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12:08 AM
Q: Young adult science fiction book from the early 80s

Gregory BarksIt was a series of books about an alien race. They were very adept at martial arts, training their kids at an early age, and they would hire their services out to people they deemed worthy. The main character and his best friend, a girl, discover something about a prospective client and wind up g...

12:32 AM
Q: Could Harry Potter have used the Resurrection Stone to resurrect good wizards so they could fight in the Battle of Hogwarts?

user255577I believe that the Resurrection Stone has unlimited use, so it can be used multiple times. If so, Harry Potter would have had the option of using it to resurrect a good number of good wizards so they could fight in the Battle of Hogwarts, that is if these resurrected wizards would have agreed to ...

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2:10 AM
Q: Knights take over an alien spaceship, go conquering

Vaughn OhlmanThis is a story I would have read in the '90s, I think. The beginning involves a bunch of aliens landing on Earth back in the Knights on Horseback era. They wave their ray guns around, intending to cow the lowly natives, but the lowly natives are a bunch of knights on horseback, who promptly ride...

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3:47 AM
Q: 1959 Peanuts cartoon about the Fischer ellipsoid (Earth is "pear-shaped")?

uhohThe cartoon series Peanuts is fiction and the 1959 strip I'm looking for is related to science, so I'm hoping this is sufficiently on-topic to stay open at least long enough to receive an answer. In Mathematician, Engineer and Geoscientist Irene Fischer's book Geodesy? What's That?: My Personal I...

Q: In Locke & Key, how does Dodge levitate?

robonskiHow does Dodge levitate in the Locke & Key comics? At the point when he does this, he doesn't have any keys yet. Is this an ability he has because he is an echo? Or because he's possessed by a demon?

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6:14 AM
Q: Fantasy novel from the 90's. Maybe earlier. I can't remember the title

BoundbyherAt the beginning the villain is lured to a meeting where an attempt is made on his life. Another character fired a projectile out of a cane which wounded him but he was able to magic up a shield or something to avoid death.

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7:51 AM
Q: Vaguely Remembered Creepy Book Cover of YA Sci-Fi/Horror Story circa 2000

KrobrawlgI suddenly remembered the creepy cover of a book I saw in a children's/young adult bookstore as a kid around the year 2000. It looked too scary so I didn't buy it. Here is all I remember: The cover had three or so hideous fish-like or frog-like people in a swamp. The blurb on the back described a...

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10:32 AM
I found out that there's an obituary post on meta that's voted higher than Terry Pratchett's. scifi.meta.stackexchange.com/q/12164/4918
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12:07 PM
This ID question got to HNQ without anyone fixing the title or adding the ID tag? Tut tut, people :-P
I blame you
@b_jonas The highest-voted few are all for creators of content rather than actors, aptly enough.
12:25 PM
@Randal'Thor Oops, that's on me. Sorry for letting the side down.
Q: Is it possible to accept Charlotte Doppler as the daughter of Elisabeth Doppler and vice versa in the same world but in different time?

Surajit Das In Dark we've seen Elisabeth as Charlotte's daughter and as the story grows we've seen Charlotte as Elisabeth's daughter but from different time in the same world. Charlotte has been stolen from the future where Elizabeth was her mother and she bring her into the past before the apocalypse and a...

@DavidW I would like to change who I'm blaming this on!
12:43 PM
Q: What happened to Metapod's body after its evolution into Butterfree?

KofiliAs shown in this GIF, when Ash's Metapod evolves into Butterfree, Butterfree emerges from within Metapod, leaving a husk behind. What happened to Metapod's body/residue? What did Ash do with it? Bury it?

1:08 PM
Q: Was Rhûn (the East) based primarily on the lands of Asia?

KEMAL BERK TOYIn Tolkien’s Middle-earth; was Rhun based primarily on Asia? I think there are Bilbo references to this in The Hobbit, but I do not know certainly. Does anybody know the answer of this topic?

@Marvin Isn't that a dupe?
@Randal'Thor shrug possibly?
Also, there's no allegory of any kind, so it's an entirely fantasy land without any real-world inspiration! ;-P
We should tag those in-memoriam posts as [bug].
1:40 PM
@b_jonas ???
@TheLethalCarrot Nah, too late. No take-backs. (I'm going to blame needing to stay up after midnight for the past 3 days to run tests anyway.)
That's a fair excuse
@b_jonas Hey, if that works, there's a lot of other bugs I'd like to raise! :)
2:06 PM
@DavidW I'm not saying that it works. Mods might close the request as wontfix ([status-declined] or [status-deferred] on our meta), but even then, it's a bug.
Reality has a lot of bugs. I'd really like to get the whole entropy thing fixed.
@DavidW I suspect that that one is by design, but I'm not an experienced world creator, so I'm not sure.
Perhaps. Maybe then we could at least fix the speed-of-light limit. It'd be nice to see the stars (up close).
But of course any of those apparent invariants (death, speed limit, entropy) could be by design at first and fixed later by tricky methods.
I'm quite sure that the speed of light is by design.
Gravity too. I can't even imagine how or why quantum mechanics is by design, but it probably is, I just don't understand why.
2:25 PM
Designs can be buggy too. Ghu knows that I have enough experience with design bugs.
Fruit can be buggy too, annoying when that happens.
That's a lot cheaper to deal with though. And a lot less stressful.
As opposed to, say (just off the top of my head), computing whether 2 events happen on the same day based on the user's timezone on the one hand and the server's timezone on the other.
(Which naturally never shows up in QA, 'cause realistically who has the resources to spin up testing instances in another region and have testers available to run tests shortly before/after local midnight.)
2:44 PM
@Mithical That's because it flies like a banana.
The problem isn't that fruit flies like a banana. The problem is fruit flies like a banana.
don't get me started on the time flies
@MattE.Эллен They emptied my whole quiver.
they'll do that too you.
3:04 PM
I always find it amusing when there's a sudden burst of activity on an old question.
3:34 PM
Q: Why did this happen to King Fred?

marcellothearcaneIn Cornucopia Again, Chapter 64 of The Ickabog, This is proved by Cornucopia Again, Chapter 64 This seems very strange, since as far as I can tell, he lacked mens rea - the intention to do any of it at all. I think his only culpability would be due to negligence, which Spittleworth and Flapoon ...

3:58 PM
Q: Why do people keep shooting at Jedi?

userIn the movies and the various TV shows shooting blasters at Jedi is shown to be utterly ineffective. They bat the blasts away like flies with their lightsabers. This fact is well known to the various militaries. The Empire and the Separatists both had extensive experience of it. Yet their troops ...

4:12 PM
@Donald.McLean Was there one in particular?
4:29 PM
Q: All the chapters of The Ickabog are out!

TheMadHatterToday on the 10th of July JK Rowling has successfully published all the Chapters of The Ickabog on the website www.theickabog.com . The 'political fairytale' has 64 chapters , with the final one being released today.

4:40 PM
@Slartibartfast Uhuh.
Q: What is the significance of Lily Luna Potter's middle name?

AncientSwordRageAll of Harry's other children have middle names that honour people who played a serious part not just in his life, but in the second wizarding war: James Sirius Potter, and Albus Severus Potter. Whereas Lily Luna Potter takes her middle name from someone in his generation, in fact someone who is...

Possibly because Lily Luna makes an appearance in the beloved Ickabog?
Never heard of this Ickabog thing.
In retrospect Harry didn't really spend too much effort on coming up with names. But I never found it too exciting to simply name your kid after yourself or your father.
4:57 PM
It's better than naming them "7" or "10".
(Well, "seventh" and "tenth" at least.)
Q: Story About a Boy Lost in the Wilderness

Ron MaupinMany years ago (late '60s to '70s), I read a story about a boy with a group of hikers in a ridge who get caught in a lightning storm. They all run off the ridge, and, apparently, the boy went down the wrong side, and he got lost. The boy ended up needing to survive on his own. He used a paperclip...

Q: In the (American) Power Rangers franchise, who built/constructed the first Zords?

RusshiroI know it seems like an odd question, considering the original Rangers' master, Zordon of El'tar, was seen as the originator of the Power Ranger legacy.... heck "zord" is even in his name, and that suffice exist on every iteration of the Rangers' fighting machines to this day. ...

6:00 PM
Q: 1990s Sci fi love story on a giant vessel (more Steam punk)

SolipsosIt takes place on a sort of gigantic ship (more like a big vessel) but special: big as a small city, can go on earth or on water. We know that there are many in the world, but it does not matter, all the story / plot / action is on this ship. Two social classes on board: the rich ones, and the ot...

Q: How did Bert and Rodeick know where was Spittleworth's estate?

TheMadHatterBert and Roderick manage to overtake Spittleworth to his estate, thanks to their riding skills. However the issue is how did they know where the estate was ?

6:48 PM
Q: Even if he didn't want to use them, why didn't Voldemort steal all of the Time Turners?

J. MiniThis question covers why he wouldn't want to steal one and use it, but that doesn't explain why he wouldn't want to steal them all anyway. After all, having the option of (maybe risky) time travel is better than your enemies having it while you lack it. So, assuming that he knew where to look for...

7:37 PM
Q: What are the wordplays in The Ickabog?

marcellothearcaneJKR is known for her puns in naming things. Harry Potter is full of it. What are all the puns in her latest installment, The Ickabog?

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8:50 PM
Q: Highest kill count of the Big E in one action

Anton HinkelHow many creatures has the emperor of mankind killed in one action? He must have performed the action himself. Devices created by him and used by someone else do not count. Ordering things does not count either Book sources are welcome but not mandatory State 31/06/2020

9:14 PM
Q: Looking for a Scifi story about a Tree being

CassiusdukeI am looking for 2 Sci-Fi short stories that may have been in the same anthology book. I read the book over 20 years ago and the book was old at the time so I can’t be precise about when the stories were written. The First one is about a tree, here is what I remember: The story starts of telling...

Q: Short story; Alien soldier uses an Earth soldier's body to train in

DannyMcGI read this in an anthology in UK at least forty years ago. An alien soldier is almost complete in his training and needs to have his final test, this is done by him taking over the body of an Earth soldier during combat. Then he'll be deemed fit to fight his Emperor's enemies. On Earth a young A...

Q: Title and author of an alternate universe story with intelligent animals

user112358Many years ago I read a story - it may have been a novel, or a short story in a compilation - that included travel of the principal characters to an alternate universe, where many species of animals had been elevated (possibly by genetic manipulation?) to sentience, and were members of the altern...

9:39 PM
Q: How will alien race survive the approach of hot companion star on elliptical orbit

NJohnnyProbably from the 80s or 90s. USA paperback. Cover has a human and a humanoid alien wearing back packs (hiking across a desert type terrain) who are standing on a pile of rocks or rocky prominence. Human on the top, alien a couple feet behind him. (clearly looking for the path to get out of deser...

Q: Why did Lupin not transform in the Room of Requirement?

Studoku- Reinstate MonicaThe Room of Requirement is based on the user, but it's completely reasonable for it to become: Soundproof Reinforced (or just made of stone like the rest of the castle) Inescapable for a transformed werewolf- this doesn't need anything magic or technological- a couple of deadbolts would do it (e...

10:16 PM
Yarg. I'm not sure that getting 3 story-id answers in an hour is worth having to admit that I read Tom Paine Maru.

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