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12:57 AM
@Jenayah What? How can you have two method name parts like that, without arguments after it?
@b_jonas in a doc for instance, they wouldn't necessarily write the parameters
the message name would simply be "myself:namely:"
I've seen that a lot, it's easier on the reading than myself: aString namely: aBlock all around the place once you've defined what you're talking about
also just to be clarify myself:namely: is one method's name, not two methods
I'm not sure whether I'm actually being clear ahah
1:19 AM
NaA for sure, but is there a pun I don't understand in there? scifi.stackexchange.com/a/199957/98028
1:46 AM
@Jenayah Doesn't seem like a pun.
2:44 AM
Q: Has there ever been some Doctor Who story in which multiple companions from different Doctors were kidnapped?

Doctor John SmithI mean a book, audio, comic or even tv episode. The companions were not traveling with the Doctor at the point either.

Unless it's a pun to something specifically in that story, which I wouldn't know.
Neither would I
I know the outlines and basically who's dead/who betrayed who but not much more
Never got around to read the books and I got incredibly bored by season 2 of the show so I dropped it
3:21 AM
Q: Mjolnir was Hela's weapon?

Mr.JI watched Thor: Ragnarok yesterday and saw this scene where Hela, look above the ceiling and saw Thor, Loki, and Odin. A picture of a "peaceful" Asgard. She then said the Odin is fond of "covering" up then proceeds to break the ceiling, revealing a picture of Odin and Hela. Then, I saw Hela, ho...

4:06 AM
Well you're far ahead of me, at least.
2 hours later…
6:17 AM
Q: Would name of names affect dragons' magic?

RakihthaRRTrue name of the ancient language can be used to dispel, alter or remove any magic done using the ancient language. But will it be able to counter magic done by dragons such as erasing the memories about the Rock of Kuthian, or magic that hides the Vault of Souls? Or possibly restore the names of...

6:32 AM
Q: Why did Aragorn call this stranger father?

the-profile-that-was-promisedAt the edge of Fangorn, Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas noticed a man robed in white. After seeing him, Aragorn leaped up and said "Well, father, what can we do for you? Come be warm, if you are cold!" Why did Aragorn call the stranger father? Did he think it was his father? Or was it something else?

6:47 AM
Q: How did Appa survive a 100 years in a spherical ice?

InvokerThe Avatar can surely live in a spherical ice and that's what Aang did when he ran away from his home and entered the Avatar State which encaged him and Appa in spherical ice. But I don't know how exactly Appa survived. Appa could have probably died of starvation or any other reasons. How exactl...

Hello folks o/
Can we talk about tags to change my mood, currently devastated with SE design abomination
7:00 AM
We can talk about tags, though I can't promise I'll have much to say.
This is giving me anxiety
What's the issue?
Logo is getting lost
old deisgn :
First version:
And now this
@AnkitSharma That's what it looks like for me.
@Alex logo is above moviereel now
@Alex ohhh you didn't checked testing design
7:09 AM
Well I don't really spend much time on the site.
check on Beta test new themes
But it will work on whole SE and even scifi.se test theme will also activate for you
Oh, I know how to enable it. I just never did it for Movies & TV because I never really visit there.
Ew that's ugly
@Jenayah that's what I felt even previous version was better or what this user suggested
Indeed...my version via Stylish - i.imgur.com/aZZbuSg.pngPaulie_D Nov 22 at 15:42
@Alex fair enough. WE don't bite ;) you can check someday if you got time :)
@AnkitSharma Eh, I've visited a few times.
7:15 AM
@Alex can't see your account there so trying to lure you in ;)
@AnkitSharma I don't think I ever signed up.
But I've followed a few links from here.
If you get some bad posts it might lure me in. I must have 10+ accounts just created to cast flags.
7:36 AM
@AnkitSharma better
@Alex @Mith 2.0
@Jenayah Only about 130 accounts to go for that.
@Alex blame our mods, they are so active that bad post barely stay for long. But will ping you
@AnkitSharma I usually see them from the Smoke Detector in the Meta Chat room.
7:42 AM
by the way @Ankit careful you're on 6/15 ;)
In fact, I just had an interesting situation. Maybe someone here knows something:
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 6 mins ago, by Alex
Interesting. If you flag a comment and then go to a new page and then use the back button to return to the page with the flagged comment, it doesn't show your flag. So you can flag it again. But it seems like it automatically transfers the second flag to another comment. Does that make sense?
@Jenayah what?
@Alex what the fish
@Jenayah I wish I can blame bad design on caching but can't :(
And already edited 6 post so can't flood first page with more retagging so what to do now O.o
A: How many tag edits should we allow per day?

phantom42The guideline agreed to in the past within Mos Eisley, with approval from mods (at the time) was 5 of the top 15 posts on the most recent filter of the front page. Most weekdays, this rule worked just fine, pushing the edits out of the top 15 reasonably quickly with regular site activity and al...

about 5/15
7:45 AM
@Jenayah I think it can be ignored as I did by mistake :)
And I am innocent :)
I know I know ;D
@Jenayah Poor guy who's perfectly fine comment got flagged as "harrasment/bigotry" will probably want to blame someone.
@Alex what? Did you wrongly flag a comment?
Q: What are the L1?

CherubelStarted watching the new show Nightflyers and i'm hooked. I'm a bit confused at what the L1 are? Are they natural? Genetically modified? Reading up about the show i saw that it was an adaptation of George RR Martins novella. I then did a bit f digging and found out that George wrote a few novel...

@Jenayah If I'm correctly interpreting what happened, it looks like my flag got transferred to a different comment because I had already flagged the other comment.
7:47 AM
Anybody checked Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle yet?
@AnkitSharma nope, but whatever it is it'll be hard to top the 2016 Jungle book movie
@Alex weird
@Jenayah due to all the fear they sold it to netflix
So saved promotion money
Got limited release and now it's on netflix so who will go to theater now O.o
@Alex Eh, there are no visible penalties for those.
7:54 AM
I guess I should do it more often then...
Wouldn't recommend that... you'll end up with a bunch of declined flags :P
Well the flag was surprisingly accepted in this case.
Huh. Interesting.
Those do feed data for an automatic mod flag that gets raised.
@Mithrandir ?
Those comment flags.
7:58 AM
What's the "automatic mod flag"?
There's a threshold where an automatic mod flag will be raised of a user has enough of those comment flags marked helpful on their comments.
So... it gives my flags extra power?
Not sure what you mean.
Eh, probably because I'm not sure what you mean.
Dialogue of the deaf... :D
8:04 AM
Better than the Dialogue of the Daft, I guess.
fair nuff
8:33 AM
Q: Trying to recall a stop motion sci fi kids show

Laura arkinstall I’m trying to recall a kids show (possible kids show or even movie?) I remember a few details but cannot think of its name. I’m under the assumption the show is based of a surrealism artist who did sci fi landscapes and creatures ect. (Can’t remember his name) The show involved a group of rando...

8:46 AM
Wow this site is so negative towards people who ask questions.
Q: Why is this site so negative towards Questions?

KyloRenI asked a question yesterday and it was down-voted heavily, or what I consider a heavy down vote amount for a question. What happens if a Dothraki Khal goes bald naturally? Fortunately it became a 'Hot Network Question', from there it was not down-voted once. And all the down-votes were before...

Q: Book with a yellow outline and a digital-looking face as a cover, people's bodies are digitalised

SuzyI am looking for a sci-fi story about the future. My description is pretty vague, but it was about this future where people on earth were able to travel to the moon, and I think the moon was like a theme park or something now. It was about this guy who meets a girl. Their bodies, as well as eve...

@KyloRen I rarely downvote questions.
Q: Why is this site so negative towards Questions?

KyloRenI asked a question yesterday and it was down-voted heavily, or what I consider a heavy down vote amount for a question. What happens if a Dothraki Khal goes bald naturally? Fortunately it became a 'Hot Network Question', from there it was not down-voted once. And all the down-votes were before...

@Alex, Thats great, but questions are the most down-voted , answers are not.
As everywhere on the network
8:54 AM
Actually, upon checking my profile I have never downvoted a question on this site.
hey, didn't Aegon comment on this yesterday on that very same question?
Comment on what?
questions being DVed but not answers
@KyloRen maybe you need to work on your attitude?
@AnkitSharma, What attitude?
9:02 AM
@KyloRen people are free to DV "bad research", "hey see i got plot-hole" etc question and you are free to raise it in meta too but what is the point of raising in meta if you can't understand feedback and call those people special snowflake etc etc
@Jenayah reasons according to me are: answer DV take away your rep, reading answer need more time ( scrolling etc), answer on old question get lost to many who don't prefer active page etc
@KyloRen I asked a question yesterday and it was down-voted heavily : +25/-5 . Looks more like highly upvoted
And this site gave me 5k with so less participation so I will never say "this site is against questions"
@KyloRen I think you need to stop taking specific examples and applying them to the general case. Look at why a specific question might have been downvoted and move on from there. The fact that your question was in fact heavily upvoted is a good thing, don't see the negative in everything.
@AnkitSharma, it is against questions. See the stats towards DV's on questions vs answers.
I for one, don't have those. Care to share a link?
@KyloRen which stats? share link? Do that stat include deleted question/answers too?
@TheLethalCarrot, The question was not bad and the edits did not add much to it, but still it was down-voted heavily and after it became a HNQ it was up-voted. What does that tell you? That normal people see a good question and up-vote, but prejudiced people here down-vote,
9:13 AM
Talking about links I'm still waiting for an instance of a heavily DVed "plothole question"...
@KyloRen If you can read, there are many speculative reason listed there:
For what it's worth, if the votes indeed came from HNQ, it should be reminded that the 101 rep from association bonus doesn't allow DVs. — Jenayah 24 mins ago
Normal and prejudiced... your wording isn't exactly nice. And at this point you seem to not like how this site operates, why not just move on somewhere else? If you don't like things you don't have to participate
@KyloRen You have to master the art of posting your questions as answers.
@TheLethalCarrot in deleted comments he crossed many lines and if it was any other SE sites I can assure what will come next
@AnkitSharma I saw those commetns
9:15 AM
@Jenayah Depends how you define plothole.
@Alex Well OP didn't give an explanation either ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
What comments did I cross the line with? That is such an exaggeration.
@TheLethalCarrot Being nice is must and crying for DV and avoiding all positive feedback with so much resistance will not help
@AnkitSharma Oh I am certainly agreeing with you
@Jenayah Well if we're just generally talking about questions pointing out mistakes, I have a few.
9:17 AM
@AnkitSharma, I have not crossed the be nice policy
@Alex then we will get new meta "why people on this site are agaisnt asking question in answer body".
@AnkitSharma, please point out where I have.
@AnkitSharma Eh, I don't mean posting an actual question in an answer post. I mean taking the content of a question and making it into an answer.
Like this:
Argh, wrong link.
@Alex what
@Alex ohhh
@Alex it depends who you are communicating it to
Here's the link I meant:
Sep 14 at 18:20, by Alex
Sometimes, though, a simple authorial error question can be turned into an answer. That's what I did here:
9:20 AM
@KyloRen Can you try to read what I said before? chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/47937407#47937407
Of course it is offensive; I don't think you need to be told that
@KyloRen I will prefer talking to walls now. Have a nice day.
@AnkitSharma, Have a good wall day.
At this point I think it's best if we move on from this conversation to something a bit friendlier
Game of Thrones S8 teaser trailer for anyone interested:
@TheLethalCarrot, I guess if I called you "rude", that also would be offensive to you as well
9:27 AM
I've asked politely to drop the topic and move on, can you leave it now? Thanks
@TheLethalCarrot what TLC said.
@TheLethalCarrot I have seen previous teasers but this one look different, will check later
Was released last night I believe
Ohhh nice will check
It doesn't really give away anything, more of a marketing thing than a trailer to be honest
9:29 AM
If my mood stay good, might even watch Mowgali tonight
And then have to watch Disney version to compare
@TheLethalCarrot as always
@AnkitSharma Live Disney or animated Disney?
@Jenayah live action (not seen yet), animated seen many time long long ago
I wanted to see WB version first
Not sure if Disney version is on Nteflix/prime India yet
the 2016 one is great
way greater than I'd have expected
@Jenayah yeah I heard but people confused me. I wanted to see English version and people said Hindi dubbed was even better and then I lost the chance in dilemma
@AnkitSharma Do you have a [paid] VPN cos you can watch other countries Netflix that way
9:35 AM
@TheLethalCarrot no VPN
But I don't mind torrent etc when no other option
@AnkitSharma That's not loading for me but is it a GoT gif? haha
@TheLethalCarrot "shame shame shame" gif
Thought as much
Cersei right?
9:39 AM
Woman with a bell
and a headscarf
Ah the other side of the gif haha
I can't remember her name... googles
ttssssk and you're a gold tag badger... :P
@TheLethalCarrot that will be NSFW so only werid bell lady
Well could crop to the head but good call
@Jenayah I only have one gold tag badge in sister site and I realized it's not of much use
9:42 AM
Septa Unella
Knew it was a Septa but couldn't get the name
@TheLethalCarrot I don't know how to cut GIF without un-GIFIng them
I dunno, I'd have just tried to find an already cropped one haha
Suppose it makes more sense to have it of Unella though
I prefer the bell lady always
She make me laugh
Now she's got a horrible death
@AnkitSharma it's not a matter of use, I just want to poke at TLC ;p
9:45 AM
@TheLethalCarrot last time I checked she was alive with mountain 2.0
@AnkitSharma Looks like I forgot to finish; horrible death awaiting her... though tbf she's probably still undergoing said death process
@TheLethalCarrot she is the least deserving one for that fate
Well she was a bit mental and she did properly get on Cersei's bad side
Cersei deserve worse
Joffrey and Ramsay deserved worse but got easy out
Oh she does
Well I'd say Ramsay didn't have a picnick of a death haha
Well technically he did haha
Or y'know the dogs did
The one character that deserved worse was Olly
9:50 AM
Poor Olly!!!??? You're on the wrong team mate
@Jenayah Tag should be not , fancy fixing it?
Could also do with
> You are attempting to create the tag [nightflyers]; however the tag [nightflyer] already exists! If you think this new tag should be allowed, raise it on meta
editor before me created it, I only removed the "please ad NF tag" part :/
@TheLethalCarrot he is stupid character who don't even need much of screen time but hating him so much is not fine
Dang it
time for a mod flag
9:53 AM
Oh forgot to say it shouldn't have the GRRM tag either
@TheLethalCarrot alright mate I trust you :P
Jolly good
Now just needs the tag renaming... although it might be best to call it to avoid ambiguity with the book, but it might not matter
for duck sake couldn't you say that before I raised mod flag :P
Time to draft my next Gargoyles questions now
9:56 AM
Well I'm not sure if the year suffix is needed or not
It probably doesn't matter and is better but thought it was worth mentioning
I mean I would prefer
It's not like we have a tonne of The Thousand Worlds questions
10:15 AM
@KyloRen - You've been temporarily suspended for continuing to harass a user when they clearly indicated that they didn't want to continue the conversation, as well as being generally belligerent. You should know better by now.
10:45 AM
FWIW I pushed scifi.stackexchange.com/q/36881/98028 to delete queue but it may be migrated to Meta? Meta migration bypasses the 60 days limit right?
FWIW questions don't go to queue ;P
Q: Why Aragorn fainted when he touched Palantír?

KobacYeaIn the third movie when Pippin took the Palantír from Gandalf and Sauron saw him, why Aragorn fainted when he took it but later in the movie he challenged Sauron via Palantír. Why he fainted before? PS: sorry for the bad English

you know what I mean
Tools page
I know ahha
Doen with my question, so what did I miss?
11:18 AM
Q: How is it possible that the spell didn't work fully?

TGarAt the end of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (first movie) The main characters are sad about it, so it seems they believe it really worked. But at the beginning of the Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald we find out that How is that possible? Is it possible that more people...

Q: What is the robot's power source in the 2018 reboot of Lost in Space?

Ryan McDonoughWhilst watching the reboot I wondered what the robot's power source is. Obviously it's not being charged at any point and there are no scenes (that I've seen - up to episode 3 but happy to have spoilers regarding power source) that cover how it maintains the power to push huge stones, trees and j...

@Marvin Got to be a dupe right?
That would look to be it, a Q asking about from the new film is already marked as a dupe of that one
I'll get it in a bit if it's not closed by then... got some fun data entry to do first -_-
11:34 AM
Q: Novel: Wizard's memoirs, servant to a god, long timespan

J LewisI'm trying to find a fantasy novel I read about the life of a wizard. He started out as a normal person, but became a servant of a god (I think the god treated him as a friend and student). He played a kind of puppet master role in the history of the world he lived in, which he affected over a lo...

Q: When was the pact revealed in The Crimes of Grindelwald made?

TGarIn Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald we found out that Grindelwald and Dumbledore But it seems to me, that there is no time when this could have been made. In the time of the movie Ariana Dumbledore is already dead (Albus said that to Leta in the Hogwarts). We know that Ariana died...

11:59 AM
I'm 99% positive this is a duplicate... let me see if I can find it. — TheLethalCarrot 4 mins ago
Isn't it the one above then?
12:20 PM
Yeah I think so, did I not post that comment before asking in here?
12:38 PM
I don't think so
Odd, internet has been a bit funny today so may have been delayed posting for some reason
No worries
1 hour later…
1:54 PM
@TheLethalCarrot wouldn't it be "he was his father?"
> Did he think it was his father? Or was it something else?
I don't know what you mean
2:12 PM
Q: Whose spaceship is Tony Stark in?

A JIn the latest trailer of Avengers: Endgame, Tony is shown in a spaceship where he records a message. In Avengers: Infinity War, Tony was stranded on Titan with nobody else. The spaceship he was travelling in was crashed there. And Nebula also crashed her spaceship while others were fighting with...

@Jenayah I see nothing untoward there
Yeah, nothing 😛
2:27 PM
Q: How could Stan Lee cut Thor's hair?

Asif IqubalI am really amazed by the barber (stan lee) who cut Thor's hair in Thor Ragnarok. Later in Avengers Infinity War Thor's hair endures many attacks. In the opening scene, Thanos hits his skull in a side with the Power stone and later he endured the full power of a star. Despite all this, his hair d...

2:41 PM
Greetings, Earthlings.
@Donald.McLean greetings, Hubble guy!
3:05 PM
Q: Is the name Rookwood in any way special?

JavaMikeMooreThe name Rookwood is used in V for Vendetta (A former fingerman) and Harry Potter (A lesser DeathEater). Is this a fairly common British name or does it have some kind of hidden meaning?

3:23 PM
Someone up to write a reply? I personally think it's a triplicata, POB, too broad, and UWYA, but new user also wants feedback and question isn't on the homepage anymore so...
How do I appeal its closure? (I have edited the question, after it was put on hold, to try making it more answerable) — Neel Dayal 3 hours ago
Hey @Spectra
@Jenayah If you want to add feedback just saying why you think it's closeworthy for those reasons is probably enough
Well I would and will if nothing is done but now's not the best time ;p
Fair do's
First generated one I've done in a long time:
Seemed appropriate
Why the duck not
3:49 PM
Nice pedantic answer here.
@Alex buuut, Brexit! ;D
@Jenayah Happened after the answer was written.
I know, I know
Q: What did Tony Stark mean when he said "When I drift off"? in the Avengers 4 trailer?

dylan86My buddy and I are not native speakers of English and we are currently in disagreement over what Tony meant when he said "When I drift off, I'll dream about you." I think he meant "As I go to sleep for the last time, I'll dream about you." My buddy thinks he meant "As I drift off in space, I'll ...

Also I can't really speak as it's the kind of joke I would surely have put in a comment myself ;p
4:01 PM
But not in an answer.
You'll get there one day...
Well I might, but not as a full answer; as a joke at the end of an actual answer, perhaps
I guess that's enough to retain your membership in the Pedants Club.
Probably already noted by others, but it looks like we got the sidebar today.
4:08 PM
Oh left nav is now live for all
Didn't realise
So the new theme is also live for everyone I guess then
@Catija Is the new theme/left nav now live for everyone on SFF?
Eh, mobile
Q: In Critical Role campaign 1, did Keyleth ever cast Revivify?

Newbie12345My friend is convinced she remembers Keyleth (moon circle druid) using Revivify at some point. Revivify is not a Druid spell, but she swears up an down she remembers Keyleth casting it in Critical Role campaign 1. Did Keyleth ever cast the spell revivify during Critical Role campaign 1? If so, w...

@TheLethalCarrot hiya all !!
4:24 PM
@Spectra waves
Seen you around Movies recently, you new around or just started being a bit more active?
4:36 PM
The new design looks stupid, boring, and soul-less.
Yup, we should hopefully be getting a re-redesign at somepoint
Q: What happens to the Thanos gauntlet after use it?

SilverSurfer Warning, Spoilers in this post! Why Thanos gauntlet looks destroyed after use it at the end of the film?

Q: Short story: Scientist creates virus that causes near-sterility

OtisThis is a short story that I read in a collection sometime in the mid- to late 1980s. Given the plot, I would assume that it was written sometime after the mid-1960s. The story takes the form of a series of vignettes over a long period of time, possibly including things like article excerpts, tel...

4:55 PM
Heh, just did this again:
8 hours ago, by Alex
@KyloRen You have to master the art of posting your questions as answers.
Let's see if it works.
5:17 PM
6:11 PM
@Jenayah smiles :) and waves back
So what brings you to the Restaurant? :p
@TheLethalCarrot It's live for the entire network. There are no more sites in the beta testing phase. There's a MSE featured post in the right sidebar about it.
@Jenayah I was looking for if anybody was talking about the new theme of MoviesSE in chatroom and landed here accidentally :p
Maybe it wasn't an accident
Maybe it was your DESTINY
(cue epic music)
I sure hope being here isn't destiny.
Ehh destiny...
It has played its part well then ;)
Isn't that a Darth Vader quote, or something?
It is your destiny
@Jenayah Thanks.
Spoilers for Star Wars beware
6:22 PM
@TheLethalCarrot yeah, recently I felt like I should wake up (lol) after being there for like 2 years
@Jenayah 10/10, would allow this bear to attac me any time
@Jenayah I think I actually spoiled Harry Potter for someone for the first time the other day.
@Gallifreyan wait 'till it grows up though... :P
@Alex which part?
@Jenayah That Voldemort needs to cut off someone's hand.
Meh. That's not such a big spoiler
although I guess some people take everything as a spoiler
But seriously Pettigrew's hand being cut off is way less of a spoiler than, say, "there was a piece of Voldemort's soul in Harry all along"
6:27 PM
@Catija that one is already commented on a few days back? Must have missed it going live everywhere
Eh, the guy didn't seem too upset:
No worry! It's more important to get this question clear. Thank you very much! — dan Dec 3 at 4:47
@TheLethalCarrot Yep.
First sentence of the third paragraph, with a link to Jon's post.
@Spectra gotcha, I was lurking at one point in time to haha
@Alex nice answer
even more when out in context
@Catija cheers
6:29 PM
for a ELL answer
eh I understand myself
@Jenayah Thanks.
There are a surprising amount of HArry Potter questions hiding there.
6:52 PM
Q: Fantasy book with red haired female lead who gets summoned along with her party while they are role-playing

CynI read this book on an old kindle but sadly it broke down and I never got it fixed and haven't been able to find it since. The female lead becomes either a priestess or a wizard after the summoning/trasnporting since that's what she was role-playing as. I think there might be flame or fire in the...

@Spectra I am ready to bitch about design anyday anytime. I did here and SCreening room both, you missed it
@TheLethalCarrot I hope so
I saw the discussions in meta though I did not realise that much, then I saw in MSE few hours ago it felt like suffocating,gahhhh
7:09 PM
@Spectra It's been discussed in The Screening Room a few times already. I will call it mess
in The Screening Room, 16 hours ago, by Ankit Sharma
So I am alone for hating new header?
7:27 PM
@AnkitSharma God nah...I am hating it too
same pinch
8:13 PM
Q: Why was the background color changed to white (or near-white) on the Sci-Fi SE page?

RobertFWhoa, what happened? We used to have a darker background, much easier on the eyes.

Ahah, Googling space detective comic puns includes Batman results (bolded and everything). That thing's been trained well.
Funny one. The top question's latest activity reads "modified 11 mins ago by Valorum", yet upon clicking it it links to an answer without edits, and as far as I know editing during grace period should still read "answered by Valorum"
repro anyone? I'm curious now
@Slartibartfast So..... it has come to this.
8:48 PM
@Jenayah There was activity on the post after he answered.
Another answer was deleted.
But that doesn't quite explain the timestamp.
@Alex indeed. I'd expect the latest activity indicator to still read "answered", though.
@Jenayah No, if something happens after the answer it would say "modified".
I think.
9:10 PM
Q: What is the number of the episode in Pretty Little Liars with the Teacher in his flat with the Student?

SophieI started watching Pretty Little Liars a while back, but I forgot which episode I left off on. Here is what I remember; The Teacher invites a Student -one of the girls in the friendship group- around to his flat. There is 'How to Kill a Mockingbird' relating somewhere in the episode. One of the...

Although it's interesting that the timeline doesn't show things in chronological order when multiple events are subsumed under the same time period.
10:11 PM
Q: What was Bothan involvement with the Rebellion according to Disney canon?

OmegacronIn "Return of the Jedi", Mon Mothma briefed the Rebellion leaders on the plan to assault the Death Star II, and famously said the following line: Many Bothans died to bring us this information. In Legends continuity, it was established that the Bothan deaths occurred when Vader single-hande...

10:42 PM
Q: Are other Groots also named "Groot"?

ThePopMachineAssuming that Groot is not the only Groot who ever grooted, are the other Groots also named "Groot"? If they are all named "Groot", it is the same "Groot" or is there a distinction in their names that we can't hear, just like for everything else that Groots groot? Related: What Species is Gro...


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