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12:04 AM
Q: Space station in geostationary orbit

Bob516Would a novel with a military space station in geostationary orbit automatically raise a red flag as not being credible?

12:19 AM
@Stormblessed Pretty sure you can. My helpful flag total is still going up.
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2:48 AM
Q: Who is Seymour saying "once lived in this metropolis?"

John WuIn this scene, Seymour Guado shows Yuna's party the Zanarkand of 1,000 years ago, via a holographic projection, based on memories from the Farplane. At the 1:01 mark in the video, he mysteriously mentions "She once lived in this metropolis." Yuna asks, "She who?" The camera zooms in on Seymour, b...

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3:49 AM
Weird how “weird” is an adjective but doesn’t get a comma in lists like the title of my question
“Weird blue and purple”
I guess the color counts as one adjective?
4:08 AM
Q: How Spiderman (Tom Holland) got his powers?

rashI am a fan of Spiderman. But the new Spiderman (Tom Holland) version, I don't remember seeing about how he got his powers. Is there a scene for it? If so which movie is it?

Q: Why are we happy to delete open questions with 0 score but not terrible, incorrect answers?

StormblessedI’ve come across some really bad answers on Stack Exchange, including quite a few that are just one sentence with no sources or badly written speculation with no basis. From what I understand, our policy is to basically never deleted answers due to terrible quality as long as they attempt to answ...

Time to get some downvotes ;-)
@Stormblessed Without the comma "weird" is modifying "blue;" you're saying it's a strange hue of blue.
With a comma, you're saying that the keychain is odd, and that it's blue and purple.
Q: Is there a way to buy SO reputation?

vikas devdeIs there a feature by which we can buy reputation on SO (e.g 100 rep for $1)?, or a bot by which we can hack and increase our reputation?

What an amusingly bad question
Apparently not, but it's free to burn it! :)
Highly downvoted Metas are fun to read
How long before my Orb of Overconfidence gets frozen if nobody says anything?
Feb 22 at 15:18, by Alex
21 hours ago, by Jenayah
3 mins ago, by Jenayah
SE chat workings are obscure
4:55 AM
Q: Flying wingpacks and floating, spherical houses

Tc BowsI have been trying to recall the title & author of a juvenile Science Fiction novel I borrowed from my public library in the early 80s. The storyline escapes me, but the protagonist had or wanted a backpack flying wings and houses were equipped with some kind of anti-gravity tech and people coul...

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6:17 AM
@Stormblessed yeah but casting a vote doesn't count as a flag
@Stormblessed 14 days I think
But after that you can ask a mod to thaw it
6:40 AM
Looking at the users tab, apparently we've been spared by whatever account removal drama happened tonight.
7:08 AM
Q: Identify Arabic book, Flowers of the Spring

Tomas ByFrom Wavell's A Modern Pilgrim in Mecca (1913), p. 138: Sir Richard Burton got into hot water with many people for translating literally and without expurgation the “Arabian Nights.” A perusal of his work will give the reader an idea of how strange a medley of grave and gay, religion an...

7:53 AM
Q: Is this Michael Burnham's voice in Star Trek: Picard trailer?

I Love You 3000 There's only one voice in this trailer. It feels like Michael Burnham's voice. Whose voice is this?

[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer (94): Where is the logic in castrating fighters? by Ben Jamin on scifi.SE
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10:13 AM
Q: Could Pepper Potts have saved the person who snapped at the end of endgame

user117071Could Pepper Potts have saved Tony when he snapped at the end of endgame due to her regeneration powers from iron man 3 or do the infinity stones somehow override her regeneration powers?

2 hours later…
11:54 AM
Q: How did the generation ship in Anathem actually make its journey?

S. MoveIn the novel Anathem by Neal Stephenson a spaceship appears in orbit around the protagonists planet. The character of Orolo observed it for a while and explains that he believes that the ship is not send from another star system because it is too small and slow to make that journey and therefore ...

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2:02 PM
@Jenayah So how can I get the badge?
Flags try to force me to vote, not to flag
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected, potentially bad keyword in answer, toxic answer detected (161): What did Mark Watney type about his cussing? by carboy27 on scifi.SE
2:28 PM
@SmokeDetector Bit slow, are we? That's from 2017!
@DavidW It checks stuff when it gets bumped to the homepage
3:15 PM
Q: Sci-Fi book with girl who spent 3 years in space

I N T E R E S T I N GMajor Plot Points She has spent the last 3 years in space. When she comes back to her planet (starts with "V," I think), she finds some of the species on her planet (who were previously peaceful) fighting each other. Another creature is leading a rebellion against the humans that have property,...

3:46 PM
@Stormblessed flag NAAs, spam, RA, no longer needed comments
Weird how it’s a 3-day weekend and very slow here but I got three answers very quickly on my politics question
This question is very badly formatted and capitalized and grammared but I’m felling lazy and don’t really care to fix it
How the duck does it have two score, though
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6:37 PM
Q: Why do they consider the Ori false gods?

DaishozenThroughout Stargate seasons 9 and 10 they spend the time fighting the crusade of the Ori. They mention several times that 'the Ori are not gods.' I think that Dr Daniel Jackson mentions several times something to the effect that they are just 'beings with a higher understanding of the universe' w...

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7:40 PM
@Jenayah Is it a holiday on Monday for you in France?
7:57 PM
Q: Why are members of the Kingsguard allowed to fight in battles and tourneys?

LincolnManI thought of this question while reading another about why Tywin Lannister would allow Jaime to fight in battles. Jaime was a member of the Kingsguard so his duty is to protect whoemver is on the throne, not to fight in battles far from Kings Landing. Jaime was captured by Robb Stark and Rickard...

Q: A sci-fi-ish movie about toys coming to liveI saw on TV when I was a kid

TaddleI've been looking for this movie for probably two decades - not because it's brilliant or anything, but just because I can't leave a mystery unsolved. It was a movie about a kid who loved toys and had a massive bedroom full of them. Must have been one hell of a spoilt kid. Anyway, he talks to an...

8:17 PM
Q: Unclear about Not Alone by Craig A Falconer

Mark VickeryI've just finished reading Not Alone by Craig A Falconer am I am confused about the twist. spoilers below Did Walker etc know aliens existed after all and they were trying some double bluff by saying the evidence was made up to put people off the trail or was the evidence made up all along and ...

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9:25 PM
@Stormblessed npt on Monday, but on Thrsday
It's the holiday about Jesus ascending to the sky I think...
9:58 PM
Q: Cartoon from 90s-2000s about alien who is stranded on earth and has a son with a woman

Aeryn SunCartoon from 90s-2000s there was this cartoon (like the old style cartoons x men and spider-man and superman etc) it was about an alien being stranded on earth and fathered a child with a woman. then sth happened to the woman i think (not sure though i don’t remember it) and the boy grew up and t...

10:18 PM
Q: Seed ship, unsexed person, cover has golden person attached to ship by umbilical cord

neesey3poI read this book in the late 80s or early 90s. It was not new at the time. There was an uncrewed, automated seed ship (spaceship of genetic material or records but no actual organisms) sent out from Earth to populate a new planet. I don't remember why. Something went wrong with the ship during ...

11:11 PM
@Jenayah In English, that's called "Pentecost." In case you actually care...
11:24 PM
Ah, French and English are close, then. It's Pentecôte in French
I...think that's something different actually.
Pentecost is in a few weeks. She's talking about Ascension Day.
Oh, right. Makes more sense this way. Ascension, ascending.
Oh yeah - Pentecôte is the Monday given to retirement funds
@NapoleonWilson I'm pretty religiously clueless these days, but it did feel a bit early for Pentecost. Thanks for the correction.
Well, I only know them because they're holidays. ;-)
I forgot that Christ had to go to heaven before the Holy Spirit was sent.

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