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scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/214675/… The question and the answer are both way better than the dupe target; is there any support for re-opening to point the dupe the other way?
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Q: Parallel universe 80s movie

Kendall StiefAll i remember is a chick in a convertible coming through a portal to a parallel universe. Lots of sand/desert. Running into a conan/beastmaster mostly loincloth outfitted guy.

1:11 AM
Oh crap it seemed like this didn’t post...caching — Stormblessed 12 secs ago
@DavidW Eh moderator flag
I did one just now
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Q: Does Marvel have a equivalent of the Green Lantern?

Dissident Rebel of NachosDoes Marvel have a equivalent of the Green Lantern? I know there's "Nova" but I mean is there a superhero or villain in Marvel that has the same powers or "close to" that of the green lantern? Male or Female E.g. a Ring Some kind of powers that look like a light show, Can make constructs sim...

Q: What are the criteria that make for "better" quality questions and answers for story identification questions?

OtisI spend a lot of time patrolling for duplicates in story identification questions. One issue that repeatedly comes up are the differing definitions of "quality" held by various users when deciding which is the "best" duplicate target to choose. Since "quality" is in the eye of the beholder but th...

2:33 AM
Q: What Pokemon is this?

TheAshI haven't really played the later generations of Pokemon, but I still recognized 99% of all Pokemon shown in Detective Pikachu - except one: Which one is this?

Q: How common is Pokemon training in the Pokemon Universe?

TheAshIn the new Pokemon Detective movie, Pokemon training is extremely common, so much so that it's considered a shock when Tim doesn't have a partner. However I seem to recall that in the first games part of the point was that most people were not Pokemon trainers, only a select few were. So, just...

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3:55 AM
Q: Name of Manga where MC wears an eyepatch

SinbaI don’t remember much, besides the character being a male and growing up in a poor village of sorts. And he has a golden eye but it is covered with an eyepatch that is sort of like a bug. It grows legs and pops off when he needs the power. In the first couple of chapters his village elders and hi...

4:32 AM
Q: Why is there no Hawkeye movie?

iComFrom this answer: Hawkeye is far from a filler character. He's been in every Avengers lineup in every continuity (Comics, Animated, Movie ... etc). Why, then, does Hawkeye not star in his "own" movie? Of the 6 original Avengers (in The Avengers), 3 have had 3 films, 1 has had 1 MCU film, an...

4:59 AM
Q: Sci fi short story, robot city that nags people about health

DannyMcGI read this sometime in 1980's in an anthology in UK. Protagonist is a near vagrant in the future, he hears about an automatic city where all is free so he follows hints until he finds it. Totally deserted but all sparkly clean and City Voice welcomes him as he arrives. He enters a cafe and or...

Q: Did any Gethenian ever have sex with a human?

YasskierStarting from "The Left hand of darkness", Usula Le Guin often returned to the people from Gethen (aka "Winter") and their peculiar biology: adults are, for the most of the month, totally androgynous without any sex drive or distinguishable gender. But during the few days of a month (called "Some...

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@Slartibartfast meh, poll answers aren't great
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Q: Marvel, can a human have a baby with any non-human?

TermatinatorCan 2 species in the marvel universe have sex and create a mix between species?

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[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Pattern-matching website in answer, potentially bad asn for hostname in answer, potentially bad keyword in answer (81): Have Captain America and Wolverine ever fought? by Acton George on scifi.SE
@SmokeDetector Not 100% sure if that was spam tbh, if it was it was very well done because it was actually an attempt at answering the question
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Can we not reopen question just to switch the duplicate order? It is largely pointless, wastes time and votes and I'm pretty sure there's a meta somewhere that says don't do it
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Q: Webcomic with a female undead gunslinger in a steampunk setting - not Back

FuzzyBootsI'm certain I've found this one a few times. The main character is a female undead gunslinger. I forget whether she explicitly goes through situations where she would have died, or it's in her backstory, but I want to say that she's got some sort of facial injury or marking related to her undeath...

12:39 PM
Q: How is a harsesis different from any old Goa’uld

Иво НедевThe generic explanation is "...will be born with the genetic knowledge of the Goa’uld." What does that mean and do they not already have access to that knowledge ? What more would the harsesis know, compared to a Goa’uld ?

@Mithrandir which emails can you see from users?
Their login ones?
Their ones for receiving Stack Exchange emails?
I guess if you want to find that out, you'll need to get elected :)
Well I want to know for a privacy thing
@TheLethalCarrot woah it's even better than the GOT one
I'm wondering what I'd need to do so mods can't see one of my emails
But not doing the deleting account thing
1:03 PM
So is it secret?
2:00 PM
Q: In Aryamaan TV series was light saber used?

codeczarThere is an Indian TV series known as Aryamaan. It aired for a few episodes in India and then stopped. I was a child when I watched that serial. I didn't knew about Star Wars then. Was the swords used in Aryamaan some form of light saber?

2:13 PM
Greetings, Earthlings.
Q: What are similarities between these TV series and movies?

codeczarThere is an Indian TV series known as Aryamaan: Brahma and ka mahan yodha . The producers of the series said it to be the Indian version of Star Wars. What are the similarities between these two ?

2:51 PM
@Donald.McLean Greetings, Hubble Guy!
Very disproportionate relative to sci-fi based on number of questions
3:32 PM
@Stormblessed Well, they also have tags for individual games. Therefore they have a lot more tags and not much need for excerpts (since it's pretty straightforward how to properly use such narrowly-defined tags).
Arqade has almost twice as many tags as scifi, judging from the number of tag pages (161 for Arqade, 87 for scifi).
5111 vs 3009
Though I could have mucked up the query because I'm not sure how synonyms work in SEDE exactly
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5:02 PM
Q: Novella/short book involving teleportation, ghosts and a magic tree

LeeAll I remember is it's some sort of cross between fantasy and sci-fi. I seem to remember there is a teleporter in it that has created some sort of monster. And there are some ghost like creatures that can only be killed by sticks harvested from some magical tree. Sounds like a dream or a bad tri...

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6:03 PM
Q: Isekai manga/novel that sounds like "The Rising of the Shield Hero" novel

kidchampI'm trying to find this novel that I read when I first started out reading these types of novels. I want to try to find it now that I'm watching the Shield Hero anime just to see what happens. It's been years and I've forgotten what it was called but I remember three things that happen in differe...

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7:43 PM
Q: Statistics of how many times Ben (OG Ben 10) transformed into each alien

ZacharyWhat is the amount Ben Tennyson transformed into each of the original aliens: Heatblast, Wildmutt, Diamondhead, XLR8, Grey Matter, Four Arms, Stinkfly, Ripjaws, Upgrade, Ghostfreak. I feel like he transformed into Ghostfreak only a few times and then into Four Arms/Heatblast like almost every ep...

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9:18 PM
I reached 1000 xp 🙌
10:03 PM
Q: Story Identification - Sci Fi Novel

Draike2590Read some time in the early 00's as a teen, so details may be a little hazy. Points I'm more confident about: Sci-fi novel following a male lead Starts with lead living daily life in a slum on some kind of mining planet, focus around manual labour for those in the slums, with heavy guard prese...

Q: Shows about transferring consciousness?

LevenTrekI seem to really enjoy Sci-Fi shows where consciousness can be transferred between bodies, or where personalities can be "programmed" into bodies. So far I've seen (and loved): Altered Carbon (2018) Travelers (2016-2018) Westworld (2016-2018) Dollhouse (2009-2010) I mean human consciousness,...

10:43 PM
@Mithrandir you probably could get some easy rep. answering this question
(It’s the one I tried to ask you like 8 hours ago)
Ooh a positive score on a Meta question! How strange
@Alex I sound like you :-O
@Termatinator nice!
I gained 1000 reputation, the maximum, from suggested edits and got there a few months ago
I remember when the association bonus was far off-seeming
11:23 PM
Q: Story identification: kids in hot-air balloon, chased by wizard

StoneThrowI'm trying to track down an old English-language cartoon I watched as a kid. The last episode I saw (not necessarily the last episode of the show) was a cliffhanger, and I've always been curious whatever happened to the show and that particular cliffhanger. I seem to remember the protagonists as...


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