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12:03 AM
@Stormblessed that's not a mod flag.
12:19 AM
@Jenayah well I’d already done it (and flagged RA)
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2:20 AM
Q: 90s anime - A girl fights a demon, who she eventually marries

AmyI'm looking for a possible 90s anime that my mum spoke about. The things she remembers are brief, but all she can remember is that this girl/woman sets out to protect two people from a demon dude. Then she said she remembered the last part: She eventually finds them and battles the demon is w...

Q: Why didn’t they activate the distress beacon earlier?

Vogon PoetWhen the Louis & Clark got damaged they said no rescue is coming, antenna array is shot. They implied they had no way to call for help. Then they went through all the horrors of the film until Weir went mad. But after the gravity drive went online Miller told Starck to go activate the distress ...

2:40 AM
Q: What was the purpose of the hanging chair?

Vogon PoetThe crew of the Louis & Clark all sat at stations in regular chairs, but Captain Miller had a swinging hanging chair that spun around. Why does his chair hang and swing? I think the Event Horizon also had one of these chairs in the command center.

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4:51 AM
Oh that’s nice
They’re trying to close the CoC FAQ as opinion-based...
5:23 AM
Q: Plot holes in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban?

Jamelah TravisIn “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”, I am confused about the whole ending. Why wouldn’t professor Snape and professor Lupin (the werewolf) tell the ministry the whole story, since they were both there? It makes sense that they don’t believe three kids, but if both professors tell them, ...

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10:04 AM
Q: Why does Thorin tell Bilbo that he has "keen eyes"?

riscos3In the second film why does Thorin think Bilbo has keen eyes? Bilbo finds a mountain sized dwarf carved into a mountain that they are all standing next to and for some reason Thorin thinks it means Bilbo has amazing eyes. Why is this? Are dwarves blind? Why can't any of them see it - seeing as ho...

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11:30 AM
Q: Pronoun trolling - what to do?

einpoklumThis: Does anyone in the MCU share these or other neo-pronouns? is a pronoun trolling post. I know it, you know it. I'm sorry, grimble-gromble know it :-) Anyway, should it just be closed (note: It had already been closed and reopened), or - edited into something useful, e.g.: Are the comi...

12:05 PM
Q: What are the origins of the sword's of Grayskull?

Russ RainfordIn the Masters of the Universe franchise, the Sword of power and Sword of protection are the magical weapons which can channel the Power of Grayskull, the Castle which is the center point for all magic on Eternia, into a hero; the sword of Power turns Prince Adam into He-Man, and the sword of Pro...

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1:58 PM
Is this the place where I can ask for advice on how to make a question better?
oh, I can't embed deleted questions it seems
No they won't onebox once deleted
Yeah, but 10K+ users can see deleted questions, right?
2:00 PM
Yeah, so most of the people here who would be answering can see it anyway.
Fundamentally, what you're trying to ask is "is there an in-universe explanation as to why Superman seems to blithely ignore political borders while performing his role of superhero?" Correct?
Okay, so that aside: I essentially wanted to ask a question about Superman and borders
yeah, something like that
I suspect that the answer to that (in-universe) is simply "because he can."
@DavidW "Because he can and who is going to/would want to stop him anyhow?"
Yeah, I know, but Supes also adheres to "truth, justice and the american way", which to me implies that he'd rather not break the law
or am I misunderstanding those 3 tenets?
I have to honestly admit that 90% of the legal issues for this question collapsed in a steaming pile of question kryptonite after I found out from a different question the UN granted him citizenship of every member nation
Because at that point he is a citizen of every country and AFAIK can't really be prohibited from entering any of them
FWIW if you hadn't had included that in the question and an answer had pointed out the UN angle I bet it'd have gone to the HNQ
But it also wouldn't answer the question you want answering anyway
2:07 PM
@TheLethalCarrot Well, yeah, pretty much that exactly.
@DavidW I always thought Superman doesn't really want to break the law while saving the world, so a legal boundary might limit him
I'd have to do some serious digging, but I thought there were acceptable emergency justifications for crossing a border without authorization.
In an extreme case, no ship is going to get in trouble for crossing a maritime boundary to aid another ship in distress. (At least not as the first vessel on-scene.)
2:29 PM
@TheLethalCarrot It's hard to write a sufficient response in the space of a comment, and the poster might not care. I didn't intend to say that an out-of-universe answer was incorrect, just that in-universe is preferred. Hence, since the question already has several in-universe answers that are better fleshed-out, this answer would not be considered strong or attract many up-votes... But even that isn't a really good or complete explanation, and I need more coffee.
I got where you were coming from, my comment was meant more of an indication to the OP than a reply to you
@TheLethalCarrot Ah, that makes even more sense. See above about coffee. :)
Aye, I'm in need of some more tea myself
I was served a very nice masala chai at the weekend, I may need to try to track some down.
Ah with me it's normal tea or no tea at all
2:41 PM
I don't take sugar, so I find normal tea a bit bland - especially coming at it as a coffee drinker.
I drink both but you see I'm a typical Englishman when it comes to tea
So, brainwashed since birth then? :D
My grandmother tried, but it didn't take. :)
Since birth? Those things start when the British baby's still in the womb ;)
Lol. :)
It's not even brain washing; it's instinct
3:03 PM
Did somebody say tea?
I did, love the stuff
Why doesn’t Meta SE have FP and late answers?
@Jenayah Surely tea is better than snails :-P
Q: Stories For Boys Anthology

deManglerI am looking to identify an anthology. It was a 'Stories for Boys" type book of the kind common for my generation. It would have been published between 1930 and 1960. The main reason for my needing identification was a story in there about a spacecraft encountering a living space serpent made o...

@Randal'Thor Did you know there are places in France where they don't even cook the snails before they serve them?!
3:11 PM
@DavidW really?
Truly. If you're ordering snails in Provence it's a good idea to find out first if they'll be served cooked or not.
That's a big "if".
:D Do you hate travelling in general or just France? :)
I love travelling, and have no problem with France. Just not going to order snails.
Q: Can the warp drive be run in reverse?

PsychonautMost modern motorized vehicles are capable of both forward and reverse motion. In the Star Trek universe, can an unmodified warp drive also be used to move backwards? I realize that pretty much every ship we've seen has its navigational deflector (that is, the force field generator that pushes ...

3:30 PM
@Marvin Why on earth would you want to? What would you possibly gain? We've seen ships pull a 180 in seconds...
3:47 PM
Q: What is the function of Daniels' ribbed suit?

Vogon PoetIn several episodes, such as ENT: "Azati Prime", Agent Daniels is wearing a ribbed suit that reminds me of the Dune stillsuits designed for cooling. It also has no rank or affiliation marks. What is this suit's function? It looks very uncomfortable.

4:43 PM
@DavidW I call a lot of doubt on that one. They can be served without sauce, they can have been cooked while already dead, but I don't know of recipes using raw snails. (Especially in the southeast)
If someone serves you raw snails it's rather a health hazard...
Q: How many Gelflings are there in the Age of Resistance?

m1pingHow big is the Gelfling population during the events of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance? Is there a breakdown by clan? Looking for answers from the creators of the show or from the supplemental books, comics etc.

Q: About a boy and a girl? A girl I think likes the boy who turned or turning into a dove/pigeon

Purplesta CraphyI watched this when I was little, I don't remember it clearly, I really dont know how the movie goes until now but it somehow...touched my heart...I wanted to find this movie, Maybe it's an anime. I dont know but I remember some of the part that...The boy indeed turned into a dove or something t...

@Jenayah We were most definitely served raw snails (with butter) one evening in Saint-Remy-en-Provence.
How do you know they were raw?
Ooooh, Saint-Rémy, did you go to the Baux-de-Provence castle? 😃
The castle is amazing
5:00 PM
I admit I can't guarantee the were raw, but they didn't look like any cooked snails I've ever been served. You know how (in general) raw flesh is somewhat translucent, but cooked is opaque?
It's possible that they accidentally got delivered to us instead of being put in the oven, but the waiter looked at us like we were Americans when we asked for them to be cooked.
@DavidW I know, and now you've put me in the mood for a carpaccio :p
@DavidW mmmmh... Did you ask in French or English? Maybe something got lost in translation
Les Baux? Yeah, definitely. Very pretty.
I'm a sucker for ancient buildings. Made a point of visiting Pont du Gard too.
Can't be disappointed by Provence then, with all the stuff left by the Romans
Wow, Carrières de Lumières is still there? That's not something I would have expected to last 20 years. Interesting, and I'm not sorry to have seen it, but it was mostly the novelty value.
No, definitely not.
@Jenayah Well, then you've got dinner sorted. :)
That would imply me going to the butcher's first, and I'm too far in the commute for that
5:08 PM
@Jenayah French. Not perfect French, but serviceable. But you also never really know when you're going to stumble over some regionalism.
Unknown idioms in Provence? Oh peuchère, never :)
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6:28 PM
Q: Science Fiction Short Story Regarding First Contact with Alien Race that Values Emotions

HenriI'm trying to find a short story published a few years ago that told about a first contact mission a woman who is part of a crew that travels to the aliens' home planet. This woman is convinced that she will be able to communicate well with the aliens, especially since she has been studying their...

Q: Looking for an author's anthology of short surreal/absurdist fiction (80s-90s)

ZubieSummary: Anthology with short story about afterlife being a giant movie theater. I am looking for a collection of short stories of a particular author. It was published in hardcover, and I picked up at a Barnes and Noble sometime in the late 80s or early 90s. The cover artwork was dark and shado...

7:09 PM
Q: How did Picard's away team transport so far in First Contact and not be detected by the Vulcans?

Vogon PoetThe Enterprise E transporter has a range of 40,000 km, yet Picard's team beamed up at least 360,000 km from Earth to Enterprise hiding near the moon, and the Vulcan sensors never detected the transport (AFAIK). PICARD: Picard to Enterprise. Energise (away team beams up) Report. WORF: The ...

7:52 PM
It feels like there have been a lot more low-quality answers than normal today.
8:22 PM
Q: Why does Wonder Woman say "goodbye brother" to Ares?

gsamarasWhen Ares reveals himself to Diana in Wonder Woman, just after she finds out that her sword is powerless against him, he says "Oh my dear child". Then, Diana tells him: Goodbye brother. before she kills him. Why did she say that?

1 hour later…
9:48 PM
@xkcd ?
@DavidW same user posted a bunch
10:17 PM
Q: Is this question too broad? "What are his wedding vows?"

Vogon PoetI'm looking for what The Doctor said for his weddings, some think it's a broad question. For a week now the question seems to be in limbo.

1 hour later…
11:32 PM
Q: Looking for Harry/slash

Serenalooking for few fics. 1-Its a harry and draco fic. their son comes from the future (I think he appears in Dumbledore's office, I don't really remember) he's trying to prevent Draco from making some kind of a potion that causes the Darkside to win the war (its not an mpreg they used a surrogate.)...


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