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Q: How could the room of requirement create the tunnel to the Hog's Head?

FredWeaslyfanI don't understand how the room created the tunnel for Neville because of several things: The room always came out at a different location, so the tunnel would move every day. Don't you think someone would have noticed a tunnel from, say the fourth floor, going into Hogsmeade? 3.How could the...

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Q: Animated TV series about rich British kid and antagonist with a talking rat

Emmalee Rose Lydia DunbarSo when I was a kid I remember watching an animated tv show about this posh rich British kid who played the violin and lived in like the 17th or 18th century. He wore like the kerchief tie thing and short with the long socks like from the Hamilton musical. The antagonist was like his uncle or ser...

2:52 AM
Q: What common elements of fantasy fiction were invented by J.R.R. Tolkien?

Ken LiuIt's clear that Tolkien invented Hobbits, but many other elements of that are common in fantasy literature such as elves and dwarves were probably taken from folklore. What ideas were invented by Tolkien and what elements already existed in fantasy literature at the time?

3:23 AM
Q: Who is the heaviest superhero in the MCU?

2br-2bIncluding all technology, weapons, etc., which MCU superhero weighs the most (on Earth, just to simplify things)? Is it Iron Man, with his mechanical suit? Is it The Hulk, with all of his muscle mass? Is it Black Panther, with his vibranium suit? (A question about the weight of vibranium can be...

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Q: The 100: In Mount Weather, wouldn't the radiation from nuclear fallout be present in water etc?

DPTSeems like a plot hole. Wouldn't the nuclear war have caused radiation throughout the food and water supply? Living underground hardly helps. It's not like solar radiation is the problem. What am I missing?

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@SQB well I would say the excerpt should include a little bit more infor like year author studio etc.
But to be honest I’d rather have something that’s a bit poor than nothing.
@SQB No; usage guidance is useful even if you think it's obvious. Never underestimate the mistakes people can make.
@Mithrandir so we need to get rid of the "circular definition" close reason for tag excerpts?
I mean, if we agree on this Stack that we don't mind, that's fine with me.
No, that's for stuff like "use this about <tag name>" without being more specific. What tags should you also consider using? What tags shouldn't you use with this tag (like an author tag)? etc
Oh, I agree with that. But some of the tag excerpts were less than that.
The one for isn't even correct.
> For questions about the universe created by H.P. Lovecraft.
No, we have for that.
I've now corrected the former tag.
7:16 AM
@Mithrandir except that there was no guidance and the body was only a mere copy-paste of the excerpt
Q: What happened to Doctor Pym's family?

Pathum LakshanWhat happened to Doctor Pym, his wife and daughter,when scott is about to leave the quantum realm ? Does Thanos responsible for that ?

The body is okay-ish, but the excerpt is just a circular definition.
Which is, by the way, not about the characters but about the show / sub-franchise.
7:31 AM
But you know teach a man to fish... Maybe we can invite them to chat by commenting on a post somewhere?
7:54 AM
Q: Breeding of predalien and predators

Jaroslaw MatlakIn "Alien vs Predator: Requiem" movie the genetic croos of alien and predator - predalien queen, had an ability to fertilize victims, just like facehugger, but with multiple seeds (and straight into uterus, instead of stomach). Knowing, that the genetic cross between alien and human (in "Alien 4...

Q: toadstool people chasing Cinnamon bun in "lady rainicorn of the crystal dimension"

Rigby WilliamsDoes anyone know??? I can't find the answer anywhere for some reason, thanks. who were the toadstool people chasing Cinnamon bun in the adventure time episode "lady rainicorn of the crystal dimension".

@TheLethalCarrot Can you post a link to meta post that came to the conclusion that "here we generally don’t mind them [answers in comments]"? Because it's written in black and white in the rules of SE that answering in comments really isn't OK, for a good number of reasons too long to list in a single comment — Mithrandir24601 yesterday
> too long to list in a single comment
fair enough @Mithrandir24601 - it took me 17 chat messages :P
@Mithrandir Not too bad!
(here if anyone wants to read it)
Is it the same as last time we had this discussion?
@Mithrandir I'd also add that they contribute to an environment where people think that comments are permanent, when they're explicitly designed to be temporary and can be deleted at any point
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Q: which story had the first 'humans are their own greatest enemies'

shirishWhile in movies, 'Terminator' and 'I, Robot' are the stories where man or human is supposed to be the creator of all suffering, wars and the greatest threat not only to themselves but everything around them. Of course,the countless wars about race, class or whatever leads credence to the fact. ...

@Marvin Hmm - I'm guessing the tags automatically imply that it means 'which story within the genre of sci-fi ...'?
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Do we have instances of TV shows based on books, where both the books and the TV show share the same name (so no ASOIAF) and we have separate tags for both?
Works with movies too, when it's not so much of a franchise
(so no HP)
Just to know more or less how I'm going to name a tag
I think so... though we may use [name-date] for one of the tags
What tag?
Got a question about Zoo
And one about the novel, if I don't find the answer myself
I'd imagine zoo-date for the book and zoo for the show but dunno
Yeah name-date was what I was going for for another series (not based on a book but title is generic enough to be mistaken)
Yeah is problem I suppose, zoo-show or zoo-series could help
8:47 AM
@TheLethalCarrot well to be honest take The 100 for instance, the current tag is for the show but there's an eponymous book series too
The books aren't that known though
In Zoo's case neither are known ahah
If there isn't much about them could just 1 tag work?
Technically speaking there's even a graphic novel
Or are they a bit too dissimilar?
The show has nothing to do with the book actually
Ah okay haha
8:49 AM
It basically kept the idea of "woooops, animals are going crazy against us" but that's all
Ah one of those
"Based on the book by ... but not actually at all the same"
Like all those films
The book's got a pseudo-science explanation and the development tackles a human issue of sorts
"Based on a true story"
But not at all similar
(basically a solution is found, but rich people are allowed to tweak it so everyone ends up saying "fuck it" to the solution and everything goes back to hell)
The show is
It's got the crazy critters alright
But the characters aren't the same, backstory is obviously related to shady stuff a big company put in their products, etc, etc
Oh and
Season 3 got freaking HYBRIDS :D
8:52 AM
I love this show actually but it's one of those "kick back, take popcorn, be a little braindead and enjoy" showw
Effects and action and what not?
Well of course it got cancelled, like roughly 60% of the stuff I've watched, but it was fun :p
Everything gets cancelled eventually though
And some things just won't die
cough soap operas cough
Sure but the thing is that they were doing it in dyptics
So weeeellll...
Season 3 ends up with the plane being remotely controlled to crash into the wall and a breach being opened (don't ask), and that's it :/
Yeah, meh
9:17 AM
@TheLethalCarrot your last comment is not on point, the series got cancelled
Writing up an answer
Got deleted :/
The wikipedia article just said planned still when I had a quick google
Another series I liked
Oh crap...
There's an answer for that dammit
Can you watch some terrible shows? Seems you have a knack for getting them cancelled haha
They ended the series with a comic
It's an actual end which picks up after the cliffhanger and answers what the guy asked
That's your fault :D
hangs head in shame
9:23 AM
@TheLethalCarrot yeah it's a running joke I'm often targeted with
Remember the username?
Guy wasn't new IIRC
Maybe we can ping him on another post
Also, coincidence or what? I was going to mention that very comic in my Zoo question
@SQB ^
9:26 AM
@TheLethalCarrot Why?
It'll get roomba'd if it's closed anyway.
See above
Shouldn't be closed, see above
Q: Was Fiona's Prologue reworked into Shrek 4?

Alex DownsFiona's Prologue is an alternate opening for Shrek 1 in which Fiona was born an ogre to the human rulers of Duloc. They locked her in the tower, died and left the kingdom in Farquaad's hands. So the parents dying, leaving the kingdom in the hands of an evil midget and Fiona escaping the tower, d...

10:09 AM
Is undeleted n ow
And updooted
Thanks for the heads-up :)
No worries, I reached out to someone to get it undeleted whilst I thought you were still around
Still can't believe someone asked for that the day I was going to mention it in a Zoo question ahah
If no further research answers it that is
10:25 AM
Coincidink, Me thinks not!
Jenayah has a sock = confirmed
A Sri Lanka sock alright ahah
The lengths some people will go to, to hide their socks is just unbelieveable
Dang I checked the SO profile to see if there was more coincidences but guy is into c# and js apparently
Know nothing of that so far :/
Can't beat a bit of C#
excerpt should mention the comics too, probably. Also, broadcast information is outdated and irrelevant.
10:27 AM
True, give it an edit
Will do.
Should we mention in comments that said edit was done after the guy's question, so that he doesn't get downvotes for no research when it's on the excerpt?
I don't suppose it matters
Or do people just don't care enough for this show, tag wikis and the combination of both
> No one reads tag wikis anyway
10:29 AM
I do :/
Well it's not that long a read though
So do I, you not seen those types of comments posted all over the place?
Most SO tag metas have it
Done. Better?
Since the name is relatively generic, should we rename the tag to ?
@TheLethalCarrot I meant on SFF
SO is another matter
@SQB I'd have gone for revolution-nbc but date works too
Just have to check if there was no other sff work titled Revolution in 2012 ahah
Also, can someone check the tag info for plagiarism from Wikipedia? I'm not sure, but checking from mobile, there are a lot of similarities.
@SQB not a complete copy-paste but yeah... Structure and a rough 80% of it is a ripoff
Did a quick look too
10:44 AM
I didn't like scifi meta footer design but aleast it got one now
10:59 AM
11:53 AM
@Jenayah Too late now but with that SE the Q has been edited to remove the part that the first part of the answer addresses
@TheLethalCarrot I don't understand what you mean?
(There were 2 questions in the question)
Second one removed
The Suggested Edit was removing the part of the answer that addresses the second question
(that is no longer there)
oooh the Star Trek Edit
11:56 AM
I thought you meant the Revolution question
Oh lol
and then I thought you meant the WB one from the other chatroom
and I was very lost
You would be
11:57 AM
hands Jenayah a map
It's not a map of the chatrooms I need, it's one of TLC's reasoning :p
But even then that might not fit on a map ahaha
I don't think putting a carrot through a PET scan would work very well
That depends. Is the PET operator a starving bunny?
depends if your PET is a starving bunny
aye that was the pun :p
12:59 PM
there, Revolution answer edited
1:58 PM
In case it gets deleted before a mod can take a look at it, can scifi.stackexchange.com/a/196006/98028 be turned into a comment? (cc @Randal'Thor)
that's something to raise a mod flag about
It'll still be on even after deletion?
I believe so, yes.
I usually raise mod flags on old posts which don't get much attention anymore
@Mithrandir Though once it's deleted only someone with 10,000 reputation will be able to flag it.
2:02 PM
I modflagged
Null got it
(right as I opened the FP might I add -_-)
lol it's a dupe comment now
Greetings, Earthlings.
@Donald.McLean Greetings, Hubble guy!
I was reading a book out of my TBR pile, and found that I couldn't remember What Had Gone Before, so I had to reread the previous book. Getting old sucks.
2:10 PM
@Donald.McLean You know what they say, that's what's great with memory loss. You always forget what happened before, so you don't dwell on past bad things.
Also, you forget people but keep making new friends!
And, since you always forget what happened before, you don't dwell on past bad things!
Yeah, well in this case, I would like to make an exception. It's a large, complex plot line spanning 28 novels and half a dozen short stories.
Could you remember all of that even if you weren't getting old?
What series, incidentally?
I have a pretty good handle on the more important parts and how they fit together.
Kris Longknife
2:14 PM
Mike Shepherd, born Mike Moscoe, is an American science fiction writer who lives in Vancouver, WA. He was born in August 2, 1947 in Philadelphia to a Navy family and travelled a lot as a child. It was not until high school that he finished a year in the school he started. == Literary career == After a career in government, Shepherd sold his first published writing to the science fiction magazine Analog. It was a short story called "Summer Hopes, Winter Dreams" and appeared in the March 1991 issue.His short story "A Day's Work on the Moon" was nominated for the Nebula Award for Best Novelette in...
Okay people stop with the coincidences will you?!
Galaxy spanning Military Science Fiction.
The question I'm writing has a line about a Shepherd bad guy!
@Jenayah Rule 39
2:17 PM
also this guy has the stupidest death ever written
Though, I have no idea what kind of American TV you've seen, so there's a good chance you never heard of that.
mainly guilty-pleasure TV series which eventually get cancelled :/
Hello, Flashforward
(great book, but the series was... ahahah)
Hello, Zoo
I think NCIS is still really popular and it's in season 12 or something like that.
Hello, Revolution
@Donald.McLean ah no, I don't watch police flicks stuff
That's what I expect to happen to Manifest, but we'll see.
2:20 PM
not my jam, I'm mainly into cheap, braindead SF when it comes to American TV shows
Doesn't apply for Marvel superhero shows.
@Jenayah My wife is a mundane, so we watch some non-SFF stuff.
Applies to eleven for DC supehero shows, applies so much that I've dropped them actually
Oh wait no, I did watch a non-SFF series recently!
^ That was actually pretty awesome!
But you know, I watched it. So, it got cancelled. :/
@Jenayah Have you recently started watching Supernatural?
@Donald.McLean nah
Planned to some time ago
I was like "okay, 12 seasons? Meh even if it gets cancelled I'll live"
Then I realized
Also, please do not watch Stranger Things for at least a couple more years.
2:24 PM
"Wait, 12 seasons? This thing must be going back in circles. Yeah, later."
@Donald.McLean It's on the list, so you'll have to give me stuff to put on the list before ST :p
The Stranger Things writers seemed fairly confident that they wouldn't do more than 4 or 5 seasons, so that's probably moot
@Jenayah Yeah. Some shows get cancelled too early, and some get cancelled to late. It's hard to find the right balance, since while your show is still good, people will buy the next episode, so it would be profitable to make it, thus if a show doesn't get cancelled very early, there's a financial incentive to cancel it too late.
You could argue that that happens with book series too.
A way to avoid that is to have good writers who can write a final season that very clearly seem final, but at the same time is a good one.
@b_jonas Anita Blake
So that people who watch it enjoy it, but know that they shouldn't watch the next season.
Funny enough, the only stuff I watch which does not get cancelled is Rooster Teeth web shows.
2:28 PM
But the problem is that TV shows are made so much in advance that when they make a season, it's often hard to predict the opinion of the people who watch it.
And thank heavens, because the day Red vs Blue ends, I'm going to take one big punch to the guts.
So you might do a non-final season and then find that the people watching no longer like your show and won't watch the next one; or you could do a season that seems final, but the fans want three more seasons.
@Donald.McLean I don't know who that is. Most people claim that Dune has too many books, even though it's hard to agree on which book is the last good one.
Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter is a series of urban fantasy novels, short stories, and comic books by Laurell K. Hamilton. The books have sold more than six million copies; many have made The New York Times Best Seller list.The series is narrated in the first person by Anita Blake, who works in St. Louis, Missouri, as a professional zombie raiser, vampire executioner and supernatural consultant for the police. The early novels focus predominantly on crime-solving and action; the later ones on Anita's personal and sexual relationships and powers. == Series synopsis == The series takes place ...
However, when it comes to ridiculously long book series, Perry Rhodan still wins.
Perry Rhodan is the eponymous hero of a German science fiction novel series which has been published each week since 8 September 1961 in the 'Romanhefte' format (digest-sized booklets, usually containing 66 pages, the German equivalent of the now-defunct American pulp magazine) by Pabel-Moewig Verlag, a subsidiary of Bauer Media Group. As of March 2018, almost 2950 booklet novels of the original series plus 850 spinoff novels of the sister series Atlan plus over 400 paperbacks and 200 hardcovers have been published, totalling over 300,000 pages. Having sold approximately two billion copies (in...
Mine's Animorphs
@Jenayah Your what?
2:35 PM
@Jenayah I haven't had a chance to read more than the first 20 or so.
@b_jonas the longest book series I've read (comics don't count, there are too many of those)
Though my understanding is that they actually reached some kind of conclusion at the end of the series.
But yeah, it's 160 books, or something like that.
@Donald.McLean if you ever have the chance, read them. It grew with its audience and got more stakes. We're talking war, moral implications, ethics, PTSD and the like.
@Donald.McLean Naaaah, only 54.
And a dozen spinoffs.
The Ellimist chronicles, The Andalites Chronicles, The Hork-Bajir chronicles, The time of dinosaurs and stuff
@Jenayah My mistake. 54 is still a lot of books.
oh and Vegemorphs too
it's fan made but ahahahah it's great
2:37 PM
I don't think I've read the entirety of any very long book series yet. I've read the seven Harry Potter core books (several times), and I've read most of Asimov's sci fi, and those are longer than the Harry Potter core books.
I've only read about half of Jules Verne's fiction, and it's unlikely that I'll ever read all or even nearly all of them. (I do plan to re-read more of his books.)
There are long series that, at one time, I had read all of the published books, but more have been published since. Honor Harrington universe, Anita Blake, the Kris Longknife universe, the Lost Fleet universe. I haven't had a chance to read the graphic novels from the Rivers of London, but I'm working on that.
But none of these I listed are really long.
I'm planning to read more of Agatha Christie's detective novels, and it's possible that one day I'll have read at least most of the Poirot novels, although it's not as easy as I'd like because I insist on reading them only in English now and it's not so easy to borrow them in English for cheap. I'd like to read more of Terry Pratchett, but I probably won't read even half of them, ever.
Terry Pratchett has the same problem as Agatha Christie: I'd like to read them in English.
I also want to read the rest of Arthur Conan Doyle's original Sherlock Holmes stories, of which the original English are in public domain and widely distributed, and good translations are available too, but I'm going very slow with that, so it will probably takes years to finish them all.
But again, none of these are very long series, and some of them aren't even series. Most of those collections fit comfortably on a single shelf of a bookshelf, except perhaps Discworld, which needs a long shelf.
Q: Is it known what would have happened in later seasons of Zoo?

JenayahZoo, a 2015 sci-fi show loosely based on the eponymous novel by James Patterson, got cancelled after three seasons, presumably due to low audience. Season 2 picked up right where season 1 left off, so I suppose the same diptych pattern was intended for seasons 3 and 4, as one does not simply end...

Q: Do repulsor lift vehicles exert a reaction force on the ground below them

UmmdustryLet's say I am lying on the ground when my friend runs over me in his speeder bike, does it feel like I've just been run over by a bike or as though a light breeze just passed over me? There doesn't seem to be much visible disturbance in the film however it's possible that's just a budget reason...

irregularwebcomic.net/3375.html doesn't explicitly claim that that's all the Discworld books, but it looks plausible. You'd need a bit more space to fit the rest of Pratchett's books.
30 mins ago, by Jenayah
also this guy has the stupidest death ever written
Here's the gist:
2:48 PM
Hmm wait, Jules Verne's fiction works wouldn't fit on one shelf. But they would fit on two shelves I think.
> Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved the part where the team tucked the hybrid-decoy into a sports car in which they didn't know the bad guy was hiding, and then threw it into an erupting volcano, and then absolutely needed the same bad guy to confess whatever crime, and realized what they had done by reviewing CCTV footage.
@b_jonas You have to get the "collected works" volumes. They probably take up half the space.
Unrelated: Is there any way to check the close/reopen history on a question that was never edited?
@Alex yeah, the timeline
pretty sure I introduced you to the tweak some time ago
@Jenayah Oh right, you told me about that before.
What's the link again?
@Alex /posts/<id>/timeline, or /posts/<id>/revisions still works
2:52 PM
What Mith said
Thanks @Mithrandir and @Jenayah!
You can also install this script (h/t @ArtOfCode): github.com/ArtOfCode-/Userscripts/raw/master/stackexchange/mod/…
@Alex No. For one, such a thing doesn't exist in Hungarian. And, like I said, I don't want all of Jules Verne's works. In fact, there's at least one novel of his that I've read but that is so bad that I definitely don't want to see it again, ever. And some other stories of his, like Monsieur Ré-Dièze et Mademoiselle Mi-Bémol, are, if not that bad, are at least so pointless that there's no need for them to take place on my bookshelf.
@Jenayah This is a bad sign....
@b_jonas Well, "collected works" don't always have everything.
Often just the most famous ones.
@Alex oh my god, the memory loss is spreading :p (cc @Donald.McLean)
2:56 PM
I've mentioned in Lit chat and probably here too how much trouble it is to find the best editions of certain Jules Verne books, because the old translations are easier to get, and because the old translations are the ones that come with the illustrations. So I might eventually want two different editions of Michel Strogof on my shelf, one with a good translation and one with the original art
(I've had two such editions of Michel Strogof in front of me, reading and watching them in parallel, but I don't own an edition with the original illustrations yet.)
@Mithrandir I think it's in SOX too but doesn't work properly
@Jenayah There's a difference. See the last paragraph of my answer:
A: Is it plausible that Hermione forgot what she read in Hogwarts: A History?

AlexThere is no evidence that Hermione had read the entire book by this point. The only mention of the book prior to this incident is when Hermione quotes it in Philosopher's Stone as her source that the ceiling in the Great Hall is bewitched. If she had not read the entire book and was looking for ...

@Alex nah you're just getting old, deal with it :p
@Jenayah I guess "old" is relative.
@Jenayah Don't make fun of old people. Karma is not kind.
2:58 PM
@Alex I'm entitled to make fun of people older than me, so that in return they can rant that youth is loosing its way. It's a win-win.
On the other hand, Szukits kiadó has published really nice collected fiction (or collected sci-fi) works volumes of several authors, including Asimov and Lem. These have good translations (often new ones commissioned by them), no illustrations (except on the cover), and are nice hardcover editions that don't try to conserve shelf space or printing cost.
@Jenayah How do you know I'm older than you?
Anyway, I refuted myself with this comment:
So that's how I could read Asimov's and Lem's works, but even of those I don't plan to buy all the volumes.
7 mins ago, by Alex
What's the link again?
@Alex meh. Women's intuition :p
Also, bad faith.
3:00 PM
@Jenayah Ah, so what other cool facts does it tell you about me?
Well to be honest bad faith and women's intuition are intricated.
I'm older than Jenayah too, I believe.
@Alex you saw a bird at some point during the last month.
Yeah, women's intuition doesn't want to get too involved sometimes :D
@Jenayah That's going out on quite a limb.
@b_jonas I'm 20 and IIRC you did say your generation was the first not to have Russian as a first language at school, so I'm guessing born around late 80s/early 90s?
1 min ago, by Jenayah
Yeah, women's intuition doesn't want to get too involved sometimes :D
3:04 PM
Q: What's behinds Newt Scamander's Name?

PuffafishWe know that JKR likes putting not so hidden clues in peoples names. Remus Lupin and Sirius Black are the obvious examples. Do we know if the same is the case for Newt Scamander? Newt: a small lizard, not particularly note worthy for anything I know of. Scamander: a river in Turkey/Greek river ...

@Jenayah You mentioned some things about currently being in college studying CS, which is why it was an easy guess.
@b_jonas aye
I wonder if this site has the lowest average age on Stack Exchange.
@Alex I don't think so.
@Alex Average age weighted by what?
3:06 PM
@b_jonas ?
Sorry, never mind. Anyway, we'll never really find out, especially not since the new 16 years in Europe age limit SE has enacted.
Q: Do Wookiees emit a characteristic / unpleasant odor?

ThePopMachineDo we have canon commentary or events which demonstrate whether Wookiees emit a characteristic odor? Do they smell like wet dog when wet?

3:40 PM
@Alex four pages? Is that a pocket book?
I really don't remember the extract well but I trust you :) four pages seem long though
@Jenayah Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig mistake. Never trust me unless I quote a source. Even then, confirm the source before trusting me.
And to be precise, it's more like three pages plus half of the previous page and half of the following page.
@Alex in my book (pun intended), that's four pages
@Alex The price there is quite a bit lower than the price listed on mine, though.
4:36 PM
I wonder if JK Rowling knows about this site.
Probably not, if I had to guess.
Yeah, if she did, and started answering questions, the traffic would go through the roof.
Q: Fantasy graphic novel of a medieval world with no adults

Ignacio TéllezIt's a fantasy graphic novel I read about five years ago, about a medieval fantasy world that, for some reason, has no more adults, so just kids have to deal with everything. Does anyone have a clue on the name? Some facts I remember: The kids left in the "main kingdom" are struggling for powe...

5:21 PM
@Donald.McLean But she might get a lot of downvotes for her answers. A la The Immortal Bard:
"The Immortal Bard" is a science fiction short story by Isaac Asimov. It was first published in the May 1954 issue of Universe Science Fiction, and has since been republished in several collections and anthologies, including Earth Is Room Enough (1957) and The Best Science Fiction of Isaac Asimov (1986). (In Earth Is Room Enough (Panther Books Ltd. reprint 1973 edition) the title of the story is "An Immortal Bard" in the Contents list but "The Immortal Bard" on the destination page. There is a similar, but reversed variation in title with The Author's Ordeal.) Like many of his stories, it is...
Q: Are the Marvel Netflix series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Stijn DietzAre the Marvel Netflix series (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist) part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or part of a universe that branched off after the events of the first Avengers movie (2012). I ask this question because in the Netflix series only the fight in Harlem (Hulk vs. Ab...

@Donald.McLean Apparently a common theme.
@Alex We've actually had an author respond to a question here with "I've got no idea".
@Mithrandir I'm more worried about her answers where she does have an idea.
5:29 PM
The answer here:
Q: Does it have to be those two spells, or would any combination of "impossible" spells work?

MithrandirIn the July/August 2012 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, they ran a story entitled "Wearaway and Flambeau" by Matthew Hughes. In it, Hurdevant puts two spells on Raffalon: Ixtlix's Sprightly Wearaway and Chunt's Descending Flambeau. When they are used in combination with a tr...

Q: Is 'It was never mentioned/explained' a valid answer?

SavaFans will often be curious or even obsess over tiny details and minutiae that the creators of whatever we are fan of never gave an explanation to, whether it was in-universe or out-of-universe, for any number of reasons. As an example, I'm thinking of an interview with Mickael Okuda where a jour...

@Mithrandir Though that seems like more of a "I don't care enough to have an answer".
@Mithrandir One of my life goals is to get a story published and then answer questions about it on this site.
Interestingly, we just had a discussion about whether an author has more authority to answer questions on their works than others do, in another site's Chat.
Yes, I saw that.
5:49 PM
@Donald.McLean We might not be talking about the same thing.
6:15 PM
Q: Why does Obi-Wan-Kenobi touch Luke Skywalker's head at the rock canyon in Tatooine?

PalliserIn Star Wars: A New Hope (1977), after been attacked by Sand People, we see Luke Skywalker laying inert in the ground, then, we hear a great howling moan echoing throughout the canyon which sends the Sand People flees in terror. After that, a shabby Kenobi leans over Luke and touches his head fo...

Q: Dune; Are the Fremen cannibals?

Danny3414As the question header.. I saw a debate recently on Facebook but can't find it now, someone (convincingly) spelled out step by step why the Fremen ate the meat of their dead after they had reclaimed the water. Apparently there are hints in the first 3 Dune books about this issue. Has anyone a...

6:39 PM
Hello, @Slytherincess.
6:52 PM
Q: How does Gandalf know that dragon-fire might be able to melt the rings of power, but not the One Ring?

ThunderforgeIn Fellowship of the Ring "The Shadow of the Past", Frodo asks about destroying the One Ring. Gandalf says: It has been said that dragon-fire could melt and consume the rings of power but there is not now any dragon left on earth in which the old fire is hot enough, nor was there ever any dra...

Q: Why didn't the Elder Wand answer to Voldemort?

Tayyab ihsanWhen Voldemort did Avada Kedavra spell on Harry, it basically disarmed him. So why didn't the Elder Wand answer to Voldemort afterwards?

Q: Seeing Stone or Magic Mirror with multiple simultaneous connections

seanI know the LOTR Seeing Stones (Palantir) could hypothetically connect with multiple other Seeing Stones simultaneously, but in my limited memory of LOTR I don't remember that ever taking place in writing. Is that "mirrored" connection use recorded in LOTR, and/or does another science fiction / f...

7:40 PM
That's weird.
Rep inbox doesn't show the same as rep on profile
Repro for anyone?
@Jenayah Strange.
@Jenayah Mine seems to be showing fine.
I don't quite know if it's worth reporting to Meta
If you go out and come back, does it still show incorrectly?
I had something the other day that got fixed when I did that.
Let me see if I can find the screenshot.
see you in 10 ;)
@Jenayah You think I'm that slow?
7:48 PM
nah still the same
@Alex no I meant it'd take me ten seconds to log out and back in
Also, that did not fix it
@Jenayah Oh, because I already found my screenshot.
Scratch that. Wrong ones.
Found them for real.
oh, Math association bonus?
@Jenayah Yeah. It showed on my main screen, but disappeared when I went to my list of communities.
7:55 PM
That's funny, because I got a +10 rep but no notification
But when I went back out and back in it was corrected.
right now
Seems like it's your account. I just got a reputation notification just fine.
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