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1:09 AM
Q: Does anhyone know the background battle music playing in the sci-fi anime Sekirei?

Russ RainfordFor years now, I've tried checking compilations of the original Sekirei sound track to find it, but no luck. With the talent and minds of the folks here, I thought we might be able to find it out. I've included a short clip of a fight scene where the music starts, here: ...

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2:29 AM
Q: Song refrain in "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince"

wcullenI'm looking for the name of this song from Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. It plays towards the end of the hilarious scene where Ron has eaten the love-potion laced chocolates. The song overlays where Ron returns to sitting on the floor pining to the moon. I believe it is popular song ...

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5:52 AM
Q: Title of short story about an old man turning children into stone on Halloween night

AnthonyI'm hoping someone might know the title to this: I'm looking for a short story, (I think geared towards kids, because that's the age range when I first read it, around 1995-1996) of the horror genre, in which a group of kids on Halloween night go to prank this old man's house, only to find that...

6:13 AM
Q: What is the extent of Aditi and Vikrant's jurisdiction?

AdamantOn Anjaan: Special Crimes Unit, Vikrant and Aditi work for the Mumbai police, at least according to what Vikrant frequently declares. Yet we've seen them take supernatural cases in Uttarakhand, 1700 kilometers northeast from Mumbai; and Goa, 500 km in the other direction. Probably Bangalore too....

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12:15 PM
Q: Where is the deflector array?

Vogon PoetIn Star Trek: First Contact, the Phoenix reaches a speed of about 47,000,000 mph. When the ship is seen from the enterprise, it has no deflector array. In fact, shields are never even mentioned at any time in the movie. Eventually, the Phoenix does go to warp, however we don’t see the front of t...

"Shields? Who needs shields.... oh."
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1:35 PM
Q: Does the Beyonder know about the Beyonder race? If not, why?

SamalotNoticed it wasn’t answered in my other Beyonder related question. Self explanatory.

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4:56 PM
Q: How did the T-850 still function after it removed its second battery?

user76329In T-3, the T-850 removes its backup battery and shoves it in the T-X’s mouth. It then says “You’re terminated” while still holding on to the T-X’s wires. How did the 850 keep functioning for so long after it’s second battery is removed? Do they have a third battery?

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6:37 PM
Q: help me find a fanfic, please

aurora rosierI'm looking for a fanfic where Dumbledore decided to send Harry 'live' with Snape after the events of the third or fourth book (if I'm not mistaken, the fourth) At first Snape continues to see Harry as a child who has grown up being spoiled and worshiped all his life, but over time he realizes t...

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8:06 PM
@Marvin We don't have a tag?
8:33 PM
@Jenayah If you’re still up for this, I just got number 75.
And, hello. It’s been a while.
9:08 PM
@Alex lol
9:29 PM
@Alex congrats!
Eh. Always up, just that my weekdays have less room for it nowadays... And some goes for weekends :)
Well if I recall correctly, you still owe me a chess rematch from a while back.
A: Where is the deflector array on the Phoenix?

user122608Lol u gotta to go speeeed and the dust go pew pew then ship go broken. Yee thas abt it lol. Cya noobs

NaA to delete
10:09 PM
@Alex that's possible
@Stormblessed I hesitated to flag as RA on top of that... Anyway
Q: Why/how does Luke happen to land on Degobah so close to Yoda's home?

Scott MitchellIn The Empire Strikes Back, Luke Skywalker travels to Degobah and receives training from Yoda. But how does he know where on Degobah Yoda resides? Per Wookiepedia, Degobah is 14,410 kilometers in diameter, making it slightly larger than Earth. In the scene where Luke reaches Degobah, he says to ...

10:37 PM
@Jenayah I flagged ra
Q: What is the appropriate government agency to which I can report foreign influence in the domestic US process?

grovkinAs many of you are well-aware, the subject of foreign influence in the domestic US process has become a subject of great concern. Which investigative body should I inform of this clear attempt to influence the US domestic process by foreign actors? The FBI? What would be the number to call t...

What the heck
Look at the oldest revision
It’s some weird conspiracy theory about big tech and Politics SE, but it got edited by another user and is still open
11:01 PM
@Stormblessed flag for mod attention
11:30 PM
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because seems like a weird attempt to attack this site — Stormblessed 48 mins ago
@user58 what happened to all your accounts on your network profile?

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