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12:13 AM
I’ve got 666 reputation on Meta...
Hello, Restaurant. I'm back.
@b_jonas hi
Good afternoon
Or maybe night?
Or morning
Or evening
Good very early morning, actually
Night. I arrived in the evening and will have to work tomorrow, which may not have been my brightest decisions.
The vacation was great though.
@b_jonas where’d you go?
Q: Fantasy novel Starts with an assassin getting killed

JordanI read this book back in the 90s but it could have been published earlier. It was a fantasy novel and begins in a city. It think i remember it starts with an assassin killing a few guards and then getting ready to kill a king or duke, but then is killed himself by a witch or female demon with mag...

12:40 AM
@Stormblessed Like this?
Q: Help! I'm being haunted by a non-existent comment

AlexThis is a deleted answer. When I open it it shows me one comment, along with the option to "show 1 more comment": However, when I click on "show 1 more comment" nothing happens. That is to say that no new comments appear, but the "show 1 more comment" link disappears, as it has been "used up":...

Q: Science fiction book about tree people

ChrisI read a science fiction book a while back, and want to read it again! It had something to do with humans that had evolved into bird/lizard-like people that were taller and lived in the trees. Also standard humans that were considered short and strong by the bird people, I think they called the s...

Q: Is the lord of light real?

Alec AAre there any in-universe explanations that could explain the actions actions attributed to the lord of light, other than the idea that he exists and is behind them?

1:07 AM
Q: Why does anyone want this character to be King?

OrnttAt the end of Game of Thrones S08E06, we see that But why does anyone want to vote for him to be King? The world of Game of Thrones has always been a very pragmatic one: those in power take actions to further their own power, not for some idea of a "common good". They are certainly not likely ...

Q: Short story with ship and ancient artifact

I N T E R E S T I N GSomeone receives an artifact which is the model of a ship. He immediately is teleported on top of the ship which becomes life-size and drops in a large ocean. There are two sides in the ocean, one which represents males and one which represents females. I read this maybe 10 years ago, but I thin...

1:26 AM
Q: Why doesn't Dany have bodyguards?

Alec AIs there any reason why she is alone in the throne room? What if someone was waiting to ambush her? It makes no sense.

1:46 AM
Q: In Orphan Black, how is Rachel still standing after so much vodka?

user24353In one episode of ''Orphan Black'''s 5th season, Rachel drinks several glasses of vodka. How is she still standing, let alone walking and talking with no sign of inebriation?

2:25 AM
Q: Why does Henrik Johansson have the man killed?

user24353In Orphan Black, Henrik Johansson orders Mark Rollins to kill Why?

2:37 AM
Why can’t you see deleted stuff on the app? Kinda annoying
Q: When did the Unsullied learn to speak the common tongue?

CharlesWhen Daenerys first acquires the Unsullied none of them knew how to speak the common tongue. This is primarily exampled by Grey Worm having to take many lessons from Missandei (ex. S04E04), as well as Daenerys always speaking valyrian when she address them. (And at no point do we ever hear/see th...

Q: How did D&D-specific fantasy elements end up in Capcom's The King of Dragons?

BuzzThis is a question about the fantasy background of a video game. In the 1990s, Capcom produced a large number of side-scrolling beat-em-up video games. Many of these had science fiction or fantasy themes, and the most elaborate ones were the Dungeons & Dragons games Tower of Doom and Shadow Ove...

3:14 AM
Hopefully everyone's enjoying seeing the question I just featured in the sidebar. (Yeah, I'm confused too.) Anyways, I can't remove the tag so I'm just going to see how long it takes for a mod to notice...
@Laurel wow, that’s funny
That’s a very strange glitch
Q: Why didn't the other kingdoms want to be independent?

Gustavo GabrielIn the last episode of game of thrones, Sansa asks that the North becomes independent and Bran allows it. Seeing this, Why didn't the other rulers ask for the same thing? Especially Dorne and the Iron Islands.

Is "chat" capitalized in the case of this feature of Stack Exchange?
Never been sure
That's my third today, I feel busy
3:38 AM
Q: What was the significance of Daenerys's speech to the Dothraki in S08 E06?

Nog ShineIn S0806 of Game of Thrones, we see Daenerys speaking to the hordes of living Dothraki from a high dais. Are these random words spoken out of blue or do they have any significance?

4:20 AM
Q: Could Daenerys be brought back according to the rules of death?

MuzeDeductively Jon and Deanerys in the Game of Throwns were of the same blood and were able able to ride a dragon. Jon was resurrected by the God of Light and Daenerys invincibility to fire seem to align indirectly. Is it feasible that Daenerys could also be brought back in the same way by Bronn if ...

4:47 AM
Q: YA books about clones escaping from a facility and on the run

3mmeraYA trilogy. The first book has 2 clones living in a very controlled environment but separate from each other. They eventually find out about each other and escape. Vaguely remember that the first book had a title like race against time. Second book title had something to do with the number 2; th...

@Stormblessed I ususally capitalize it.
5:26 AM
Q: New Targaryen Banner?

SailsThe Targaryen banner in S08E06 had a dragon with 4 legs. This is contrary to the official Targaryen sigil. Have we seen seen this banner before? Or is it the first time?

5:38 AM
@Laurel It looks like the question had the tag when it was made community wiki, probably causing some sort of bug with the script that automatically removes it after a bit. So when you edited it, the system suddenly realized that it had the tag, and featured it. Very odd case.
6:06 AM
Q: What is Worf's citizenship?

DrSheldonWorf was born in the Klingon Empire to Klingon parents, orphaned, raised by humans, and became a Starfleet officer. Which citizenship(s) does he hold? Klingon? Federation? Both? Sources, please (not speculation). This answer claims he is (at least) a Klingon citizen because he was born on t...

Q: I'm looking for a book I read in the 90's

Josh DavisI'm looking for a book that I read in the mid 90s. It was about 3 sisters meeting Morgan le fey in modern times and training to be witches. The overall plot assumes the legend if king Arthur was wrong, and Merlin was the evil one. The three sisters all had one unique power to each of them, one of...

6:18 AM
Q: Did the scene in which John pet the Ghost shot after the filming was finished?

MitchEarlier Jon didn't touched his dire wolf Quote from the huffpost: Episode 4 director David Nutter told HuffPost that Jon just gave Ghost a look because the dire wolves are CG creations. “We felt it best to keep it as simple as possible,” said Nutter. “And I think that it played out m...

7:04 AM
Q: Novel about non modular aliens who die young

AdityaIt's been years since I read it. So I'm not sure when the book was published but I read it sometime before 2006. It was a single novel. Not a series. I remember that the protagonists - humans are travelling in space, encounter this planet with aliens. They slowly work with the aliens to learn th...

Q: Arya the Explorer doomed to failure?

SailsThe last time someone seriously considered crossing the Sunset Sea was Elissa Farman. She took a year to build her ultra-ship using gold she got from selling three dragon eggs (absurdly expensive). She had the best crew with her and support from the Hightowers who were the second best sea farin...

7:44 AM
Q: Why did they never point the Borg towards Organia or a Douwd?

Unknown TrekkieIn all their dealings with the Borg, why did they never think of directing them to Organia or in the direction of a Douwd? It would have solved the problem quickly.

8:23 AM
Q: Why do the Bad Girls wear these outfits?

AdamantBefore going out on missions, the Bad Girls dress up in stylish uniforms, do their hair, put on makeup, and so forth. These outfits don't involve masks or anything, and are mostly just nice clothing. But nor are they uniforms for the purposes of identifying the group, which isn't really their goa...

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9:29 AM
@Stormblessed The Netherlands. Amsterdam half of the time and Rotterdam the other half. I enjoyed both the cities themselves, because I'm a city person, and the programs I went to, which include too zoos, three good museums, and a short boat cruise for seeing the docks.
10:01 AM
1 hour later…
11:13 AM
Q: Why didn't Thanos use the Time Stone to stop the Avengers' plan?

Onkar MusaleI am quite confused about Avengers: Endgame. If Doctor Strange was able to watch all possible future combinations of winning, why didn't Thanos use that trick in 2018 after killing 50% of the population. He could have travelled to the future, especially to 2023, and prevented the Avengers to kill...

Greetings, Earthlings.
Q: Democracy in GRRMs world

SeamusthedogGiven that The Six Kingdoms are a democracy (of sorts), is there any history in the GRRM world of any other democracies?

11:38 AM
Greetings, Hubble guy!
Q: Does each incarnation of the Doctor have a different natural lifespan depending on how "old" they look?

Sir SyzygyAs we know the Doctor, regardless of his total age, has the ability to regenerate into the form of a body seemingly older or younger (in terms of physical appearance) than the previous one (Doctors such as the 11th, 10th and 5th started out looking rather "young", while others other incarnations ...

12:12 PM
Q: Why didn't Drogon attack this character after what he did?

defau1tIn the last episode when Jon tries to reason about why Danerys did all that and to no avail at last ended up killings Danerys. At this moment Drogon arrives filled with rage, he goes on burns the iron throne and does nothing to Jon Snow. What did he leave Jon harmless?

Q: Why didn't Vegeta get revived by Yamcha's wish?

joaorodr84In episode 240 of Dragon Ball Z (episode 123 of Dragon Ball Kai), Bulma gathers the Dragon Balls and calls Shenron. She wants to revive the people that Majin Vegeta killed in the World Martial Arts Tournament Stadium. She doesn't know how to phrase the wish and Yamcha does it for her: "Bring...

12:38 PM
Q: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - Cornelius Fudge and Rufus Scrimgeour

Ken_To_2018In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, why didnt Cornelius Fudge, while being the Minister for Magic, do anything to prevent Voldemort's 2nd rise to power? However, why, in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Rufus Scrimgeour do everything in his power to stop Voldemort? What are the...

12:58 PM
Q: Why did everyone think Gohan was dead?

joaorodr84During the Majin Boo Saga, in Dragon Ball Z, the Dragon Team thinks that Gohan is dead, even after they revived all the "good" people that have died that day. If Gohan was really dead, he would have been revived, like Kibito was. In episode 243 of Dragon Ball Z (episode 125 of Dragon Ball Kai),...

1:11 PM
Q: Why didn't Drogon do this?

icemanDrogon almost immediately found out something was wrong with Daenerys. When he discovered she was stabbed by Jon Snow, why didn't he rip Jon Snow to pieces? Or vaporise him? Or better yet slow roast him? Was nephew Jon Snow wearing the thickest plot armour yet?

1:28 PM
Hey, good afternoon
Yeah, probably afternoon/evening for most of you
Yeah, I looked up France then Israel then India time, it seemed close enough
A: How does highlights view work in Chat?

Shadow WizardWhen in doubt, hover! :) In text: Only show starred messages, and messages to the current user So, to make it clear, this should show the following messages: Starred messages Messages directed at you However, testing it now, it appears to show other messages to, i.e. either it ha...

Dang good design made my Meta pointless
I always look for Metas on a feature I don't understand (or yell into Chat)
1 hour later…
2:37 PM
Q: Why doesn't Agents of SHIELD follow the event of Avengers Infinity War?

TinyDoowyAfter watching the first episode of the season 6 of Agents of Shield, there's something not right. Why is everybody still there? Why has half the team not gone or at least have a little clue that they all survive but not half of humanity? Does the series occur in another reality as they trave...

3:36 PM
Q: Star Trek novel where Captain Kirk is bemoaning his biological urges interrupting a dramatic moment

FuzzyBootsEverybody knows that, in fiction, Nobody Poops unless it's being played for humor. I have a vivid memory of reading a Star Trek novel (I'm pretty sure not based off of a TV series episode or one of the movies) where Captain Kirk is executing some important maneuver, a moment of high drama, and he...

Q: Is Guardians of the Galaxy 3 canceled?

Mor ZamirI remember seeing in the MCU's Wikipedia page that there is going to be another Guardians Of The Galaxy movie. Now I see it's gone and the last one there is Spider-Man: Far From Home. Is it canceled? Where is Phase 4?

Q: looking for sf stories about emotions

Karl VeselyI am not looking for a particular story, but I am interested in ways in which emotions and feelings and affects are dealt with in various sf stories. Can you give me examples of some such stories - emotions surpressed by government (eg. script to equilibrium), various scientific experiments with ...

4:36 PM
Q: Is "The Matter of the Seggri" a novelette or a novella?

StandbackI listened to Le Guin's story "The Matter of the Seggri" in the anthology The Found and the Lost, which purports to be a collection of all Le Guin's novellas. However, on Wikipedia and ISFDB award history, it seems to be pegged as a novelette. I know currently, Hugo award categories classify a ...

5:28 PM
Q: Armies in Game of Thrones

StackOneHow does Daenerys' army keep multiplying in size after every battle in game of Thrones? Example: S8E3 Battle with the NightKing - Dothraki 1000s present, Unsullied 1000s S8E3 Last 5 minutes - Dothraki - below 10, Unsullied - below 10 S8E4 Cremation Scene - Dothraki 100s, Unsullied 100s S8E5 K...

5:43 PM
@DavidW Why the close-vote on this? (You're the only close-voter pingable in chat, as well as being the answerer.) Is the story SF/F or not?
Maybe don't answer off-topic questions that you vote to close yourself? ;) — Jenayah 11 hours ago
Thing is, I'm not sure if it's actually off-topic.
At least one of the close-voters says the story is SF.
@Randal'Thor Yes it is. Regretted immediately.
I'm not thinking very clearly today, as evidenced by my examination of the code I wrote this morning. :-(
@DavidW Regretted the answer or the VTC? (You can retract VTCs after casting, if the question hasn't already been closed.)
How do I retract the vote?
5:48 PM
You can't now. Just saying you could have done if you regretted it immediately.
AFAICT, finally doing the minimal research I should have done up front, the story is SF.
@Randal'Thor also, "only one pingable in chat", says a mod with mod powers :P
(Counterintuitively, the way to retract a close vote is by clicking "close" again and then clicking "retract" on the close popup.)
@Jenayah Meh, not really worth a superping. Also one of the voters can't chat, and another one I already pinged in comments.
@Randal'Thor That is good to know. Not that I expect to need it very often. :)
5:52 PM
FWIW: The 'pedia says "The story is set on Seggri, a planet featuring extreme gender segregation. Seggri is also a part of the fictional interplanetary society called the Ekumen; the story belongs to the Hainish Cycle." So the story is definitely on-topic.
@xkcd Is that meant to be funny?
@Randal'Thor It's not even a marginally consistent scaling factor...
@DavidW I may reopenhammer it then. Will just wait a bit first to see if more opinions (or reopen votes) come in.
Q: Captain America vs Deontay Wilder/ Francis Ngannou

geuster264Francis Ngannou has the most powerful punch ever recorded. Deontay Wilder is a knockout machine who is 49-0-1. Could they beat MCU CAP in hand to hand combat one on one ? What about 2 on one ?

Q: What is the status of the TV and movie rights to ASOIAF after end of the original HBO series?

ThePopMachineNow, I'm not a Game of Thrones fan, but a number of facts are floating around the internet which I will outline below as I understand them. (I could dig up more citations, and I would appreciate if someone else did, but I personally can't invest the time right now for facts which don't seem to ...

@Randal'Thor Would it be improper for me to cast a re-open vote for it?
5:55 PM
@DavidW Nothing wrong with the same person voting to close and then to reopen, if you've changed your mind.
@Randal'Thor tsss :P
@Randal'Thor Great, I'll comment, then flag to re-open.
I mean, if this were a movie there'd be no problem with a question about the structure of the movie unrelated to its SF-nal content. ("What actor is this?" "Did X get enough screen time?")
"enough screen time" sounds POB just sayin'
6:15 PM
Q: How are unwanted ships always landing on planets in the Star Wars universe?

Brian RWhile I'm rewatching Clone Wars, there have been multiple times that one of the bad guys slowly parks a ship on a landing platform before starting trouble. I'm not talking about giant armadas - this is often a single ship (for example, Dooku landing on one of the Pike planets in s06e10). Are th...

Q: Did The Doctor ever watch "By the Light of the Asteroid"?

ThunderforgeIn the Tenth Doctor episode Voyage of the Damned, the Doctor meets Morvin and Foon, a couple who won tickets aboard the Starship Titanic. They have this conversation: Morvin: They're just picking on us because we haven't paid. We won our tickets in a competition. Foon: I had to name the ...

6:27 PM
39 mins ago, by DavidW
I'm not thinking very clearly today, as evidenced by my examination of the code I wrote this morning. :-(
@DavidW need some cheering up?
6:52 PM
@Jenayah Awwwwww. Who's a good boy? :)
@Jenayah Daily floof?
@Stormblessed meh... ? :/
Hey @Jenayah, got a minute to help with a quick story-ID mission?
Could you edit this question to include all the new details from this question, and then I'll close and merge the newer one?
It's not trivial because you can't just copy and paste - both of them have details which aren't in the other one.
And I'm too lazy/busy to do the legwork atm :-P
7:06 PM
Q: Is the Unsullied name meant to be ironic? How did it come to be?

CharlesBy definition, sully means to tarnish, stain, blemish, disgrace, dishonor, etc. When Daenerys first inquires about how the Unsullied are trained, the merchant has Missandei explain how every solider is first trained, degraded and punished until they're fully obedient to their master and don't fea...

@Randal'Thor done ;p
@Jenayah There's some additional detail in the comment on the answer to the newer one: the assassin was going to kill his target at a public event.
Also, should we note (from that comment) that it's not Night Angel?
Ugh. Does merging merge comments as well, @Randal'Thor?
Or any mod around.
There, I said "mod". According to Stormblessed's theory, a bunch should pop up in no time :P
@Randal'Thor same asker?
@Marvin speedy
7:21 PM
@Jenayah Pop.
@Stormblessed Yeah.
@Jenayah Yep, it does.
@Jenayah Thank you!
Nice edit description :-P
Was afraid no one would read it :P
7:57 PM
Oh, Sci Fi reminds me. In Amsterdam I looked into a nice book store that has a lot of books in English. It had Pratchett and Sanderson books. I want to read those, but I don't want to buy them in advance. I want a darned library right here.
And if I really like the book, sure, then I'll buy it, but why waste all the storage space by everyone buying books separately? Wouldn't libraries be better?
@Mithrandir So yeah, it's the same feeling.
I mean... makes things much more convenient when you own the book... you can even mark it up, and it's always on hand. Also, how else are authors supposed to make money?
@Mithrandir For some books, sure. But I want to read more than I can have at home.
I already have too many books, and it's too much effort to get rid of them.
Obviously, you need more bookcases, and to double-stack books :P
I don't draw in books anymore though.
There is no such thing as "too many books".
8:02 PM
But it's not just about what I can fit in this home. It's also that I'm almost sure I'll move away from here at some point in my life.
Anyone here on a computer? Could you confirm what the comments pointed out here? I only saw mobile and desktop on mobile, it shouldn't be different on computer but still meta.stackexchange.com/a/328526/398063
I still have many of my books in my parent's house, because I only moved out less than four yeras ago.
(so that I can safely post it as a feature-request)
The banner doesn't have a link in for me.
Looks the same as the one Chris Rudd posted.
8:15 PM
@Jenayah The entire first sentence is missing, not just the link. Confirmed on 2 different sites.
@b_jonas I moved out decades ago, and I still have thousands of books at my parents' house! Obviously I'd love to have them, but just getting them from them to here is such a logistical challenge I've not been able to tackle it. (My excuse was that I was moving around for 10-15 years, and it made sense to store stuff I didn't need at their place. The books just ended up staying there...)
@DavidW indeed. Unusual that mobile web be better than full site for once.
Q: Use the wording and links of "you don't have edit privileges" banner from mobile web in the desktop version

JenayahPrompted by the comments on this answer. On mobile, when I try to edit a post on a site I don't have edit privileges on, I get this banner: You do not have edit privileges. Your edit will be placed in a queue until it is peer reviewed. Or alternatively: You are not logged in. Your edit...

8:56 PM
Since the book was marketed as containing selected novellas, you'd have a fair shot at getting your money back from Amazon ("not as described") but you wouldn't win in a court of law. — Valorum 46 secs ago
9:13 PM
Q: Short story where a grandmother is living backwards through time and a flood

Lucas KernYoung teen has a grandmother who is seen as crazy, she talks to people who aren't there and moves around the house miming different tasks to air. The teen sees her grandma talking about a birthday party and doing something birthday related but specific. Then a few days later its her birthday and...

Heh. Rand removed and added to scifi.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/452/… and now it's featured again! :)
9:33 PM
Q: Why doesn't Euron get angry when Tyrion speaks about Cersei's pregnancy?

Luis MendoIn S07E7 Tyrion finds out Cersei is pregnant, Jaime being the father. Tyrion then leaves King's Landing. In S08E1 Euron wants to sleep with Cersei, but she says that he must wait ("You want a whore, buy one. You want a queen, earn her"). In S08E4 Cersei, having finally slept with Euron, lies to...

10:13 PM
Q: How did Cornelius Evazan get his facial scarring?

vikingsteveFrom the fight in the Mos Eisley Cantina bar we see the bad guy Cornelius Evazan who threatened Luke ("He doesn't like you"...). He also bumps into one of the characters on Jeddha in Rogue One. Do we know how Cornelius Evazan got his facial deformity / scarring? It almost looks like it could b...

2 hours later…
11:52 PM
Q: On Orphan Black, why did Alison and Donnie become drug dealers?

user24353On Orphan Black, did Alison and Donnie have any reason to become dealers in black-market prescription drugs? Were they just being rebellious? Currying favor the make Alison popular (and electable) in Bailey Downs?


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