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12:01 AM
Q: What if guilt hulk came out?

Samalot This is assuming he had full control of Banners body. I looked online but all I found was a website saying that this had never happened, but once nearly did. Looking for an answer.

Q: Where did the trade federation ships go in the Phantom Menace?

dominic fondeIn the opening scenes of The Phantom Menace we see the Trade Federation blockade of Naboo which features a fleet of many capital ships. In the climactic battle at the end of the film there appears to be exactly one capital ship. Where did the others go? Is there a deleted or even unfilmed scene t...

12:21 AM
Q: First air-to-air missile illustration in a German pulp magazine published in 1909 or 1910

Invisible TrihedronIn his regular column in Galaxy, For Your Information (v. 13, no. 1, p. 47-59; November 1956), Willy Ley wrote up several technological feats (e.g., television, tanks, remote manipulators) that were investigated in science fiction before they were made practical in reality. For one of them, the a...

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2:19 AM
Q: Why didn't Indigo retain the negative effects of the star?

AdamantOn The Worst Witch, Miss Hardbroom believes that using a wishing star to give magic to someone born without it will inevitably result in their going drunk on the dark side until they renounce their powers, with less-biased individuals such as Miss Cackle somewhat agreeing. The limited evidence s...

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Q: Did Jean Luc not hear Will when he said the Borg on Onkiaka Three were not, in his belief, part of the Collective ("Descent")?

AdamNYWhy was he all worried about the Borg changing their plans, when Will clearly said he did not believe they were part of the Collective, which should have given it out that they were renegade Borg? He goes on a speech about how the Borg's entire existence has been based on assimilation, and says "...

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8:16 AM
Q: Novel where the main character pretends to be a princess

SE_TankThe story was about an urchin adopted by an acting troupe to pretend to be the lost princess of the city. These are the details I remember (some of the early events are a little crude, my apologies): I read it between 2003-2007, I can't recall the exact year The main character's job was clean...

Q: Sci if story about a planet with a strange religion that makes people want to merge with a parasite and die

susan4starsWhat's the name of a classic sci fi short story about a planet where their religion makes people willingly merge with a parasite in a cave and die? Outsiders can't understand why anyone would do such a thing, and when off-world visitors start joining the religion and committing suicide, two hum...

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12:51 PM
Q: Green Lizard Race Rebellion

Chris MortonI really need some help.. please. There was a book that came out in the either late 80s to 90s I think.. It was a sci-fi fantasy series. At least a trilogy. It was about a green lizard race that were either eradicated or turned slaves. The main character was a Lizard Princess and grew up side by ...

1:50 PM
Q: Trying to identify a weird story by general plot description involving moving, talking standing stones

user119870Asking for a friend (really): "OK, creepy story, crawling up a hedgerow to the top of a hill, standing stones which move, but freeze if you look at them directly. And they talk. Any ideas?" Original inquirer not much of a film/television viewer, so definitely a story.

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Q: Novel (dystopian?) where some of the population have telepathy, that they call "lepping"

DebI read a book (dystopian, if memory serves) where a certain percentage of the population could communicate through mental telepathy. I think they kept the fact hidden. They referred to the ability as 'lepping'. I've looked everywhere. Anyone remember it? Thanks!

4:40 PM
Q: How did Ginny got out of the ring of fire during 'The Burning of the Burrow'?

CCCCIn Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, when Bellatrix encircled the Weasleys' house with a ring of fire, that's how the events took place 1) The Burrow gets encircled with the ring of fire (with a small opening in it) 2) Bellatrix Apparates in front of the door and ran out of the rin...

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Q: Was Dormammu an MCU Galactus Back Up?

LalaloopsySo, If you watch Dr. Strange, Kaecilius is speaking with Strange about why he's trying to channel the Dark Dimension through rituals stolen from the Book of Cagliostro, and specifically Dormammu when he says the following: Kaecilius: So, you know. The ritual gives me the power to overthrow Th...

OK, I know the title spoils a major part of the plot. But if 4000 years isn't long enough, what is? :-) — Rand al'Thor 3 hours ago
@Jenayah That's nothing ...
Hold on, hold on, let me get this straight. You asked a question, then answered it yourself, then dupehammered it closed? Why bother asking the question if you knew it was a dupe - and beyond that, why on earth answer it if you'd already answered it elsewhere? My head is spinning like one of Axelrod's lego heads. — Rand al'Thor ♦ Jul 6 '16 at 19:01
6:25 PM
Q: "There were either twelve sexes or none."

uhoh There were either twelve sexes or none. It's from a book, or a short story, and I'm guessing it was published before the turn of the century (i.e. 1900's). The main character is explaining to the reader what he knows so far about a species he is observing and I believe is even living amongst...

7:05 PM
Q: Did the Cheela on Dragon's Egg have twelve-stranded DNA?

uhohThe answer to my question “There were either twelve sexes or none.” explains that there were actually either five sexes or none. I remember being confused at the time how DNA would work with multiple sexes, but where did the twelve come from? Is it possible that in the intervening years I mixed...

7:44 PM
Q: How much does Commander Data weigh (minus the pipe)?

Ham SandwichI'm referring to his "typical" weight, as in how much he weighs during his day-to-day activities aboard the Enterprise.

8:04 PM
Q: Do the Ultramarines have Primaris Squads in their 1st Company

LiathI’m currently painting an army of Primaris Ultramarines and I’d like them to vaguely canonically accurate. I know the 1st company is made up veterans, usually terminators. Does the 1st company also contain Primaris squads or have they not been around long enough to earn veteran status?

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