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12:00 AM
Q: Why was "Non-stop" retitled "Starship"?

LaurelI read this book a while ago, and there was one thing I remembered strongly about it: there was a plot twist where we learn that everyone is on a generation ship. However, when I found the book again and saw its title I realized that maybe this shouldn't have been such a surprise: The book wa...

@Randal'Thor who’s this Axelrod with Lego heads?
12:53 AM
@Jenayah Indeed.
@Randal'Thor Not such a stretch. I closed my own question because I only realized it was a duplicate after I had already asked it. It's certainly conceivable that I would have self-answered it in the interim.
1:38 AM
Q: Was there a reason Roland couldn't respawn at a New U station?

yuritsukiIn the Borderlands video game series, Roland, one of the playable characters in Borderlands 1, is shot and killed by Handsome Jack in Borderlands 2. However, throughout the course of both games, there are these stations called "New-U Stations" that respawn the player if they are killed in almost ...

2:32 AM
Q: Fantasy children’s novel about a boy who can’t lie

EliI read this book around 2010 and I need help identifying it. The first scene was of a woman who had just given birth (?, she had her newborn) and it was raining. A wizard (who have been called something else) knocked on her door and she let him in. He was there to give a gift to the child. He wa...

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5:50 AM
Q: How is Captain America able to use Mjolnir to command lightning?

Sami YemaneIn Avengers: Endgame, Captain America is able to wield Thor's hammer because he is worthy. What I don't get is why he was able to use lightning bolts! In Thor: Ragnarok, Odin tells Thor that Mjolnir was not the source of his powers. It was simply a tool to control his power. That means that Mjo...

6:16 AM
Q: Does anybody know of a sci fi magazine that talks about a sci fi/Future technology every month?

MaxI’m looking for a sci fi magazine that is ongoing as of August 2019 that publishes a magazine monthly and each issue has a feature where they spotlight a far future/sci fi technology like a Faster than light space drive or a teleportation pod. Does anybody know if such a magazine exists?

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7:46 AM
@Stormblessed Dunno. Probably a reference to something in that dead video from the other answer.
@Alex In this case, I think the OP asked and self-answered it knowing it was a duplicate. The answer on the dupe target is one of his own proudest creations.
Q: Foreign language movie, people enter a church but find they can't leave

DannyMcGI was watching this on UK television one afternoon in the 1980's. Subtitles and I think they were speaking Spanish (or Italian/French maybe - poor ear for languages) but my first wife came home and insisted on watching some soap so I never saw the end of the film. A priest finished his service i...

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10:52 AM
Q: Post-apocalyptic family survivors of a nuclear attack are grouped together for days in the basement of their house

George RockI watched that (B&W) nuclear movie in 1988 on TV. Post-apocalyptic family survivors of a nuclear attack are grouped together for days in the basement of their house, where fear and dwindling supplies wear away at their dynamic. After days waiting for radiation level comes down the man gets out b...

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12:30 PM
Q: Need help on identifing early 80's fantasy (ish?) film

Kristin RathbunI apologize in advance for how vague this description will be but I'll take the gamble. I am trying to recall a movie I'd seen circa early 90's (via a pre-'tweenified' Disney Channel) and what I recall of it involved kids on a beach or some kind of coast discovering a magical creature (not a mer...

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1:39 PM
@Randal'Thor Ah, so the main point is that he had answered the original question as well.
2:03 PM
declined - flags should not be used to indicate technical inaccuracies, or an altogether wrong answer
Is this the only built in decline reason for a not-an-answer flag?
1 hour later…
3:19 PM
@Alex pretty sure I had some flags rejected with a custom rejection
@Jenayah Sure. But I’m wondering about non-custom reasons.
3:35 PM
@Alex No.
@Randal'Thor Ah, so if I received that reason it must be specifically because of that reason, and not because there was no better option to choose.
I forget the exact wording, but I think there's three canned decline reasons which amount to "using flag as super-DV", "doesn't need a mod", and "ain't no issue here".
@Alex Could still be because there was no better option to choose, since the options aren't infinite.
4:02 PM
This inspired a Meta post.
4:16 PM
A meta discussion on puppy moustaches seems even more useless than chat pictures of them. o_O
@NapoleonWilson I was referring to the preceding comments about Not An Answer flags.
But it looks like the question was already asked.
Q: Let's get aligned on our site specific usage of the Not an Answer flag

MithrandirWe have, on this site, had some confusion/differing opinions on the matter of when a Not an Answer flag is applicable. Specifically, when someone posts something related that isn't actually an answer to the question. It may attempt to answer (but doesn't actually give an answer). It may provide...

Although I'm not sure if it entirely addresses my point.
@Alex I figured. ;-)
Q: Are the Istari *still* Maiar?

liorrWhile (I think) there is no argument over the Istari being originally Maiar - are they still Maiar? Did they cease being Maiar when they incarnated themselves? Clarification: many official (e.g. UT) and unofficial (e.g. wiki) sources say that they were Maiar, but not that they are Maiar. Are Sar...

4:46 PM
Q: Why did Snape hate Sirius?

Samalot I know he made Snapes life miserable, but he seemed to particularly hate him in book three, hunting him and calling dementors to destroy his soul, even going against Dumbledore to punish Sirius. Did he hate him then because he thought Sirius had sent You-know-who after Lilly.

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6:05 PM
Q: Book with the Latin quote 'nihil superbus' / 'nothing above us'

dbmag9I know it's very little to go on, but I've had the Latin phrase nihil superbus, meaning 'nothing above us'* knocking around my head for a while now but can't place it. It appears in some book within the context of an extract from a (fictional) old text (possibly Biblical/fake-Biblical) at the en...

6:20 PM
Well I asked it somewhat modified.
Hope it doesn't fall into the old trap of being about general policies as well as specific questions.
> Or are there simply reviewers not reviewing carefully enough, or perhaps reviewing on topics that they don't know enough about to evaluate the answers?
@Jenayah What about that?
Or people... Don't always agree with each other. Which is the basis of reviewing ;)
@Jenayah Isn't that the first option I mentioned?
Some reviewers/moderators disagree with my assessments of the specific posts.
Anyway the feed is taking forever so
Q: Am I misusing the "Not An Answer" flag?

AlexI have had about a dozen Not An Answer flags on this site disputed or declined. In most if not all of those cases I thought that it was pretty straightforward why the post was not an answer, and in some cases I left a comment explaining why. I would therefore like to understand where I am going w...

6:27 PM
Ha, now there will forever be evidence of it without a negative score.
Q: Am I misusing the "Not An Answer" flag?

AlexI have had about a dozen Not An Answer flags on this site disputed or declined. In most if not all of those cases I thought that it was pretty straightforward why the post was not an answer, and in some cases I left a comment explaining why. I would therefore like to understand where I am going w...

7:13 PM
By the way @Jenayah I just tried taking a picture of my book and using OCR to get the text and it worked pretty well.
I only had to make a few modifications to get the output that I wanted, which took much less time then typing the page would have taken.
8:03 PM
Q: Aurialis/Aurialis(?) Book about alien cats on planet with heavy storms

Nicky WillemseI read this book in Dutch in the early or mid-nineties. I believe the plot had to do with a human male landing on a planet where catlike aliens had to travel around the entire planet where heavy winds were blowing regularly. They use their tale with a hook on the end to move forward in heavy sto...

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9:29 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected, toxic answer detected (160): How much does Commander Data weigh? by Dataisalousynigga on scifi.SE
@Alex OCR is generally very good nowadays. We develop and use OCR engines where I work. All that we’ve made and tried have been pretty damn accurate
Q: Why isn’t Navani’s notebook translated?

StormblessedIn The Way of Kings, Shallan’s notebook pages shown between some chapters have the writing in English. However, Navani’s notebook is still in Women’s Script, transliterated from English. Is there an in-universe reason that what Shallan writes is in English but not what Navani writes, even though...

10:21 PM
@TheLethalCarrot Indeed it was much more accurate than I expected, especially considering the quality of the image.
Obviaouly higher dpi, less noise and whatnot make for better results but yeah even some pretty trrrible images get picked up well
What’s dpi?
11:00 PM
Q: How is king Thanos so strong?

Samalot In the comic book Thanos wins, you see Thanos defeating the living tribunal, infinity and he says he killed all life. That would include abstracts, Franklin Richards and whatnot, all without infinity gems or cosmic cubes. How did he ( as the comic says ) ‘grow’ more powerful.

@Alex dots per inch, it’s resolution effectively
@Slartibartfast double evidence !
@TheLethalCarrot *flags as spam*
@Alex nice then :)
Declined - affiliation was disclosed
@Jenayah Am I still supposed to be reminding you about the other thing?
11:11 PM
Not even that. He didn't even name the company to begin with.
@Alex How about not now​, heading to bed and had a busy day
Nice, but tiring. Spent 9-17 at the charity running everywhere to cover whatever was needed, then joined friends for two hours of boxing
The Klitschko kind of boxing or the Boxing Day kind?
Klitschko does English boxing, savate boxe française (French boxing if you'd rather) involves both feet and fists
I see. But at least it's boxing, not boxing.
English boxing boxing is only fists. Occasionally foot wipes. I don't like that
We have legs. We should use 'em
@NapoleonWilson ah, okay, I googled it uo
Didn't know about boxing day
Yeah I do mean the boxing with gloves type
11:26 PM
@Jenayah Note to self: don’t get on Jenayah’s bad side (unless it’s too late).
Well I won't be punching at you from a computer screen in any case ahah

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