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12:22 AM
Q: What did Geordi mean when he said "And then some" ("Sins of the Father")?

AdamNYIn the episode, Riker says the Kurn has the crew on its toes. I get that. But then Geordi says "And then some" which is obviously a response, but is that supposed to be an insult to Kurn?

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2:19 AM
Q: Horror film (scene) where a guy tries to escape from a haunted house and is swallowed by the pavement

Ryft I remember this odd scene from when I was really young in the late 80's though judging by the clothing styles in this movie this film may have been from the 70's. I think the characters where sort of stuck in this haunted mansion that was actually on a street in a town, the house is sort of deem...

2:47 AM
@Voldemort'sWrath the suggestion anyone could not is terrifying!
3:33 AM
Q: What is the book that has an abandoned DeSoto in it along with two raccoons?

Blacky DogeSo recently I felt a slight pang of regret for not reading enough of this really interesting book I got from the library at age 9. The plot goes something like this: 1: There is this evil crocodile kisser 2: There are two raccoons living in a DeSoto car 3: Blueberry Pie! 4: Also I know this takes...

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5:39 AM
Q: Why did Khan ask Adminal James T. Kirk about Project Genesis?

LincolnManWhen Khan first defeats Admiral Kirk, he asks about Project Genesis. Why would he ask about Project Genesis? Wouldn't the USS Reliant, a ship dedicated to helping the Genesis scientists, have far more information in its computers? Khan used the Ceti eels to con...

6:17 AM
@DavidW I don't consider this particular feature too bad, it's just one I don't use.
6:58 AM
Q: Could Voldemort have not fallen with Harry in the final battle?

Dr. ShmuelIn the finale battle between Harry and Voldemort, Harry leaps off a certain height dragging Voldemort down with him. This causes them both to be disoriented when they land, which ultimately places them on equal ground. I’m puzzled as to why this super-wizard cannot deflect Harry’s push, or at t...

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8:10 AM
Do we really need the tag? A channel tag seems extra pointless
@SQB Since I think you created it ^
I think it's useful on ID questions.
That's why I created it.
I had never heard of it, but Wikipedia describes it as a gateway to anime for the US audience.
And many ID requests that mention it, are indeed anime ID requests that say "I used to watch this on Toonami" or a variant of that.
So it seems useful to me.
I can imagine users seeing that tag on an ID request and thinking, "oh man, I used to watch that all the time! Let's see what this question is about."
Could we put a little more info in the tag wiki/excerpt about what that thing actually is?
You get a lot of "I watched it on Cartoon Network" but we don't want a [cartoon-network] tag in the same vein we don't want [hbo], [sky], [bbc] etc.
It doesn't seem useful to me at all and is setting a precedent for something we do not want in my opinion
9:02 AM
But Cartoon Network is a lot broader (as are HBO and so on) then Toonami. I see your point, though.
I just used those as examples, there are less broad channels but we still wouldn't want tags for them
I wanted to use Analog as an example, then saw that we do not have a tag for that.
I think we should.
My prime criterion for deciding on a tag is, "does it make sense for someone to be an 'expert' in it". (Where 'expert' can be "I used to watch it all the time" or "I've read that")
Or perhaps a better formulation would be "does it work as a bat-signal to attract the people who can answer the question?"
For Toonami, from what I gather from Wikipedia, that answer seems "yes" (to me).
For Analog, ditto.
For HBO, Sky, or BBC, not likely. Not on this stack — on M&TV, likely yes.
That's a problem though because there's technically no difference between Toonami and say HBO from what I can tell in terms or a tag for it
You can't be an expert in Toonami but you can be an expert in the shows that ran on it
The difference is that HBO is a channel, like Cartoon Network. Toonami is a block, which is more like a programme.
Toonami is more like Fun Factory, or The DJ Kat Show.
Fun Factory was a children's programme on the satellite television channel Sky Channel (later to become Sky One) that ran from 1985 to 1991. It continued as a programming block without a host up until 1994. == Original Programme == It was originally hosted by Mr P, who was later replaced by Andy Sheldon, Snoot the seal and Crocker the crocodile. The programme included cartoons such as: Ghostbusters Transformers He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Jem Inspector Gadget M.A.S.K. Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors Lady Lovely Locks The Care Bears BlackStar Denver, the Last Dinosaur Barrier Reef Ivanhoe...
The DJ Kat show was a children's television programme presented by the puppet DJ Kat and his friend Linda de Mol, the sister of Endemol founder John de Mol, which ran from 1986 to 1995. The show was first broadcast to Europe on satellite and cable channel Sky Channel and later on Sky One and Sky Europe. The show was aired every weekday morning and afternoon (and in later years, at weekends), and throughout its life was home to a particularly large number of imported animated series. A separate version of The DJ Kat Show was later created for the United States where it was aired on stations affiliated...
9:20 AM
The difference between a channel and channel block seems negligible in terms of tags
Those are children's programmes from my youth, where the show was mostly a framework for showing the different cartoons in it.
Toonami could easily be it's own channel
"a framework for showing the different cartoons in it."
Exactly "different" cartoons
So useful for ID requests.
"Looking for a show with vehicles that transformed from one mode into another, I'm pretty sure I saw it on The DJ Kat Show." (I watched that show all the time; this is M.A.S.K)
Useful for stating in the question, not as a tag
Why not?
9:23 AM
Because that's not what tags are for, for the same reason we don't want year/decade tags
If there was a , I would definitely browse the story IDs in it.
I watched this show in the 1980's
But we don't want a [1980s] tag
Because that's way broader than a tag for a block show.
You seem to, a lot of the time, want to create tags to aid your own searching... the same thing can be accomplished by just using a text search
Not exactly. It's more that I see a question (usually ID requests) that I think could use a tag to make it a bit more specific instead of having it drown in a sea of similar questions. If I then notice something in the question that might very well have its own tag, I search for it to see if there are more questions that could benefit (or have benefited) from that tag. If I find more, I create that tag and apply it.
...is an excellent example of a tag I think redundant.
Why we need it
As a matter of fact, I think all character tags should go, except for those that can reasonably interpreted as a franchise tag, and those for characters that span multiple franchises (a lot of Marvel characters come to mind).
A character tag, whilst contentious, is a lot more useful than a channel/channel block tag
I mean, the Dude aside, you think character tags are useful. I don't.
I think block tags are useful. You don't.
(I don't think channel tags are useful, unless for channels that are 50+% on topic, but that same criterion goes for the block tags, I guess).
9:49 AM
I have mixed feelings on character tags but my point is they are more useful than block tags
A character tag is always going to have questions about that character
A block tag is not always going to have questions about the same work
So you're lumping stuff together that isn't even related
@SQB No! We should keep , it's great for easily ignoring HP fanfic identification questions.
@b_jonas that's not a character tag. That's a (sub-) genre tag.
If anything, it's a sad testament to the moronicity of the internet.
10:15 AM
Q: Identifying a short story

Ariel CohenIt's an old story (maybe from the fifties?) about a man stranded on Mars, and about to die. He finds the remains of an ancient Martian civilization, now extinct. But the machines are still working, and provide him with food. But the problem is that the food is made for Martians, so he can't eat i...

10:34 AM
Q: Is "burning" metals in Mistborn series the same as digesting?

MartinI wonder if Sanderson ever answered it on any panels. Do the metals simply magically disappear after they are burnt or are they in any way excreted from the body? Do they provide any nutritious value for the allomancers? If allomancers can control what metal they burn, can they also control what ...

11:10 AM
@Stormblessed Haha! Absolutely agreed! You have joined my Puffin Club!
Puffins are the best
Q: Sci fi film similar to Village of the Damned

DannyMcGI saw this in the late 1960's/early 1970's on UK television. It was black and white but that was the only telly my parents had (so it might have been in colour) I don't recall the full plot. Protagonist arrives at a coastal UK town and runs afoul of a bike gang (some song going "Black Leather, B...

Thank you, Marvin...
@NapoleonWilson You've read the Mistborn books?
Or don't tell me they made films out of those as well ...
(just saw your comment after posting my answer)
@Randal'Thor Yes.
Well, technically no. I had them read to me by Detlef Bierstedt.
Even if that means I look like an imbecile now.
^ that article gave me the right quote to search for, but it's interesting in its own right
@NapoleonWilson Why would it? Is this Bierstedt fellow an imbecile?
11:25 AM
@Randal'Thor Because the Misborn books are allegedly written for such.
Oh, you're alluding to my criticisms of Sanderson's writing style?
The expression of those, yes.
Well, his faults as a writer don't have to reflect badly on his readers ;-)
In fact I was about to compliment you again on your choice of reading.
You might not read as much as some around here, but you do seem to have good taste in books.
<awkwardly doesn't mention Silmarillion>
11:32 AM
I don't know. I simply pick sufficiently famous stuff that I can gather somewhat of a feeling for beforehand.
Because I don't read a ton means I can't waste days on crap that's not worth it.
Is the Witcher sufficiently famous in Germany?
I'd never heard of it before seeing questions about it on SFF.SE.
The leap from reading allegedly bad books to a supposedly good taste in books is eluding me, though. ;-)
Oh, I guess the game might be famous, to those who're into that kind of thing.
@Randal'Thor I don't know what "sufficiently famous" would mean. I don't walk among a reading community much to begin with.
@Randal'Thor Well, I'd never heard of Mistborn before seeing SciFi questions either.
@NapoleonWilson I didn't say the Mistborn books are bad, per se. I've talked a lot about both the good and bad aspects of them. Bear in mind also that for me, Sanderson had a very high bar to pass, being the guy who took over my absolute favourite series after the original author died.
11:36 AM
I came to the Witcher series because the game was really good and I somehow found out there's books for it. (And preexitsing books rather than cheap fanfiction at that.)
Did somone mention mistborn?
Heh, yeah, the Witcher books are no game fanfic ;-)
@AncientSwordRage Did that send up a ferretsignal?
But it was a nice story with neat characters. If only the majority of questions wasn't just allomancy rules-lawyering.
@Randal'Thor yup
So then say something about it!
11:45 AM
@NapoleonWilson 'I've not read the books in years' ?
I see.
If you were a Misting, which metal would you burn?
By preference or inherent character?
Q: "Causal loops are unchanging and self-originating, whereas time loops are constantly resetting".. What does it mean?

CCCCRecently I've started reading about Time Travel after watching it in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. There is a line on this subject in the Wikipedia page on 'Causal Loop' i.e. The term "time loop" is sometimes used to refer to a causal loop, but although they appear similar, causal...

Dec 3 '18 at 0:44, by Napoleon Wilson
> She was graceful—but it was the dexterous grace of a predator, not the deliberate grace of a courtly lady.
11:58 AM
@NapoleonWilson Context?
It's one of my favourite quotes from Mistborn.
1 hour later…
1:12 PM
pops in Did you say Witcher and Mistborn and Silmarillion?
Awww Bassets!
Though I don't think Stella would share a bottle haha
2:09 PM
@Randal'Thor seeing a basset in TREU I thought this was going to be Stella, so I was about to ask whether you had her cloned or something
Turns out it wasn't Stella
As a proud dog papa I can fix that if you want :P
2:24 PM
The cloning bit? :P
I'm not quite there yet but give me some time
You planning on her having pups?
Nah, gonna get her gutted
2:40 PM
Woah the English translation of the word sounds gruesome :p
@Randal'Thor Let me get back to you on that
@Jenayah Well the proper term is neutering or spaying... I just call it gutting cos I find it funny
@TheLethalCarrot I'm with Jenayah, that sounded more gruesome than funny.
Oh yeah it sounds gruesome
Yes, it's a very complicated question indeed. Especially since it's still unclear if it means what metal we'd want to burn or which we'd be most susceptible to burn based on our own characters.
The latter requires a great deal of psychological self-assessment. But the former isn't an easy decision either.
2:44 PM
@NapoleonWilson counter: one is easier than the other
The reference I'm using Wheel of Allomantic metals
Better to just click a website that does it for you based on careful internet magic sheer randomness, like the Pottermore houses. ;-)
I'd probably want Cadmium, Tin, or Copper
@AncientSwordRage If you add a ! to the start it'll force the image to one box
Wasn't Copper rather useless if you're on your own? It just hides a power from others that...you can't use for anything but hiding that power.
@NapoleonWilson yup
2:50 PM
Tin seems quite useful, though. Besides that...
Jan 25 at 10:26, by Napoleon Wilson
Seeing how the Mistborn series was decidedly low-key on sexuality, I'll probably refrain from asking if burning tin enhances the sexual experience, even if that would be more engaging than the ton of other rule-lawyering Allomancy questions people tend to come up with.
@NapoleonWilson hmmmm
@AncientSwordRage I haven't even heard of some of those metals.
I guess they're introduced in some of the later books set in the same world.
I just read the original Mistborn trilogy.
I guess they're from the Wax and Wayne stuff, together with Sanderson trying to perfect the maths.
There's an interesting question (or rather answer) on how he probably retconned the original metals into a more systemic table after the fact to have the numbers make more sense.
They're just hinted at at the very end of the last letter in the third book, IIRC.
Thye come from an extended edition appendix IIRC
2:55 PM
@NapoleonWilson Link? He did mention some "extra metals you haven't found yet" in the original trilogy.
@NapoleonWilson Today we learned that @AncientSwordRage is a spy ;-)
@Randal'Thor shhhhh
@Randal'Thor It's spread across a few questions, I think.
I'm begining to wonder if gold or electrum would be better?
@Randal'Thor This one, I guess, judging from my uvpote and comment. And maybe this one.
3:01 PM
Wait, wasn't atium supposed to be one of the temporal metals along with gold and electrum?
@Randal'Thor not it was one of the god metals
you're thinking of Malatium an atium/gold alloy
I mean in the books.
But I guess that was theorising (by Kelsier?) based on incomplete knowledge of the nature of atium.
When you know about "god metals", it makes sense for atium to be in a category of its own.
Although still not too much sense when combined with that whole thing about 1/16 of the troops, as Napoleon just linked.
@NapoleonWilson Huh. So I did remember correctly about Sazed's final remark, but the number was still wrong.
Damn, now my opinion of Sanderson has gone down slightly. I thought his overarching structure was brilliant and all planned out from the beginning.
Well, it sure is a system in development. I think the overall story still makes pretty much sense. He's just trying to polish the rules a little after the fact.
He should polish the metals instead.
It's still better than saying tweeting "Uh...Kelsier was gay" or "Uh...they used a special metal to make their excrements disappear". ;-)
3:09 PM
Greetings, Earthlings.
(And no, sadly that's not made up at all.)
@Donald.McLean bleep bloop
@NapoleonWilson It is, when it comes to Sanderson and Mistborn. (Or so I'm hoping.)
Yes yes. I hope the JKR reference isn't lost on the inclined chat user, though.
But yes, granted, Sanderson's forethought in worldbuilding is certainly leagues better than some.
3:11 PM
@Donald.McLean greetings, Hubble guy!
@NapoleonWilson Or for that matter on the horizontal or vertical chat user.
Their orientation seems largely orthogonal to their position towards JKR, though.
Well, you were the one who mentioned it.
@NapoleonWilson That would be about normal.
Also, if they're inclined but their orientation is orthogonal, then their position towards JKR must also be inclined.
3:14 PM
Back to the topic of mistborn novels, I find Ferruchemy and the twinborn of later books much more interesting
@Randal'Thor Problem is, you can't really be orthogonal to a position, to begin with. ;-)
@NapoleonWilson Their inclination towards JKR?
Maybe that's the point where only the non-mathematic meaning gets filtered out as the sensible one.
And how did we get from talking about Kelsier's orientation to chat users'?
@Randal'Thor who even knows
3:20 PM
Better than a dog anyway. \o/
FWIW, thanks to the mods for (belatedly) fulfilling my expectations of SFF chat. :)
@DavidW You mean actually discussing fantasy, or weird conversations full of nerd jokes?
@Randal'Thor I didn't realize that those were separable things. :)
@Randal'Thor I thought he was more talking about the cutesie animal pics.
@NapoleonWilson "cute sie"? Are you calling me cute in German?
@DavidW Just find a subset which is dense and countable.
3:25 PM
@NapoleonWilson Hate to burst your bubble, but... (Just for reference, there are no fewer than 3 slack channels at work that feature far too many of those.)
@Randal'Thor No, I'm cutesifying the word "cute".
@Randal'Thor Well, I often qualify as "dense." :)
@NapoleonWilson ;-)
I'm countable
... one ...
I would expect being able to count on the moderators.
...especially for fulfilling people's expectations of SFF chat.
3:54 PM
Q: What happens to parts of Mystique that are cut off?

phantom42In the original X-Men movie, Mystique takes the form of Wolverine, including the appearance of having Adamantium claws. The claws are clearly not actual Adamantium though, as Wolverine is able to slice them off in one quick swipe. The battle ends with What happens to the body mass left be...

4:08 PM
Q: What/Who was Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious fear?

The Witch King of AngmarIn the similarity of this question, Why does Sauron fear Aragorn if he is a Maia? Palpatine or Darth Sidious is most powerful Dark Lord of the Sith in the Order of the Sith Lords. I was wondering this question for a past couple of months if what/who did fear Sidious for reasons or persons I do ...

4:19 PM
Ooh only 4 months
@Stormblessed before?
Or after what?
4:37 PM
Since? During? Between? :)
@Jenayah parallel to, obviously
What happens every December
This is not a question. We aren’t Reddit. — Stormblessed 12 secs ago
VTC as unclear. the post is answering its own question?
5:07 PM
@Stormblessed year-end bonus 😍
@Stormblessed More like the post solicits discussion of the OP's opinions. Is actively asking for speculation...
@DavidW maybe off-topic would work, too
Feb 24 at 2:48, by Jenayah
Nov 29 '18 at 1:28, by Alex
Sep 18 at 16:28, by Jenayah
5:27 PM
Q: Are Railguns on tanks practical?

Mr.DojoI've seen many science fiction(mainly Japanese ones) where there are railguns or laserguns fitted to tanks as the main armament. However, as railguns and laser weapons are much much expensive, difficult to Repair,Maintain in the frontline conditions and Harder to mass produce, Are railgun-tanks o...

Q: Story about sentient beings on a planet rapidly evolving because of rapid climate change from glacial conditions to warming then back to glacial

Geoff ReedResearchers on this plant were studying the most intelligent animal on the planet. I think they had a binary star system that caused climate conditions to vacillate between very hot and very cold conditions. The creatures were intelligent enough to be used for domestic chores such as housekeepin...

5:44 PM
@Jenayah Done.
6:06 PM
Q: Why wasn't Admiral Halftel court-martialed for killing Data's daughter Lal?

Katie GoodenAndroids had already been judged sapient and to have all the rights of any Federation citizen. So when Admiral Halftel tried to kidnap Data's daughter Lal - a felony - and she died of fright, that was felony murder. Yet he was never charged. True, he tried to save her after, but that would at ...

7:05 PM
Q: Did anyone try to find the little box that held Professor Moriarty and his wife after the Enterprise D crashed?

Katie GoodenIt was bad enough that Captain Picard tricked and trapped two sapient beings in a little cube, rather than in any way acknowledge their rights under Federation law, but whatever happened to that cube? The Enterprise crashed, but was the salvage crew made aware of what to look for? Are the two h...

@Marvin Wow, that was fast!
1 hour later…
8:10 PM
Q: And then her head fell off

AncientSwordRageI remember reading a compilation of childrens/bedtime/scary story's as a child, one of which was about a girl and a boy who eventually got married. Throughout the short story, she had a black ribbon tied around her neck, but refuses to tell her (eventual) husband what it is. On her deathbed she s...

@AncientSwordRage I was just looking for this one :-)
That was a cool book when I was 6
8:24 PM
Q: Why could not The First Order track Luke Skywalker?

TimSparrowSeveral times in the original trilogy, we see Force-sensitive characters recognizing someone's presence through The Force: A New Hope: Darth Vader senses Obi-Wan before actually meeting him Darth Vader senses Luke (The force is strong with this one) Empire Strikes Back Leia senses Luke han...

@Stormblessed more or less when I read it too
8:35 PM
That's two badges today
Q: In Harry Potter, How can the term "Mud Blood" be a slur when THE recognized G.O.A.T. Wizard, Merlin, was half Muggle?

Russ RainfordThe Harry Potter-verse seems to roughly line up with the then-real world of the 1990s. That being the case, unless there was some lore change within the series, Merlin, recognized in both realities as arguably The Greatest Wizard of All Time, would also be considered a "mud-blood". This is becaus...

9:04 PM
Q: Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode: Seto Kaiba talks about being a CEO and harming people every day

richardlpalmerI'm searching for an episode where Seto Kaiba is asked not to do a certain action (can't remember the details) because it would harm someone. His response is what I'm really after. He says something along the lines of, "I'm the CEO of a company -- I ruin people's lives every day!"

@AncientSwordRage not to be too pedantic (sike) but I noticed the link to your user page on your profile isn’t secure
9:43 PM
Q: Wealthy businessman makes a deal with aliens to remove non-productive people from Earth

DavidWI'm pretty sure I read this in Analog, in the early 1990s. As best I can recall the story is set on Earth; technology and society are not greatly different from current, except possibly for a certain amount of imported alien tech. The aliens came to us, but are essentially driven by commerce. ...

@Stormblessed let me investigate
@DavidW oh I misspelled it
9:56 PM
@Stormblessed Actually I figured what you meant. Psych! :-D
Q: How did the Spanish-speaking ghost get recorded?

StormblessedHow Malcolm ends up believing that Cole isn’t insane is that in one tape recording of Vincent a man can be heard extremely quietly repeating Yo no quiero morir over and over. How did a ghost get caught by the tape recorder? Have the writers explained this, or is there any evidence in the ...

@xkcd unexpectedly funny!
Holy sheet, that's a keeper: a question asked by @Alex, and closed as dupe... By @Alex! scifi.stackexchange.com/q/212354/98028
@Jenayah You only noticed that now?
10:10 PM
Well to be fair, closing a question doesn't bump it, so why would you have seen it?
So how'd you see it now? Chance?
Looking at your latest questions, actually. I was telling myself it had been a while since you posted one, and was checking when the latest one was
@Jenayah I was actually going to post one recently, but I don't think it will be well received.
When has that ever stopped you?
10:15 PM
4 mins ago, by Jenayah
8/42 questions have negative scores.
Not bad.
Must be something about this site. On another site I have approximately the same amount of questions (40) and none of them are negative.
Mi Yodeya?
I don't know, I don't think the voting culture of those two are comparable. Apples and oranges. One deals with real-life important (and probably less important) religion stuff, the other is mostly entertainment
10:22 PM
I wonder how in 8 years we never got a single The Sixth Sense question
@Jenayah I would think it should be the reverse then.
Like, comparing the voting cultures on SFF and Movies would seem to make more sense. They're both about entertainment. They have similar questions about plot explanations, dialogues, understanding of the work type questions.
@Jenayah ugh movies’ rules are weird
Though... I guess some Torah questions may fall under ? :^)
We have way more fun questions
They are very anti-fun
10:25 PM
@Alex there's also your hate club
@Jenayah I used to have my own hate club, on main Meta
@Jenayah Indeed, many do, but we don't have that tag.
I can't really say though. I lack too much stuff to actually compare. I've never read one of your Mi Yodeya questions, and even if I did, I wouldn't be able to tell if it's interesting or not. Maybe you ace Judaism questions, but are way too nitpicky about some HP stuff
(this one for instance is super meh scifi.stackexchange.com/q/191139/98028)
@Jenayah My Mi Yodeya questions are nitpicky as well.
For instance this one where I questioned how some math makes sense, and later self-answered that it was a typo.
Maybe it's more interesting nitpick than the amount of minutes believing something while a character was under big stress, then
10:31 PM
@Jenayah That's one of my favorites!
@Alex you might want to transcribe those pages, for searchability purposes
@Jenayah I usually do.
But typing out long paragraphs in Hebrew is annoying.
@Alex to each their own opinions :^) well, it did have the side benefit of it being our first exchange, if memory serves.
@Alex well, isn't there some online OCR scanner for Hebrew?
(מ) ת"ל שנה הם נמנים מיצחק משעה
נולד. כן מצאתי בכל ד"ר. אבל הוא תמוה
אד, כי כל המפרשים (רש"י וראב"ע בפירוש

הארוך ורמב"ן) וגם המדרשים (סדר עולם פרק

ג, מכילתא פסחא פרשה יד, ועיין תורה שלימה
ך לך טו, הערה קמב) וגם הרמב"ם ב,אגרת

תימן" (הוצ' מוסד הרב קוק עמ' קנד), וגם
רבינו בתוכם (עיין לעיל פרשת לך לך טו בסוף

פסוק יד), כולם פה אחד שמשנולד יצחק עד
שיצאו ממצרים היו ארבע מאות שגה בשוה
(והחשבון הוא בדיוק: יצחק היה ס' שנה בלדת
רבקה את יעקב, ויעקב היה ק"ל שנה, וישראל
עמדו שם רך"ו שנה. הרי ת). וחשבון תל הוא
For the first image
Apr 14 at 20:36, by Alex
Nov 9 '18 at 1:24, by Alex
Oct 4 at 23:23, by Alex
@Jenayah First time in Chat. We had a comment exchange on one of my questions a few days earlier:
I don't want to do a character-by-character comparison as I can't read Hebrew, but as you do, you might be able to spot the little errors that come at times
10:36 PM
But I think I posted a followup comment to that.
@Jenayah It's not bad, but not perfect.
Certainly beats typing it all :p
There might be better ones out there, I just picked the first result for ocr text hebrew
@Jenayah True. But most quotes are available for copy/pasting somewhere on the internet so it's usually not an issue.
Your call, just know that tools exist (if you didn't already) :)
@Jenayah one of the Sources where I get images from has built in OCR, so that helps.
Q: Is there ever going to be a sequel to "Lovelock" by Orson Scott Card?

Katie GoodenI once read a remarkable story called "Lovelock" about an enhanced capuchin. It was said to be part of an upcoming "Mayflower Trilogy". Is there a sequel planned? Does anyone know?

10:42 PM
But I never really thought about using an independent Hebrew OCR.
So thanks for the idea.
You're welcome
The real problem is in the cases where I don’t even have images.
Like if you only have the book?
Scan it and run it through OCR
@Jenayah Yes.
@Jenayah I don’t think it’s high enough quality.
Plus you never know what else will be on the page of my personal book.
Annotating a lot?
10:49 PM
You bet.
Need at least that to ask nitpicky questions, eh?
Q: How did the Trade Federation plan to "process" Queen Amidala?

Elle FieIn Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Nute Gunray instructs a Droid Commander to "process them" (referring to Queen Amidala and her entourage). The Droid Commander then asks they be taken to "Camp Four". From the script: QUEEN AMIDALA, SIO BIBBLE, and FIVE OF HER HANDMAIDENS (EIRTAE, ...


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