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1:00 AM
@boboquack , you got it recapitulate
@humn, What do you think for the rules one?
@humn +1
Boboquack defending RECAP
i can think of only one
1:01 AM
defect was recant
Pin wars that time.
(I assume that if his word were actually "recap" or indeed "recapitulate" he would have admitted it)
my attack is still valid
if it were recapitulate, yes
1:01 AM
I take back my cap
@GarethMcCaughan For "recapitulate", definitely.
Speaking of which...
lol so contact?
@Deusovi contact "Summary"
1:02 AM
contact @ humn
Contact humn and Deusovi.
@Deusovi Recap
@humn Recap
contact @Deusovi
1:02 AM
not recap
no contact @humn different
Contact withdrawn for humn.
just for the curious, what would happen if the entire word were lettered out?
@humn Recapture
1:03 AM
! on recapture
that was my contact
@humn Is that yes?
@humn ? on recapture
If it were, say, recap, and Boboquack had to give another letter, he'd lose
yes (and so is this) on recapture
1:04 AM
Anyone contacted Gareth's?
ok, so here's a question: what happens if two attacks actually involve the same word and the defender gets one of them? does the other attacker have to confess?
@Randal'Thor Recapat?
@boboquack -1
(that's not a word)
1:05 AM
@Gareth Recapturing
Hard on bots
@boboquack my word was actually "recapture" -- it's a Browning quotation -- but I think in fairness I have to let you have "recapturing" given how I wrote the clue
1:07 AM
That "recapture" was worth it for the literature lesson.
@humn Want more literature lessons?
I've snuck a peek or two already, R al'T. Great for further reading!
so if I understand correctly boboquack doesn't have to admit it if his word was, say, "recaptures". But obviously I could e.g. state the challenge "the word 'recaptures'" and it would be an instant contact and bobo wouldn't be able to defeat it. Is there some standing convention that the defender concedes if someone gets that close to his word?
The defender loses if someone's clue leads to his word.
or should we be checking out "recapitulated" and "recapitulation" and so on?
yeah, but the question I'm asking is about clues that lead almost to the word
(actually maybe one of the things we had already was precisely "recapitulation"; I forget)
1:10 AM
And typically, if it's just a plurality thing or something similar, the defender concedes
@GarethMcCaughan You got it.
I got your word? or I got the rules right? or what?
1:11 AM
I was thinking about it in a musical sense
Newly entitled
And that's good because I have to go now.
bye @boboquack
Grats, @Gareth.
Bye, @boboquack.
1:11 AM
so do I have to pick a word now? or what?
Yeah, I'm off too
(not much point if there's going to be no one left)
My "Recap@" was recapping
oh, "ping", ugh
1:12 AM
Newly Entitled was recaptioned
Night @Deusovi!
nice word, @JonathanAllan
1:13 AM
so, anyway, who's actually left here, and are we going to play another game, and is it my job as last guesser to pick a new word?
Guess we've lost a quorum. Fun feetwetting for me.
@GarethMcCaughan I may gradually fade out. It's late and I have lots to do. Maybe you can get a game with humn and Jonathan, or just leave it for tomorrow with a note that it's your turn?
@GarethMcCaughan Yes to the last question.
uh I need to make coffee
I'm up for a partial round, but we're all novices now except R.'..
It's late here too (@Randal'Thor and I are both in the UK) so I'd as soon not play another game now, especially as the last apparently lasted >2 hours.
1:13 AM
I can wait.
I will be in no way offended if someone else starts a game the next time the forum has a quorum.
Before you go, Gareth, I trust you saw the re-something of polygon solipsism
I did. Deusovi almost immediately posted an answer, which I didn't think about at all -- was it right?
@GarethMcCaughan struggling to think of more rhymes for that
No, he retracted it. Your original path was on track.
1:15 AM
ah, fair enough
@Randal'Thor I also tried to think of more, for a couple of seconds, but gave up :-). There are things like "high cockalorum", I guess, but that's not much use.
Thanks for another new word, Gareth, bye for now.
@humn Hmn.
oh by humn!
1:32 AM
Sorry guys, didn't have the chance to load up the bot this morning, will do that presently
Type !!start <letter> to begin, or !!help for a list of commands
There's a bot?
To start a game, type `!!start <letter>`.
To reveal a letter, type `!!add <letter>`.
To end the game, type `!!reset`.
All clues should be in bold. The bot will automatically assign a number to the clue.
To unstar a clue, type `!!unstar <number>`.
To disable the bot, type `!!shutdown`.
To see this message again, type `!!help`.
For whoever wants to play, the bot is currently available. To see a list of commands, type !!help.
Warning: no active game
Can't unstar unless you're a mod or an RO.
wait... what?
why couldn't I do that?
it said ROs had to have 100rep
Hang on, I'll show you.
Now try (using the bot account) to unstar the "no active game" message.
1:38 AM
(I'm running the bot on my Volatility account)
... oh.
Then why is there a PSE Contact account at all?
so I can run the bot on that account and play with my Volatility account
@PSEContact There's no rep requirement to be an RO.
it also makes it less confusing for players
@PSEContact Well, that's what I thought. But then why are you running the bot on your Volatility account?
1:40 AM
because I couldn't make this account an RO for some reason
Well, I just did.
hang on, let me try
it won't let me
Must be a mod thing then.
I'll rero the bot.
1:42 AM
Shutting down...
Type !!start <letter> to begin, or !!help for a list of commands
Oh, one potential issue: there's a limit on the number of stars a single user can add in a single room per day.
You may want to disable any automatic starring on the bot's part.
yeah - it pins and unpins to overcome that
The players can star by hand, and just let the bot handle unstarring.
Oh, OK.
That's cheaty starring! :-P
Is there any rate-limiting on pins?
1:45 AM
@Randal'Thor you can star your own messages that way too!
@boboquack I know!
That's why it's cheaty!
I think the bot can only do one thing at a time, and it's relatively slow at that, so rate-limiting won't be an issue
Rand al'Thor is awesome.
^ see how cheaty it is?
Shutting down...
1:47 AM
the heck?
wait a sec
I'd prefer to wait a cosec or a cot.
Type !!start <letter> to begin, or !!help for a list of commands
1:49 AM
Stop sinning
All right, I'll get my cosh instead.
It was lagging really behind for some reason
Anyone need beating up?
boboquack defending h
Warning: defenders can't give clues
(bobo, if you want to test the bot, I can load it up in the test room as well I think)
1:54 AM
I thought it was Gareth's turn to defend?
Type !!start <letter> to begin, or !!help for a list of commands
@Volatility How do we know what number is assigned to each clue?
it'll pin the clue with the number on it
1 hour later…
2:58 AM
Shutting down...
Type !!start <letter> to begin, or !!help for a list of commands
6 hours later…
8:54 AM
Shutting down...
The bot is currently online. Type !!help to see a list of commands.
Type !!start <letter> to begin
3 hours later…
12:07 PM
Shutting down...
9 hours later…
9:22 PM
so who if anyone is actually actively here?
hello. Looks like there's nobody here but us chickens
or in your case ducks
I have to go for now. Bye!
9:36 PM
2 hours later…
11:18 PM
The bot is currently online. Type !!help to see a list of commands.
Type !!start <letter> to begin
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