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12:20 AM
Q: How is this ageless Data realized?

ThePopMachineBent Spiner is known to have commented that he couldn't play Data anymore due to his age. Yet in the recently released trailer for Star Trek: Picard, there he is! Screenshot: Was this realized through extreme makeup, a stand-in, CGI, prosthetics, or some comb...

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2:20 AM
Q: Detention in The Forbidden Forest

Jordan CarreiraWhy would detention take place in The Forbidden Forest? Besides walking around at night, what was their assignment? I wouldn’t expect for them to be doing something useful especially during the night, so I don’t get the point of them having detention set in that place.

3:15 AM
Q: Children's book with a grandmother, a musician, and a park lake?

stumpedMy memories are very fuzzy, but I read a young adult novel around 20 years ago. It featured a girl and her grandmother, and there was some climax in a park with a lake, and a musician? violinist? who wandered in the park. There was possibly a boat involved too. I also seem to remember the grandmo...

Q: Late 70's or early 80's Movie or TV Series or Chapter of a series including aliens from planets populated by one gender only in conflict

Federico MaximilianoThe story it's about 2 groups of humanoid aliens living in planet earth, both groups are in conflict with each other, and each group are from a different planet, one populated only for women and the other only for men.

3:40 AM
Q: old book about a young man marooned in space who is drawn to an alien shipwreck by a ring he is wearing

twistIt was a school library book I read in the 70s. Can't seem to remember more, but the image has stayed with me...

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6:42 AM
Q: Looking for a sci-fi book about a genetically modified planet

ScioMindI read only the beginning of this book, and it was decades ago, but I always wondered about it and wanted to read it. As I recall, the protagonist finds himself stranded on a strange world. I don't remember how he got there, such as whether his spaceship crashed, or he just woke up there with amn...

7:42 AM
Q: Possibly 1970's story about space cops and gangsters

DannyMcGI think it was mid seventies I read this, not sure if it was a novellete or a longish short story. It begins in a very strict boot camp for Galactic Police, the trainees are the toughest of the tough from around the galaxy and endure a really harsh winnowing process with a massive dropout and de...

8:02 AM
Q: Time war story - soldier name lengthens as he travels further from the battle front

PaulwThis is a short story I read in the late 80s. A soldier called H leaves an embattled position near a time-rift battlefront where humanity and unidentified aliens are shelling each other to prevent a crossing. He is going on leave to see his family and travels on a series of carriages like train ...

8:17 AM
Q: Looking for a list of stories about with an animal or object that gains the ability to talk

UriI'm looking for stories with animals or objects that gains the ability to talk (e.g. Billina from the wizard of Oz). Animal/object needs to have a name of their own.

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11:42 AM
Q: Book about an amphibian race at the centre of the Earth

AbbyI’m after a book about an amphibian race, a guy found a creature, there was a scientist involved, the thing learnt English and lives in an advance civilisation under the Earth that can be accessed through a cave under the sea. Something about peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and down there you ...

Q: Why did Sidious wear a cloak?

The Dark LordAs we all know, Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine appeared throughout The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi sporting his signature hooded cloak. And a handsome devil he was too. I'm unclear why exactly he wore a cloak during this time period, though. During the prequels it's unders...

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1:02 PM
Q: Book in which the "mountain" in the distance was a hole in the flat world

SproutScience Fiction novel or short story. Characters were lost or crashed or something on a new-to-them world and were making for a mountain they could see in the distance. But when they reached the mountain, it turned out to be a hole blasted by an asteroid through the "world" they were on, which tu...

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2:34 PM
Q: Why does Peter Parker reason the way he does for not drinking with Mysterio in Prague?

pseyfertAt some point in Spider-Man: Far From Home, Mysterio invites Peter into a bar in Prague to have a drink. Peter mentions that he is not yet 21 years old, referring to the US (NY?) drinking age. 21 however is no relevant age for drinking in Europe (wikipedia) with various levels of legal complicati...

Q: NSFW crudely drawn webcomic about elves

FuzzyBootsThis is one of those things that popped into my head this morning and I just can't quite seem to get it out, so I'm hoping to identify it so that I can file it away as solved. This was a webcomic I read at least a decade ago, when Keenspot was still a major player in the webcomic game, although I...

3:21 PM
Q: Anime TV Show With Toys

Jonathan IronsI actually dont remember much. I watched it when I couldnt even write a letter and I dont remember even if it was a TV show instead of an movie. All I remember is it had colors like Bakugan. There was an TV Show. A kid or a teenager had a toy shop and the plush toys came to life. In the end. Th...

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5:01 PM
Q: What is the name of the Larry Niven story/book predicting Neil Armstrong as first man on moon?

Pieter GeerkensSome eighteen months or so before Apollo 11, Larry Niven wrote a story in which he predicted that Neil Armstrong would be selected by NASA to be the first man on the moon. He also, some years after the event, wrote an essay describing the reasoning by which he reached that conclusion. Can anyon...

5:47 PM
Slow days lately on Chat
was killed.
Mad-Eye, it wasn't worth it...
6:46 PM
Q: Story about Neil Armstrong being transported across the galaxy

AlecAttempting to search for the answer myself (and also ignited by current events), I recalled another short story I read back in 2006 that involved Neil Armstrong getting caught in a wormhole while traveling to the moon on Apollo 11. He was transported across the galaxy to a different solar system ...

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9:18 PM
@DavidW Congrats on 10k rep!
The best level of rep-based privileges.
Oct 15 '18 at 9:08, by Rand al'Thor
in Charcoal HQ, Mar 7 at 22:12, by Rand al'Thor
in The Sphinx's Lair, Sep 17 '16 at 17:23, by Rand al'Thor
in Mos Eisley, Oct 4 '15 at 21:21, by Praxis
@randal'thor : 10k is when you get instant healing, x-ray vision, and the ability to see 15 seconds into the future. 20k, you get improved stamina, and 25k you get a Starbucks gift card.
Q: Iam looking for an old cartoon i watched as a kid

MAAI used to watch a cartoon as a kid where a villain turns villagers into stone statues and there is a kid from that village that has a cylindrical object where he can insert balls that contain monsters in them , there was a wolf that i remember and in the last episode they summon a woman warrior w...

@Randal'Thor I guess that means that 15,000 doesn't even count.
I have actually never used it on either site that I have it.
Maybe 15k should be the Starbucks gift card and we'll pretend the 25k priv didn't exist yet in October 2015. (It was introduced only at some point in 2015.)
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10:41 PM
Q: Pre-2000 book about alt Earth where people wait for the bus

DannyMcGThis was a UK book read around 2000 but it could be a few years either side of that. Protagonist finds himself on another world (post-apocalypse maybe) or he was a native to that world, I really can't remember, one main scene is all I've got. He passed a town and, on the outskirts, the cracked ...

11:01 PM
Q: What should I watch before playing Alien: Isolation?

StormblessedI know that the game Alien: Isolation is between Alien and Aliens. However, it is from a long time later than those films, so I’m thinking it might have big connections to the prequels or something. What should I watch before it?

11:16 PM
What was this deleted as? I downvoted a little bit ago and just got the rep back
@Stormblessed deleted by owner
@Randal'Thor already? Man, they grow up so fast ;) congrats @DavidW!

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