Welcome Nacht and Clara!
Haha. It seems to me that there's a lot of Dutch people on the Internet
Welcome to chat everyone!
@Marvin just leave it be. the sequel-trilogy wasn't as good as we all hoped, but it is what we got. Go watch The Mandalorian instead.
@Jenayah yes that's what I thought might be the case, but was hoping there was a better way...
10:25 AM
@SQB No, let's make a petition for Disney to just redo them entirely, because fan anger!
@NapoleonWilson I've yet to see the third of the sequel trilogy, but I'm considering not bothering
Unfortunately the 3rd was the one where I had to agree with the internet that it wasn't really good.
(Of course not with the internet's intensity, which goes bollocks with these things, but that's the internet.)
@NapoleonWilson that is unfortunate
How unspoiled is the last one for you, @AncientSwordRage?
Can we talk about it here?
@NapoleonWilson Has someone actually done that? Or are you making a Game of Thrones reference?
Nothing'd surprise me these days.
10:33 AM
I enjoyed Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, but I only bothered to address the repeated common fan complaints like one and a half times, close to when it came out, then I got bored of them and I'm just ignoring them now.
In particular I haven't tried to write answers on Sci Fi SE.
There's even a subreddit for it, r/SaltierThanCrait.
@NapoleonWilson I don't think they're worth to redo. Just close that chapter and go on with the next trilogy. Which would be the plan anyway, it's just a bit delayed because of the pandemic, so we won't have a Star Wars film for 2020-12, sadly.
in The Screening Room, Dec 19 '19 at 21:33, by Napoleon Wilson
> We need to stop looking for people to blame. You can make a good movie, you can make a bad movie, it happens, filmmakers make mistakes. Sometimes Star Wars is not gonna be great, sometimes it's just gonna be bad. It's so popular, there's gonna be more and we have to just come to terms with that. We need to stop looking for people or corporations to blame for why something isn't the same way that it was for us when we were younger, because it's never going to be that way.
in The Screening Room, Dec 19 '19 at 21:33, by Napoleon Wilson
> People's opinions change on Star Wars rapidly...I can't even predict what the Star Wars fanbase wants anymore, it's rather pointless for me to even try.
My only complaint is that the title of Episode IX wasn't "From His Nap", as someone (I think @DVK) suggested years ago.
> The Force Awakens
> The Last Jedi
> From His Nap
@SQB I've spoiled myself
but @SQB not sure if here is a great place for spoiler chat
10:36 AM
@Randal'Thor Their.

 Star Wars Death Star

Where all of Star wars can be discussed, spoilers and all.
@AncientSwordRage ^ there's that if you wanna unfreeze it
what else do you all talk about
Daily stuff.
Sci-fi. Fantasy. Fluffy animals. Pedantry. Comics. Or anything else really - there's no rules of on-topicness for chat.
10:39 AM
Sometiimes, we even talk about sf&f.
lol floofs
@SQB are you sure you're in the right place for that??
aint nuthin like the feeling of falling hundreds of feet onto a nice soft floof
@Nacht please don't, since floofs are, in this context, fluffy animals.
Or otherwise cute or notable.
10:44 AM
Oh sorry. I was thinking of Flumphs
I can't seems to upload photos of my cats here, I'm going to assume they're too cute for human consumption
Do ferrets and cats get along?
@Mithical I read a guide once, on how to introduce the two
No, only ferrets get long.
@Mithical it was something like, only introduce them when one is a kitten?
10:48 AM
@NapoleonWilson I figure on waiting for Darths & Droids version of it. They've done a better job with most the newer movies so far.
@Randal'Thor LONGCAT would beg to differ
Oh darn, should we have Darths&Droids as a feed in here?
@SQB is it still going?
@SQB maybe in the SW room
@AncientSwordRage They've just started Ep. 7. Poe is a double agent and Finn is his handler. :)
11:09 AM
@DavidW I last read somewhere through ep.4
11:30 AM
They've done 7 movies so far; Ep. 1-6 and Rogue One.
The fact that they waited until Ep. 9 was out to plot 7-9 together probably means they'll have a more consistent storyline than the actual movies. :-P
"Summon Bigger Fish" was one of their best, though.
@DavidW Awesome.
"Summon Bigger Fish" was one of their best, though.
12:12 PM
Don't no why, but my laptop seems unwilling to connect to chat, even on different browsers.
Probably just being a snob. Doesn't want to associate with riff-raff like us.
12:30 PM
@DavidW ::time-warps::
1:10 PM
Works in Chrome now, but not in Opera.
@SQB No, because Darths & Droid is quite regular, the new strip always appears nominally at 10:11 UTC on every W-2, W-4, W-7, practically slight after 10:11 UTC but always within two minutes, with about five unannounced and one announced exceptions through its lifetime, plus some announced long hiatuses or reduction to once per week between campaigns. There's no need for a feed when it's always at the same time.
We do feeds elsewhere for webcomics that appear at very irregular times, like Order of the Stick giantitp.com/comics/oots.html , Abstruse Goose abstrusegoose.com , etc.
(I used to do one for pbfcomics.com too but I decided I no longer care because of how many old strips it removed from the website.)
1:35 PM
Works in Chrome now, but not in Opera.
1:48 PM
@SQB Except for the part where you're repeating yourself... :)
That was still in Opera.
No clue what's happening there.
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3:42 PM
Arg. I had a brilliant idea. I realized that, having re-read Agency I could definitively answer a question about The Peripheral.
Except that when I do the math, things don't work out.
The difference in dates doesn't match the difference in characters' ages.
4:03 PM
posted on September 29, 2020 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: If you don't cook it, it's a frozen dessert! Today's News:

Q: What happens if a Muggle born wizard/witch can't afford Hogwarts supplies?

Elisa ElisijaWhat happens if a Muggle-born wizard/witch receives a Hogwarts acceptance letter but their family is very poor and doesn't have money to buy the school things on the shopping list? Would Hogwarts give them some kind of financial help?

3 hours later…
6:42 PM
Q: Star Trek/Stargate and other such series

GillianMy husband has died, leaving a large collection of Star Trek and other sci-fi dvd's. They were dear to him and I'd like them to go to a good home. Can someone please recommend a site where I can advertise his collection? I'd really appreciate it. Many thanks. Gillian

7:07 PM
Q: Has Ridley Scott ever been asked if the Alien franchise is canonically connected to Frank Herbert's Dune?

MCU And You Film BlogHas Ridley Scott ever been asked if or how the Alien franchise is canonically connected to Frank Herbert's Dune? What was his answer?

7:49 PM
A: What years does "The Peripheral" take place in?

DavidW2132 in the parent timeline (the "big stub," Wilf's timeline). Now that Agency is out, the dates are much clearer. Agency takes place in 21361 and, according to Conner Penske, 4 years have passed2 since the events of The Peripheral. Hence The Peripheral happens in 2132 in Wilf's timeline. (Note...

Does this read okay? There were too many small quotes to use normal quote formatting, so I ended up inlining the quotes and using footnotes.
I'm not really super happy with how it comes out, but at least I can read this version.
Needs a Paint-drawn timeline
I'm saying that half jokingly after browsing the thing for 10 seconds and thinking "uh, more numbers please, whaddahell", but in hindsight all timeline-themed answers could use one
Q: Is there any particular significance behind "I Am Legend" being set in the late 70s?

JenayahRichard Matheson's brilliant 1954 novel I Am Legend takes place between January 1976 and January 1979, with several flashbacks to 1975, when the vampire plague began to spread. Throughout the novel, there are several references to a "war" which, the way I read it, likely happened less than ten ye...

A: Where was Sam Drake when Nathan was in Cartagena?

JenayahTL;DR: since Sam wasn't planned when they made Uncharted 3, it's technically a plot hole. However, the writers dropped enough indications here and there so that we can come up with an in-universe answer. Out-of-universe Out of universe, Sam is a retroactive continuity (retcon), meaning that he i...

I'll stop blowing my own horn now :-)
Q: Will Peter Parker be able to run a big tech company like stark industries in MCU?

Saksham KushwahaWe have seen in comics that spider man will run a big tech company of his own like stark industries and also we have seen in cartoon series of 2012 Ultimate Spiderman where he dreams that he will run a big tech company if he leaves his duty so, can this also possible in MCU as well.

Um. Okay, I'll think about that. :)
eh, glad to help
8:16 PM
Problem is that I'm trying to locate 2 parallel timelines alongside one another, and showing the different alignment possibilities seems... tricky.
Would it be better if I used symbols instead of numbers for the footnotes?
*, **, †, ††, ‡, etc.
8:48 PM
Q: Story regarding suspended animation and human shaped felines

Jim AmerineA scientist is struck by lightning and wakes up several millennia into the future. One of his first encounters is with a seemingly human female that has many feline characteristics - including a tail and long ears with Siamese cat marking. There are also vegetable based engines and an extremely l...

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10:54 PM
Q: Short story about mankind preparing for contact with an approaching alien spacecraft, finally passing by and ignoring humans

Spaceman PifFollowing the discovery of an alien spacecraft apparently bound to Earth, plagued with conflicts, mankind organizes and prepares for contact, setting up a complete protocol. This preparation turns out to be vain, as the alien spacecraft just passes by and leaves, completely ignoring Earth and hum...

11:12 PM
Q: Why is Minas Tirith called "Gondor" in Return of the King by king Théoden?

MerryAs I understand it, Gondor is the big country where a lot of important stuff happens. Minas Titirh, with its series of walls going in circles, is simply the main city of Gondor. The capital if you will. So why does Théoden say things which suggest that the city is called "Gondor"? Arise, arise, ...


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