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Pretty sure this question needs some 'usernames and passwords may be visible to others' disclaimer on it
@pixel If only we could edit each others' posts!
yes but the post I would edit is all icky
sigh, Caves 2 and still 1 heart container
why oh why
1:20 PM
Q: What exactly constitutes a "flawless victory/defeat" in TF2?

RetrosaurI'm just curious as to what these messages "actually" mean. In one case, we played a long hard battle of Dustbowl, and eventually the timer ran out. Then, the "administrator" said: "Flawless Defeat. You didn't kill anyone!!". I was extremely positive I had at least killed one person. So w...

thanks a lot Mom
Good morning, Bridge
@fbueckert If you say so :P
@RilgonArcsinh I have the beginnings of a migraine, it's Monday, and I'm at work.
If I can say it's a good morning, it's a good morning, got it?
Fortunately, Monday this week is a day off in the UK
1:30 PM
I just got off work and have no alcohol, so no, it's not. :P
I do hope your headache gets better, though. :<
but I disagree that it's a good morning
on account of me sleeping through it
@pixel That makes it even better, then!
1:42 PM
nope, I was meant to get things done this morning
like clean clothes for work tomorrow
The question in question I am questioning is based on this questionable statement on another question "It was used a lot in CM builds before the crit triggering got nerfed – Alok 2 days ago" How to best express questioning Alok comments? — Jim Thio 4 mins ago
1:57 PM
too many instances of 'question'
@pixel Too much missing the point and completely disregarding what I'm telling him.
Too much cake! \o/
you have 6 pokes, 1 friend request and 2 event invites
Ok, I'm done trying to help that guy. Now I just VTC and downvote his bad questions.
Does blizzard actually intent anyone to reach lvl 100? — Jim Thio 6 mins ago
I rest my case.
2:23 PM
Q: Philosopher's Stone tooltip bug

BondyeThere is this new awesome map Proving Ground. In this game you start with enough gold to buy the Philosopher's stone. But the tooltip starts counting without actually getting the money. Is this a bug or do I get the money later?

Why is this room called "The Bridge" anyway?
Every mothership has a bridge. This is ours.
@njallam The bridge is the place in the starship where everything happens.
OK, there's one mystery solved.
The other is:
A: Is there a way to change an existing map from Default to Large biomes?

njallamFirst a quick note, This will not affect any chunks that are already generated. Only the ones generated after changing to LARGE BIOMES. Download NBTedit and then extract and run it. Click "Open" and navigate to your server directory. Find your world folder and open the file "level.dat" insid...

Downvote? SRSLY!
2:25 PM
@badp thanks
Now, any ideas why that answer of mine was downvoted?
@njallam A: it wasn't
@badp It was
-10 24 mins ago unupvote Is there a way to change an existing map from Default to Large biomes?
2:26 PM
+2 upvotes, +/-0 downvotes
It was retracted
Uh, that's not a downvote, that's a revoked upvote
Well there's another mystery solved
voting is anonymous btw so most of these "why was I voted?" questions can't be answered
2:27 PM
why was my answer voted on?
@badp It is nice to get feedback though
@njallam Just don't sweat unup/downvotes too much :)
I never said it was you, I was wondering how can I improve it to prevent peopel downvoting
@badp I'll try
remember it takes 5 downvotes to have the opposite effect of 1 upvote
@pixel OK, true
but still, rep-- D:
2:29 PM
not the end of the world
it's not like losing rep means you get to breathe less often in real life
I think it was the OP because he no longer needs an answer.
I think speculation is counter productive in most cases
I haven't tried it as the whole thing was running on a CentOS server that I access entirely using command line. We ended up starting a fresh map, so I have no idea if this works or not. — libertas 28 mins ago
What happens then?
2:40 PM
...I should not feel this bad about being reprimanded by an NPC in an MMO :<
@RilgonArcsinh Kill stuff. Blood and gore always makes me feel better.
2:56 PM
Q: Transfer saved games to another pc

MaxI have been playing FIFA 11 on my friend's laptop for a long time. Now, I have a new laptop. How do I transfer all my saved manager mode games to my laptop? Is it possible to transfer my profile as well?

Q: Powered Rail Booster - Continuous Ride and Stopping

BenI currently use Powered Rail boosters at my main stopping points (bases). Each consists of 4 powered rails and 4 regular rails in an alternating loop. = Powered Rail - Regular Rail -=- = = -=- Prior to getting in the minecart I press a button which leads to a series of redstone...

Q: Can the affixes on an item tell me if it's desirable?

JQAnAre affixes in a specific item type rare enough to make an item highly desirable? For example, and I'm making this up, is +INT on pants rarer than +INT on 1-Hand weapons? Are some affixes so much rarer than others that just by seeing them I should know it would sell for high amounts of gold in ...

3:21 PM
Woah, I think someone just went through and upvoted 4 of my answers :D
Q: Deck Tactics - Jace's Dream Puppets

BenI have played through a considerable portion of the game, mostly with Garruk's Pack Instinct and Ajani's Celestial Light. I am trying to gain an appreciation of all the decks, and I am currently working on Jace's Dream Puppets. In particular I find him difficult to play against anyone who can ge...

Q: Is there a significant difference between an original sony dualshock 2 to a relatively cheap third party gamepad?

GregOriginal sony controller costs about 22$ http://www.ebay.com/itm/Original-SONY-Playstation-2-ps2-DualShock-2-Controller-Green-/110896638307?pt=Video_Games_Accessories&hash=item19d1f46963#ht_582wt_865 This nice looking third party gamepad looks nice and very similar to the origin http://www.e...

@Lazers Feels like a purchase rec to me.
@RilgonArcsinh There's an answerable question in there.
Just remove the links to ebay, though, and limit it to what the differences are between a first party and third party controller.
Yeah, fair enough.
3:39 PM
@RilgonArcsinh Yep, shop-rec, closed
Dunno about the version after @fbueckert's edits
@badp Didn't edit.
@fbueckert That's why I dunno.
Checked his second link, and it looks exactly like a Sony controller.
I hate users that add a link to their youtube videos in an attempt to garner more views, even when it's just slightly related to the answer.
Smacks of self promotion.
"The question in question I am questioning is based on this questionable statement on another question" - this took me a minute to parse out. Someone likes the word "question".
3:54 PM
Also, I totally forgot my TARDIS usb hub lights up and makes noise when you plug things into it. Scared the crap out of me.
@AshleyNunn Yeah. I tried to help him out and give him some tips on how to write better questions, but all we're getting is, "Does it work now?"
@fbueckert yeeeah. That's not useful.
So, fine. I tried. Now his stuff gets downvoted and VTC'd without me trying to salvage it.
@AshleyNunn Also, since you're here.
@Lazers did not announce my first ever question. I am crushed.
The latest update for Star Command pegs a tentative release date of middle of October.
@RilgonArcsinh He will. He goes on half hour cycles.
3:58 PM
@RilgonArcsinh It will - it only runs every so many minutes.
@fbueckert tentative excitement
Unless we closed it. Then he ignores it.
Ah, okay.
Votes to close @RilgonArcsinh's question
3:59 PM
Q: Is there any way to have sound while The Secret World is not the focused program?

Rilgon ArcsinhIn a number of other games I play, there is an option in the Sound menu or similar that allows me to still hear my sounds even when alt-tabbed out of the game. Generally, this option is something like "Allow Sound while Alt-Tabbed" or "Allow Sound while Not Focus". The Secret World's Audio Option...

@fbueckert You're so nice :P
@AshleyNunn If I wasn't, I wouldn't be trying to help users. :P
@fbueckert I suppose you may have a small point there
@AshleyNunn Never mind that they've missed their Summer 2012 deadline with that.
4:02 PM
@fbueckert This is why my hope and excitement are very tentative. They're trying to do so much that I am scared to expect anything when they say
If it doesn't come out by this latest release date, I'm going to conclude it's a massive scam.
@fbueckert yeaaah
@pixel Bleh, is that really the only way? :(
I don't know if it's the only way, it's the way I used though
as you say, very few audio settings in TSW
@RilgonArcsinh Full screen windowed is my mode of choice; it works ever so much better with multi-monitor setups.
4:09 PM
I hate games crapping themselves when I move my mouse onto another screen
games that don't have a borderless fullscreen window mode are bad
@pixel In those cases, I usually reduce the windowed resolution so that it fits on one screen.
I do everything in windowed mode ._.
In those cases, I usually uninstall it and find another game to play
It's as bad as not having the ability to rebind controls in my opinion
@pixel Good luck getting any non-AAA titles to support modes like that.
4:29 PM
@pixel Isnt that a relatively new rendering mode? I am happy a lot of game do it but I did not think it to be standard practice.
every single game I have installed has a fullscreen window mode
except the Mass Effect series
but there is a reason I don't play that anymore
and it isn't relating to the terrible ending
Q: Visited-links are too low-contrast

SevenSidedDieVisited links on the site are a dark blue that has very low contrast with the surrounding black text. This isn't a problem in post bodies since links are dotted-underlined (except in post preview, oddly), but visited links tend to disappear in comments. I'm a visually-typical individual, and eve...

4:42 PM
Ah, thanks to whoever improved my question title
Q: Why does my Plague of Toads make me croak?

agent86When my Witch Doctor hit level 11, I decided to take my Plague of Toads for a spin. However, a typical encounter for me with Plague of Toads goes something like: I see a mob of enemies I summon several waves of toads The toads meander outward in a rough 45 degree arc The enemies walk right th...

@agent86 That title makes me want to stab you :P
@James aw, c'mon, it's awesome
the comments on the accepted answer are worth the price of admission.
although I like the other answer better now, it came a few weeks later. luckily, I CONTROL THE GREEN CHECKMARK
Speaking of that question, I tore the youtube link out of the newest answer on there; it doesn't seem to add anything of value, and is almost guaranteed blatant self-promotion.
A: How to equip Serana?

SteamModderI've found that can equip Serana with about any armor that you want (including custom armor in the Steam workshop). Usually it has to be a higher rating, but from the console you can removeallitems 0 to drop the vampire armor. Once that is done you could openactorcontainer 1 and put into the in...

This seems like spam.
And I'm not brave enough to follow that link at work.
A: My companion won't wear her armor

SteamModderI've found that you can equip Serana with about any armor that you want (including custom armor in the Steam workshop)...on the PC it does require some console commands to be used. Usually for a follower to wear items it has to be a higher rating, but from the console you can removeallitems 0 to...

5:05 PM
@fbueckert He just copy/pasted this...yea you got it
And we get the same thing on another one.
Spam flags, ahoy!
@fbueckert There's actually not much spam going on
The link just go to an image
(which I embedded)
I just don't know if these posts do or do not answer the posts he's replying to
@badp They answer it anecdotally, with "Usually for a follower to wear items it has to be a higher rating"
I dunno; it seems those answers are designed to get the links in there.
And adding a link to a picture that's not even related to the answer doesn't engender trust.
This is what I've been doing all day.
@RonanForman Welcome to a job.
5:11 PM
Time well spent
@OrigamiRobot Didn't see you online much this weekend.
@RonanForman grats
6:08 PM
Q: Is it worth using the most expensive salvage kits on low level items?

stoldarkIs it worth using master's salvage kits on loot from low level areas? Will I get rare materials from them, or would it rather be more efficient (profit wise) to use low level kits on low level items?

@RonanForman lol
@RonanForman Hey! I was trying to figure out what the difference was between the two :P
hehe. Going to start making videos like slamacow?
I've got something cool planned, but I'll have to work up to it.
6:24 PM
I decided to Google the word "constructive," and then couldn't stop laughing.
@Koviko That's one of the more popular xkcd comics that get posted here.
@fbueckert And for good reason! I'm in love with it. lol
6:47 PM
The bitching on the bnet forums never ceases to amaze me.
Found one thread about a barb who's apparently unable to make any money.
And turns out he's farming Act 3 in completely self-found gear.
And he's massively undergeared to do so.
So, when people reasonably suggest he should go to Act 1 or 2, he flies off the handle and says it's not worth his time.
7:35 PM
@fbueckert what's wrong in bringing your own gear?
isn't the whole point of the game finding gear in order to equip it and proceed further in the game?
Anyone have a good wireless headset (w/ microphone) they recommend?
@James Shog9's been recommending the Logitech H800 lately.
@AnnaLear Added to the list thanks :)
@AnnaLear How did you get your human to pose like that?
7:43 PM
@Wipqozn treats and magic
7:59 PM
@badp Nothing at all. The problem is that he's massively undergeared for what he wants to do, and refuses to accept that.
8:09 PM
@fbueckert is it because he keeps getting killed?
@badp Yup.
or is there just some golden standard for act 3 stuff and he's flunking it hard
@fbueckert ah. Well it kind of sucks to have to play again and again the same areas
Nope, he's just dying. And bitching about not being able to make money, or find good items.
I guess he breezed through the first 2 acts without looking at everything carefully or something
He's whining about how he wants to find a godly legendary, and won't play Act 1 or 2 because he doesn't think they drop there.
@badp Yeah, it sucks, but Diablo is all about the grind. Playing above your level is just asking to get hammered.
@badp He probably went, "Boring! I can solo these no problem! Bring on the challenge!" and then promptly got roflstomped.
And insists it's not his fault; the game must be broken.
8:17 PM
...it kind of is true
In no Diablo-alikes I had to grind previous areas to find the loot I needed to march onward
dunno about Diablo 2
or Diablo 1
but typically with average luck you can just keep going and do adequately
@badp Inferno is meant to be stupidly hard.
oh, Inferno. nvm me
I thought it was like easy difficulty
@badp Nope. He's whining about being unable to farm Act 3 reasonably unless someone carries him.
In Inferno, you aren't correctly geared for the next act until you outgear the previous act
@pixel Until you get to Act 3.
If you can solo Act 3, you're fine for Act 4.
8:29 PM
yeah, but like this guy is doing you can't say "I can make it through act 2, I'm ready for act 3"
the correct statement is "I'm pretty much facerolling act 2... time for act 3"
@pixel He's more like "Act 2 is BORING! I want to do Act 3, but I can't make any money. Game is broken!"
yeah, he's just wrong
leave him to it, he'll spend the rest of his life dieing his way through act 3
and if he's of the opinion that the game is broken now, he must have still been in Hell difficulty before 1.0.4
@pixel This is why I haven't tried Act 3 yet.
@pixel Yeah, they've made it slightly easier in 1.04.
I can do Act 2, kind of.
8:33 PM
Which I'm glad for; it allowed me to finish Inferno.
I started on Act 2 when I realized I could use literally any build I wanted and still faceroll Act 1.
Once I get to that point in Act 2, I will start on Act 3.
@StrixVaria I still have some moments that are slightly iffy in Act 2, but that's more due to some crazy stupid combinations of elites.
@fbueckert Now that certain attributes can't spawn together, I feel like elites are all bounded much more tightly in the same range of difficulty.
You don't get completely screwed over, but you don't get dead easy combinations either.
@StrixVaria My absolute worst combinations involve any monster that loves to run (bees, shamans, those stupid gargoyles) and Molten.
What gargoyles?
8:36 PM
They tweaked the AI so that it doesn't turn around and try to blast you in the face so much, but they need to tweak the running AI more.
@StrixVaria Act 3 and up - those Moloks.
Playing a ranged class has made me look forward to bees compared to other enemies.
I'll just have to pay attention this time through A3. I don't know what enemies you're talking about.
I'm helping my GF through A3 hell, so I'll pay attention.
Nothing is more annoying than a shaman that runs away, forcing me to run in his damage trail in order to keep hitting him. And unless I can corner him, he CONTINUALLY runs away.
@StrixVaria They're the things that grab soldiers off the battlements, and spit fire at you.
@fbueckert Oh those things are the worst.
I hate that you can't kill the ones that grab the soldiers.
@StrixVaria I don't mind that all that much. I hate when they land around you, run away, and spit fire when they get far enough away.
Pre-1.04, they hit stupidly hard.
And the fact that getting them to hold still long enough to kill is an exercise in frustration.
I've taken to hiding behind a corner or something, then punching their faces off when they try to get close enough to hit me.
9:06 PM
@fbueckert They still hit stupidly hard imho
they one hit me
I just hate everthing that is really fast or jumping around. Everything else is manageable (at least until act 2)
9:20 PM
Q: How can I tell where a title comes from (and progression towards it)?

stoldarkI can see I already have some titles, and I can choose them from the achievements tab in the hero panel. But I am not sure where do they come from. For example, I have the title 'traveler'. I assume I got this because I have some achievements in the explorer category, but I am not sure. Is ther...

@spugsley They hit worse prior to the patch.
@fbueckert well, I can't really tell considering I got onehit both before and after the patch :p
@spugsley They, and those stupid swift skull cleavers regularly murdered me. The damage was still very spikey.
9:42 PM
@spugsley I hate playing as my DH because it's so fragile.
Even before the patch at least my WD could take a couple hits, but the DH is made out of tissue paper or something.
@StrixVaria agree....but I don't feel like leveling another character to sixty :(
Leveling to 60 can be fun if you have someone else to play through with.
My long-term goal right now is to get all 5 classes to paragon level 20.
I figure by paragon level 20, they'll have to be at least self-sufficient.
That way whenever I sit down to play, I can farm with whichever class I feel like playing at the time.
So the big TWEWY reveal was...an iOS port.
@fbueckert TWEWY?
@StrixVaria The World End With You
A really good DS game. Bit of a sleeper hit.
9:51 PM
Sounds like a Bond movie.
@StrixVaria It's from Squeenix. You expect anything less?
Q: What causes bonus experience in combat?

sjohnstonI've noticed that in combat, I'll frequently have a little "bonus" amount of experience tacked on to the regular experience from a kill. The game obviously recognizes how awesome I am. However, I'm curious what specific awesome thing(s) I can do to get this bonus experience.

Q: What is the music that plays in the Villa when you go near the living room home theatre?

gameaddictIn the Villa map, when you go near or in the living room where the home theatre is, there is some opera music playing. What is the name of the music and where can it be downloaded?

Q: I can't join server on Counter Strike Global Offensive

LtmI double click a server to join and most of the time a box comes up saying join game, refresh, cancel and the server information so I click refresh then join game but nothing happens and sometimes when I click favourites nothing shows up.

You guys should look at gameaddict's recent question. I can't deal with it because my internet is slow
I cam only access chat on mobile
@murgatroid99 Bleh.
Aren't those off-topic?
It's a gray area
he already has 2 answers
9:56 PM
@murgatroid99 Self-answered to add more information that s/b in the question.
Eh. Sounds like it's too localized.
He asked a question, answered it twice himself, and is arguing with himself in his own comments on his own answers.
@StrixVaria Sounds like classic gameaddict.
I was trying to tell him what huge should do, but my internet is slow enough today that it takes forever to comment
@murgatroid99 What he should do is nothing.
What we should do is close it.
I'm just debating if it's Not Constructive or Off Topic.
10:23 PM
Q: Synonomize tag RSV2

gameaddictRSV2 is commonly used to search for Rainbow Six Vegas 2. No one has used either tag before, so someone removed RSv2 tag and recommended I post on meta to synonomize the two (whatever that means).

Q: Launcher With Jar Changer

RevIs there a launcher that allows me to use different JAR files? I get tired of renaming/copying/backing up various JARs when trying out snapshots. I haven't been able to find anything like this searching.

10:58 PM
Whoooooo!! 9k!
@fbueckert @OrigamiRobot sez: Not Constructive
Got Thursday and Friday off to go along with national holiday Monday for a 5 day weekend :D
11:13 PM
Oh man, I forgot this weekend was a long weekend :D
Also, t shirt and stickers and pens and shit.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Yes - I got the awesome Arqade swag today. Just in time for PAX - woot!
Thanks to SE for the cool freebies!
Q: Tips for long-term survival in the Nether

stupidmanBy survive long term I mean as in Overworld time surviving, I just joined a multiplayer server and want to make a village in the Nether. Does anyone have any helpful tips to aid me, such as growing food, trees and building?

Q: What is strength for?

Ilya MelamedIn the game there is a stat of Strength and items that increase it, however, I haven't seen any influence of that stat. How does it affect death?

Q: What happens when I die?

Ilya MelamedWhen I die in Darksiders 2, and I respawn. Does it has any affect on me, like loss of xp, or loss of starting health, or am I returned to the respawn place at the exact same condition in which I died?

11:30 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz people still use mousepads?
@pixel Not when they make my mouse skip like this one does!!! Suddenly I am upset.
(No seriously, I do normally use a mousepad, but it's one of those fancy ones with a gel wristwrest at the base of it which is the reason I use it, not for mouse tracking.)
Also, yeah, arqade mousepad makes my mouse skip. I am saddened.
ah ok
I haven't used a mousemat like ever
I can understand why they would have been useful when using mice with a ball in it]
@pixel Listen kid, BACK IN MY DAY you needed a mousepad to ensure a smooth gliding surface for the trackball.
but I've never actually owned a mouse with a ball in it
back in your day the world was in black and white though, mice tracking incorrectly doesn't seem like it's high on the list of priorities when everything is greyscale
@pixel Yes yes, we've already established that you are a child and do not remember The Good Old Days. Now hush, the grown-ups are talking.
11:34 PM
how rude
It's fine though, once you're retired I will still be very much full of life
that's like next year isn't it?
@pixel Something something get off my lawn.
You have a lawn?
@pixel Keeping in mind that I don't really have a permanent address, the house in which I am currently ensconced does in fact have a lawn, yes.
well, ok then
@spugsley @OrigamiRobot Good. Then we're on the same page.
11:43 PM
Oh hey, SolForge added a guaranteed Android launch commitment.
So, if you were holding off on throwing them a few bucks because you prefer not-iThings, you can give Kibler and Garfield some money now.
11:53 PM
@AshleyNunn Woot Woot :)
Q: How do I force a game to download saves from the Steam Cloud?

murgatroid99I have a game on Steam that supports Steam Cloud (according to the store page and corroborated by the settings window). I know that I had a save file in this game, but when I installed it and tried to play it, I did not have my saved game. I tried to uncheck the "Enable Steam Cloud synchronizati...

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