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12:54 AM
Hm, my first answer in a month and a half.
Probably my longest streak.
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2:03 AM
@Alex Congrats!
Thank you.
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6:30 AM
Q: What stops lightsabers from becoming super long?

MöozWhat stops the energy produced at the hilt of the Lightsabers from extending ridiculously far? The Lightsabers are generally sword length (or spear length for Darth Maul), so what keeps them that way?

6:51 AM
Q: Book read in the eighties, Israel gets A-bombed and refugees come to UK

DannyMcGI can't remember much of the plot, there was mass migration to the UK.... I'm not sure if there WAS a nuke explosion or if there was proof that there was a weapon ready to explode and thus the Jewish people had to flee. IIRC the action kept switching between desperate scenes in Israel and the on...

7:39 AM
@voldemortswrath--inp.repl.co Agent P
@SQB I love that question and ofcourse the answer of the God
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8:59 AM
Q: Am I allowed to answer my question and 2 days later accept it if I received some (minimal) help from someone else?

AlfredIn this thread 90’s or older story about photographs that show the future I explained my reasoning to help others to find the answer to my "story-identification" question: there was a phrase (namely : "not as bland as it sounds") which I thought was in the text of the story I was looking for. B...

9:13 AM
Q: Why does Colin Baker, the Sixth Doctor, want to praise Jodie Whitaker, the Thirteenth, so much?

Prince James of WakandaWhy does Colin Baker, the Sixth Doctor, want to praise Jodie Whitaker, the Thirteenth, so much, Six literally strangles a woman straight after he regenerates. Yet he goes on to say this: Reaction among former Doctor Who actors was positive. Colin Baker, who portrayed the Sixth Doctor, quot...

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10:14 AM
Q: Try to find a movie, but remember only one small scene

mrdnaAs I was a child I saw a few minutes from a sci-fi movie on a video tape of my parents, but it was so horrifying, that I did not watch it. Now I am curios and try to find it. The scene I can remember, that people (maybe solders) find a kind of bunker in a city. As far as I can remember the city ...

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11:36 AM
Q: What Duck comic artists are officially canon?

TheAsh says Reinstate MonicaCarl Barks created the Duckverse. Don Rosa created "The Life and Time of Uncle Scrooge". Generally, all comics by those two artists are considered canon. Apart from those two artists, which other artists (or stories) are considered Duck canon?

12:17 PM
Q: Where does Thor get his hammer when he's not using it?

ElfviaDoes anyone know where Thor gets his hammer when he's not using it? The sky? A storage place in Asgard?

Q: Who created the Library?

Richard CHas it ever been explained in the books, TV or any other cannon material as to who created the Library and who the first Librarian was?

12:37 PM
Q: if the purpose of the Library is to gather knowledge why did they want to control magic?

Richard CAt the end of season 3 in the Magicians the Library takes control of the source of magic. During season 4 we see that the Library is rationing magic throughout the world and controlling how much people can have and midway through Season 4 Everett Ross says the purpose of the library is to "P...

1:23 PM
Finally, asking the right questions
> "I'm altering the film. Pray I don't alter it any further."
2:19 PM
Q: What is the meaning behind 'The Witness' from Love, Death and Robots?

Edward ThomasI know that there is no canonical theory behind why 'The Man' and 'The Woman' are eternally chasing each other in The Witness, and the only ones I've heard are that they are both either in hell or purgatory. There must be some reason as to why they are doing this (besides making the plot more in...

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3:20 PM
Q: Book where character is describing aliens, turns out it's a Neanderthal describing humans

Tim__gMy wife remembers reading a book (70's? English language) about a character who is describing the aliens around him, by the end of the book it turns out he's a Neanderthal and the aliens are humans.

3:37 PM
I think someone is unhappy with me
3:47 PM
@Null FWIW I was providing new and extra info, is that not really needed? If not then I won't bother doing so in the future
CC @Randal'Thor ^
@TheLethalCarrot I'm not the one who handled your last flag but the decline message explains why the last flag was unnecessary. We've escalated to the CMs but can't do anything until they respond. They are probably very busy with all the other stuff going on so it will take some time.
@TheLethalCarrot Or maybe 2 people...
@Null Oh that's fine. My point was: is me providing "updates" (for lack of a better word) with extra information, as it becomes available, mainly unnecessary?
I was trying to be helpful when I noticed this fresh batch but if it's not really needed then no point in doing so again
@TheLethalCarrot It's not really necessary if only a day has passed. When the CMs take a look they'll see all the votes and figure out which user(s), if any, are targeting you. The only reason an update might be necessary if a much longer time has passed (like, at least a week) and it starts up again. In that case it's possible the CM saw a few downvotes from the first batch and decided not to act, but might have acted had they seen the second batch of downvotes.
Okay, gotcha
3:57 PM
It's admittedly a little hard for you to guess how long to wait since you can't see our request to the CMs and can't tell if they've responded yet or not, but I'd use a week as a rule of thumb.
Thanks for the info, the stuff about targeted DVs, reversals and escalating to CMs is largely a black box to me
And with all the CoC/Monica stuff going on the CMs will probably take even longer to respond than normal.
And yeah, is a bit annoying that there's not like a staged approach on some flags where you can set as pending and then helpful or something instead of just helpful/declined right away
The CM escalation is pretty similar to raising a flag for a moderator's attention, except it's a flag for a moderator to the CMs. We basically raise a flag and wait for a response, but the response time depends on the CMs. Eventually they respond to us and we can do something, but we don't know how long it will take them to look into it.
@TheLethalCarrot Yeah, it'd be nice if we could provide some sort of status to tell you that your flag is still pending or if you need to re-flag to provide an update.
Or if there was a 3rd option for flags: helpful, declined, or escalated to CMs (then they can set it to helpful or declined later).
4:01 PM
Aye that's a nice interim as well
Yeah, that would work well, too. Probably even better.
Since we're essentially pushing the same flag further up the chain (often with a little extra information from the mod tools).
The initial "pending" option is of course supposed to be, well, it's pending. But it does little to actually say what the status is since it's always pending until handled
It would be nice to have some sort of status indicators but in the vast majority of flags it isn't really needed so I doubt they'd implement something like that
It's actually easier for us to do something if the votes are reverted automatically. Then we see who the voter was for sure, and we can message them if needed. The template message for this includes "the offending votes have been invalidated", so if the algorithm doesn't get 'em we should usually wait for CMs to check before issuing any warnings.
@TheLethalCarrot Yeah, that would be a lot of extra machinery to build in for very little benefit. I still hold out hope for improving the options for comment flags though, at least to match what they've already got for post flags.
I guess we could leave your flag pending until we hear back from the CMs, but that's not ideal either because then it looks to you like no one has looked at the flag.
4:06 PM
@Null And it would raise our average flag handling times by a lot :-P
@Null Yeah that's what I was alluding to above, it gives no information if the flag is being looked at or completely ignored
@Randal'Thor Yeah that would be helpful, as well as stopping mod flags on comments from counting towards auto deletion
@TheLethalCarrot You mean flags cast by mods, or custom mod-attention flags?
The latter
Do those count towards auto deletion? I didn't think they do.
Well, depends which type of auto deletion. If it's a comment with blacklisted words in it, then probably.
I think they do and I thought @user58 had confirmed it in the past as well
4:10 PM
But the "three flags delete a comment" or whatever - I didn't think custom flags counted for that.
I thought they did count on that but I'm only going from what I've heard from other users and some experience
@Marvin Wow, that user doesn't give up. (Also, should I remove that onebox because spoilers?)
@Randal'Thor I removed it because of the tag.
Though it's probably not such a spoiler -- I haven't seen the show but I've heard about that part of the story.
@Randal'Thor I don't think they do, but they do count if it has a blacklisted word
@user58 Yeah, that's what I thought.
4:20 PM
@user58 Ah, I'm probably conflating messages then
Q: A not-too-old, non-Asimov robot story with robots who are not bound by the Three Laws

AlfredThis for a change is a rather recent (less than 30 years old) short story or novelette. Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics are prominent in it, but it was clearly written long after The Good Doctor's demise. In particular, not all robots are built in conformity with the Three Laws. The future it de...

5:02 PM
Q: Novel (YA?) published before 1985, about a young man learning some kind of psychic/magic?

James S.I barely remember this novel that I think I started to read as a child and would like to maybe pick up again. What I remember is this: A young man (or boy?) meets a man (possibly a relative or neighbor?) who tries to teach him psychic powers or magic. The teaching centers primarily around the ...

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6:24 PM
Q: Story from the 1950s/60s/70s featuring a dangerous water creature like a yellow hammerhead

SomethingWickedCan anyone ID a short story (I think) from the 1950s/60s/70s about an expedition to a planet which is mainly water on the surface. One of the human visitors sees, below him in the water, something threatening like a yellow hammerhead shark. Possibly by Ray Bradbury, possibly published in the Go...

1 hour later…
7:25 PM
Q: Do gray aliens exist in Star Trek?

SvetlanaofVodianovaDo gray aliens as reported in alien abduction accounts exist is Star Trek? If so, has it been mentioned in Star Trek canon that these are the same aliens that people have reportedly encountered?

7:39 PM
Yarg. I don't know if I've ever worked so hard on a story-id for a null result. :-P
8:04 PM
@Randal'Thor what’s this about?
Someone apparently desperately doesn't want to believe that "there is another" refers to Leia.
8:30 PM
@DavidW You mean @Null answered it?
@Stormblessed Ah, I was replying to a now-deleted Marvin post.
Same user posted a question in April and another question today both asking whether "There is another" refers to [someone it doesn't refer to].
9:09 PM
Q: Old 1970's movie where these guys were pulling another guy on a homemade sled and he hits a fence

Mr_No_NoI'm trying to figure out what movie is in my head that I remember my parents watching when I was a kid. I was probably around 7 or 8 yrs old at the time and I'm now 50 so it was a LONG time ago. I may be getting 2 different movies mixed up though. Basically (if I remember right) these guys were ...

9:27 PM
According to Google, "the time for Beeland" is apparently whenever you're looking for delicious honey in Spillimacheen, British Columbia or a hexagonal chalet in the Savinja valley in Slovenia.
10:10 PM
Q: A story about activating lumps of clay with parchments

AlfredI don't remember when or where I read this. Not as far back as the 70's-80's, I think, but in the 90's or more recently I don't remember. Probably novella length, or very long novelette, but not a novel. There were two main ideas in this story, both based on ancient thinking. One was that one c...

10:31 PM
Q: A Circus/halloween movie from between 2000 to now

AkzoI'm trying to find a circus movie where people were getting transformed into different creatures for a "show" of the circus; one was transformed into some sort of clown/joker, one as a witch and the last one as a beast/werewolf.

Q: Is there a current issue with reputation points?

Ham SandwichI seem to have gained roughly 6000 reputation points in the last week. That seems implausible, so I assume there's an error. I clicked the reputation tab on my profile page to check, but it only lists how much the reputation changed (and not what it changed to).

Q: Star Wars EU / Legends/ Canon

Gr8ful4gray Will the Whills and the Force Ghost Power of Jedis, bring a change to the Dogmatic views of the Jedi, bring balance to be extremely dark! Going Gray, the balance between black and white is too severe. Opposite of perfect - not perfect. After Rogue One the Whills became Canon, and of course th...

11:32 PM
Q: Searching for video game like Xevious but with more interesting bosses

BuzzI am trying to find an arcade game that I saw in the 1980s that made a strong impression on my with the innovative appearance of its bosses. It was a top-scrolling shoot-'em-up, I saw it somewhere in the range of 1985 to 1989 (most likely in 1986), at Skate Palace in Salem, Oregon. Seen from ...

Q: Do Klingon's have escape pods

MattSimple question as the title suggests, I've been re-watching Enterprise and there are 2 episodes that contradict each other: In season 4 (ep6) one of the augments say: PERSIS: I've disabled the internal sensors. It should be some time before anyone notices one of the escape pods is missing. ...

Q: TV show / Film where a space ship breaks apart in a supernatural way near the end

drucomI am having a super difficult time remembering this. I believe it was a TV show but it might have been a film (about 95% sure it was a TV show). I believe the premise was that some planet had an area that had a lot of funky, strange things going on, ships being lost inside it, etc. I think near t...


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