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12:39 AM
@Gallifreyan Cool! I was hoping that someone would be here who could take advantage of that.
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2:47 AM
@voldemortswrath--inp.repl.co :)
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5:10 AM
Q: A book about a girl travel back to Medival time?

someoneuselessI need to find a book that I read in 2006 . The plot I remember : The MC is the girl A landlord's son (or a prince) go to the future. He met the girl and then they live together for 1-2 month. After that he come back. 1-2 month later, the girl go to the Middle Age. She somehow met that guy and ...

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6:40 AM
I don't know any of you guys besides @Randal'Thor. Have I been gone that long?
7:14 AM
@WadCheber I know the last I saw you I was still in Netherlands, so that's at least 15 months
7:32 AM
@WadCheber WhooHoo! @WadCheber is here!
How you doin', man?
Q: What explains this apparent randomness in Vanraj's behavior?

AdamantVanraj is a recurring antagonist on the show. However, it's hard to deduce the motives behind his actions toward the protagonists. We know the following: Vanraj apparently killed Shivani personally. Vanraj, some of his friends, or both, kidnapped Aditi, and held her weeks, at minimum, but did...

Q: What was Aditi's role with the symbol?

AdamantIn the final episode of Anjaan: Special Crimes Unit, Vaidji insists that Aditi needs to hurry and bring Vikrant the fifth symbol so that he has a chance to defeat Vanraj, seemingly implying that it's essential for her to do this. However, when Aditi gets there, the first four symbols are alread...

Ow, damn. He's off again.
Just as I was about to order Gargle Blasters all around.
But @JackBNimble's here! Bartender, a pint of unicorn blood for my friend, please.
7:49 AM
So, uh, wtf happened? A billion mods gone, including the sweetest mod of all, Monica? Is it safe to discuss?
@SQB - horrid year (I had to euthanize Capy), but it can only get better from here on out, right?
@WadCheber oh man, I'm sorry for your loss. That's terrible.
@WadCheber Yeah, it's safe to discuss. Do you need a recap, or are you up to speed?
My impression is that she was fired for using gender neutral pronouns despite it not being against the rules, and despite it being the best option if you don't know how someone self identifies
That's...not what happened.
Ah, I think that @user58 is better equipped to give you a summary, actually.
If they're willing to.
She was forcibly demodded after refusing to use "they" as a singular pronoun and attempting to discuss acceptable ways to get around using it.
SE decided that the attempting to avoid the use of "they" isn't something they wanted in a moderator and removed her.
7:56 AM
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 9 mins ago, by SQB
Regardless what I think about the issue over which Monica was fired, the firing itself was more than clumsy. All procedures were bypassed over an issue that didn't warrant it.
Her removal was then made very public to the moderators, in a marked departure from any previous moderator dismissal.
As a result, other moderators began to step down in solidarity.
The press picked up on the situation, and asked SE for comment.
SE told them, in essence, that Monica was unwilling to use certain pronouns for people.
@user58 - without "they", you're stuck with "it", which is worse.
Or the clumsy and category-ignoring "he/she"
She was perhaps the best service mod
I know her too well to believe she did anything deliberately malicious or hurtful. And se is flirting with religious liberty laws now
@WadCheber I like "they". I disagree with Monica's position on the matter, and made that clear at the time. I do not think that SE's actions in response were at all appropriate, though.
I get why Richard got booted. But Monica few?
They is grammatically incorrect and numerically incorrect if referring to one person.
Monica ffs*
What term did she prefer?
"The dark Lord"?
None. She chose to write around it.
8:05 AM
How is that a bad thing?
Avoid controversy and avoid violating her obviously Jewish faith!
Which is fine, except if you're doing that only with people who use another pronoun than "he" or "she". Which was not what Monica was doing, mind, but this is where the discussion got heated, it seems.
Religion isn't a concern here.
Mos would still be open if we were that delicate
It is to monica
SE was all like "you must use stated pronouns!" and Monica went "but I don't want to use any pronouns."_
Didn't se say that after the fact?
8:07 AM
@WadCheber I used it here referring to @user58 because I'm not sure about their gender nor their pronouns. Is it really that bad?
@SQB She had previously always written around "they", and since she had essentially been told that it wasn't right to do that, she had said that she would simply avoid pronouns altogether. She wanted to know if that was acceptable. Instead of answering, SE booted her.
Not bad, but my niece's date found "they" offensive
@WadCheber I mean it's not relevant to the pronoun discussion. Monica's opposition was grounded in grammar arguments, not religion.
I agree with grammatical problems inherent to pluralizing singulars
And she is a brilliant person
@WadCheber they're entitled to their own opinion and their own pronouns.
8:10 AM
@SQB It's "they" in the first place. :)
Opinion, yes. Forcing poor grammar on innocent people? It's literally worse than hitler
Although I generally don't care. Any of "he", "she", and "they" are fine. Just not "it".
@user58 thanks for letting me know.
@WadCheber WAD! Long time no see!
Can we all just agree on "meatbag" for all mammals?
8:12 AM
I sent you an email a few weeks ago. I miss your wacky presence :-)
Y U get fired. U no use bad grammar
I replied tonight
Capy died in January.
Worst year ever.
@WadCheber Awww shit. So sorry for you and her :'(
5. Years. Old.
user image
R. I. P.
Hey everyone!
8:15 AM
I feel like avoiding ungrammatical pronouns should also avoid conflict.
Q: Did the Crooked Man intend to kill his victim?

AdamantThe Crooked Man killed He claims that he simply couldn't help it, and that he just saw him there while he was trying to kill Charlotte,and that he was being driven by a hunger for powers that overcame his rational thoughts. However, we've seen that his personality is fairly self-serving, and t...

Q: Cant recall and hope to find

GeoffIn school pre 1970 I read a storey of a man who fell down a gyre to an underground city. It was run on electricity. He emerged into the middle of the Spanish civil war after climbing his way out.

My poor baby. Spent her last two months in a cage with an open wound and an e collar
@WadCheber What happened to her?
Mast cell tumor s
Last picture of us
Ah, just found your email now.
8:19 AM
Poor dog..looks cute tho
Last picture of her ever
She died a very happy girl in minimal discomfort and surrounded by all her favorite people. We cremated her with her oldest toy.
@Elfvia - she was the official unofficial dog of our original chat room
@WadCheber okay
Why'd she die?
5 yrs old seems young
You can't imagine how attached Wad was to that beautiful dog.
I can't imagine how you must feel, Wad.
I lost a pet chicken
8:23 AM
We managed to euthanize her at exactly the right time. Another day would have been the beginning of true suffering.
(just realized how funny that sounded)
She wasn't my dog. She was My daughter.
It died last summer from not drinking water
I was so close with her...
Genetically predisposed to mast cell tumours
@WadCheber Small mercies.
8:24 AM
So much love and happiness left the world with her
I'm sorry @Elfvia
@WadCheber :)
I'm still sorry about her
So why'd you get in trouble, Rand?
We burried Snowy (that's her name) and then a fox took her bones and feathers.
The fox only left a piece of her leg out of her 'grave'
@WadCheber Did I?
8:26 AM
The pain doesn't go away. You just learn to live with frequent ugly crying breakdowns
@WadCheber true
@Randal'Thor - meta said so
Capy now resides in an engraved box on a shelf surrounded by her favorite toys.
@Randal'Thor you still a mod..?
@WadCheber wait...in your house?
He's blue
@WadCheber I think you're muddled about who did what. Null, Kevin, and I voluntarily suspended our modding activity for a while.
Kevin and a bunch of other mods from other sites are still not modding, waiting to see if SE sorts out their shit.
8:29 AM
I wouldn't do that because if I passed the shelf I'd be in a breakdown
Null and I decided to go back to it.
Ah. Because of the controversy?
Mods were quitting right and left, and I didn't want to be a scab.
But @Randal'Thor you're stilla mod right?
@Elfvia - it happens, but I got to cuddle her remains on really bad nights when I couldn't shake the impulse to join her
8:31 AM
@WadCheber poor you...
@Elfvia Yes.
I sealed all her other toys in a bin so they'd retain her scent.
That's so sad when you lost a loved pet
@WadCheber yuck...good idea though!
@Randal'Thor great!
(note that I'm not being sarcastic)
She was My child. Ask Rand. For her first three years we were never apart for more than a few hours
She smelled great, actually. Almost like corn chips
@WadCheber yumm..
@WadCheber aww..
8:33 AM
I was always concerned how you would cope when she went.
Just thought you'd have more years together first.
5 years ... shit.
I'm on klonopin now to deal with the panic and crying attacksm
Get a new dog like her?
(like Red Dog)
Me too, @rand. I expected 10-15. But placating cliche about a candle that burns so bright can't last for long.
@WadCheber thought a dog would at least last 10 yrs...?
Disclaimer: not a dog expert
We got two sisters, lab/dachshund mix. One looks like a dachshund, the other looks like a 1 year old Capy. I swear I see my baby looking back at me through those eyes
8:37 AM
I was going to ask, but thought it might be tactless.
If it helps you to cope ...
@Elfvia - Labrador retrievers have more heritable health issues than most, and cancer is a rotten bastard that doesn't always respect age.
@WadCheber ahh, okay
So she had cancer?
I am no longer contemplating suicide at least. I needed a woof under the roof
Very aggressive, quick to metastasize
After the second round of tumors showed up, I had to choose between constant surgery futilely removing each crop for as long as she lasted, or sparing her the ordeal.
How's chthulumike?
Praxis, ixrec, stackings?
Please tell me Mike is hanging in there
8:59 AM
@WadCheber hey o/
Q: Is Jamillah Olsen on "Black Lightning" a reference to Jimmy Olsen?

Donatello SwansinoIn the season three premiere of Black Lightning, the audience is introduced to the character of Jamillah Olsen, a journalist investigating the goings-on of Freeland. I may be grasping at straws here, but was her name/occupation a conscious reference to Jimmy Olsen (Superman's pal)? Both are jour...

Why arrowverse here
@WadCheber so sad :(, she is so cute
Hey bud
@WadCheber so sorry for your loss. Didn't expected to here such a bad news all of sudden
Recently my sister also lost her french mastiff all of sudden so I can understand the pain
Thanks. Worst part is, the last time we saw the doctor he said 2 weeks until she can leave the cage for good, a month till she's back to normal. Two days later it spread to her belly. We got three days to spoil and love her, then the euthanasia
Again, damn.
My sister's dog^
He was healthy, got heart attack and needed a operation but didn't survive the procedure
9:14 AM
Poor pup. So sorry.
I would add a message supporting Monica but I forgot how to change my name
@AnkitSharma damn, that's a big dog.
@WadCheber scifi.stackexchange.com/users/edit/44025
So slyth hasn't been here in over a year? What about steeler?
And ffs is Mike alive? Healthy?
Haven't seen @Slytherincess in quite a while, nor @SteelerSquirrel. @Slytherincess is still active on the site, though not as much.
Q: What does "D.Wiz, X.J. (sorc), S. of Mag. Q." stand for in the Harry Potter: Film Wizardry book?

SlytherincessI received Harry Potter: Film Wizardry (Updated Edition) and the Hogwarts letter seems to be different than in the book and the film, according to how Harry reads it out loud in Sorcerer's Stone. At the bottom of the letter it says: HOGWARTS SCHOOL OF WITCHCRAFT & WIZARDRY Headmaster: Albus Dumb...

That was 7 of Nine June.
9:29 AM
@SQB she had two, one labradour and french mastif. But mastif left us :(
@WadCheber steeler was in screening room yesterday but she comes evry rarely and chat very less
@WadCheber He's alive for sure, doing OK as far as I know. Still got an open GFM for help with his lungs.
I spoke with Praxis in meta comments just a few days ago, but he's mostly inactive now.
Haven't seen Stackings for ages. I think he got fed up with the site.
Ixrec ditto.
Catija is now a CM with two kids.
Btw @WadCheber, last week SE decided to raise question upvote rep to 10 points instead of 5, applied retroactively to all past votes. So your rep here jumped by 12k overnight, thanks to all those LotR questions.
Nice! Too bad my absence knocked me down the charts.
I thought ixrec was a room owner!
He still is, but he hasn't been in here since 2017.
Has shog been recalled to the depths of Hades by his dark overload yet?
Did everyone leave right after me?
@WadCheber I think a lot of people left for HimArm's off-site chat.
9:41 AM
@WadCheber most peopel left after MOSapocolypse
Damn illiterate himarm
I guess mosacolypse did it for me too
It was quiet for a while, but we got a bunch of new users, such as @Jenayah. And perhaps even @TheLethalCarrot is new to you.
Aye, I joined main chat quite late on
Rand, if you have slyth's email, please email me. I had it and deleted it by accident
Welcome, lethal carrot.ci used to be relevant here. Also a troublemaker
I used to be*
@WadCheber So sorry for your loss, we're going through something similar with two of my mum and dads at the moment. Nothing diagnosed yet though so holding out hope
9:47 AM
@WadCheber Arrow up lets you edit your message if you're quick.
Good luck, my friend
Too lazy @SQB
@WadCheber If Rand doesn't, I might. And if you're still an upstart, I have yours as well.
@WadCheber I had an email exchange with her years ago, but I don't think I can find her email address except by trawling through hundreds of emails to find it.
And knowing you both, I'm pretty sure she'd be okay with me giving you hers.
I know her address was related to her screen name
9:48 AM
@TheLethalCarrot Two of your mum and dad's dogs? Or how many parents do you have?
Dogs yeah, I Skooba'd
@WadCheberstandswithMonica I think I may remember it just because it's exactly what one would expect.
(Although they have 6 dogs as of two weeks ago now!)
She would, @sqb. We love each other from afar
@TheLethalCarrot I hope it's not too serious.
9:50 AM
I'm an upstart, a chef, and my mail is hot. With no capitals or spaces.
Still a chef? Everything OK with your work?
On its way. You'll hit yourself over the head.
@Randal'Thor Me too, the first is an old boy and he's always been "my dog". His skin has come out with lots of patches, the vets say it's either due to stress or cancer. As the new dog only just arrived we're hoping the former but it still doesn't look good :/
@WadCheberstandswithMonica hi. Welcome back
My 40 year old body is giving out, but I love my job
9:52 AM
Actually an official sous chef now. Big step up
@WadCheberstandswithMonica 40? You don't look a day over 30 in that picture of you with Capy.
@WadCheberstandswithMonica wow, congratulations!
I have good genes
@WadCheberstandswithMonica Congrats!
@WadCheberstandswithMonica And good jeans.
@Randal'Thor That's how I misheard the song "Country in my Genes".
10:00 AM
Much obliged, @SQB
@WadCheberstandswithMonica New one?
Face is coloured like a Lab and shaped like a Dachshund.
I'm still trying to work out how a lab/dachshund mix would work in the first place... trapped on the stairs?
Yeah, they both have the color, Dahlia has the proportions
10:04 AM
Delia and Dahlia?
That doesn't sound confusing at all :-P
You have no idea how many times the innocent one gets accidentally scolded
@WadCheberstandswithMonica :-D
10:06 AM
My mum and dad have 2 Wire Haired Vizslas that look near identical so they're always getting blamed for the others wrongdoing haha
@WadCheberstandswithMonica Postman?
Oh they are cute :)
See the difference? Delia is further from the camera
@WadCheberstandswithMonica Also, a 4x4x4 Rubik's cube? Nice.
@WadCheberstandswithMonica Yeah, I thought so. Delia is taller.
Lots of iamges and message and MOS TRATEOU looks alive
10:07 AM
@Randal'Thor - waiting for mom to come home
I credit @WadCheberstandswithMonica
@AnkitSharma Welcome back Wad.
Where is the Taco party?
Paco Tarty will bring it.
@WadCheberstandswithMonica also this is the last we got from steeler
in The Screening Room, yesterday, by steelersquirrel
But she is being slacker lately
I heard job change need to be blamed
10:10 AM
Thank you all. I really missed you. Now I'm off for the winter
@WadCheberstandswithMonica or better you can sneak-in in winters too. Blankets and heater helps
@WadCheberstandswithMonica I missed you too!
Reading back on some old Mos transcripts made me all nostalgic for the Wad goofery.

Wad Cheber Argues ... A Lot

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@AnkitSharma - restaurant in a golf club. No business to be had.
@AnkitSharma you need to mod-ping her in here.
I just realized I have her phone #
10:13 AM
@SQB Ankit's not a mod any more.
@WadCheberstandswithMonica Reminds me of a character in a Dutch SF book.
@Randal'Thor meant the message for you, screwed up.
@Randal'Thor - the goofiness was a step down from room destroyer
I'm not very well versed in Dutch sci fi
@WadCheberstandswithMonica We talked about you recently. She said she didn't want to call you and bother you (or cause problems with your girlfriend) but she might send you a text. Give her a call :-)
No, and I don't think it has ever been translated into English. Too bad, since it's rather good. It's "De Wereld Gaat Aan Vlijt Ten Onder" by Max Dendermonde.
Plus side to this year: caught 5 chadpoles in a puddle with a frog presumably dead of chytrid fungus. Caught them, treated them, fattened them up to grow legs and lose hills, then released them in a closed pond
@Randal'Thor ' will do
10:18 AM
Are "chadpoles" Chad's tadpoles?
@WadCheberstandswithMonica My wife would hate that, she's scared of frogs
Fatty Pneumonia, baby legs, regular legs, Froggo, and Frank
They had tadpoles where she works in a tank to raise them to frogs, worst few works of her working there I think
@WadCheberstandswithMonica rofl
10:20 AM
@SQB doesn't matter. First I am not mod, second she will miss it most probably
@TheLethalCarrot She works in a tank? TIL your wife is in the army.
No more like a display tank, think the Collector from the MCU
Plus aquarium plus filter plus gravel plus foods plus bugs plus meds plus aerators plus basking docks and lights and eater treatment
@WadCheberstandswithMonica Frank-N-Furter?
Frank like in always sunny in Philadelphia because he was tiny
10:24 AM
A propos of nothing, I'm afraid.
Fatty Pneumonia was last to become a frog, and when I released him a huge bullfrog appeared and went to eat him. Had to jump in the water and scare him off
Oh, also bought a lot of algae eating shrimp, snails, and fish
Would have kept one but couldn't afford the 100 gallon half aquarium half terrarium he'd need
But I found this online:
Shockingly, a complete set is fairly expensive
Next year my catch goes into the garden pond to grow up and eat mosquitoes
With pretty gold mystery snails to eat algae
10:44 AM
I have to work in 6 hours so say hi to everyone worth a hi
What formula to use to calculate worth o.O
11:09 AM
@WadCheberstandswithMonica have a good one!
11:39 AM
Q: Science fiction novel about two girls raised with dolphins

wonderingRead in late 1960's, early 1970's. Fiction about 2 teenage girls raised with dolphins who could breathe under water. Brother (or uncle/guardian) brought them on land, to teach about being human.

2 hours later…
1:21 PM
Q: Where does this sailor beside Bender come from?

John SmithIn school we were interpreting a painting from Slovak artist Erik Šille called Wave (Vlna). He used a lot of pop-culture references, but we didn't recognize this little sailor. Is he from a cartoon or a commercial?

@Donald.McLean I'll talk to our department head on Monday, hopefully they'll agree and we can pull this off.
Although it says "informal"? How about a formal education venue (e.g. a uni)?
2 hours later…
3:23 PM
Q: How did Bartleyby/Loki recognize Rufus?

ShadeIn Dogma, when Rufus enters the carriage, Bartleyby recognizes him instantely. Now, Bartleyby and Loki were sent to Wisconsin when he convinced Loki to quit: Metatron : So once he's done with the firstborn, Loki takes his friend Bartleby out for a post-slaug...

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5:02 PM
5:19 PM
@xkcd Oh hey, it's the Bullingdon Club.
5:29 PM
@WadCheberstandswithMonica Who knows who's worth saying hi to? Sorry about Capy. Dahlia looks adorable - be sure to carry her down stairs.
@CarpeCM hi
@Loong Hello Loong.
6:06 PM
Q: Story about a theme park that can kill you

PostlagerkarteI am looking for a sci-fiction short story I saw on TV in 90s: It is about a theme park. Every ride / food / attraction is free. However, you got to get some "ticket" before allowed to use any of the stuff. Getting the "tickets" has a certain probability that you are killed. The story is about a...

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7:48 PM
Q: TV Series (I think) about wireless internet implants gone deadly

FuzzyBootsI was reading another story-identification question, when this suddenly popped into my head. I'm pretty sure it was a TV series that I saw being advertised about six years ago. The basic premise was that there was an implant that gave you a wireless Internet connection in your brain. I don't thin...

8:08 PM
Q: Why wasn't Vaders armour made of Beskar?

ShadeAs we see in Mandalorian, the Empire had quite the reserve of Beskar: A random imperial bureaucrat (as it seems at the moment) has enough of it for the Mandalorian to create a whole armour. It would've been easy for Vader to get enough to make his armour of it. Why did Vader instead use Durast...

8:49 PM
Q: Professor Quirrell chokes Harry Potter but doesn't have a reaction

Brandi McclerkinWhy can professor Quirrell choke Harry Potter while fighting for the sorcerer's stone but doesnt react and turn to dust till Harry touches him in return by prying off his hand? In the movie Quirrell is able to attack Harry and choke him. Harry is reaching for the stone and then suddenly trys to p...

9:05 PM
@DavidW FYI, barely related short answer + link to current question was pointed out to be a troll by a mod:
Nov 12 at 21:11, by Null
That account belongs to a troll and has been destroyed. If you see a comment which links to the same question it's posted on please flag for a moderator.
Q: How does the Mandalorian eat?

Abubakar SiddiqueIn Chapter 3 of The Mandalorian before his new armor is built, it is said that the Mandalorian never removes his helmet. In this case, how does the Mandalorian eat?

9:30 PM
Q: What is the nature of the Tatooine's eclipse?

BingoAt the beginning of his revised fourth draft of Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope, George Lucas narrates that the planet Tatooine emerged from a total eclipse. The awesome yellow planet of Tatooine emerges from a total eclipse, her two moons glowing against the darkness. I ask if there is ...

10:12 PM
@Jenayah Ah. Oops, sorry, I missed that.
I don't get it, but I'll watch out for it.
@DavidW no worries
@DavidW well not only it's a troll wasting people's time, they're also tying to leave rude/iffy usernames all around
Ah, I don't think I was paying attention to the username.
I don't get the endless insistence on finding putative connections between 2 random works. Maybe Lucas didn't get the inspiration for Coruscant from Foundation, maybe he got it from Bill, the Galactic Hero. What difference does it make?
10:51 PM
Q: Kids'/Young Adult Book - TV set that shows tomorrow's news

JohnnyTrying to remember the title of a popular kids'/young adult book from the '70s - it had a Motorola television set that showed tomorrow's news. Kind of like shows like "Early Edition," where the guy gets tomorrow's newspaper each day.

Q: Did the Jedi highly regulate cortosis like kyber?

CBredlowIn the new canon, was cortosis heavily controlled by the Jedi, like it was in Legends? I've only seen it mentioned once in canon, and the mine where it was found was immediately destroyed. Was this the only source in canon, or was there more and it was kept hidden by the Jedi?

11:08 PM
@TheLethalCarrot Just because you're pingable... Why is scifi.stackexchange.com/a/223470/101407 so much worse than scifi.stackexchange.com/a/197341/101407 or scifi.stackexchange.com/a/92497/101407 that it alone needs to be deleted? The one about "Bail" is way less useful than trying to draw an actual parallel between thematic elements...
@DavidW the three of those are NAAs. I'm guessing the newest one was sent to LQP from review, but the previous ones weren't, were badly reviewed and just plain forgotten in the uncharted land of two scrolls down required.
In any case the others should pop up in LQP, I flagged both as NAAs.
I'm guessing it's possible not everyone goes to review the whole thread
Yeah it popped up in review, on phone so haven’t looked at the whole Q/A there
@Jenayah Aha, that makes sense. Thanks for the explanation. :)
11:33 PM
@WadCheberstandswithMonica mike is alive, he got his lung replacement and occasionally on slack. Slytherincess is also occasionally on Slack.
Major stackings quit a long time ago

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