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12:01 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Forget that: already committed when you first brought it up. Sent from my iPad while holding my iPhone and with my MacBook Pro in my lap and watching YouTube on my Apple TV
@MarkTrapp Well yes, same here.
But I'm just acknowledging that they've expanded their platform target in hopes of winning over a curmudgeon or two.
Actually just bumped my commitment up when the launched the $60 tier
Although in my case, sent from my MacBook Pro while talking on my iPhone.
@MarkTrapp Yeah, I need to do that. Been putting it off
They need to do ~6500/day for the next two weeks. Should be easy with PAX coming I guess
I read somewhere most of the activity happens on the first and last days
12:06 AM
Should get Totalbiscuit to do a Kicksmarter video on it. He loves CCG video games and he even managed to get Starlight Inception back from the brink of death
@MarkTrapp TB is such a tool though.
Doesn't matter, got funded
The new stretch goals are pretty baller too.
Animated cards would be rad
@MarkTrapp Definitely in reach.
At the current rate, they'll fall just a little short of it.
12:09 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Linkage to KS page?
Just thought that might help
Do you have to pay for individual cards?
> Players will be able to experience Solforge absolutely free and can grow their collection just by playing the game.
Reading really is my main weakness.
You can buy booster packs a la regular CCGs
@StrixVaria Think LoL for the business model is what I'm told.
12:11 AM
> SolForge will have a variety of ways to purchase cards, including starter decks, single cards, and different booster packs. We haven’t finalized the price structure for these yet, but they will be substantially lower than the leading digital card games currently in the market.
All of the above!
You can even trade cards
iOS and PC...but no Android or Mac support at launch.
How strange.
@StrixVaria Android just got added to the launch list
that's what started this conversation.
@LessPop_MoreFizz It says Android in 2013, not Android at launch...unless my reading is coming into play again.
12:13 AM
@StrixVaria Launch is in 2013
Launch and Android can be different times both within 2013.
They definitely chose their words carefully: they only said that the Android version will come in 2013, not that it's a launch platform
The estimated date for delivery on a bunch of stuff is January 2013. That would give them another 11 months to make good on Android.
> The more we raise via Kickstarter, the faster we can make Android (and other requested platforms like Mac) come to life, so please donate what you can and spread the word about Solforge. But regardless of how much we raise above our goal- you have our word you'll see an Android version of SolForge in 2013.
True I guess.
12:15 AM
Still, Android at all is better than Android never.
The lack of Mac version does seem weird. iOS to Mac porting is relatively easy
launching simultaneously on three platforms is hard.
@MarkTrapp Yes, it's easy, but it's also much easier once you have a finished product.
It's much easier to port iOS->mac than it is to do simultaneous development.
So lots of people in here hopping into this one?
Wonder if we could pool our donations into one large one and get arQAde in every game they have ever made/make :D
@James Me and @MarkTrapp already are at least.
@LessPop_MoreFizz There's no deadline on providing Kickstarter deliverables. Commit to all the platforms!
12:17 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz I did too
@MarkTrapp Points for honesty I say
Also, how can I say no to BFK.
@James Arqade is a for-profit enterprise, and this isn't a charity drive: if SE wants the advertising, they can fork the money over themselves
while continuing my on going marathon of watching old, seemingly important movies
I have begun watching Monty Python's Life of Brian
You should add Pink Flamingos to your list, if it's not there already.
@pixel That's a good one.
12:22 AM
@MarkTrapp it isn't currently
@pixel Oh good. Don't look up anything about the film: it'll be more fun that way
I will say it's by John Waters, though.
I can't do that, my sanity won't allow it
saying it's by John Waters means nothing to me :|
12:23 AM
did your brain just explode?
@pixel JOhn Waters is a flamboyant director with a passion for fluorescent colors and cheesy nostalgia.
that worries me
a nostalgic movie from 1972?
is that going to be full of "remember when the world was flat? haha!"
Nostalgia from the 70s was of the 50s. Happy Days, etc.
Let there be swag!
[grumble] Either mine hasnt shown up yet, or it doesnt have my suite on it again and it will be a week before it gets to me.
12:32 AM
I would have mine, but it arrived at my house today, and I'm at school as of yesterday
I am assuming that since there is a border involved mine will take its sweet time, if it gets here at all.
I am very not trusting of canada post
Or my mailperson for that matter
@TimStone Is that embroidered?
12:36 AM
@AshleyNunn I'm sure they'll keep your swag to themself.
@Koviko Don't even joke. It took 3 tries to get the SE shirt I paid for to me. So it being free swag makes me extra worry.
Because I have no idea when to start wondering if it got eaten
@AshleyNunn ... Canada sounds like a dangerous place.
@MarkTrapp Some form of iron-on type thing, it seems. Feels a bit different than what you usually get though
@Koviko When it comes to cross-border mailing, and I am involved, it tends to be
12:38 AM
@TimStone screenprinted, maybe?
@TimStone Ah, interesting. Wonder how well it'd hold up in the wash
My Stack Overflow t-shirt has held up for a while without any appreciable sign of wear and tear, but I'm not sure that it was done with the same process...so guess we'll find out.
@AshleyNunn Maybe, to uh...fabric..wear...making... .stackexchange.com!
@TimStone If only :P
Although I was looking to find out if microwaving frozen bananas would make anything bad happen, and I ended up on Cooking.SE, so hey, that was cool.
Fibers & Fabrics

Proposed Q&A site for professional quilters and sewers, spinners and weavers, knitters and crocheters, tailors and dressmakers, and all others who make a living from their crafty notions of haberdashery.

Currently in definition.

12:41 AM
@TimStone I am not even a little bit surprised.
Seems that there's actually two of 'em, for good measure.
And a Stain Removal proposal, for when I drop some food on my shirt and feel ashamed.
@TimStone Is there anything that hasn't been A51 proposed?
@AshleyNunn probably.
Trying to put food in the oven.
@AshleyNunn So… does it? I'm picturing a small crater centered around a microwave
12:45 AM
Soon as I set the timer, and hit "start", my fire alarm went off...
@MarkTrapp Apparently there is a small risk of fire, and if you microwave a non frozen peeled banana you get a cool light show in the microwave. So says SE.
@AshleyNunn Someone suggested an "Everything" site, so...I guess not.
Also, I hate that I don't need to press Shift for square brackets.
@TimStone What. Just...what.
Everything (not just Technology)

Proposed Q&A site for all users of existing and future Stack Exchange sites. In short, I think that creating new, separate sites is a bad idea; in counterpoint, I think they'd be better all merged together, along with better tools to view areas of interest to each user.

Closed before being launched.

12:47 AM
@TimStone oh, right. That doesn't really count though, because they didn't propose anything in particular
@AshleyNunn Whoa.
@MarkTrapp Did you watch the video?
@RavenDreamer Assuming it wasn't a coincidence, is your oven gas-powered and is your fire alarm also a combination carbon monoxide detector?
@MarkTrapp I think it was the burnt food particles on the bottom of the oven that were briefly released when I opened it.
@AshleyNunn Yeah: looks like what happens when you stick CDs in a microwave. Crazy potassium.
12:49 AM
@RavenDreamer Ah
@MarkTrapp Yep. So wish me luck - apparently I can be okay with my frozen ones, but if I don't return, assume a banana incident.
Potassium is heavy metal.
@AshleyNunn I'll avenge your death with the strongest of avengings
Can you find Slayer on the period table of elements? I think not.
@MarkTrapp Thank you. I hope it doesn't come to that.
12:51 AM
Actually K isn't that heavy, compared to other metals
@RavenDreamer No, but Chromium is!
@MarkTrapp That was an actual quesiton on a chemistry multiple choice test
"Which of these is not a heavy metal: Potassium, Selenium, Titanium, Slayer".
For whatever reason, one girl in class proclaimed, rather loudly
"I can't find Slayer on the periodic table!"
There was some laughter, a pause
More laughter.
some people...
1:02 AM
Q: Does the eod bot count as an enemy vehicle for the "It goes Boom" assignment?

David KethelIn Battle Field 3 the "It goes boom" assignment says that I need to destroy an enemy vehicle with the repair torch. I was wondering if destroying an enemy EOD bot with the repair torch counts towards this assignment?

Q: How do I reach this point of interest in the Black Citadel?

heisheI've run around the "The Bane" area and inside the Core area, but I can't find the place to unlock this POI. How do I reach it?

@pixel She was a stereotypical blonde, even though she wasn't actually blonde.
and what is wrong with being naturally blonde?
She simply didn't embody the sterotype she personified.
Which i found amusing.
its ok, I'm not blonde
You had me wondering.
1:12 AM
I have never even dyed my hair blonde, I prefer dark colours
Defender's Quest complete! All levels completed on Extreme.
@MarkTrapp you will be happy to note the banana bread is in the oven and I am not dead.
this movie is hilarious
I hate when my parents try to get me to troubleshoot their FB problems over text message because "they wouldn't want to bother me with a call".
1:24 AM
lol... "If it's not a personal question, are you a virgin?" "Not a personal question?! How much more personal could you get?!"
@pixel What movie?
"hey bitch, we refuse to answer your question, cause we are stuck-up prick douchbags who are losers in real life so we try to be someone online by making up arbitrary rules to frustrate people and give us some sense of power in our lives" — gameaddict 2 hours ago
Flags, please
monty python's life of brian
@fbueckert done
@fbueckert I think the comment below it is even more important
and wtf at crossing the line by so much it's merely a dot on the horizon
1:26 AM
@YiJiang I think that one's fine.
@fbueckert Important, not offensive
We don't need people who rage the instant their questions are closed.
incidentally, surely that particular question would loosely fit into game-identification?
it does provide a point of reference that definitively allows it to be identified
assuming that it is actually a classical piece that exists in the real world
@pixel Which was answered. TWICE. By the asker. Which was still wrong, according to him.
1:28 AM
He deliberately posted the wrong answers to his question. And yes, the question is crappy.
yeah I should scroll down and read the rest of it before allowing my thought process to turn into text
wtb delete on the whole question so we can have a meta explosion
@pixel If I had delete votes, I would, just for that meta explosion.
And resultant suspension that would entail.
@fbueckert He's not coming back! Well not until he comes back, then ragequits again
flagged for mod attention
@YiJiang Here's hoping he stays away for good this time.
1:31 AM
@fbueckert Wow. There are literally too many flags on that page for me to see what got flagged.
Is there a wait time on deletion votes?
@RavenDreamer Like I said before, gameaddict unifies the community like nobody else.
if I was being pedantic, I could flag every single post he made on that question for some reason or other
there is definitely a few 'not constructive' in there
I can't wait until I have 10k rep, so I can see all of gameaddict's old posts
Surprised gameaddict hasn't earned himself a year ban already
1:35 AM
@MarkTrapp I think his last ban was supposed to be a month, but @agent86 was nice and dropped it to two weeks.
> I'm not coming back to this forum, ever. Deleting from my bookmarks.
Why couldn't this be true?
Then we got...a day's worth of behaviour once he got back?
Q: Why won't these bonders bond?

Lee FastenauYou can see where this is going... http://i.imgur.com/2sAPM.png (Can't post images because of my non-existent rep.) The red and blue waldos are about to cross over bonder tiles with a BOND + command on the bonder that red is about to enter near the bottom left of the screen. The problem is no...


Proposed Q&A site for all the questions related to lifestyle.

Currently in definition.

@StrixVaria Because we cant have nice things?
1:38 AM
@AshleyNunn We break nice things.
So we get the castoffs and things that don't matter if they break.
@fbueckert This is true. I used to be a nice thing, then I hung out here.
Hence, we get gameaddict.
I've deleted the question in question.
@RavenDreamer Bets on a rage meta post?
@LessPop_MoreFizz already well past that part of the movie
1:40 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz "100% users also following Disaster Management" teehee
@pixel But it's the best part of the movie, so it is worth spamming into chat.
@LessPop_MoreFizz What does that even mean?
romans go home
according to the movie anyway
"Romane lettuce tastes good"
1:43 AM
@pixel That wasn't what I was asking.
oh, sorry
You know: lifestyle! Life…and…style. But together. As one concept
@MarkTrapp Thanks for clearing that up. It makes so much sense now.
If I were a betting man, I think it was intended to be Socialization.SE. Questions about how not to be a square or a jive turkey
@pixel Where's the fetus going to gestate? You going to keep it in a box?
@pixel Also, if this is your first Monty Python film, you need to also see Holy Grail and Meaning of Life.
1:45 AM
I'm near the end of the movie where they broke out into "Always look on the bright side of life..."
@pixel What a happy song.
I got holy grail, and now for something completely different, and the meaning of life
@pixel You are going to have fun.
yeah it will give me something to do before I go to work in 5 hours
I was at work and my GF wanted to find the staff of herding, so I told her to search on Arqade because there was a really good guide.
She found this question and told me it wasn't helpful at all.
And completely missed the link at the top to the real question with the amazing guide.
1:52 AM
@StrixVaria There's nothing we can do if people don't read
crashes through spoilers
It pained me when I got home and saw that tab open.
We could edit it so that it's in giant bold flashing red pt 50 comic sans and people still won't read it
make the possibly duplicate box use special markup which makes the box red with white bold text on it? :p
1:53 AM
It might cause @pixel to have a seizure though, so let's not go there
you said comic sans
I couldn't take the rest of the sentence seriously
How about IMPACT then
@YiJiang HEY NOW.
obviously the best font in the first is Calibri
1:54 AM
@YiJiang I don't know. Is Kanye an impact enthusiast?
I mean, I know:
Sometimes I get emotional over fonts
But I don't know if Impact is one of them.
@LessPop_MoreFizz He is a caps lock enthusiast
1:57 AM
^^ Legit Kanyetweet fyi.
I am drinking vodka. And now I am going to go shave. This may not end well.

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