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12:25 AM
Q: What effect did this plot point ultimately have?

WossnameVague question title, unfortunately, to avoid spoilers - the real question is: What effect did the coming of winter ultimately have? 'Winter is coming' was a common refrain during the early seasons of the show, but once it came it seemed to be barely mentioned again. It didn't seem to have mu...

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1:51 AM
Q: Marvel Comic with Ant-Man and Spider-Man holding a weapon

Peregrine LennertI am looking for a story which I can only remember one page from. It starts with the villain saying something to the effect of "you don't dare to fire that". It then cuts to a panel with Spider-Man holding a weapon, with Ant-Man next to him. The nest panel has Ant-man press the button to trigger...

2:11 AM
Q: Why didnt they teach Captain Pike Morse Code?

BobIn Star Trek "The Menagerie", we see Capt Christopher Pike as a dang-near-everything-plegic. He has been placed in a powered wheelchair/life support system and his only physical abilities are that he can move the wheelchair a little bit, and make a light blink. By blinking the light once or twice...

3:04 AM
Q: How is Dr. Strange's Engame justified?

Sazid AhmadIn Infinity wars, Dr. Strange explains all the events that took place were the only 1 out of 14,000,605 ways to win against Thanos and after having watched Endgame I am not quite convinced. Here are the following objections I have against his endgame and I would like to know how his final plan is...

Q: Never cried when this character died?

Kiara WoodsCan someone tell me why I didn't cried when Iron Man died? I don't think he's that important tbh. Sorry

@Babelfish Your second sentence might be the answer to your question.
3:31 AM
@Alex I wonder why they're asking StackExchange and not their therapist? If they get an answer, should they be sent a bill?
Weird, haven’t gotten a notification in a while
@DavidW Good idea. I'll start billing every time I post an answer.
@Stormblessed Hi.
(I.e. like an hour)
You just did.
@Alex thanks
3:32 AM
@Stormblessed For the right price, I can automatically ping you at various intervals.
@Alex ooh
Galactic Credits?
Vote me for moderator.
@Alex oof
But then I can’t vote for myself
@Stormblessed You can wait.
@Alex but like I’m more qualified than you due to my definitely greater amount of experience or something like that
3:35 AM
@Stormblessed Could be...
You definitely don’t gave 9x more total rep than me...
@Stormblessed Yeah, but I probably also have nine times as many downvotes as you.
@Alex probably
@Stormblessed And if we count Meta...
But you also have almost 9x as many posts on SF as me
@Alex that’s a slippery slope of moderator incompetence for both of us
(Not calling you incompetent)
3:37 AM
Let's just say that my tag score for is well into the negatives, both for questions and answers.
@Alex I have -16 votes between my two bad Main Metas
And a few DVs because people hate discussions of retagging on chat but also on Meta, apparently
@Alex Ooo! You've give a negative number of answers? Cool!
@Stormblessed If we're talking Main Meta, I have a post that's somewhere around -20.
Hey, what happened to it?
Did it get deleted?
@Alex was it a year ago?
Ping in the tavern someone
@Stormblessed No, only a couple of months ago.
It was linked in Chat, so I just have to find it.
Found it!
It was indeed deleted.
Score is -15.
4:15 AM
And a Meta post arguing that this is bad:
Q: RemoveDeadQuestions should not apply to Meta posts

AlexThere is an automated system that eventually deletes all unanswered negative scoring questions (as long as they're not locked). I understand why this exists for regular sites – a negative score indicates that there is something wrong with the question, and if the question retains its negative sc...

4:49 AM
@Alex screenshot?
In fact, you agreed with it:
Jan 20 at 20:33, by Stormblessed
I think this is a fine suggestion
5:27 AM
@Adamant would a description of how Hemallurgy works need a spoiler tag?
Or like would that be good to have on it?
@Randal'Thor That is by far the worst xkcd I have ever seen
6:02 AM
@Stormblessed in what context
6:46 AM
Q: How come the new King does not wear any crown?

Shadow WizardIn the last episode of Game of Thrones, While there is no longer Iron Throne, I'd expect the new king to at least wear a crown. But alas, I don't remember seeing it happening. The new Queen of the North does appear to get an elegant crown, but not the King. How so? Is there some explanation...

1 hour later…
8:13 AM
Q: Won't the absence of Infinity Stones affect the main timeline?

Anand C UAs the Ancient One explains to Bruce Banner The Infinity stones create what you experience as the flow of time. Remove one stone and that flow splits. and asks Banner to return them to their respective locations correctly. Won't the destruction of the 6 stones impact the universe in the curren...

8:52 AM
Q: What are the effects on an opponent's wand with Expelliarmus?

Partly Reformed Death EaterDoes hitting someone's wand with Expelliarmus leave a burn mark on the wand or make the opponent's wand hot to touch? For example, if someone cast Expelliarmus at my wand and I obviously dropped the wand due to the spells effect and then if I was to then "grab the wand" which hath been forceful...

Q: Is Jon Snow the last Targeryen?

SeamusthedogNow we are at the end of Game of Thrones and Jons secret identity is known, by some at least, Daenerys is dead and presumably so to is Aemon is Jon now the last Targeryen in Westeros or the rest of the world?

9:03 AM
@Jenayah 2 new lines
Cheers, edited
9:30 AM
1 new line results in the markdown breaking like
! [spoiler text] [none spoiler text]
Q: Do zombie swin on the sea?

kitMostly what I seem all the zombie apocalypse, all are happen in the land... What if the zombie apocalypse happened on the sea? I wonder if they can swim on the sea?

Ah then yeah
They were looking for a way to close spoiler marking
9:52 AM
Q: Did Cedric Diggory help ressurect Voldemort in the AU in Cursed Child?

Alex DownsSome sources say he did. I mean, how else would he have become a Death Eater?

Q: How did Ghost survive this in season 8 episode 3?

TermatinatorIn season 8 episode 3 we see Ghost After a little while, we see that In the next episode he's seen alive, did we ever get canon news on how he survived the battle?

10:51 AM
Q: Why is there no Inside the Episode/Game Revealed for Season 8 Episode 6?

TheLethalCarrotEver since Season 1 HBO have released a "Inside the Episode" video that gives some insight into the episode. They also released other shorts and clips of actors and people involved in the show to give their thoughts on it. As of Season 7 they also added a longer "Game Revealed" video which was li...

11:11 AM
@TheLethalCarrot found it in the "inside the episode"?
No mention is made
At least for Ep3
Game Revealed reveals nothing
ah ok, thx for letting me know
thought i'd ask here to not flood the comments
And nothing mention for Ep4s ones AFAICT
Lacking someone finding an interview I'm pretty sure we don't have any information on it
Maybe "The Last Watch" will give us something on it
1 hour later…
12:26 PM
oh, my question reached HNQ, didn't expect that
Results of General Election of world's biggest democracy is out..
Narendra Modi got landslide victory once again..
A: Updating the Hot Network Questions List - now with a bit more network and a little less "hotness"!

gnatstatus-completed Questions must now be at least eight hours old before they can be added to the HNQ list. ~Catija feature-request Set a minimum age for posts before they're eligible for the HNQ list. (this idea was already discussed elsewhere - posting it here because it looks like a very ...

^ eight hours old? I can spot at least two questions that were asked this morning
Well, by morning I mean like three hours ago
@Jenayah My question is 2 hours old now and I spotted it in the HNQ list
Both the GoT Qs I've answered today are in the HNQ and they're not 8 hours old yet
Someone to post on meta?
12:43 PM
@Jenayah I sent a comment on that linked answer above asking if it's normal, I also tagged Catija
Would have enquired a bit but at work so not much to to sleuth around on meta :P
Q: Who is in charge of Wakanda?

user35971In Avengers: Infinity War Who is the ruler of Wakanda after the snap?

1:13 PM
@Adamant A question asking about like how it works
Because it isn't explained until the third book?
But it also seems kind of unneccessary
Any way to hide a tag from your review queue view?
Like so I don't get GoT spoilers (I will read it sometime)
Not that I know of
@Stormblessed well in any case the show have long overtaken the books and there are mostly show questions, I think you're fine
@TheLethalCarrot why's your expandable usercard different from your real profile? How do you do that?
Network account maybe?
@Jenayah It's just I have a memory that isn't so great for useful things from a year ago but like spoilers are like stuck in my brain forever and ever and ever
@Jenayah It's not that
It's missing the text surrounding "Wallace the rabbit"
Maximum length and maybe it ignores quotes?
Don't know never really noticed it
1:19 PM
@TheLethalCarrot But it removes part of the sentence before and everything after
> Software developer in C# dealing with OCR, ICR and OMR technologies along with other solutions for customers.
User name is taken from my gaming name and it just so happens that there is a character in A Song of Ice and Fire called Carrot too.
Wallace the rabbit
No idea, was just a guess
> Software developer in C# dealing with OCR, ICR and OMR technologies along with other solutions for customers.

User name is taken from my gaming name and it just so happens that there is a character in A Song of Ice and Fire called Carrot too.

(quote here) Carrot, you'll have charge of their chests and boxes.

Profile picture is Wallace the rabbit to be hereby known as King Rabbit Bunratheon.
@Stormblessed :/
I mean I guess "character dies in whatever" is less complicated than a theorem, so that's probably it
The random button broken for anyone else xkcd.com?
@Jenayah this question of mine on may 16 also became HNQ within 2 hours scifi.stackexchange.com/q/212581/94909
1:31 PM
@Stormblessed yup
@Termatinator dangit
posted on May 23, 2019 by Jack B Nimble

IMDB’s Description Amidst a territorial gang war in 1997, a sophisticated alien hunter stalks the citizens of Los Angeles and the only man between him and his prey is veteran L.A.P.D. officer, Lieutenant Mike Harrigan. This movie opens with Mike R. Harrigan (Danny Glover) involved in a major shootout with the gangs of LA. From ... Read more

1:50 PM
Q: Could a 19.25mm revolver actually exist?

neoThis is my first post so I'm not sure this is in the right place. It is science fiction and fantasy based. I'm working on writing a story wherein there is a revolver inspired by Guillermo del Toro's Hellboy's samaritan. My question is; can such a gun, as described below, work? Or would it be a b...

@Stormblessed The connection appears to be timing out without a response. Connection opens, remote end hangs, is what it looks like.
2:10 PM
Q: How to "kill" a ghost in Harry Potter universe?

Mor ZamirIs it ever mentioned in the movies or the books whether it is possible to vanquish or get rid of a ghost forever? I am not talking about a ghost somehow moves on by itself, more like an evil ghost being handled by living wizards somehow.

@Marvin Well, they can be Petrified...
2:30 PM
Q: Why does Mjolnir do that with this character in Endgame but not in Age of Ultron?

TinyDoowyIn a scene in Avengers: Age of Ultron, we saw Quicksilver trying to take Mjolnir during its flight and suddenly the hammer fell, taking with it Quicksilver to the ground. But in Avengers: Endgame, Is he worthy? Is it because he didn't really touch the hammer...

Q: Star Trek Voyager Flashback episode timeline question

David HoldenIn Flashback, the Excelsior crew seem to launch their rescue attempt after a few days but in the film the events take place months after the destruction of Praxis.

@Marvin that can safely be deleted; they asked their question on Worldbuilding
@TheLethalCarrot thanks for your advise earlier. I'm still finding my feet on SE as it the 1st time I've been on anything like this.
No worries, takes us all some time to get into it properly
What happened?
@TheLethalCarrot Yeah, I have three deleted quite low-quality off-topic or POB questions from a while back
I started out on the network on SO and got question banned quite quickly
Took sometime but I got out of the ban and then moved on to other areas of the network
Mainly PPCG for a bit and now here
2:40 PM
This is all over my head, I watch films and read comics. What does NHQ mean?
HNQ? Hot network questions
It's the top 100 "hot" questions on the network currently linked in the sidebar
Ha can't even get that right!!
There might be a NHQ but I don't know what it is or means :P
Nation Higher Qualification? Dumbed down way of giving people a 'Higher education' I think.
Well there you go
2:47 PM
Just popped on to say thanks, I await being told I'm wrong/stupid another time. Have a good day everyone.
We're all always awaiting that to happen
3:10 PM
Is that fluffy and daily enough? I'm new to this.
Um wait, that doesn't one-box.
@b_jonas it’s certainly! Very cute.
3:49 PM
Q: Will White Sand ever be released officially as a book?

StormblessedArcanum Unbounded has the prologue from the 1999 version of White Sand. I started White Sand and didn’t really like the comic book form. Does Brandon Sanderson intend to ever publish a canon, full written version of White Sand, or will it only officially ever be in graphic novel form?

4:02 PM
Q: Why did the Dothraki not follow Jon?

BudynIn Game of Thrones season 8 episode 6 Jon kills Daenerys. As we know from previous seasons, if you kill a Khal you become a Khal and Dothraki will treat you as their leader. There was no mention of them after Daenerys dies, so what could happen?

Q: How do they figure out the lineage of people in The Expanse?

WesCharacters seem able to immediately figure out who's from Earth, who's from Mars and who's from the Belt. How can they tell? Surely some Belters have some really picturesque appearance, but not all of them; still, everybody seem to be able to recognize anybody's lineage on first sight. Is that t...

"We're not doing a squeal... for now" sounds about right — TheLethalCarrot 1 min ago
The typo seems almost Freudian...
4:20 PM
Totally on purpose
5:11 PM
Fair enough guess, but it's for Alex to definitively clarify. — elemtilas 3 hours ago
I thought they were talking about another @Alex...
5:23 PM
@Jenayah That could be scary. I mean, sometimes it feels like we can barely cope with the one we've got! :)
5:36 PM
Eh, the bar's set too high. I don't think any other Alex than Alex can top it.
6:28 PM
Q: Avengers Infinity War, extra deaths calculated into the 50% that's killed off?

KasperAfter Thanos' snap at the end of Infinity War we see Nick Fury witnessing a helicopter crashing into a building... At least the pilot on that helicopter is killed from the snap, being part of the 50%. But can we count possible extra deaths such as passengers and/or people inside the building it...

7:07 PM
@Adamant have you read Mistborn: Secret History?
Q: Post-apocalyptic short story: Traveling technician sells nuclear weapon that requires sacrifice of own son to operate

OtisThis is a short story that I read in the mid-to-late 1980s, most probably in a science fiction magazine that was published in the 1960s or 1970s. The story's world is a post-apocalyptic situation, where remnants of civilization survive under the rule of various regional governments, many of whic...

I heard it should be read before The Alloy of Law but Arcanum Unbounded says it’s got minor spoilers for The Bands of Mourning
@Stormblessed yes
That’s cool; iPhones know the word “Hemalurgy” and other ones
Maybe it inferred “Hemalurgist” or maybe it’s programmed in?
@Adamant do you recommend reading it before The Alloy of Law or after The Bands of Mourning?
@Stormblessed After the Bands of Mourning, why not.
7:12 PM
Ok thanks
Just some random person said before
Relevant XKCD
7:28 PM
Q: Are the Iron Islands independent now?

HighCommander4In the Game of Thrones series finale, a council is held where Another question touched on the subject of why the Iron Islands didn't ask for independence as well, and the consensus there seems to be that Yara didn't have the political savvy or the clout to pull that off. However, could an alt...

7:48 PM
Q: Did Jon Snow try to take control of this character?

HighCommander4In the Game of Thrones series finale, after Drogon arrives at the scene, and Jon and Drogon have a bit of a staring contest before Drogon ultimately I can think of a couple of interpretations of what happened here: During this "staring contest", Jon attempted to wield whatever manner of i...

8:29 PM
Star Trek: Picard is looking promising.
8:48 PM
Q: Why is Black Widow's last name "Romanoff" not "Romanova"?

Alex KinmanMy understanding of Russian names is that for women, the names end in "-ova", and for men they end in "-ov" or "-off". But Black Widow's last name if always listed as "Romanoff" - shouldn't it be "Romanova"? They might have gotten it wrong when the character was first created, but they would ha...

Q: Where did the dust go?

ValorumAfter the Snappening Decimation took place, people were turned to dust. Did the Handy Vac and funeral urn industries experience their greatest year ever, or did the dust evaporate into thin air?

9:07 PM
Q: What are these arcade games in *Ghostbusters* 1984?

SeamusthedogDuring the 'We got one' scene in Ghostbusters we see 2 arcade games and a pinball machine but does anyone know what they are?

9:47 PM
Q: star wars and lightsaber details

jimIs much known about how the light sword works? For example details, what powers them, how long to charge up, how long a charge lasts, energy output ….?

@Jenayah I’ll take that as... a compliment?
@Jenayah - I'm primarily concerned with how the site-wide "be nice" policy seems to be getting short shrift regarding this first-time poster. — Gaultheria 9 mins ago
If any Trekkie around want to chime in and/or edit the thing so that it gets reopened... I don't think it's rude to close an unclear question, and I'm willing to think it can be turned into an actual question, but right now... It's just not?
10:12 PM
It's the OP's responsibility to ask a clear question. Fans of the show shouldn't be trying to interpret the OP's question.
The very first comment on that post is a welcome and encouragement to edit the post so I don't see how the "be nice" policy is "getting short shrift" here.
"Be nice" doesn't mean keeping a close-worthy question open just because the OP is a new user.
10:41 PM
Sure, agreed. On the other hand, we've had minor tweaks turn unclear stuff into on-topic stuff without it seemingly going against OP's intent.
As for the two other messages, I agree as well and I don't think we should take special gloves or whatever
And to half-conclude, I'm dropping the comment chain on that question. I think we'd only be going in circles, seeing that
@Jenayah - All I'm saying is that we can be gentler (especially to newcomers) when requesting clarification. Getting the big, colourful "Put on hold" banner right away comes across as a reprimand rather than a friendly request. — Gaultheria 4 mins ago
... so up to OP or a generous soul to edit. Not a huge deal either way. :)
@Jenayah Does the invitation to tell you that you’re not nice apply to others too?
Hello, if I can maybe suggest a 'newcomer 3 strikes' of sorts? This is my first time using something like SE and fumbled my way around (still fumbling) and found some of the "dupe" and "put on hold" a bit harsh for a newbee...
Also why to you put links to questions on here, is it just to bring to everyone's attention?
10:57 PM
Mar 10 at 18:48, by Alex
Mar 6 at 0:42, by Alex
@Stormblessed כדי שיכירו תינוקות וישאלו
@Alex ?
@Seamusthedog you mean links to new questions posted by Marvin, or users dropping comments like I did?
@Jenayah from Marvin, just curious is all
@Jenayah Was supposed to be a reply to Seamus, but phone difficulties messed it up.
@Seamusthedog It creates a record of questions in case they get deleted.
@Seamusthedog It's mainly to have eyeballs in them aye, it's also a way for people to see what's new on the site without having the homepage open. Plus it makes it easier to search for them if they get deleted
@Alex @Jenayah Thanks. Keep on keeping on!
11:04 PM
@Seamusthedog whaddya mean "newcomer 3 strikes"? It's expected users explain in comments why they think the question is close-worthy (and they often do), but closing or not shouldn't depend on user's "age" or rep. The general policy is "vote for the content, not for the user"
@Seamusthedog you're welcome, anytime
(note that any closed question can be reopened if enough reopen votes are closed, and question closed in the last six days automatically get sent to reopen queue when they're edited)
(except when the edit is only a tag edit, I think.)
@Jenayah Five days.
11:30 PM
Q: What does the ending of Monstrous Regiment mean?

Michael StachowskyI didn't fully understand Discworld "Monstrous Regiment". Polly is going back to war, presumably, but then what was the point of the book from Jackrum? If she was just going to blackmail people then she wouldn't have tried to help the new recruits, and Maladicta wouldn't have known about the boo...

Irrelevant xkcd

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