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1:14 AM
Q: Novel (90s?) about a strange pseudo-eastern City maybe called Qantoom, with weird dehydrated aliens that look like plastic

NnnnHelp, I've been trying to identify this book for ages and Google is not helling. My memory is very hazy but I remember reading this story in the early 00s. From what I remember, it's about a man who travels to new city in a fictionalised country that seemed to resemble somewhere in the Middle Eas...

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4:38 AM
Hey @voldemortswrath--inp.repl.co!
@TheLethalCarrot it should be more then 1 if it's not reversed I feel not sure
5:20 AM
Q: Is the Juggernaut immortal by default?

RusshiroOriginally, I was going to ask "How old is Cain Marco as the Juggernaut?" Then I got to thinking... technically speaking, Cain was always seen as Charles older half/step brother (depending on the version). However, Charles is routinely seen as more aged than Marco, who, without his helmet, is s...

Q: HELP!! Isekai Manga: MC’s level looks low but is high and is abandoned

rat manI read a manga a while back about the MC being reincarnated into another world. He’s born into royalty, and is excited, but when they look at his level they’re in shock. His level looks super low (like level 1 or 2), but his level is actually so high that only the last number is shown (it’s a lev...

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6:20 AM
Is the Hitchhiker’s Guide radio from after Adams died good @DavidW ?
Q: Do we know the history of Bas Lag

dominic fondeI have just finished reading China Miéville's Bas-Lag sequence of novels and am wondering if there are any short stories or interviews with the author where he states definitively what the history of Bas-Lag is? Is it for example an alternate earth? A a colony world after some catastrophic event?...

Keyword is highly NSFW. Please rude-flag.
7:02 AM
Q: Fantastic Beats 2: potential creature crossbreeds

Taylor JefferyJust a food for thought, but what animals could be crossbred to create a Zouwu? Or what two animals does a Zouwu most represent?

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8:59 AM
Q: Did J.K. Rowling know the diary was a horcrux when she wrote about it?

StiAs far as I can tell, Rowling had planned out A LOT of details for the main plot of all 7 Harry Potter books even before publishing the first. Such questions have been asked here before (such as this). But still, I can't help feeling that the plot of horcruxes weren't really thought about until ...

9:25 AM
Q: Story about people going inside other's bodies to cure illness

user3399I've read this story something around 5 years ago, and it seemed to be pretty recent. The story was about a teenager who had the ability to get inside other people's body, to cure them. If I remember correctly, that ability was inherited from his father. When he is inside someone else's body, ...

9:43 AM
@Jenayah I think we should add keywords like that to smokey. @user58 ? (If I'm guessing the handle change correctly).
10:20 AM
in The Screening Room, 2 hours ago, by A J
Me and Jenayah are in starboard.
10:37 AM
10:53 AM
Q: how were miller or Mann able to send information from their planet in interstellar?

Yogesh GuptaWhen Cooper, Brand and Doyle go to Miller's planet, Romilly stays behind to study black hole. After their arrival Romilly says that he tried to send information to prof. Brand but nothing goes out only information(messages) comes in. But they at first decide to go to these three planets(Edmund...

11:34 AM
@Stormblessed Didn't even know about It, I've only listened to the original ones.
12:08 PM
Q: Why do Star Trek Admirals have 5 stars, but collar has 6

Rob BrightTell me why some Admirals of Starfleet have 5 stars on their collar and others with 3 on each side?

@Elfvia Hello friend!
12:26 PM
@SQB thought about it as well, but a quick MetaSmoke search showed it was the only reported post with said keyword
@AnkitSharma lol what? I haven't been there in like, a month
@Jenayah blame Nog he started it :P
@voldemortswrath--inp.repl.co neat profile pic!
12:43 PM
Nov 19 '18 at 17:49, by Alex
Currently we have a tag for "Fantastic Beats" Some of the music-lovers here clearly have too much influence.
Fantastic Beats and Where To Find Them is my new achingly-hip club scene quarterly. Subscribe today! — Paul D. Waite 2 hours ago
@Jenayah Stealing my lines...
12:56 PM
Fantastic Bees and Where to Find Them is my comprehensive guide to bee-keeping.
Also, there's Fantastic Feats and Where to Bind Them, my guide on bookbinding.
@Elfvia Thanks that's very kind! I actually drew it myself!
Not to be confused with Fantastic Feet and Where to Bind Them, a treatise on the ancient Chinese practice of foot-binding.
SQB -- I bet that book is bound perfectly! (Although little Heroes of Olympus tidbit here, Acheolus strongly disagrees!)
What about Fantastic Skeet and Where to Find It, a guide on Olympic shooting sports?
Or Fantastic Skeet and Where to Find Him, a "Where's Wally?"-style book about the highest rep user on StackOverflow.
Ha true
There are so many of 'em!
1:05 PM
Fantastic Finds and Where to Beat Them, an overview of the best boot sales and flea markets in the London Metropolitan Area.
This is amazing, I cannot deny.
To Find Them Fantastic Were Beasts, a love story involving werewolves and other were-animals.
Fantastic Feet and where to Read Them? For the noble art of pedistry (not palmistry!).
Care Bears
I could insert an 'r' into 'Beasts', but that would make for an NSFW book.
This is true, this is true!
PG-13, all!
(or however British ratings work, idk)
1:08 PM
Fantastic Bats and Where to Find Them, of course.
Fantastic Stabs and Where to Find Them, an overview of the human cartoid artery.
Them Find to Where and Beasts Fantastic, stories about magic mirrors!
This is getting out of hand
bye bye friends!
Fantastic Yeasts and Where to Find Them, a reference book for microbiologists.
@Jenayah still, it's one of those keywords that are highly unlikely to ever cause a false positive for Smokey.
1:50 PM
Q: Are there any works in which an elf and a giant have a child?

GogoI wonder what species would come out if an elf (any kind) and a giant would have a child, and what that species would be called. Are there any fantasy stories where this has happened, and if so, which was the first?

2:11 PM
Q: Miniseries in post-rapture US with good/evil conflict

David KI remember seeing this dramatic mini-series in the late '90s-'00s, but it may have been created in the '80s. I believe it was an adaptation from a book by a well-known author. The setting was in the US after some rapture-like event. I don't remember the cause, I just remember that there were a v...

Q: Australian book about an immortal alien/human boy who never ages living in england and then Australia

Louise L.So there was a book I read around the earlier 2000s, and from the writing I think it would have been published around the late 90s to early 00s. I think I read it from around 2006-2010? I remember quite a bit so i'm just going to infodump it here. The book is set in both Australia and England so ...

@SQB true, but probably better to ask in Charcoal
2:41 PM
@AnkitSharma Great job becoming the highest-rep user in M&TV!
www.shouldiblametherepincrease.com www.shouldithanktherepincrease.com
3:06 PM
One of Samuel Liew's very good userscripts is for some reason inverting the background image, and I have literally no clue why
The weird thing is nothing like that happens in other rooms that I've seen
Oh happens in Unix chat
Q: Short Story about a giant bird that comes from another galaxy

AdrianI'm looking for a short story about a giant bird that comes from another galaxy and all the scientists who talk to him commit suicide. I think it was written between the 60s and 70s.

3:38 PM
Q: Why haven't I got additional reputation since the question votes recalc?

James DouglasRecently it was announced that question upvotes are now going to be worth +10 reputation rather than +5. When is this change going to have fully taken effect on this sub-site? Because I've seen loads of people say that they have recieved their additional rep, but I haven't changed yet, and I have...

4:13 PM
Q: When did vampires first come about?

Kyra MillerI am researching a vampire essay thing and I can not find the exact date as to when they were first seen or what the story was that first had vampires in it.

4:23 PM
@Stormblessed that was unexpected for me but thanks 😊
But I am sure Paulie will take back the first place soon 😂
Q: Do these species differ from humans in any other way according to canon?

SvetlanaofVodianovaIn Star Trek canon at least 3 species have a humanoid appearance except for small differences: Barkonian, have a pattern on their forehead Bajoran, have horizontal creases across their noses Kaelon, have dark lines on the sides of their heads In canon, other than appearance do these races dif...

4:54 PM
Q: Which fictional corporation is the most evil and meanest of all?

MouvreProbably everyone knows Umbrella Corp, Oscorp and Weyland-Yutani. All these corporations are driven either by a thirst for power, or by madness. But I wondered if there were fictitious organizations from books or films that committed even more heinous acts. Which of them is the most terrible a...

@TheLethalCarrot You are inarguably correct about "mean" and "evil" but it might be possible to quantify "powerful" depending on the definition picked. (Plus, I figured that as the first response I should try not to be too harsh. :) )
Even then it's going to have to be precisely defined, there's very little chance of it being able to be objectively quantified and even then people will think of things differently making it still opinion based
And apparently I forgot to actually VTC after my comment haha
...And of course, corporations being inherently sociopathic, the fact that corporation X hasn't yet done anything as evil as corporation Y almost definitely comes down to opportunity.
5:09 PM
Why hasn't my reputation increased yet?
It has, your rep pages show +10's for Q upvotes like with the user on meta earlier
Looks like you got roughly 6k actually
Assuming you're asking about the question upvote increase thing of course haha
Q: Arcade Game with network-like enemy

LAKInspired by Searching for video game like Xevious but with more interesting bosses, I'm resuming my search for a video game I played once or twice sometime around 1990, at an arcade in Salisbury Beach, Massachusetts. I made a strong effort to track down this game 10-15 years ago without success....

If there's anyone with Chronicles of Narnia expertise, could they take a look at (spoiler!) literature.stackexchange.com/questions/11985/…
I though I had 96,000 a few days or weeks ago, though.
I took a screenshot of the top users page just before the recalc (sad I know but I was interested to see what happened) and you had 90.8k
A mod should be able to tell you exactly what increase you got as it's stored in a note on your profile
5:24 PM
OK then
@Adamant No, you had just under 96k right after the recalculation on Nov. 13.
Oh, so the recalculation occurred a few days back, not today.
Before that you had a little over 90k.
Yeah, just over a week ago
And that is why Baby Yoda has more than me now...I did not know how that happened.
5:27 PM
This whole thing would have eased confusion if on the recalc each user got a notification with a brief description of what happened linking them to the blog post and including how much change of rep they got
@Adamant Yeah he got somewhere between 40k and 50k increase... took me a while to realise who you was on about, didn't see the name change
@TheLethalCarrot That would have made too much sense.
I know, I know
And it might then accidentally have appeared as something that was actually planned and well-thought-out.
@TheLethalCarrot There was a top-bar notification and even an e-mail. There's only so much you can throw into people's faces to make them care.
Well, it would be nice if the rep adjustment was visible to me, like "you received 1 rep for your adjustment, as pity, because your questions are terrible."
5:32 PM
If only there was some sort of indicator on the top bar to notify you when your reputation increased...
That indicator didn't show me anything when the recalc happened.
It didn't have a line "+1 pity rep"
Of course, since it was implicit.
It did tell me I had received a Yearling badge for 9 sites, but not my actual adjustment total.
Of course it would have had do one for each site.
If you don't care enough about your reputation to have it memorized, what does it matter if you got 2,400 or 2,200 anyway?
true enough.
5:44 PM
Greetings, Earthlings.
Celebrate with us Hubble's 30 incredible years in orbit! If you are an informal education venue in Europe, we can offer you a beautiful, high-quality, large-format print of Hubble’s anniversary image to display at your venue.

The call for applications is open until 15 December. Find out more: https://www.spacetelescope.org/announcements/ann1910/
@Donald.McLean Cool! I'd love my uni to host that! Or any uni in our city, for that matter, but preferably mine. I'll talk to someone tomorrow
It comes with...quite a long tail of extensive PR and organization effort, though.
Still nice idea.
@NapoleonWilson Oh, the people here would sell their mothers for this kind of PR
Sure, but you have to organize it all.
6:11 PM
@NapoleonWilson am easily dismissable one cos it’s used for normal blog posts and podcasts though. I almost dismissed it cos I don’t care about that stuff
@TheLethalCarrot Tough luck then.
Like, what else ought we pester people with? "THIS IS A REAL IMPORTANT ONE NOW!"
My only point is that banner isn’t really a good way of getting important information across because it’s used for nonsense most of the time
It's the first time I ever got a genuine e-mail for crap like that. It doesn't really get newsier than that.
@TheLethalCarrot So I guess you have already voted on this one: meta.stackexchange.com/q/338766/271002
If you don't even read e-mails, only a SWAT team can help you.
6:18 PM
@Loong no but only cos I don’t pay too much attention to main meta, will have a look now though
Every banner that people don't believe to be useful only contributes further to their Banner Blindness and makes your banners less likely to be read in the future. Please please please heed this FR. — scohe001 21 hours ago
That’s what I was trying to say haha
7:15 PM
@NapoleonWilson I definitely didn't get an e-mail about it. (I just checked my trash and spam folders, so it didn't get automatically sorted somewhere.) Maybe SE is pointed at an old e-mail address - I haven't checked yet - but e-mail isn't a guarantee.
@DavidW maybe you discarded email reception in your settings?
@Jenayah Now you're going to make me find my settings and check. :-P
Huh. Yeah. That address hasn't worked for a couple of years.
7:31 PM
Q: Movie where some soldiers go into a bunker in a city because of dangerous conditions outside

mrdnaAs I was a child I saw a few minutes from a sci-fi movie on a video tape of my parents, but it was so horrifying, that I did not watch it. The scene I can remember, that people (maybe soldiers) find a kind of bunker in a city. As far as I can remember the city looked like after a (apocalyptic?) ...

Is this on-topic?
Biggles isn't sci-fi AFAIK.
Admittedly the answer isn't confirmed yet, but the question doesn't describe any sci-fi elements either.
Does say it's sci-fi though.
I figured something that can completely embrittle metal that thick would be non-real-world, so I accepted the sci-fi self identification.
Also "the city looked like after a (apocalyptic?) war."
Then again, there's lotsa fantasy tech in James Bond and that's not on-topic, so it could go either way.
Borderline, sure, but seems to be enough of a doubt to vouch for on-topic
@DavidW Surviving a nuclear explosion in a fridge would also be non-real-world, but, well.
@Jenayah No need to call me sire ;-)
7:36 PM
@Randal'Thor that wasn't supposed to be part of the movie's SFF elements?
Darn, should've waited for the 2-minute window to elapse.
@Jenayah I haven't actually seen it, just heard about that scene.
@Randal'Thor time travel?
Well let's just say it's a SFF element
@Randal'Thor I always figured the Indiana Jones movies qualified as on-topic because fantasy. :)
7:49 PM
Yeah isn’t time travel involved in that movie?
Q: Do Martian Warships have a distinguishable firing order of their weapons?

BingoIn the 1953 movie adaptation of H. G. Wells' The War of the Worlds, Martian manta-ray like war machines use two types of horrific weapons. The first one is a disintegration reddish Heat-Ray fired from a cobra head with a red pulsing eye mounted on a flexible turret. The second one called "skelet...

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8:59 PM
Q: Who commanded the Republic Navy at the beginning of the Clone Wars?

CBredlowSimply put, who commanded the ships at the Battle of Geonosis? Is there a canon mention of Jedi leading the ships, or were there volunteers from member worlds?

9:40 PM
Q: A story about some people having more rationed days awake than others

AlfredI was reminded of this story by a question about "stolen time" that I found by accident on this community. Right now, I tried to find it again, but I failed. Anyway, my question is definitely not a duplicate, because in that case it was "stealing time" (by unit of hours), and in my case it is ab...

10:00 PM
Q: Is it implied that the Joker and The Penguin killed their own henchmen?

SvetlanaofVodianovaIn Batman: The Animated Series episodes The Man Who Killed Batman and The Mechanic, both the villains seem to kill their own henchmen off screen. From The Man Who Killed Batman: The Joker: You know, there's just one thing bothering me about your story, Sidney. No body. No Batus delecti, if y...

10:44 PM
scifi.stackexchange.com/q/223380/85401 I wonder if the manga's writer was inspired by the Y2k rollover bugs.
11:34 PM
Finally got an upvote on this question. And now that its worth 10 points it’s halfway to matching the 10 downvotes.

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