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1:06 AM
Q: What possible places, looking back at the scene of when the T-800 crashes the cop car, where could he have escaped without being seen by the cops?

Wanting AnswersWe know he escaped on the passenger side; however, when the cop goes back to look, all we see is a wall. There is no way he could have slipped under anything (even under the car), with the cops not being able to find out.

Q: How did the T-800 know it was Kyle Reese who turned on the car in the garage?

Wanting AnswersFrom the audience's perspective, we assume that the actors knew, through script of when to begin the fight scene. How would the T-800 have known that Kyle Reese was in the car with Sarah? Can Terminators see through metal, car seats etc?

Q: In the police station, why crash a car through the bulletproof glass?

Wanting AnswersCouldn't the T-800 just punch through the glass, go through, and then assume attacking?

1:26 AM
Q: At the police station, Kyle Reese ends up havng to punch a door to save Sarah?

Wanting AnswersWas that not a bad move on his part as it could have given them away at that moment?

Q: How does the T-800 manage to get through in Sarah's dream?

Wanting AnswersWhen Reese tells Sarah the story about "his world", the door to the bunker is manned. Then after we see Reese with Sarah's picture, we hear the dogs barking and then all of a sudden the T-800 gets through with two hostages. How?

1:46 AM
Q: How does the T-800 find Sarah at the police compound?

Wanting AnswersI use to think that it was because the T-800 ends up calling her, but that was after Reese and Sarah go back to the hotel. The detective mentions that she was waiting for her mom to come from Big Bear. There was nothing that the audience knew that would suggest that the T-800 knew they were at th...

2:04 AM
How is this not a duplicate of this previous question of yours? — DavidW 3 mins ago
Uh, @DavidW you linked to the wrong thing XD
Q: How does Sarah know which button, of the three, to press on the machine that ends up killing the T-800 at the end?

Wanting AnswersShe had never seen that type of machine before, prior to her climbing into it, across, and to the other side. She then pulls the bars down and without looking at one of the three buttons, she reaches over with her left hand and manages to press the top red button. The machine ends up dropping and...

@Stormblessed Caught that already, thanks. Blame mobile.
I don’t get the joke in that cartoon, is there supposed to be one anyways?
I don't see one.
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3:27 AM
Q: In Street Fighter, what does the M stand for in M Bison?

yvancWe keep referring to the leader of the international terrorist group called Shadoloo as M Bison. What really does M stand for?

@Stormblessed i don't get
Why they don't have Tiana or Moana or Pocahontas or Jasmine
But they do have Red Riding Hood, who is not a Disney princess
Well I guess it might be older than Moana
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6:49 AM
Q: What did Damon regret not telling Cee?

joeytwiddleNear the beginning of Prospect, while Cee's father is falling asleep he says: I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I should have told you. There were in fact two things which he hadn't told her before today: that the line was shutting down, and that she was born on Lao and not Camria. But she imme...

Q: Is the existence of jinn well-known?

AdamantOn the TV series Jinn, some evidence suggests that knowledge of the existence of jinn is fairly widespread. For instance, when the tour guide is talking about jinn, they give a very historical presentation, talking about how humans drove jinn out and so forth (but that could just be their persona...

7:09 AM
Q: i need help figuring out and idea for a school spec-fic wrighting assignment?

kiella grohnit cant be normal, as in it has to be new and creative and have a really big WHAT IF? in it. my previous one was about what if the government was hiding the cure for cancer, but that didn't have a big enough what if, so I could really use some help please. the deadline is this Wednesday. so I rea...

7:24 AM
@Stormblessed "maybe it's the Walkers Michonne found after fleeing the Governor's house, since we know Philippe keeps his Walker daughter - maybe he did the same with the names in the notebook"
Q: I forgot the movie name

sai ramThere is a family that went to a house for weekend. first wife and three kids are went to that house.Husband doesnt come on saturday because of work. he says hwe will come after the work. The younger seem sto attached to his father in that story. after somtime younger kid made a frnd in those wo...

7:42 AM
@Stormblessed The main "how to ask a good story-ID question" is already FAQ.
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8:54 AM
Q: Why weren't the other agents concerned when Smith met Cypher alone?

Cake_BadgerDuring the scene where Morpheus is being interrogated, Agent Smith tells his colleagues to leave him with Morpheus. The other Agents seem very shocked by this move, and they almost reluctantly leave. When Cypher is having dinner and the meeting up with Agent Smith, Agent Smith is totally by hi...

9:29 AM
Q: Why did the Starks treat Bran as a brother?

Mor ZamirWhen Bran arrived back to Winterfell, obviously every time he met another member of his family they hugged him and were very happy to see him. He never kept it a secret that Yet, everyone kept treating him as a Stark family member. He was there in every meeting and council and also in a closed...

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12:08 PM
Q: Does Snape have a bad hairstyle according to the wizarding world?

SimpletonHaving read a lot of fanfiction, I just realized that the Potion Master's hair has never been described in a flattering manner. The phrase greasy-haired has been used to describe Severus Snape in most fanfiction where Snape is portrayed as an antagonist. Does this common theme have an origin in...

12:48 PM
Q: Is Queen Ingrid from Maleficent 2 loosely based on the Queen from Sun, Moon and Talia?

Alex DownsSun, Moon and Talia is a fairytale that provided the basis for the Sleeping Beauty fairytale. As such, the Queen from it was the basis for the Ogress Queen Mother, Who Queen Ingrith is based on. However, when I put that information on the Disney Wiki, some other user took it off again.

Q: Should Olaf from Frozen be a Disney Prince?

Alex DownsBecause QUEEN Elsa made him and brought him to life.

Hey why was a Marvin message deleted? The one right after this
Was it spam/RA?
1:03 PM
Q: Why can't 10K users search for others' deleted posts?

StormblessedI have been trying to get to 10 thousand reputation for a while on Science Fiction & Fantasy (taking a while :P) but learned something weird a few weeks ago: users with 10,000 reputation can't search for others' deleted posts. What is the point of this? If those users are able to see the questio...

1:14 PM
@Stormblessed That's generally why Marvin messages are removed...
Well I was just wondering if it was anything interesting, as I don't like Marvin messages getting deleted because they are a way to find deleted stuff because the stupid search function is stupid
Well actually it's unrelated to the problems with search but it is a weird design thing
That's strange
In writing a Politics answer I learned Iceland doesn't have medical marijuana
I think of their government and stuff as being super progressive there
1:29 PM
Europe has a ton of countries
I can't count these
Look at this
I am trying to make alt text out of this noting every blue country, but see that basically all of Europe, including the eastern part with tons and tons of countries, is blue.
1:44 PM
Any resident geography experts know what those two close blue dots are?
Oh, Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands
A: What countries in the world have legalized both abortion and cannabis?

StormblessedI looked at Wikipedia's very nice maps about this: Here is a map about the legality of marijuana. Blue means that it is fully legalized. I am only counting these, based on the specific wording in the question. The dark blue countries here are ones where abortion is "legal on request". If I...

Here, an answer that took me quite a while
2:11 PM
@Stormblessed Well, the fact it's deleted is ultimately a testament that it's not interesting to you.
Well sometimes deleted stuff is interesting
It's not of your business, though, or it wouldn't have been deleted.
2:28 PM
Q: What are speeds of ships in Pirates of the Caribbean?

codeczarThere have been many ships in the Pirates of the Caribbean series what is the speed at which they travel? As these ships may have some magical properties do they travel faster than the trivial ships? Please rank the ships based on their speed.

Is there a deleted answer here?
I am voting to re-open so that this can be closed as a dupe of this, which has answers unlike the other question. — Stormblessed 10 secs ago
3:08 PM
Q: Do ships in Pirates of Caribbean travel faster?

codeczarIn the Pirates of the Caribbean series the ships have magical properties. Do these properties affect their speeds? I want to ask whether they travel faster than the trivial ships.

3:20 PM
@Stormblessed flag it instead, methinks
Q: 60's (or earlier) sci-fi short story: man travels back to the Stone age, his glasses get broken and his attempts to grow crops fail

LarryLooking for title or author of a sci-fi short story about a man who somehow accidentally travels back in time to the stone age, where he tries to survive and help people, but ends up having his glasses broken and his attempts to grow "crops" for the coming winter aren't successful. I read this i...

3:42 PM
@Jenayah flagged with a link to the comment
So with the mods, do flags show up in the review dropdown?
3:59 PM
Wow, I know I've mentioned how much reputation he has but just look at Jon Skeet's reputation tab
4:14 PM
@Stormblessed No.
Where are they, then?
In the place where the flags go. 🙃
They show up next to the diamond dropdown.
Q: Looking for title or author of a story

LarryI'm Looking for the title or author of a sci-fi short story about two spacecraft somehow meeting and exchanging plants for gold or other items. Both crews think that they have gotten the better of the deal and speed off in opposite directions. I read this in the 60's.

4:47 PM
@Mithrandir oh, you have a fancy dropdown? Nice!!

 Stormblessed's Desk

I wish you would read Skulduggery Pleasant, it's good. Go to m...
I think it’s gonna freeze soon...but antifreeze is bad for the environment so I’ll let it stay that way
@Stormblessed who said anything about fancy
5:47 PM
Q: Story of a Witch Boy

Pam LopezLooking for a story about a young warlock who flies around at night with witch friends. He is callous and unfeeling until he befriends and falls in love with a Quaker? or Amish? girl he meets at a haystack one night. The story spoke to the clothing and bonnets women wore, and hard farm life. He...

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7:01 PM
Q: Where does the subject go when asking a question with ir + a + infinitive?

StormblessedIn questions, the subject (if present in the sentence) goes after the noun, such as Tú estás aquí. becoming ¿Estás tú aquí? and Stormblessed está comiendo una hamburguesa. becoming ¿Está Stormblessed comiendo una hamburguesa? If I use the construction of a conjugation o...

Quoteblocks look terrible if you use them too much...
7:27 PM
To my understanding, word order is not terribly important in questions.
You can keep it the same as a statement and add a questioning tone.
But the last one is certainly incorrect
You've put the a in front of the subject and turned it into an object
"Is eating a hamburger going to Stormblessed?"
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9:47 PM
Q: Final Fantasy X: Bottz background

Matthias NicklischI've recently started playing Final Fantasy X again, after many years. One thing I always wondered about is the Besaid Aurochs player Bottz. Everytime you speak with him he says something like "I don't want to be a burden" and I also remember a scene where Wakka looked at Bottz like "Don't say an...

10:27 PM
Q: I forgot the name of this fantasy book and need help

Midna MagicThe main points I remember is that this red haired, green eyed girl is able to talk with animals. She lives with an old lady in the beginning of the book as her mom had died and her father left. The father, who ends up being a noble of some sort, comes for her to use as a bargaining chip with ano...

10:58 PM
@Marvin and this is why it's useful to keep eyes on all the newly solved story-ids ;) hat tip to @Adamant

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