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1:15 AM
@Jenayah huh, was it a frequent user?
@DavidW dang, you won the race :P
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2:21 AM
@Randal'Thor Thanks!
@Jenayah Well, I sure don't feel grown up! :) But thanks!
@Stormblessed I didn't know there was a race, but I can be pretty clueless sometimes.
3:21 AM
Q: Mobile site shows wrong numbers when tracking privileges

StormblessedThis is my activity page on the mobile site: A zoom in on the privilege tracker: So it says that when I have more than 1,300 reputation, I'll get the privilege. Sounds correct, right? Let's just hop over to the privileges page and show how great it i—OH NO!! The privilege tracker on mobi...

Weird insect
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4:39 AM
Q: Why can't Clementine be fixed?

GaiusIn Westworld, when Clementine is lobotomised in S1E7, humans and hosts alike, in subsequent episodes, act as if she is completely beyond repair. Yet we have seen hosts suffer massive damage and either be repaired or rebuilt. Maeve certainly knows this, as do Felix and Sylvester, and Bernard knows...

4:58 AM
Q: Does anyone know what Harry Potter fanfiction this is

Faith WhiteHarry is found abused and is taken in by Snape then later on Harry is tortured by Voldemort and Lucius with needles and becomes blind. Eventually Snape adopts Harry and Draco.

5:35 AM
A: My prefix is food, my suffix is rude

jdk1.0 My prefix is food. My suffix is rude. My infix comes in rounds. I keep you off the ground.

Great answer
6:15 AM
@Stormblessed yeah
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7:38 AM
Q: Why was Quirrel said to be in the Black Forest if Voldemort was actually in Albania?

Rachel SerafimIn the first book of the Harry Potter series, Hagrid says that Quirrel met vampires in the Black Forest and it changed him. However, the Black Forest is in Germany, and it is said that Voldemort was hiding in the forests of Albania, waiting for his followers. Was Quirrel actually in Germany or di...

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9:30 AM
Q: Once thanos comes to know about parallel universe , which means there is infinte resourse . Why he continous with his motive?

Amruth AOnce Thanos comes to know about parallel universe after Nebula is caught , which means there is infinite amount of resources in this world. Which can be shared and current population can continue to survive. What still motivates him to kill half the universe? His point was to maintain balance. ...

Q: Is the relationship between Aiger Akabane and his sister Naru Akabane similar to Batman and Alfred?

Guy in a green maskhttps://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/beyblade/images/c/c5/0C2F5F91-D9B8-497B-A8D7-093316D8069C.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/185?cb=20180506102703 From Beyblade Burst Turbo Aiger can be quite the hot head and his sister Naru is very much saying things like "I wish he wouldn't run off l...

10:37 AM
Q: Has Iron Man made any suit for underwater combat?

codeczarIron Man has made many suits and many of them serve some specific purpose like the Hulkbuster armor and the suit to fly in space, but has he made any suit which will help him in fighting underwater?

11:03 AM
Q: Why am I not getting the curious badge?

codeczarIt is showing that I have asked questions with positive votes on 7 different days but still I am not getting the curious badge? What is the reason for this?

11:25 AM
@Alex good. Now the rest of them.
11:37 AM
Q: What is the AI assistance for the Iron Man Rescue armor?

codeczarIn Avengers: Endgame Pepper Potts dons the Rescue armor. Does it have any AI assistance? If yes what is its name? We have seen Iron Man use JARVIS, FRIDAY and Spider-Man have Karen and EDITH.

12:37 PM
Q: Short story might be called "The Drifter" about a man who falls asleep on a bus in the 1940s and wakes up in the 1980s

Adele GardnerI am a librarian hoping to help a patron. The patron believes this science fiction/fantasy story was written in the 1960s by a housewife with four kids. The story might possibly be titled "The Drifter." It's about a man who falls asleep on a bus in the 1940s and wakes up in the 1980s. We have e...

1:17 PM
Q: Movie or television series about two grandparents losing their grandchildren

Mor ZamirI watch this around 1998-2000. I remember very little and I am not sure if I'm confusing and mixing two items into one. I am also not sure if it was a movie or a television series. It was very long, so might be a movie, but it ended with 'to be continued' so might as well. It was filmed in the U...

Q: How did the levitating platform work?

LiquidIn chapter 35 of Words of Radiance, Navani oversees the experiments around a levitating platform. The experiment actually involves two wooden platforms (A and B), each having a set of stormlight infused gems. It is explained that the gems in A are linked to the gems in B (and viceversa), since t...

1:37 PM
Q: In Maze Runner book 3, why doesn't Frypan try to get out of the Maze?

Nagabhushan S NIn Maze Runner Book 3 - The Death Cure, at the end, Thomas gets to know (from Ava Paige) that W.I.C.K.E.D has once again started with the Maze Trials. So, he comes to save them. There in the Maze, Thomas spots Frypan (who was originally with Thomas in the first Maze Trials) and even Frypan recogn...

1:49 PM
Q: What happened to Silver Age Superman?

Emsley WyattSo back in the late eighties DC decided to reboot Superman by making him less powerful and making changes to his back story. Specifically, that he never had been Superboy, didn't meet Lex Luthor until both were adults, etc. The character of the Silver Age Superboy was revealed to have been a cr...

Should we burninate ?
Only one question
It's a distinct thing from Superman, and that should be indicated in the tags as well.
Just because it's not being used where it should be doesn't mean it's not useful.
Murray "Superboy" Babitch?
2 hours later…
3:32 PM
Q: Children's book(s) with animal stories

LevI am trying to find a children's book(s) that I read as a kid. I read it around 1991-2000 so it could only be sooner than that, no later. I am saying books because they might be 2, although I think it was just 1. All the characters in the books were animals that could talk and there were differe...

Q: Children's book(s) with animal stories

LevI am trying to find a children's book(s) that I read as a kid. I read it around 1991-2000 so it could only be sooner than that, no later. I am saying books because they might be 2, although I think it was just 1. All the characters in the books were animals that could talk and there were differe...

4:16 PM
I’d definitely watch The Wire: it’s an incredible show, and should def come higher in your priorities than this game. I’d also toss in Mad Men and The Americans. — Daniel B 2 mins ago
Someone not understanding the question and giving general recommendations on what to watch by the looks of it
Deleted now, in any case.
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5:37 PM
Q: Book/story where people are living in a collective illusion and the real world is crap

Christian TeijonAt some point of the story, the main character encounters this scientist that gives him some mechanism (a drug, or some kind of mask that filters the element that creates the illusion) that allows him to see the real world and, for example, people are pretending to be driving cars but in reality ...

6:27 PM
@PolyGeo I'm pretty sure this question is asking for a vanity URL. — Monica Cellio ♦ Jul 15 at 1:13
A test
For some reason the transcript displays moderator diamonds as emoji
Yup that Unicode by itself also is an emoji in the transcript but not here in the actual room.
You on Android?
Q: Has Peter Parker ever eaten bugs?

DCOPTimDowdAfter being bitten by the spider, has Peter Parker ever eaten or craved eating bugs as a side effect?

6:52 PM
Dang, we wrote basically the same answer :P — Stormblessed 12 secs ago
@Mithrandir iOS
@Jenayah does that emoji thing happen on your Android?
@Mithrandir are you? Does it happen on yours?
It has in the past. Known thing - the character is technically an emoji character, so on mobile it'll often get turned into the emoji
27 mins ago, by Stormblessed
@PolyGeo I'm pretty sure this question is asking for a vanity URL. — Monica Cellio ♦ Jul 15 at 1:13
Huh, only happens in the transcript for me
I dunno, it looks like a regular diamond
Oh @Jen can you star this for a second please?
Tell me if you do
I want to see what it displays like on mobile
Q: Why wasn't Clara used more?

Ilaishoval In The Walking Dead season 4 episode 1 ("30 Days Without an Accident") we get introduced to a woman that Rick meets in the forest. She tells her story and it's really touching. Later she leads Rick to her camp to meet her husband, who turns out to be dead so she tries to feed Rick to him. My qu...

6:58 PM
Oh displays not as emoji
You can unstar
Too late ;)
7:37 PM
Q: How could there be multiple instances of Moody in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire?

HeavenlyHarmonyI understand that Barty Crouch Jr. had drank a potion called Polyjuice to transform into a likness of Moody whilst keeping the real Moody locked up. However, there appears to be a discrepancy. When Harry Potter was walking back to his room following the discovery of what the golden egg contained...

Q: Did anyone on the Avenger's side die on screen during the last battle of the Endgame?

C.KocaThe Avenger's side implies everyone joining the battle against Thanos, from the mystic art warriors to Valkyrie. Of course, this doesn't include,

8:03 PM
Presumably some die when it “rains fire” but I’d have to try and find a video to say for sure. — TheLethalCarrot 21 mins ago
@TheLethalCarrot you actually already answered it, see proposed dupe-target
8:17 PM
Q: 90s (or earlier) book in which a human detective is hired by a vampire to find killer of vampires

SchrekiRead this book in the early 1990's. It's been a while, so my details may be a bit fuzzy. I recall that the setting was in the late 19th century and a human detective is approached by a vampire to investigate the deaths of vampires. Turns out that another vampire is killing his own kind. Tha...

@Jenayah ah so I have done, thanks for letting me know
Q: Was Geordi's VISOR ever spelled lower-case in "Star Trek: TNG" scripts?

DrSheldonReference materials for Star Trek spell the visual aide used by character Geordi LaForge as the acronym VISOR, instead of the word visor. Was this also the case in the scripts for the television show? Or were there some scripts (particularly early ones) where the prop is spelled in lower-case?

8:42 PM
@Jenayah I dunno, that's pretty mean... :)
It's funny!
...that guy gets on my nerves, so out of principle I will not be pinning that
I'll confess that I have zero idea who he is. Should I?
Meh, he just posts a lot of misleading anthropomorphizing stuff, like that "baboon magic trick" thing that spreads misinformation.
Like... that baboon is not amazed by the magic trick, it's telling the guy he's way too close and is threatening him
9:37 PM
@Marvin Poor question? Quite possibly. Downvotable? Definitely. Closable as POB? No.
Q: How does Arya get her dagger back in time?

elbrantIn Game of Thrones, S08E03, The Long Night, [~18minutes into the episode] Arya gives her Valyrian dagger to her sister, Sansa, as she tells her to go down to the crypt. Confirmed [~47minutes in] when Arya uses Dragonglass, instead of the dagger, to kill the wight in the library. Only to have th...

10:42 PM
@Mithrandir for some reason I thought you were talking about me for a second :O
Weird, I can still star and pin and stuff even though my room is frozen
Unfortunately, the message for editing the description doesn’t unfreeze the room
Q: What did the fox's message mean in Whispers Under Ground

eirikdaudeAt the end of "Whispers Under Ground" by Ben Aaronovitch, Abigail relays to Peter what a talking fox has told her (location 5101 on my kindle): "Tell your friends they're on the wrong side of the river" What is the fox referring to here, and does it come up again later in the series?


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