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1:54 AM
Q: Does anyone know about Mangacide from the Liberty Snots?

aajayunlimitefJess seems to have excellent potential with those psionic tentacles. Maybe possibly even being stronger than Doc Ock's artificial arms. Anyone know of the capabilities of those psionic arms of hers? Nowhere has any info on that--not even a site dedicated to Wildstorm. The site has everything you ...

2:45 AM
Q: Short story about a man who makes miniature clones of the female coworker he's attracted to

Jackie421Does anyone know this story? I think I originally read it in a short story collection of the author's works, but I for the life of me cannot remember the title or author. The only other thing I remember about it was the man in the story called his little creations "feminals," or something like th...

3:06 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, blacklisted website in answer, link at beginning of answer, potentially bad ns for domain in answer (215): How does the economy of buying gifts for the tributes work? by mianlota on scifi.SE
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7:49 AM
Q: What order do I read comic book publications that come out in the same month?

NachtI have taken up reading through Detective Comics and Batman from their start. I keep track of what month each issue came out in, and I am wondering whether I should start with the Batman comics for each month or the Detective Comics ones. For instance, Batman #10 came out in May 1942. Detective C...

Q: Hi, I'm looking for a 3D cartoon where the mc finds a red robotic arm and it gets stuck on he's right arm

Onyekponwane GodswillI'm looking for a 3D cartoon where the mc finds a red robotic arm and it gets stuck on he's right arm. The mc lives with his uncle, his cousin and has a robotic talking dog. I remember during one of his fights, the arm became a complete robotic suit. I remember in one episode, the mc kept thinkin...

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9:44 AM
Sigh. I guess I will never know the answer to my question :(
9:58 AM
Which one? Edit: ah, I see.
maybe i should change it to ask how readers in the 70s knew what order to read them in
or just ask a new question
10:47 AM
Q: Old puppet kids show about a hot air balloon going to another dimension

Yulissa LaraPlease help me, I’m writing this at 3:30am :( I need peace of mind lol I remember that there are 3 main characters, two boys and a girl. One of the boys is an apprentice to an old man building a hot air ballon and is told to not show others. But he ends up showing the girl he likes the hot air b...

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12:03 PM
Q: Was really Bruce Banner working on the super soldier serum?

Roberto HernandezI found very confusing the dialogue in Avengers when Agent Coulson explains to Captain America how Doctor Banner was working on the Serum of Dr.Erskine. STEVE: So, this Doctor Banner was trying to replicate the serum that was used on me? COULSON: A lot of people were. You were the world's first ...

12:28 PM
Q: Are joined Trills responsible for the crimes of their predecessors?

colmdeI was watching the Star Trek: Deep Space 9 episode, "Dax", wherein a hearing is conducted about whether Jadzia Dax should be extradited for murder and treason committed by Curzon Dax. I know it's termed an "informal hearing", but it appears to boil down to whether Jadzia Dax can be held responsib...

@Nacht maybe edit it to tighten it a bit, what the proper order is for the comics you're interested in.
That should have a definite answer.
Like, "I want to read the Batman and Detective Comics from 1940 to 1950; what is the proper reading order for these?"
That would focus the question on just one issue.
1:21 PM
Heroes was on the BBC last night
I should re-watch that show
1:36 PM
By the way, @Nacht, are you Dutch?
Q: Trying to find a book about murder, stolen fossils and reanimation

MintySweeTeaI read a book a long time ago that I absolutely adored. Sadly I don't own the book and can't remember what it was called. I do remember some details though: The book takes place in the 1800s Dinosaur fossils have been stolen from a museum but nobody knows what happened The fossils are smuggled...

2:08 PM
Alright, I feel like bountying. Does anyone know of a worthy question? I'm looking for questions that lack answers (easily searchable) that have active low-rep users (not so easily searchable).
Q: Story about people bonded to "Grateful Dead" type bears

Dajan RaRead this book quite a while ago in high school, 2004 at the latest. Details are a bit sketchy, any help would be appreciated. Two people, one male, one female. I think that they meet up in the beginning of the story. The male is "bonded" to a creature who reminds me most strongly of the bears th...

2:35 PM
Q: Which books are the moments from Skyfire Cycle of Brooklyn 99 based on?

C.KocaIn the popular show Brooklyn 99, a fantasy series with the name Skyfire Cycle is repeatedly referred to. The favourite moments shared by two of show's leading actors are as follows: Summoning of Balakastro The scarlet feast When you thought Ka'lar had been swallowed by the Norolith, but had just...

@Nacht they likely had the same question, but went by instinct and fellow readers as there was no internet to turn to ;)
3:00 PM
Q: Traveler who aims to travel faster to reach better places

Greyhunter3I'm trying to remember the title of a short story I read, and of course I don't even remember the author. This is a story about a traveller, a member of some kind of organisation of travellers (almost mystical for some of its members?) who aim to travel always faster, as it seems that this speed ...

3:12 PM
@Marvin Funny; we finally get an ID on a question 6 years later, and then get a duplicate asked within a couple of weeks.
4:08 PM
posted on September 28, 2020 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Rejection of the purple turtleneck for a speedo was also a wise decision. Today's News: Hey geeks! A message from James: Hey Superpals! SMBC Theater's James Ashby here. Today we're releasing the third and final SMBC Theater sketch compilation on the old youtube channel FREE with 27 classic sketches including Existential Crisis and Dragons, Ba

Q: YA book trilogy printed in different colored ink

anybodysI'm looking for a YA trilogy I read probably over 6 or 7 years ago now. I believe I only read the first book, and the only defining features I can remember is the fact that each book was printed in a different color. The one I had read had a blue cover and the text inside was printed in a dark na...

5:07 PM
Q: Has Peter Parker's ever received any awards for his photography?

RusshiroPeter Parker, The Amazing Spider Man, has been a photographer for the Daily Bugle newspaper since he was about 15 or 16 years old. The paper has paid a lot of money to him over the years for many of his shots of super human action, particularly of Spider Man. Considering Peter's abilities often g...

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7:39 PM
Q: Minimalist Satirical Online Comic with Dots for Characters of Gods and Demons

C TeegardenI've googled several times over many months and can't seem to find the comic again. I read some of it about a year ago online. It featured God (abrahamic) as a black dot with Satan/Lucifer as a red dot with horns. Other gods showed up as different colored dots with various minor embellishments as...

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8:55 PM
Q: Short story about the death of a giant tree

R. HoffmanI'm looking for a short story about a very old, giant tree that contains an extremely valuable substance at its heart. Don't recall if in a magazine or an anthology; perhaps 10 pages? In English. I guess 40-50 years ago. The tree's planet is visited by a spaceship with three people: two not-nice ...

9:12 PM
meh tag (no offense @AncientSwordRage)
@Jenayah 😭
I'll... I'll... I'll make more questions if you're not careful!
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10:36 PM
Q: Did the aliens go back upstairs, possibly to get reinforcements?

Rob JacksonAs soon as Merrill and Graham successfully pit the dirt picker against the door knob, we hear a struggle on the other side to force the door open for a few seconds, but then we hear what appears to be them going upstairs. And all the noises we hear until they bang on the door are not coming from ...

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11:48 PM

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