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12:00 AM
I haven't seen the exorcist
@pixel Now that is worth fixing.
I'm not religious
I'm of the mindset that this was all a very convenient accident
is the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy movie worth watching after reading the books?
@pixel No, but the old bbc radio play is worth a listen.
yeah... listening to speech for hours on end doesn't work well for me paying attention
12:08 AM
the movie isn't awful, it's worth watching
Is there a completely legitimate and good quality version of the new batman movie available yet?
12:11 AM
@pixel Yes there is. At your local cineplex.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I SUSPECT THAT YOU PURPOSELY MISSED THE POINT but I heard yours loud and clear!
@MarkTrapp I actually didn't know that, thanks for ruining that movie based on a real event for me
well isn't that original, the terrorists are killing people in a hotel
oh and they're german
unless this one guy is just saying left and right in german for no reason
12:14 AM
@pixel In 1988 that was a pretty original plot.
Dang DNR ain't going to be released for home viewing until December 7th. Just like what happened with Dark Knight.
@pixel And it was even more original in 1979 when the novel came out.
ok so the phones got cut off, why didn't anybody just use a mobile phone?
@pixel 1988
12:17 AM
that's why --^
what, mobile phones didn't exist in 1988?
I'm SO glad I was born after the stone age
Get off my damn lawn.
Prince Charles and a "pocket sized" cell phone lulz
12:20 AM
the future is now
the car has a phone, it's a multi-billion dollar company, I don't buy them not having a mobile phone somewhere
@pixel You're so cute sometimes.
although most likely this will give you all some giggles - I just had to google what CB is
breaker breaker one-nine we got smokey on our tail over
Netflix better have Convoy dammit
12:31 AM
Now I understand where "Now I have a machinegun... ho ho ho" came from
@MarkTrapp Smokey & The Bandit instead IMO
Don't tell me how to feel!
@MarkTrapp I'm not your real dad, yadda yadda yadda
Dang, Convoy is on YouTube
12:50 AM
So thats where yippie ki yay came from
now, what does it mean?
@pixel No, that's where Yippie Ki Yay mother fuckers comes from.
Yippie ki yay predates it by several decades at least.
If not an entire century
it's an exclamation of joy.
strange exclamation of joy
@pixel Imagine a cowboy hollering it on horseback.
with my complete lack of exposure to that kind of culture I will just have to imagine
Mmm, pan-seared chicken and broccoli, plus Ommegang Abbey Ale and Tobi-wan streaming DOTA2
what a dinner :D
1:03 AM
Huh... So.... All the Guild Wars 2 American servers are Full. I can't even create a character...
Great launch experience right there. /snark
oh awesome
that's a method of blowing up an entire floor of terrorists
@LessPop_MoreFizz It's apparently been a launch of Diablo 3 proportions...
@Fluttershy Not possible, the servers are at least up.
@RilgonArcsinh They went live at midnight. Were down until... 10?
But what good is a server being up if you can't get into it anyway? O_o
1:10 AM
@Fluttershy Ah, well, I stand corrected then!
rofl... "as in Helsinki, Sweden"
yeah because a firehose would support the weight of a grown man jumping off a roof
I like how he's bleeding enough to colour a fountain red but doesn't leave any red footprints as he's walking
1:31 AM
@pixel Given the sort of pressure a firehose carries, I believe it can support a persons weight.
maybe if that person's weight wasn't at falling speed
@pixel those things can accomodate 1000 psi in some cases.
ok so I'm at the start of Die Hard 2 and I have to ask
are all of these movies based at christmas, with a terrorist attack, with john mcclane as the sole force against evil?
@pixel Preeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttyyyy much.
meh, next movie then
1:41 AM
MLG was great!
I wish I had some Arqade swag to give out..
@pixel 3 and 4 drop the christmas.
you said there wasn't a fourth
@pixel Wasn't that Lethal Weapon movies he cited?
1:50 AM
I've seen enough explosions this weekend, I need something less action oriented
So I witnessed South Korean players in action.. in person..
I need to ask 7 more movie/tv questions on movies.se
because then I have the whole of the first page of newest questions
active site and all that
drops something
new microsoft logo
if you take the new logo and rotate it 45 degrees
you get
just saying
2:05 AM
Well, those were the Windows colors all along
I actually prefer the old logo
why do people seem to always star sad faces?
fastest stars ever
2:08 AM
:( = new lazer
erm :)
I think it's built into the system and happens automatically
do we have downvotes here
the system thrives on people's pain.
2:08 AM
its like facebook
they only allow positive things here
which is definitely beneficial for me, I'd get downvoted so much
look i star'd your post!
somebody recommend a movie from the last 15 years that is good please
I dislike the 80s
and I feel sorry for everybody born during that period of time or earlier
@pixel Swingers
unless, you're a girl. then you won't like it as much.
2:11 AM
and yes
so I should avoid that then?
@pixel yes that one. it's a guy movie.
it's the only good movie Vince Vaughn made.
I was going to ask who that was, but IMDB says he was in Dodgeball
@pixel If you like Kevin Smith, I recommend Chasing Amy.
2:15 AM
who is Kevin Smith? lol
oh, a director
:( ded from hunger in minecraft
@pixel It barely qualifies (1997), but The Game
@TimStone what??? it's been 15years since 1997?
now i'm sad
shakes fist at time
2:17 AM
so many comments I could make that would make you feel worse
ok I shall acquire both of those movies
IMDB ranks "The Shawshank Redemption" as the best movie ever
by votes, according to the public
worth watching?
Shawshank Redemption is inoffensive.
Chasing Amy however, is fucking great.
oh wow
ok I'm not going to watch the Shawshank Redemption on account of the contents of the parental guide
@pixel wat.
@pixel it really depends on what kind of movies you like...
@Jin I watch most things, this particular activity is more about watching movies I wouldn't usually watch
like, watching every movie I should see at some point in my life
2:24 AM
@pixel It's a movie about a prison.
@pixel Have you seen the AFI lists? THey're the best place tos tart IMO
my top 5 movies of ALL time: 1) Swingers 2) Goodfellas 3) Godfather II 4) Dumb and Dumber 5) Kill Bill
I'm partial to Arlington Road too, if just for the way it plays out.
@Jin I haven't seen any of those
@pixel you haven't seen dumb 'n dumber???
@Jin I was one when it came out
2:31 AM
^ how you make me feel right now...
oh kill bill has the woman from my super ex girlfriend in it
I actually do think I've seen kill bill, I recognise the box
@LessPop_MoreFizz where are these lists?
The first of the AFI 100 Years… series of cinematic milestones, AFI's 100 Years…100 Movies is a list of the 100 best American movies, as determined by the American Film Institute from a poll of more than 1,500 artists and leaders in the film industry who chose from a list of 400 nominated movies. The 100-best list was unveiled in 1998. A 145-minute presentation of the 100 films aired on CBS. A 460-minute version aired as a 10-part series on TNT, hosted by Jodie Foster, Richard Gere, Sally Field and narrated by James Woods. An updated version of the list, billed as a 10th Anniversary editi...
Oh, where's that awesome Kill Bill billboard you linked to the other day @Jin? That was cool.
@Jin well sorry :(
2:35 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz A lot of these movies probably pre-date your birth by double your age (at a guess), where the hell am I meant to find them to watch?
I mean really... "Citizen Kane" from 1941?
@pixel Citizen Kane is a masterpiece and is easy to find.
@pixel Yes really.
actually strangely enough that is quite easy to find
@LessPop_MoreFizz I don't know... I really didn't care much for Citizen Kane
2:36 AM
why can I find 500 billion copies of a movie from world war 2 but can't find the first mega hit released on CD ROM (7th guest)?
I think it's a good movie, but I just don't see what the big deal is. Maybe for its time period, it was greater than what it is now to us.
why is the newest movie on this list from 2001?
that's like saying there have been no decent movies in a whole decade... oh
@Jin Uncultured swine.
You probably think the opening shot of Touch of Evil is unimpressive too.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I have seen only three movies off this list... Lord of the Rings, Sixth Sense, and Titanic
Twilight New Moon was the best movie of our generation right guys
2:42 AM
@pixel What kind of sad childhood did you have where you didn't see the Wizard of Oz?
@MarkTrapp I have never seen a twilight movie either, it's not something I'm planning on fixing ever
@MarkTrapp I don't know, since I haven't seen it?
I am going to watch Toy Story next though
@LessPop_MoreFizz mmmm swine.... bacon...
there is a decent chance I saw toy story in my childhood but have no memory of it
2:44 AM
@MarkTrapp omg yus! team Jacob! YOLO!
You don't need to choose a side when you have #swag
I've seen 37 out of 100 of these movies. But I would claim at least 53 if someone asked me if I had seen X movie
@LessPop_MoreFizz funny story, I somehow have a physical DVD copy of 2001: a space odyssey - I've also never seen that
IIRC there is no spoken dialog for like the first 15 minutes of the movie and it sent me to sleep
@pixel the first DVD I ever bought was Starship Troopers. I don't care what the critics say, I loved that movie.
I'm not convinced I have ever bought a DVD
and if I have, it was serenity
2:46 AM
@Jin :|
I can't remember what was the first DVD I bought. I think it was Thumb Wars
@Jin I concur. Which means everyone else is clearly wrong.
nope, my copy of serenity doesn't have a price sticker on it, so it was a gift
@TimStone indubitably
the first CD I ever bought was amazon.com/Unplugged-Eric-Clapton/dp/B000002MFE
I don't know why I remember these things..
I'd also like to say how much I've been enjoying Sleeping Dogs, although I probably have a large bias since it's based in Hong Kong and makes me nostalgic.
2:48 AM
now, once you drift back over to music instead of movies
I would probably surprise you when I say I own over 5000 vinyls
and a pair of record decks
@pixel hipster
nuh uh, I know how to use them as well
you know, I googled what you meant by hipster
and I'm sorry to say I miss the generally accepted age bracket to be called a hipster
pixel is in a really obscure age bracket, you probably never heard of it
oh i got a new hoodie today
2:51 AM
although the urban dictionary definition and the wikipedia definition don't say the same thing
@Jin I take it you had a good time, then?
"Hipsters are the friends who sneer when you cop to liking Coldplay. They're the people who wear t-shirts silk-screened with quotes from movies you've never heard of and the only ones in America who still think Pabst Blue Ribbon is a good beer. They sport cowboy hats and berets and think Kanye West stole their sunglasses. Everything about them is exactingly constructed to give off the vibe that they just don't care."
@RavenDreamer yes! you should go tomorrow. I played Dust 514, talked to CCP devs. also played a lot of Borderlands 2.
Dammit, that's the second time I've managed to desync D3.
2:55 AM
The skill trees in Borderlands2 are interesting. But I didn't play long enough to get too far.
when you say "interesting", is this a good thing/bad thing/just a different thing?
any guns 'n roses fans here?
Don't you know you need sometime on your ownnnnn
3:13 AM
@fbueckert cut it out! :p
Q: How do I resolve this desync issue?

fbueckertEver since 1.04 came out, I've managed to desync the game twice. I'm not 100% sure what I did to cause it in the first place, but when it happens, it looks like this: Symptoms include: Unable to die. The damage I take is fairly significant, but my life never hits 0. I don't die. Unable to...

@fbueckert oh goodness, that does not look good
@spugsley Yeah. I have no idea how I cause it, but this is way worse than the previous desync issues, prior to 1.04.
@fbueckert hrmmm interesting. I'll be curious to see the answer
@spugsley Would you mind joining my game to see if I can get unstuck?
I'd prefer to not lose my progress if I don't have to.
3:17 AM
@fbueckert unfortunately, I have five stacks :/
@spugsley Blurg.
Alright, I'll see if I can find someone else to join.
Well, there go my stacks.
Don't feel like playing any more tonight.
Q: How do I resolve this desync issue?

fbueckertEver since 1.04 came out, I've managed to desync the game twice. I'm not 100% sure what I did to cause it in the first place, but when it happens, it looks like this: Symptoms include: Unable to die. The damage I take is fairly significant, but my life never hits 0. I don't die. Unable to...

@fbueckert looks a lot like gaming.stackexchange.com/q/71540/27134
although it doesn't help at all
@pixel Sounds like it, yeah. I didn't get issues this bad until 1.04, though.
I would suggest reconnecting, but I imagine there is a reason you've not done that already
3:29 AM
@pixel Yeah, didn't want to lose valor stacks. :P
Hence why I'm looking for solutions in-game.
Extra players don't help.
Unless there's an ability for player forced movement?
somebody else joining the game didn't resync you?
if they join the game, are they able to see you?
@pixel Nope
And Nope
can they see any effects you're having on the game world?
like enemies attacking thin air?
well that's weird
3:31 AM
And interestingly enough, my follower sticks around and helps.
if you had said no, I would have suggested that you're not actually in the game world and you're seeing client side stuff
@pixel I could see my friend attacking enemies around me, and valor reset when he finished off the elites.
when you say you take damage but can't die
does that mean your health is rubber banding as well?
@pixel Nope. It's ticking along just fine.
I take the damage, but it's apparently impossible to drop me below 1 health or something.
I have roughly 200 life per second, so I can see if continually going up, no problem.
I experienced similar things in earlier patches by using teleport with the rune that lets you teleport multiple times in a row, where one of the teleports would teleport me to a point in the map where I was clipping a wall or something
but I could still use abilities
3:35 AM
Simplest way I can describe is as if my computer and the server are fighting and acting like children.
sounds like every other blizzard game I've played then
Server: "Character takes damage. Oh, that's more life than he has. He's dead."
Computer: "Nuh uh! He's not there! He doesn't take any damage!"
And then they just go back and forth.
image of "I am HERE..." server: "nope, try again" stamps feet "I AM HERE" server: "nope... :D try again"
and somewhere in all of that there is definitely a trollface.jpg
Yeah; I just spent several hours trying to progress, and I was doing halfway decently.
So for them to throw this in is just, "Hah! We'll screw him over bigtime!"
"hey Bashiok, we're registering a user having fun! How do you wish for us to proceed?" ... clicks the big red destruction-of-fun button
"Make a note of what he was doing so we can nerf it."
3:53 AM
mr & mrs smith is a strange movie
4:07 AM
@pixel I can't wait for the day he and GC are fired.
if only
@pixel Look, I can dream.
4:21 AM
angelina jolie is such a bitch with that assault rifle
"Why do I get the girl gun?"
5:00 AM
well that was a waste of my life
5:25 AM
Ah we reached the point in the day where the normal people went to bed already :|
Heh, normal 'Murikan people?
Q: Is this information about Caius revealed/hinted during the game?

OmegaRecently, I was directed to this Wikia page about Caius Ballad: http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Caius_Ballad#Story Some of the info there was clearly presented in the game. But there are some rather detailed things that I don't remember ever seeing in the game. Perhaps these details are indee...

@YiJiang You mean there are other time zones? </murrica>
morning people
5:37 AM
I say morning, what I mean is, good night
6:04 AM
Q: How is this supposed to be the secret ending?

OmegaThis video: is titled "second Secret ending". I got this ending in the game (you just travel to Valhalla after finishing ...

Q: Skyrim: Is there a predictable movement pattern for deer and elk?

oscilatingcretinWhile trying to take down deer or elk in the wild with a bow, failing to take them down in one shot or missing entirely will send them into flee mode. When this happens, I've noticed that it's nearly impossible to hit them due to their seemingly sporadic movement patterns. However, after studyi...

6:34 AM
Q: Zelda: Skyward Sword Fire Sanctuary Basement Floor Treasure Chest?

GeoffI completed the Fire Sanctuary in Zelda: Skyward Sword and after going back inside I found I never visited the Basement Floor of the Dungeon Map. There is a treasure chest I had not gotten. I searched all over for an entrance to get there and could not figure it out. Has anybody else noticed this?

Q: How do I make my Hatchi weigh more in Android?

Shedo SurashuI'm currently on the second stage of evolution (child) and I want to get my Hatchi up to 13lbs or more in weight. The problem is, even if I keep feeding it meat, the weight is stuck at 12.7lbs. What do I need to do to make it weigh over that 13lbs? I'm on the Android version of the game at v1.05....

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7:40 AM
Q: Undelete a deleted object

kotekzotI've been tracking down the lost College apprentices, and Rundi was nowhere to be found. Annoyed, I prid him and found that he was deleted (the console selector read ''(000d4ffa)[D]). Ilas-Tel, another lost apprentice of the College, had also suffered the same fate. What could have caused an inno...

8:10 AM
Q: How to do a plungin attack?

Giles RobertsI'm playing through Dark Souls on the PC. I'm a bit stuck on the first boss, the Asylum Demon. I don't seem to be able to successfully do the plunging attack when I dive off the platform. So I'm having to face him at the bottom with a full health bar. I also appear to be unable to do the kick...

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9:13 AM
Q: Does friendly fire off apply to incendiaries?

ShaderachPersonally, I love playing with FF. But on most public servers where I live it is off. I was wondering if that applies to molotovs and such? With FF off, can I throw a molotov into a choke point and then have my teammates run through unscathed? If yes, that seems like a really slick tactical tr...

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10:19 AM
Q: Are resource nodes (ore, wood, herbs) instanced?

stoldarkAre resource nodes (e.g. ore veins, trees, bushes...) instanced? I mean, does each player get his/her own set? On other MMOs resources are first come first serve, and I am under the impression that in this game everyone can gather resources from the same source (i.e. eveyone gets their own instan...

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11:22 AM
Q: Looking for an awesome local multiplayer FPS for X360

Phazyck...to play with my buddy from work whenever we hang out. Long story short, the guy's a hardcore League of Legends and FPS-gamer, and not really into anything besides that. I, myself, play all kinds of games. I've got a decent PC, a netbook, a Wii, a PS2, an X360, a DS and a 3DS. (He's not that f...

11:39 AM
@Lazers Someone who is better at being nice to new people than I am please tell this guy why his question is bad.
11:52 AM
Q: Launching Minecraft lags computer

njallamWhenever I launch Minecraft.exe on my computer, while the Minecraft launcher is loading, my computer starts to lag out. The render rate on my entire computer slows down to a crawl, sound just sounds plain wierd (slowed down with lots of dropped tones? [Correct me on that.]) My computer, operati...

12:29 PM
My oh my that hit 2k views quick:
Q: Where do I get my Hall of Monuments rewards?

WipqoznIf you connect your Guild Wars 2 account to your Guild Wars account you're able to unlock in-game rewards by completing tasks in Guild Wars. I'd like to gather my rewards, but I can't figure out how. Where do I get my Hall of Monuments rewards in Guild Wars 2?

Probably because the portal thing is really buggy right now, and now being mailed to everyone upoin character creation.
1:09 PM
Well this is awkward; wake up to the sounds of the couple in the apartment above mine having sex.
1:28 PM
Q: What is the actual "spread speed" of water and lava in the context of a stone generator?

TheTerribleSwiftTomatoI'm currently experimenting with stone generators, e.g.: I'm having problems figuring out what speed of pulse do I need to provide to the piston in order to maximize the speed of stone production. According to the Wiki, lava needs 30 "game" ticks (or 15 "redstone" ticks) to flow 1 m, however, ...

also I'd love it if chat would accept the fact that my timezone selection is no longer incorrect and that I do not in fact live in whatever place it is it's 6:27 in the morning
1:40 PM
Doesn't chat use your browser's date info, which comes from your OS' date info?
1:52 PM
@YiJiang what other website should I check?
@badp Eh, if you type new Date() into your browser's console you can see what the browser thinks is the current time
"Sun Aug 26 2012 15:55:06 GMT+0200 (W. Europe Daylight Time)"
Is that the correct time?
So chat should be correct too, right?
1:59 PM
Right now it's "6:59"
Hmmm, dunno. Tried refreshing?
and ctrl-refreshing
I even reported the bug and the bug didn't go away on its own automagically
Q: How does chat determine what timezone I'm using - and how can I correct that?

badpWhen I last reinstalled Windows, the computer for some reason decided that my clock was set on the local time... on the west coast of America. So while my wall clock said it was half past six and my taskbar clock said it was half past six, http://time.is still claimed my clock was eight hours ahe...

@badp No wai!
2:33 PM
@RavenDreamer So, you have three options right now. You can be THAT ASSHOLE who pounds on your ceiling/their floor with a broom or other long object to make them realize that you're aware of their activities. You can be a normal human being and toss on some music or the tv at a sufficient volume to just ignore it. Or you can go upstairs, knock on their door, and tell them that since they seem so intent on letting you know what's going on, you figured you'd see if you could get a better view.
2:54 PM
Oh this will go well:

Proposed Q&A site for creationists and cdesign proponentsists

Currently in definition.

3:04 PM
Q: Do I need to race through earlier difficulties to unlock everything in Mario Kart 7?

Mag RoaderAs a Mario Kart veteran, I have zero trouble getting through the 50cc and 100cc modes on my first try. However, it is somewhat time consuming to play through everything. If I skip straight to 150cc, what will I be missing out on in terms of unlocks, awards, and the like?

> proponentsists
@LessPop_MoreFizz I'm pretty sure that's a joke, making fun of cdesign proponentsists
@murgatroid99 Because that means it will go down any better.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Can't it just be closed as "Not a serious proposal"
Flying Spaghetti Monster

Proposed Q&A site for pastafarians and other fellow Flying Spaghetti Monster believers

Closed before being launched.

Just as bad.
3:15 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz and rightfully closed
@murgatroid99 Yes. Which is what I mean by ending well.
oh god
oh god I did that again
open a chest in a challenge room, get an item, pause the game to read more about the item SPAWN SPAWN SPAWN
fucking bug
@LessPop_MoreFizz also, the proposer's only other activity on the network is one closed question on SU
3:31 PM
Q: ROBLOX Raidable Flag--Lua

ThethirdiiiMy war clan put out a contest that involves a capturable flag, which will work similar to the classic CTF flags, but when it is returned a 2:00 timer will start. I would like it to be a H/ timer, and not a GUI (Because GUI's involve art). How can I do this?

@Brant I'm pretty sure that's a game dev question.
Either way it shouldn't have been migrated here, because I tihnk he requires more detail.
Q: Keybindings in SWTOR

Sean KennyI'm trying to bind CTRL + Shift + F to one of my quickbar 4 slots but it won't register the key command. CTRL + F works, as does Shift + F. I'm using the Razer Blackwidow ultimate keyboard and naga mouse with the accompanying software. I don't know if that is making a difference. Thanks.

Q: When do resource nodes respawn?

FAEI know that resource nodes are individually instanced per player. However, I'm unsure what determines when the same resource nodes will respawn for any given player. I know they don't reset based on zoning in and out of an area, as I've tried that (and it would likely be easily exploitable). As s...

Q: ROBLOX Raidable Flag--Lua

ThethirdiiiMy war clan put out a contest that involves a capturable flag, which will work similar to the classic CTF flags, but when it is returned a 2:00 timer will start. I would like it to be a H/ timer, and not a GUI (Because GUI's involve art). How can I do this?

Wait.. it sounds like some sort of... lego? I don't fucking know.
Point is his question needs more detail.
Point is, his question is incomprehensible gibberish, and thus unanswerable on any site and shouldn't be migrated just because it has the word game in it
@LessPop_MoreFizz Yup.
Sometimes I feel like we're the only site that doesn't migrate crap.
I am of course heavily biased, since the only time I see things migrated which shouldn't be is when they are migrated here, and I never notice the ones that aren't migrated.
3:47 PM
@StrixVaria I think I found an amulet for you now. :P
@LessPop_MoreFizz I looked up roblox and it looks like the equivalent of a game mod question
@Wipqozn The only reason we've managed to avoid it is because we 1) Have good mods, and 2) Don't have a migration path to game dev.
If I had a buck for every time I've seen a comment regarding migration to game dev that's totally inappropriate, I'd... well, I'd be able to buy myself a nice steak dinner at least.
@murgatroid99 ROBLOX is clearly a game, so it's entirely possible that it's on topic with us, but we don't know, because the question is garbage.
Migrating garbage is bad. Migration is for clear, answerable questions, that are in the wrong place.
@LessPop_MoreFizz ROBLOX seems to be a game heavily focused on creating stuff, and he wants help creating some particular CTF based game mode.
@murgatroid99 Well yes. So is Minecraft. The problem isn't his problem, his problem is that he's an inarticulate baboon that can't properly express his problem.
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