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12:00 AM
Wow, Deusovi's red circle has been up for nearly an hour.
How cool, boboquack, the puzzle will have a soundtrack?
No, it's a music puzzle
@humn No effort it will lack; bobo will never look back.
You attackers need to contact more!
@Randal'Thor ?
@boboquack You need to guess more!
@boboquack humn started rhyming, so I continued it.
12:03 AM
Red circle next to vertical bars
Is this a replacement?
@Deusovi Record
That made it easy
12:04 AM
Never mind.
I'm slow.
Though I went from vertical bars -> prison cell -> security camera -> recording -> record button -> pause button -> vertical bars
join the club :)
I was hoping for the "prison cell" thing to be a distraction
And I was thinking red light district
12:04 AM
@JonathanAllan Not if it would have me as a member.
Now, see, I thought "New ideas going round" would be stupidly easy.
eye see
Or at least get contacted.
@humn Rewriting?
12:06 AM
recommendation? (not sure I should make a clue)
Make copies
gotta contact that one
@Randal'Thor Reprint?
that was my instant guess
12:08 AM
@Deusovi Red
@bobo -2
@humn, your contact withdrawn?
@Deusovi Contact?
yes, I have no contacts (still jerky with the mechanics)
How about a star - do you have one of them? :-)
@Deusovi Thanks. You're a star.
12:10 AM
That was me :P
Three golfers have the last name Randall, but I'm guessing some other celebrity is implicated (one first name matched too)
(also finally caught on that i can have a separate tab for stars)
Randall Thor?
flag has so many possibilities!
O bobo, bobo! Wherefore not guess thou, @bobo?
raking brain methinks
12:16 AM
That sounds painful.
wait have I spelt it wrong?
Are you contacting Flag?
yeah I cant spell
@boboquack I did (possibly).
12:16 AM
no too many possibilities, I'd just kill it
Do it anyway - nothing wrong with multiple contacts
Go ahead then
dont we want to get it?
Yeah, so if someone's already contacting, why not do it too?
OK contact (Flag)
12:18 AM
I'll give up on flag to get the game moving (hopefully)
@Randal'Thor, @JonathanAllan? Make your guesses
I'll go obscure
@Deusovi Rectangle.
also no
12:20 AM
(assuming you don't come from Nepal)
it was REPORT
thought other guess was most likely that :p
Same same television bit
Deja vu, anyone?
Feb 13 at 3:05, by boboquack
Boboquack defending RE
12:24 AM
@humn Recontrol
not recontrol
Same RE word
I can't unstar my NSFW clue - it's gone too far down the starboard :-(
was it guessed?
No, but I was thinking of updating it and removing the old one.
@humn Reconciliation
12:27 AM
@boboquack That was your word last time!
it could've been a resurrection
That's why it's the same RE word
I wonder if @bobo should give up on some of these, just so that we can clear out the starboard a bit.
(trying to make easy clues again)
12:29 AM
@humn Recurring
Has anyone contacted, though?
@humn contact
Self-referential is not recurring
Self-referential - referential
would've been good but no
same dog = recur (would anyone have gotten that?)
Alright, I'll give up in the hope that things will move on
12:33 AM
giving up on self-referential? which has Ral'T's contact
@humn Recursive?
could've been -- reflexive
Hi @GarethMcCaughan!
@boboquack hi. I find this terribly confusing :-).
12:36 AM
Wow, @humn has five outstanding clues.
@GarethMcCaughan yep it is.
@Randal'Thor , I guess that's overdoing it. Same RE word can go for sure
Reinvention @rand new ideas?
@boboquack With so many clues on the go, you need to clarify which one you're aiming for!
@boboquack Nope.
@humn repetition?
12:38 AM
contact @Randal'Thor "New ideas going round"
@boboquack , got it
@GarethMcCaughan finally
so now I say what I think it is, right?
@GarethMcCaughan No!
Only if bobo gives up.
ah, OK. and then if he gives up I say what I think it was, and if I'm wrong all the attackers hate me for disposing of what might be a useful attack. Right?
12:39 AM
well, nobody else had a clue
how is it "repetition"?
@GarethMcCaughan And if you're right, we get a better letter.
Fettered Betty had a better letter ... or something.
repetition = same ("re") word (it was actually "repeat" but close enough)
so how long does the defender have before being obliged to make his guess?
@GarethMcCaughan As long as they like.
(Though they may get mildly frowned at if they dawdle too long.)
12:41 AM
huh, OK.
One clue here lasted an hour.
I'll give up on new ideas
Yeah, most of this game is controlled by "mild frowning"
@boboquack Go for it, @Gareth.
OK, so I think it's "revolution". (Might be "revolutions"; dunno what happens if it's that rather than the exact first word I said.)
12:41 AM
Sorry, just had to pack a bag, I'm going out at some time.
@Deusovi Yeah, there's a lot of potential for abuse if we didn't trust each other.
boboquack is in "retreat"
of course the cheating opportunities here are considerable since @Randal'Thor can perfectly easily say "yup, that was it" whether or not I guessed what he had in mind
+1, @Gareth.
yay, I did something right in this incredibly confusing game
12:42 AM
(I think it's confusing mostly because we're trying to play it in a chatroom)
(How did nobody get that already?)
Boboquack defending REC
(It's a clear ddef.)
(because it's all incredibly confusing, that's why)
12:42 AM
@GarethMcCaughan Only for newbies ;-)
so now do people retract all their existing attacks that don't match REC, or what?
none of my clues are REC , they can be unstarred
@GarethMcCaughan yep
cant keep track of what is guessed for what
OK, my "NSFW" and "Make copies" clues are invalid. Any final guesses?
12:43 AM
"make copies" probably reproduce
all I know is there have been 0 guesses for mine
oh what happened to the star board?
@GarethMcCaughan No, that was meant to be "replicate". Too broad, I suppose.
that's because rehumidifier is not the opposite of a dehumidifier
ah, OK
"replicate" is better
And NSFW was "reproduction".
12:44 AM
@JonathanAllan I guess all the clues were invalidated?
that would explain why I didn't get NSFW; I think it's a bit of a stretch
Is your "Condenser" still valid, btw?
yeah everyone knows it's a rederederehumidifier
(@bobquack because sex = reproduction, kinda)
12:44 AM
eye see = retina
Oh that's what happened
@humn Oh.
@Randal'Thor yes still valid
@boboquack Engaging in reproduction might be considered NSFW.
back after walkies = relieve
12:45 AM
don't know about making a clue = reticent
ah, I thought it was reluctant
that was the misdirection
so who was the 2nd person other than Gareth?
like recursive vs reflexive
12:46 AM
@Deusovi Did you contact that one? Sorry! I didn't see it edited, so I assumed no.
Yeah, but it's alright
contact obscure, for sure (R al'T gets commision on any rhymes, even unmetered ones)
btw what are the rules if any on how, er, obscure clues are allowed to be? do they have to be reasonably straightforward definitions? can they be anything at all, on the grounds that if they're too tough they'll get no contacts?
Anything at all
they can be crossword clues or completely freeform
12:47 AM
Ummm.... dunno about obscure, but give me a moment
OK, will bear that in mind
anyone: so who was the 2nd person other than Gareth?
(I have no idea what this "2nd person other than Gareth" thing even means)
Boat radio/amplifier (don't even guess fewer than 10 letters)
(nor do I)
12:48 AM
I thought 2 people had to guess the right answer?
No, just 1
(ah, that's why I have no idea what it means :-) )
was from the rules at Quora >>>
I'll give up on obscure.
12:50 AM
ah - when they say the word together, it's the "contacter" and the attacker who wrote the clue
contact for obscure
oh I'm too late
so @humn what do you think I had in mind?
go ahead, J, I'll give you my contact, unless you guess different
we replaced that by just the contacter guessing and the attacker confirming or denying
By mine, this game has lasted over two hours
12:50 AM
Contact Rand
contact on rand
@Deusovi *contacter(s)
so @humn do I make a guess or are we awaiting?
go head, Jonathan
boboquack gave up and humn said you should do it, so do it
12:51 AM
@JonathanAllan No, hang on!
It was the other one that bobo gave up on!
1 min ago, by boboquack
I'll give up on obscure.
@JonathanAllan yes, that was it
Or did I miss something?
@Randal'Thor that's the same one Jonathan was guessing
(he removed his guess but it was right)
12:52 AM
yeah was guessing obscure
... am I confused somehow?
Ah alright
Boboquack defending RECA
Oh, sorry. I thought you was guessing humn's, since you pinged humn.
Condenser was rectifier
12:52 AM
no, he pinged humn because humn had an earlier contact on my attack
And that was my guess too, Jonathan! We've got to stop meeting like this
2 mins ago, by Rand al'Thor
By mine, this game has lasted over two hours
how is a condenser a rectifier? it's a capacitor
Now invalidated.
12:53 AM
rand's was reckoning of course
ah, duh
Gareth got it.
... or not so much of course ...
boat radio/amplifier was receivership
12:54 AM
@Gareth, not in a chemistry lab it's not
@JonathanAllan true, but there it isn't a rectifier either
oh @humn nice clue
Never tell me the rules! (contact by humn)
Financial restructuring
12:54 AM
@Randal'Thor contact "Never tell me the rules!"
@GarethMcCaughan Recapitalisation
@boboquack Spelling?
@boboquack yeah, apart from the spelling :-)
There goes my head again (contact by Deusovi)
yeah rectifiers are an apparatus that condense liquid
12:55 AM
Contact, Humn
oh! I hadn't encountered that use of "rectifier" before
yeah I was going for obscure knowledge
it surived an extra letter too!
but maybe easy is actually better anyway
@humn Recapititate
12:56 AM
got it almost, probably what you mean in any case
@Randal'Thor Recall?
What a thrush might surprise you by doing
@boboquack -1
Go on, @humn
who was that star wars with?! oh hi, Rand
12:58 AM
@whoever-else-is-starring-Gareth's-message: that was ridiculous! :-D
Like when you're passing someone in the street and both duck the same way simultaneously, repeatedly.
@humn I don't watch Star Wars :-P
you just live it!
@Randal'Thor Me neither
@boboquack +1
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