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1:24 AM
Q: Allied with spiders

Vaughn OhlmanI remember a short story... or I remember part of it anyway. The vague plot was that this guy discovered that Earth was part of this big war. Spiders were on one side (the good guys), flies etc were on the other side. I think he discovers this because he can hear them, which causes the bad guys t...

1:48 AM
Q: Three Circles Conspiracy

Vaughn OhlmanWhat was the goal of the Three Circles Conspiracy in the Lt. Leary/RCN series (David Drake)? Adele's parents were involved, it seems, but what was their goal? Was it a philosophical difference such as communism vs capitalism? Or just a power grab? Note: I can't create tags, or I would have tagged...

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5:29 AM
Q: Is the EMH AI somehow inferior to soong Androids?

SidneyI started watching Picard last night and even though it's set after Voyager, Data and his AI are treated as unique. I've never actually watched ST:TNG, but was a huge fan of Voyager. Several episodes were dedicated to The Doctor's humanity and growth -- it certainly seemed like the EMH AI was at ...

Q: Why was Lord Voldemort knocked out?

TheMadHatterBook 7 : When Lord Voldemort "killed" Harry in the Forbidden Forest , He is apparently knocked out (like Harry) for some reason. [1] Why ? [2] What happened to Voldemort when he was knocked out ? Did he also visit the Limbo ?

5:52 AM
@Alex it's brown
@Jenayah What???
Everything's a lie.
I can see you saying Don't call me Nymphadora!
I'm not a shapeshifter either, sorry
Do you always knock over the umbrella stand?
Well unless you count the hair constantly switching between flat and "oh hey it's wet today, let's frizz"
You need some Sleekeazy's Hair Potion?
Indeed, maybe you are more of a Hermione than a Tonks.
Dec 21 '18 at 0:14, by Alex
47 mins ago, by Alex
2 hours ago, by Alex
@Jenayah A child prodigy, eh?
Wow, that was a while ago.
6:35 AM
@Jenayah "halfmod" has a nice ring to it.
7:15 AM
When a mod and a user have a child, that's a halfmod.
CMs are Elder Mods.
7:55 AM
Q: Looking for HP fanfic. HG birthday. Orb from Molly. HG & HP to alternate past. Tapestry. HP's grandparents

Baard KopperudI'm looking for a Harry Potter fanfic I probably read at AO3, for 6-12 months ago. Was then a WIP. I may be mixing together two stories... It's Hermiones (20th?) birthday and they're celebrating. From Molly (even though she and Ron is broken up) she gets an glass-orb that's supposed to show he...

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9:50 AM
@SQB I can't help but head-sing this to the tune of "That's Amore!"
it doesn't quite scan, but that's not stopping my brain trying
Ahoy @b_jonas
Q: Short story:Alien called Kilroy possesses a soldier's body during a fight

DannyMcGI read this in an anthology at least forty years ago. Some people (maybe at a party) are talking about the graffiti appearing everywhere. The story jumps to an alien soldier finalising his training by a qualifying test. Then back to Earth in WW2, a new recruit is Manning a pillbox, just as the en...

Aww cute, and seems right to me
Both cats love getting inside cardboard
10:45 AM
Q: Why didn't Peter Pettigrew turn into a rat in Deathly Hallows?

LukaPeter Pettigrew was an animagus and he could turn into a rat without wand. In DH, when his hand started to torture him, why didn't he turn into a rat and rescue himself from evil hand?

10:57 AM
@Jenayah likewise to what @AncientSwordRage says, I head-sing this to Chris Montez' "Let's Dance".
11:25 AM
@SQB I definitely had to google that
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1:36 PM
Q: Building a house with mouth cement

Vaughn OhlmanSo I have a series of vague impressions and a couple of details: Pretty sure this was a book, not a short story I probably read it in the 90's... maybe earlier I think the basic plot was that there was a computer which was supposed to protect those under its care. It decided to do this by alteri...

Q: Mech suit anime where the pilot gets full control over the suit if the mech decides to merge with them

MarkLooking for a mech anime series where if the mech suit chooses to merge with the human pilot, he receives total control over the suit but if destroyed in combat will die with the suit. The main character is a young male who takes over the suit after the original owner dies. When the mech decides ...

2:24 PM
Q: Book about pyramids that had a shield ability that held everything in place which stopped nuclear war or asteroids

jspectre79I am looking for a book that came out in the early 2000s was about pyramids I can't remember who wrote it or the title. The pyramids stopped either nuclear war or asteroids they had a shield ability that held everything in place.

2:49 PM
Q: Why does Mr Weasley say this?

TheMadHatterIn Half Blood Prince:7th Chapter; Mr Weasley says "Harry please you are talking to the man who raised Fred and George", What does this statement mean ? Does Mr Weasley know that Harry gave F&G his Triwizard winnings ?

Q: Has anyone seen see this letter by JRR Tolkien about the Nazgul?

KEMAL BERK TOYAccording to what is said; Tolkien had written a letter to an friend or acquaintance in Wales. This letter was to someone who was sold in an auction in France (Marseille). There were those who saw it. In this letter, the nickname "Eastern Ring Slave" was used for one of the Nazgul, and it was mos...

3:37 PM
Q: Super speed = strength?

SalokinGIf I'm able to run 48,28 km in 6 seconds, how can i calculate how much i could carry/move Like flash and quicksilver are able to carry heavy stuff and more people while running

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5:39 PM
Q: The Witcher 3 (game): When exactly did Johnny lose his voice?

Topher HuntI'm replaying TW3, and in Crookback Bog I noticed something that looks like a plot contradiction: The children of the Orphanage say Johnny told them that he saw a girl with ashen hair. This knowledge leads Gerald to track down Johnny and advance the main quest. When Geralt meets Johnny, Johnny c...

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8:05 PM
Q: Is it possible that the laws of physics are different in Dark?

Yuriy STo avoid spoilers for season 3, the title is incomplete, I will clarify my question below. Now there's two possible explanations: Which of these two options is more lilely? Maybe there's some other explanation?

Q: isekai manga which had RPG settings and main characters name was second he suicided after getting his game account stolen

WukongWannaBei am looking for an isekai manga i saw before. the guy who was a first ranker in a game had his account named sevent stolen and suicides (or just falls asleep i dont remember) and when he wokes up he is in his second account named "second".

8:29 PM
Q: Did Luna and Neville ever date at all after the Harry Potter series end?

RusshiroWe know at the end of the initial Harry Potter series that Neville Longbottom had a bit of a crush on Luna Lovegood, and during the Battle of Hogwarts, sought her out to "confess" to her. As an adult, we know Neville married Hannah Abbott and Luna married a grandson to Newt Schamander... but the ...

9:18 PM
Q: Else World's comic where Superman was the richest athlete in the world

RusshiroI vaguely recall a 1990s comic where something happened differently, and Clark Kent ended up not becoming a hero who rescues people and inspires Hope, but a sports hero and one of the richest, most bankable men on the planet; he played Basketball, Baseball, and Football, if I remember correctly. ...

Q: Canonically, how much older is Batman than Superman?

RusshiroI know this may depend on the continuity, but generally, Bruce Wayne has been shown to be a few years older than Clark Kent. This has been portrayed anywhere between 4 to 15, depending on the story, but most usually, Bruce is older. We should also take into account the "sliding time line" which e...

9:42 PM
Q: Isekai manga where two high schoolers are transported to a post apocalyptic world overrun with beasts

Gto8927Does anyone know this isekai where the MC is a high schooler transported with classmate to a post apocalyptic world overrun by beasts. These beasts attack human and the MC even though being very weak has be ability to control. If I remember correctly the beast attack people cause there have been ...

10:07 PM
Q: What kind of witch is Tiffany Aching?

JC007BIn Terry Pratchet’s Discworld universe, he has five books that focus on Tiffany Aching, a trainee witch. She has a mix of non-magical and magical powers. Non-magical powers: First Sight Second, Third, and Fourth Thoughts Her magical powers are: An unnamed ability to connect to the land Borrowi...

10:55 PM
Q: Story about a man who transforms into a monster from a mouldy can of beer

Mr. BoyA man is a heavy drinker, I recall the story says he drinks 12 or 20 beers a night and sends his son (nephew?) who is the story's narrator to buy then for him. After drinking a beer which is 'bad' he slowly starts transforming into a horrific monster. I have the feeling it's a Stephen King story,...


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