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12:17 AM
Uh what happened?
Oh I guess I edited this?
Well I'm gonna go edit some tag wiki so I can keep that record :P
For some reason the -2 appeared in my inbox then disappeared when I loaded another page
Oddly the change isn't showing in /reputation, is that delayed?
@Stormblessed while you're on scifi.stackexchange.com/a/213491/98028 fancy replacing the image with a stack imgur one and retagging with media tag? :)
@Stormblessed no idea
@Jenayah Can you confirm I edited that post please?
@Stormblessed yup, and here's the review scifi.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/142897
@Jenayah Ok
Anytime :)
12:32 AM
Was it Roomba'd, or VTD'd?
So does that mean you'll get 2 rep from your next edit?
@Stormblessed deleted by Community♦ 31 mins ago (RemoveDeadQuestions)
Apparently yes
@Jenayah Does the timeline say it just got a downvote?
Q: Automatically have links archived in the Wayback Machine

StormblessedIn a recent question, I proposed having a little reminder of some sort to archive links that are put in questions and answers, as they can die and much of the time there is no archive of them. TheWanderer proposed in the comments having the servers automatically archive links for us, and I am wri...

Last vote is from March 3
It was an upvote
The question started at -1 score, then -2 then finally -1
That's weird roomba took so long
Shouldn't that Clone Wars thing be instead?
12:40 AM
@Jenayah No
> For questions about "Star Wars: The Clone Wars", a 2008 animated television series, and the film of the same name. Always use in conjunction with the [star-wars] tag. For questions about the similarly-named 2003 television show, use [clone-wars-2003].
Two different TV shows
Also @Null can you please rename to ? It's a confusing name now that there's a tag for both the shows
Okay then
Hi, @BlackSpike
Just strolling by, seeing what's what :)
1:41 AM
Q: 1980s short stories abou female warrior / wizard pair

Joseph LarsonThis is driving me nuts. Back in (I believe) the 80s, in SF&F magazine, there were several short fantasy stories about a pair of women, one a warrior, the other a wizard, and they traveled their world, but were under a geas to help women in need. I think it was the sword the warrior carried that ...

The ending for The Light Fantastic was oddly sweet
Starting Equal Rites, which I hear is when he became an even better writer
2 hours later…
3:22 AM
Q: Why do Vampires have to be invited into your home?

user118824Why do vampires have to be invited into your home? Is there a specific reason or is it just some random thing someone made up?

1 hour later…
4:44 AM
Q: Was the trident (named Wave) in the AD&D "White Plume Mountain" adventure a reference to anything specific?

BuzzThe first edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons adventure "White Plume Mountain," by Lawrence Schick, was a quest to recover three extremely powerful magical weapons. Since its original 1979 release, it has been reprinted and updated a number of times. The three treasures are: Blackrazor, the sw...

5:30 AM
Q: A movie about 2 kids traveling thru stamps or post cards

Javier PonceI have no idea what year it came out or what the title was. It had appeared on tv one day when I was about 10 around the year 2004. What I mentioned is all I can remember, other than that they had a 3rd friend who at the end of the movie was dying on her bed because she had aged while the others ...

5:43 AM
Q: What is the significance of differences color suits in Shazam?

codeczarWhen Billy Batson makes all his foster friends Shazam ( gives them the power of Shazam ) they have different color suits. What is the significance of these different color suits? Does each color represents a different quality or superpower?

Q: Why are the trial captains so young?

AdamantAccording to Bulbapedia, the trial captains, whom the player must defeat on their island challenge, are all between 11 and 19. By contrast, their equivalents in most other regions, the gym leaders, are of varying ages, with most being adults and some being quite old. Of course, the player chara...

2 hours later…
8:03 AM
Q: YA SF novel with a remote control for parallel universe jumping

johncipWhen I was a kid I read a sci-fi novel for children, the full name of which is unfortunately not coming back to me. Here's what (I think) I remember: the story features a handheld device that allows one to jump into some kind of parallel universe not 100% sure, but I think it was just one paral...

8:23 AM
Q: 70s Story including/describing Conway's solitaire game "life"

NJohnnyEarly 70s Sci-Fi book, I believe it was 2 humans (man and woman) on an alien planet... (I don't think they were stranded, I think they were there to explore.) There may have been a few more people with them. But I mostly recall just the two. I believe the man was doing something and to keep the ...

9:03 AM
Q: In which order where the Primarchs found by the Emperor?

TaladrisThe Primarchs were scattered through the galaxy by the Chaos Gods and then found one by one by the Emperor during the Great Crusade. It is well-known that Horus was discovered first. This gave time to the Emperor and the future Warmaster to develop a deep bond. We (at least me) learn at the beg...

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10:42 AM
Q: What sort of goods or resources does a Federation Star Ship require to operate?

NeomerArcanaI am making a game that is inspired heavily by Star Trek. The nature of the game requires that you are going about the Galaxy but are limited in some way, hopefully by resources. But aside from the need for Dilithium Crystals, I can't think of any other resource in Star Trek that is required for...

Q: Movie idea, Why would a prison require its male inmates to wear sarong and undershirt for nightwear?

CuriousI am working on a small movie script . In one of the scenes, when a young lad ends up in prison for few months, jailer has a small introductory talk with him, in which the jailer also lets the young man know that the prison nightwear dress code consists of a sarong(lungi) and white undershirt. ...

11:22 AM
Q: Pregnancy tips to stay healthy throughout the pregnancy

asmaamalAs per the Mom and baby magazine, it is suggested that woman should take care of herself during her pregnancy days in respect of flu. Women are more likely to get infected because of flu in their pregnancy days. So, it is suggested that protecting the body against flu by getting the flu vaccine d...

3 hours later…
2:13 PM
@Marvin Was that some anti-vax shit? I can't quite tell from the preview
2:24 PM
@Jenayah Oh wow there are so many glitches from the reputation thing
Like everything that could work doesn't
I'm writing a crazy Meta
This is very weird
Here it is
Q: A bunch of weird bugs caused by losing reputation from an edit after reaching the cap

StormblessedI reached the maximum of 1000 reputation gained from suggested edits on Science Fiction & Fantasy in April. Today (in UTC), a post (10K on SFF) that I edited (confirmation) was deleted, taking away two reputation: Oddly, on /reputation, it still said that I'd reached the 1000-reputation limit ...

I think someone on Meta really hates me...
Eh whatever I don’t care much about Meta reputation
3:42 PM
Q: Could Vader have caught Luke as he fell in Episode V?

Elle FieOnce Luke lost his hand and his lightsaber, the battle with Vader was effectively over. Vader had already shown his Force move ability. Could Vader have captured Luke as he fell, disabled and defeated, using the Force?

4:42 PM
Q: Photon Crystals

user11773679I saw a video about new science achievement in which photons managed to link to eachother after bouncing into a rubidium cloud, creating little aggrupations which may act like crystals Obviously are pure photon structures and as a photon I’d like to imagine is much smaller than an atom, a three ...

5:22 PM
Q: sci fi short story quest

Zaard LoreThere is this short story about a (scientist?/explorer?) who goes to either mars or venus or a certain exoplanet (accompanied by his wife) which is in a tidal lock such that the dark side is very cold for a human being, and harbors vicious creatures. I think one of the two was a botanist. The sun...

3 hours later…
8:01 PM
Q: Do all of the Shazams have all of the powers?

AnthelothWhen Billy's siblings get powers, each focuses on a different power. do they each only get one, do they get some, or do they get all of the powers?

1 hour later…
9:21 PM
Q: Cyborg Movie from the early 80's, possibly late 70's NOT Eliminators!

MindParadoxIt's not Eliminators, I own it, I'm looking for a different one. In this one a cyborg, unfortunately I can't remember much, it's him and a chick tho at least, possibly a team, end up at one point in the woods, and one of his legs is screwed up, so he sits on a log and takes off his feet like boo...

10:07 PM
Q: Why does this comment still remain?

Voldemort's WrathI stumbled upon this comment attached to this question: It's Benjamin Effing Parker, dammit! I at first flagged it as "no longer needed" as it does not contribute to the question or discussion in any way. As a reminder, here's what the description of that flag is: (emphasis mine) This c...

10:41 PM
Q: Who are the two extra teachers from the end of the USJ arc?

Xavon_Wrentaile At the end of the USJ arc, S1 E13 of the Boku No Hero Academia anime, there is a splash screen of the backup that was arrived to fight the League of Villains. From right to left they are: 1 - Vlad King 2 - Nezu 3 - Iida Tenya 4 - Cementoss 5 - ? 6 - Ectoplasm 7 - Snipe 8 - Hound Dog 9 - Midni...


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