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1:30 AM
@Stormblessed It's a Brexit joke. The portal to Narnia (the titular wardrobe) is located in England.
@DavidW oh I thought it meant “Expanded Universe” and was a Star Wars joke :P
Is anything known about the Knights of Ren yet, or is it all super duper vague still?
2:30 AM
@Stormblessed I'm more curious about the Knights of Stimpy.
2:47 AM
Q: Looking for a movie I forgot his name. How can I find the name?

Daniel LipThe movies was back in time in tv. It was by hallmark I think. The movie start when some science man in the basement of his house with his dog and then he send the dog to a parallel universe by using some machine he built the machine is flat on the floor the dog walk on it and then vanish to the...

3:15 AM
Q: Are Neos clones?

Rob StarlingIf a) previous Neos look the same on the screens in the Architect's room, b) "our" Neo looks the same in the Matrix and in Zion, and c) and Zion exists in base-reality, then that means previous Neos were almost certainly biological clones, right?

1 hour later…
4:28 AM
Ugh I'm mad at Apple
Catalina makes a bunch of stuff broken
I think TABS is 32-bit...
4:47 AM
oh it works
5:18 AM
Q: Has any version of Marvel's Black Panther ever been able to actually turn into a Were-Panther form?

Russ RainfordI know I saw this somewhere, possibly in another reality outside of 616.... In that version, T'Challa [the Black Panther] seemed to "shift" into a humanoid panther form, very similar to Wolfbane's "mid way" form. Can someone please point out what version, comic, film or alternate show where thi...

5:34 AM
@xkcd ahahahah
5:48 AM
Do any sites have no moderators now?
6:14 AM
Blender and writing, I think
And a couple only have one mod active
1 hour later…
7:19 AM
Q: Was First Contact Day with First Warp a coincidence?

Vogon PoetThe Vulcan survey ship was passing by Earth on April 5, 2063 and detected a warp signature from Earth. But, there were also two warp signatures from Earth on April 4: The Enterprise E and a Borg sphere. The T'plana-Hath didn’t see those warp signatures, because according to Picard they were “pas...

7:39 AM
Q: Why didn't Men In Black take down Riza and her Fortified Fortress of For Sure Death?

Captain ColdIn Men In Black: International movie, Riza used to run biggest criminal syndicate in the galaxy. She was an illegal arms dealer whose base of operation was Earth. She was also labelled as Merchant of Death. Why didn't Men In Black take her down? She surely had defenses to protect her Fortified F...

Q: What alien species was Riza?

Captain ColdRiza looked human. But, she had 4 arms. What alien species she belonged to?

1 hour later…
9:00 AM
Q: Were ASDs based off Daleks?

Everything is Dr whoIn the call of duty black ops series there are A.G.R also called ASD robots known as Automated Sentry Drones which look like this https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/callofduty/images/5/5d/AGR_Menu_icon_BOII.png/revision/latest?cb=20121209083537 And Daleks look like this https://encrypted-tbn0...

1 hour later…
10:01 AM
Q: Has Superman ever willingly revealed his identity to Lex Luthor?

ShreedharLex Luthor, the arch-nemesis of the Man of Steel has tried to find out the secret identity of Superman several times and was successful quite a few times. For instance, in Superman #2, Lex built a machine that allowed him to find out Superman's secret. But later, he denied it as he couldn't bel...

5 hours later…
2:44 PM
Q: Why did Agent H and Riza break up with each other?

Captain ColdWhen Agent H fell for Riza, he didn't know that she was a criminal and as a matter of fact one of the biggest criminals of the galaxy. Did this fact break this relationship? I am skeptical about this because Agent H had friendship with Riza's guards, but non-criminals can also have guards so this...

Q: This answer is in canon. Please review the “opinion based” decision

Vogon PoetThere is a black-and-white answer somewhere that I am looking for, some think it involves guessing and I don’t see how that could be because a nearly identical event was well documented in canon later in the franchise history. In 1957 Vulcans deliberately came to Earth (not a coincidence) accord...

3:00 PM
Obviously we need a ship ident question to get all the ships that are shown in the rebel fleet in the "final" Star Wars trailer.
3:47 PM
@JackBNimble Obviously if we need a question, commenting on it here doesn't make the question happen... ;-)
4:25 PM
Q: Would Tonks' metamosphic capabilities make her a "natural" animagus?

Russ RainfordIs Tonks ability limited in that she can't transform into a full animal the way other animagi can? If not, what's the difference? Further more, considering both his parents' have transformative capabilities, does that mean Teddy Lupin has a higher chance of inheriting shape-shifting magic?

Q: Is there an extended universe to MTV's "Teen Wolf" series?

Russ RainfordI was wondering if there were any form of extended Universe for Teen Wolf, much the way Buffy, The Vampire slayer and Smallville were continued post-series in Y.A. books, games and comics?

4:45 PM
Q: In Gilligan's island, what exactly was "the Professor" a Proffessor OF?

Russ RainfordThe Pilot episode calls the Professor a "Research Scientist and well known Scout master" [even gives him a name as Roy Hinkly!]... but it never really spoke about his field of study. The Professor showed a unbelievably wide range of knowledge from various field, covering everything from basic p...

5:05 PM
Q: Is Spock a Cyborg?

Vogon PoetIn Star Trek: "Spock's Brain" Spock had his brain removed and Dr. McCoy attached a remote control to him that allowed Spock's body to move and walk around. Does that make Spock a cyborg? Memory Alpha does not list him under their cyborg entry.

Q: In My Favorite Martian, why couldn't Uncle Martin just call for help or a tow?

Russ RainfordThe 1960s TV series My favorite Martian follows the adventures of a centuries old, humanoid Martian traveler who got stranded on earth when his spaceship was damaged. The martian is a historian who has visted Earth many times before, documenting numerous occurrences, and ended up staying with the...

Q: What would be the 1990s equivalent of Wizard's currency to then-U.K. currency?

Russ RainfordFor instance, how many US dollars or Pounds Sterling would one Galleon be worth? Considering they are actual gold they should be fairly expensive, but is there some standardized exchange rate?

Q: Thriller where women are immobilized and suffocated by plaster type of substance

Marcie1970’s or early to mid 80’s thriller i think set in a basement with a man who suffocated his victims with plaster over their bodyies slowly ending with covering their mouth and nose with plaster of some type? . I remember as a small child watching a movie that still haunts me to this day. I want ...

5:27 PM
@Marvin Since when is Gilligan's Island considered SF?! I know "it's a big tent" and we're really lenient about definitions, but really?!
5:43 PM
And Garfield now too?
Q: What is the origin of the gender role-reversed military?

Vogon PoetI'm looking into relatively recent gender-equality tropes such as the ones where a society which has placed women in charge of military combat and men are domestic. This doesn't include Valkyrie or Amazons as they were just supernaturally created that way and really they don't even have men in t...

Q: Moneo’s sudden realization in God Emperor of Dune?

Professor InklingPlease help me figure out what Herbert had in mind in the following passage: “Wolves in the City, m'Lord?” “Predators,” Leto said. “Wolves—to me there is no essential difference.” Moneo gasped. God Emperor of Dune, Page 178 Leto wants to inoculate humans against the disease of complac...

Q: In the 1980s Garfield Cartoon show and classic comic strips, can Jon literally "understand" Garfleid?

Russ RainfordIn the old Garfield cartoons and strips, we [the audience] "hear" and "see" Garfield's thoughts and communications clearly, even though he doesn't move his mouth. This, combined with other animals "speaking" to each other in a similar fashion gives the impression of a type of "telepathic communic...

Q: Can anything be done about the blind question bashing I am getting?

Vogon PoetMany of my questions, no matter how good they are, are getting trounced by a few people who never leave a comment. It tends to be within a couple tags. It took less than 30 minutes for this group to knock my very good question off the Active Question list with 5 downvotes. My question got 30 min...

6:06 PM
Now I feel bad for so much serial down-voting.
The only way to dig myself out of the slump is to down-vote even more questions.
6:23 PM
99% of comment flags I see I put unsure because I have no idea what they are talking about.
@JackBNimble The more sites you're on the more you can downvote without getting banned! :)
@JackBNimble Because they're in Russian?
In soviet Russia, flags ban you!
So...like they do on SE?
@DavidW And you wouldn't want to be russian to judgment, yes.
Oh, ow. <wince/>
How come we've got a ridiculous number of variations on smile emoji, but no wincing emoji or "pained look" emoji?
6:40 PM
@Slartibartfast The one on meta or...?
@DavidW :S
I don't know that one; what's it supposed to be?
a pained look
@DavidW I'm missing head-shaking. And also nervosity.
I used to use :-\ for a half smile, but nobody outside of a few of us at university ever seemed to understand it.
6:42 PM
That's more of a grimace.
@user58 Well, it does look painful, yes. :)
That's totally not a half-smile. It's someone unimpressed or even negatively impressed.
@NapoleonWilson Well, a wry look really.
Maybe that, yes.
6:44 PM
Which kinda matches "unimpressed."
But a half-smile would be like Harrison Ford uses to smile.
Which I tend to employ too.
Oh wow. Nice commit message: "just kill me now"
(Which would be shock.)
Apparently I live in an Ivory Tower that protects me from the vile down-voters that run unchecked throughout this site.
Gotta complain on meta more.
6:46 PM
Harrison Ford's smile tended to make me think of a smirk.
Maybe that's the more appropriate term.
@JackBNimble You're just nimble enough to dodge them.
3 hours later…
9:28 PM
Q: Cartoon: spaceship carrying a life-giving crystal crashes on an ocean world, shadowy evil tries to capture it

ptlg225This is a very old cartoon I had seen in the morning before 2005 as a kid. The point is, I think there is a guy with blond hair and his spaceship crashing onto a waterplanet to the bottom of the sea. There are fish people and all sorts of water creatures, I think also normal people who live in ...

2 hours later…
10:59 PM
Q: Are there any Marvel characters that use neo-pronouns?

VanillaDoughnutsOne of my friends told me that Marvel is very LGBTQIAA+ friendly, but said that there are no characters as of now that use neo-pronouns such as zir/zhey. Are there any Marvel characters, whether in comics or in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that use neo-pronouns?

Definitely trolling, flagged as RA
@DavidW 😕 maybe?
11:29 PM
Q: Short story where algae runs a kind of software simulation of another world where life is evolving?

Rebecca HartsteinI'm looking for a story about an ocean planet where there are huge matts of algae and no other life. The algae appears dumb but on a cellular level it's running a simulation of another world, and life is evolving in the sim. Some of the life seems to be self aware. I hope this is accurate, it's ...


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