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2:00 PM
Wipqozn has removed Ave from the list of this room's owners.
@Ave Now that's MY birthday gift
Note: It's not actually my birthday.
also now I miss @John
Like, room owners can't timeout mods, right?
oh wait, room owners can't timeout anyone
Room owners have kick-mute, but you can't kick-mute a mod
I'm not sure what the limits on room ownership is
2:01 PM
tfw you spend two days to narrow down a bug to someone messing up truthy/falsy values.
Room Owners can kick people in the mouth
I can tell you if you add me back
We have kick-mute, timeout, edit info, move messages, manage feeds, schedule events, pin message, cancel stars,
and control access
@Unionhawk I assume kick-mute and timeout can't be performed on users marked as mod?
Like, if you were to try and give @Wipqozn a 30 minute timeout, it would fail, right?
@Nzall Correct, though timeout is timing out the room which doesn't impact anyone with explicit write access including mods and room owners
2:03 PM
ah, okay
so you can't actually ban someone as a room owner
As in they can still read chat, but not contribute
Nope, most I can do is throw them out for 60 seconds
escalating time if it happens again
@Nzall Since chat has transcripts, even mods can't prevent people from reading chat.
@Unionhawk And that wouldn't work on moderators, right?
@Nzall Nope
@Nzall Correct, I don't even have the button for @Wipqozn
Mods can do it through some dumb process involving forcing a site change
2:06 PM
About the only thing mods can do that ROs can't is freezing the room.
or unfreezing
and binding flags and manual suspensions >1 hour
Room deletion as well. Also We can make rooms private. And suspension, obviously.
So considering Ave was made a RO temporarily, is that why she now has explicit write access?
And then also another feature which is probably meant to be a secret
@Nzall Yes
2:07 PM
@Nzall yeah when you get made an owner and then removed by the link here, that's where it puts you
:( I was happy about my EWA
idk why
yeah that's weird
@Ave oh, sorry that I bumped you down a notch
Your write access have been restored
Now you can talk even if the room is put on a time out!
I think
2:09 PM
@Wipqozn One way to find out!
It's amazing how quickly you forget how things work once you get the diamond.
oh joy
@Frank Ban @Unionhawk?
@Wipqozn I was going to say timeout the room, but I guess that works.
@Frank oh joy, you're gonna timeout the room and see if she can talk here?
2:10 PM
This room was placed in timeout for 15 seconds; only one way to find out
yeah but I bet @Ave isn't even paying close enough attention
The best part is mods don't even know if that's real
Downside of being a mod: I have no idea if that actually did anything.
@Unionhawk it worked on my end
I couldn't type anything
Yeah but you got a soothing countdown as a consolation
2:11 PM
If you give me explicit write access, I can see if it works
@Unionhawk @Nzall yeah mods get no indication aside from the message. We don't even know when it's ended, aside from seeing people talk again.
@Nzall Done
@Unionhawk do the thing
This room was placed in timeout for 15 seconds; doing the thing
(the joke is I didn't actually do it this time)
ah, okay
Is that because the room would have to go in a longer timeout?
This room was placed in timeout for 1 minute; Because Yuuki is a troublemaker
2:13 PM
The timeout window disappears after 2 seconds before I can even enter anything.
That's a real one @Nzall
Yeah the window is kind of buggy
but it will probably remain that way forever
in This Is Fine, 22 secs ago, by Nzall
@Wipqozn I can't type in the bridge during the timeout
Okay, that's obvious
Explicit write access doesn't help with timeouts.
2:14 PM
then what the hell does explicit write do, just control gallery access?
@Unionhawk That, and I think, under 20 rep.
I know room owners can't add someone to explicit write below 20
there's a huge red text message telling you that this is not allowed or something
@Unionhawk mods might be able to, but alas, that would require far too much effort at the moment.
Probably, if you, for some reason, needed to get someone with 1 rep into a private mod room
I mean it makes sense for it to be mod only really, because the only use case for it would be moderator business.
2:16 PM
I don't really know when that would come up but it's a use case
@Unionhawk oh also maybe if you move comments to chat. Might automatically add low rep users to write access.
that makes way more sense
Wait commentors are already 50-- well the op might not be
@Unionhawk yeah you can always comment on your own stuff, including answers to your questions,I think
@Unionhawk Or their comments get moved to chat.
@Frank how does it feel to be slower than a turtle
2:17 PM
@Unionhawk I imagine it feels pretty bad
@Wipqozn intweresting
@Unionhawk To be fair, I'm at work, doing work things.
So am I in theory
@Frank Work is for nerds
In practice this is less the case
2:18 PM
Question: does "move comment to chat" ever work for anything other than killing a comment thread?
@Wipqozn Then I'm a nerd! Happy?
Last day before vacation. I'm currently doing performance troubleshooting.
@Frank Yeah, nerds are cool.
I am at work and am a nerd.
@Ave Yeah that's what all it normally does.
I usually just do it if I'm purging all the comments on a post since it's gotten way too long, but there's some value in not just everything being gone. aka it wasn't just people insulting each other for 20 messages, but actual discussion.
also here's a thing @GodEmperorDune might appreciate
I moved my savings into EUR in 2 different days
and got a payment, in eur
and it added up to… exactly 420.00EUR
2:21 PM
It's legal in Canada and everything, although supposedly the legal cannabis is terrible and overpriced. At least in Nova Scotia.
you'd expect the opposite
I've been told it's never fresh when you buy it from the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation?
I've never smoked before, so I'm not sure on all the details.
likewise, I'm too cool and hip to do drugs and smoke
2:26 PM
@TimStone Accurate
@Wipqozn Yeah, the street stuff here has higher quality, from what I hear.
3:04 PM
So my friend got my Oxygen Not Included for my birthday yesterday... but as I've mentioned before, I don't really want it... :/
Sep 16 at 18:38, by Mage Xy
It's, uh... kind of annoying, actually, he's completely turned me off from ever trying the game because he's so obnoxious about it
So now it's sitting in my Steam inventory. I don't want to decline it because then he'll see the notification that I rejected the gift
But I also don't want to accept it because I'm not interested in the game and it's a waste of money to just let it sit there
@MageXy It's a great game from what I hear
@Wipqozn It's really not. Everyone I know says "why do you order it from the gubmint it's shit and overpriced"
I pay about the same I paid before and don't have to go out and get into a jeep for a drug deal and honestly I've had no real issues with the quality
People who have been smoking for like 30 years think it sucks I guess cause it's new and packaged differently
I don't get it -- I think about half of the games in my steam library have never been played
@TimStone Pods?
3:08 PM
@Frank Really depends on what you mean by quality and the strain. There is a strain I use to manage my Tourette's and muscle pain that has like 5% THC which my buddy who smokes every day says is garbage. I really like it
I got some stuff from Seth Rogan's brand that has like... 25% THC. That shit will hit you like a train but it's a sativa which means it makes you want to get up and do something creative as opposed to just sit on your couch and not do anything. There are a ton of great options online people just for whatever reason refuse to jump on board with the legal options
My buddy says I'm overpaying but he spends like $300 a month on distillates and other cartridges from BC illegally so πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
Maybe I just don't have good taste. I had one really dry batch one time from Redecan who I've heard that is an issue with before but I just used it in my vape
I once tried a strain that was .5% THC but had a super high CBD content and it just made all pains go away with no high at all. If you're using for medical reasons, dispensaries are great
I wonder if I can use speaker wire to power an LED light strip
CBD is great. I use really low THC and really high CBD to manage Tourette's and the muscle pain it causes
@Steve-o169 Here in Canada you can literally order it online from the government too, although dispensaries are starting to pop up more now that they're handing out more licenses
Delivers in like 3 days
@GnomeSlice I wish I could get deliveries like that. CBD oils are legal in my state but otherwise, everything else is illegal still
the problem with street product is that you never know what you're getting in terms of THC content
3:14 PM
I've never tried oils
Yeah idk I had a guy who gave me pretty consistent stuff he would give me the stains and where it came from beforehand but you're absolutely right
@MageXy I don't get anything for my friends' birthdays that isn't on their wishlist.
It's just a recipe for a bad time.
I would go to the actual brick and mortar stores but getting downtown is such a pain for me
@Yuuki Uh, that might be part my fault, actually... it was on my wishlist from when I added it several years ago
I just haven't trimmed it in a long time
Should probably do that :P
I take regular trips to Michigan so I've been waiting for them to iron out the whole recreational shops laws... still pretty easy to find there compared to NC. they still have the medical dispensaries and it's super easy to get the med card
3:21 PM
@Dragonrage @MageXy "Xayah is just Kalista if Kalista did damage"
@GnomeSlice It probably varies a lot between provinces
@Yuuki That's a hot take but I kinda agree. It's a similar playstyle.
I don't miss Kalista's crazy hopping but it's kinda sad that she's in the trash heap.
And has been for awhile now.
That hopping just makes her either OP or garbage, I guess.
She's in the trash heap because she's really hard to balance for both solo queue and pro play. The jumping mechanic, while cool, is way too powerful in the right hands.
Yeah, mini-dashes with every auto-attack makes it really annoying to hit her with skillshots.
What if they just moved it a passive on her Q?
Instead of hopping every attack, she can choose to hop after a Q-cast.
3:26 PM
She already can
Yes, but remove the jump mechanic from auto-attack, I mean.
Reduce the CD (and damage, I suppose) on her Q so she can still hop a lot but not as often.
That might work
Not sure if jump distance should be tied to ability rank since, IIRC, most Kalistas max Q last.
It's R -> E -> W -> Q, right?
Since you get max health damage on W procs?
@GnomeSlice lol I saw someone make that joke but without the Tide parts, this one is better
Kalista is one of two ADCs (the other being Lucian) that I don't play, so I don't actually know the skill order. I know you max E first (besides the ult) but I don't know about W and Q.
3:35 PM
@Yuuki so, kindred?
@Dragonrage Speaking of, I want a Kindred rework.
@MageXy I feel like I should learn Lucian since you can flex him mid and top, plus he has a stronger early-game than the other ADCs.
Lucian is good, but he needs to play very aggro otherwise he will fall behind.
I'm not a very aggro player so I don't usually do well on him.
Yeah, I only get aggro when I have some kind of massive advantage, like a ranged vs. melee match-up.
Unless it's Darius because Darius is ridiculous.
4:09 PM
I find it weird that Cesar is going through and removing stuff from answers posted on the FAQ question.
4:28 PM
Haha, the hover text gives the game away
what sorcery is this
@Unionhawk While you're in the mood for wat, have a go at http://127.1
@Wipqozn actually I'm not sure, but I know the "Ontario cannabis store" is the online portal here, so I'm sure they have regional differences in distribution. But people say the same complaints here and it's really really overblown imo
@fredley that one at least kind of makes sense
What's more distressing is that there are still people in prison for trying to pay their bills by selling drugs and now the government is trying to pay its bills by selling drugs
4:33 PM
@Unionhawk How does it know which octets are missing?
@GnomeSlice Yeah, legalizing marijuana should automatically include amnesty for anyone in jail for selling/possessing marijuana
Mostly yeah
@fredley I mean, is reserved and the most common is .0.0.1
Believe it or not there are people selling marijuana cut with other things but it's pretty rare
@GnomeSlice Right, but in that case it wouldn't be considered selling marijuana
4:35 PM
@Unionhawk http://192.168.1
It'd be selling the other things
@Unionhawk http://1.1
Also depends what else they were doing and the circumstances of the operation. For example selling to minors
But for the most part agree
@fredley does chrome just choose to interpret partials as missing zeroes before the last one specified?
@TimStone Right? πŸ˜„
4:36 PM
@Unionhawk Nope, this works everywhere, try curl, wget, etc.
>>> socket.gethostbyname("127.1")
This one's funny: http://3338456605
Wait so are missing octets implicitly 0? Huh.
4:56 PM
IPv6 works the same way and is used that way more commonly, so it doesn't really surprise me
@ToxicFrog Yeah, but the spec is weird as to which ones
> IPv4 is usually denoted as <octet>.<octet>.<octet>.<octet> (ff.0.1.2).

However, it can also be denoted as hex 0xff000102 or a number as in decimal notation. However, 4.2BSD's inet_aton() allowed IPs as decimal <octet>.<24bit-decimal> or <octet>.<octet>.<16bits-decimal>.
oh, so nothing is implicitly zero, it's just treating the last number as having a higher bit width if there aren't 4 numbers
5:16 PM
@murgatroid99 yarp
But that point at which you realise IP addresses are valid in decimal notation, and literally indistinguishable from the phone numbers they really are.
Q: Player getting kicked from Minecraft server the moment player gets their inventory?

GipsyDLet me try and explain what is happening as best I can. Bear with me here.... A couple of my friends decided it's time to get a dedicated minecraft server online using one of the free hosting platforms. In this case, Aternos was the selected platform. Note that this server is vanilla. As for wh...

cc @Ash
5:40 PM
Oh god, I'm apparently a new contributor on StackApps. That was somewhat unexpected.
5:51 PM
Apparently, there's a game on discounted sale on Steam called Yuki's Tale. CC @Yuuki
Hmm, should have hovered over the image before sharing that factoid. It seems to be one of those RPGmaker games for adults
@Nzall ΰ² _ΰ² 
Yeah, Steam has an LGBTQ sale right now
and apparently they decided the best way to celebrate that is to throw a bunch of eroge games with gay or bi scenes in the discount bin, which seems somewhat disrespectful IMHO
The phrase "LGBTQ sale" just sounds weird to me.
I mean, the whole idea of a LGBTQ sale is... odd
6:05 PM
Q: how do i spawn a zombie with the closest player's name MCPE

QBsmartguySo i need to have a zombie with the closest player's name but i dont know how to do it anyone that can help? i think i it will be something like this: /summon zombie ~ ~ ~ {name:@p}

@Ave (❁´β—‘`❁)
omg the windows emoji menu has emoticons/kaomoji now
(〃 ̄︢ ̄)δΊΊ( ̄︢ ̄〃)
@Yuuki I am in love.
6:17 PM
@Ash It looks like I need to move up the schedule on a trip to Japan.
@Yuuki omg faaaaace so cuuuuute
@Yuuki yesssss do this
Q: How to reach the upper platform on the area where an El Gigante is fought for the second time?

user238464 Shooting down the boulder almost seems to provide a pathway, but no context-sensitive prompt appears: To clarify, there indeed are several El Gigantes in the game.

6:42 PM
This is the face of my city this week lol
Area man is now Area Man.
7:09 PM
You ever get a burst of like, non-executive-dysfunction time and do several small tasks in a short time
@Unionhawk I cant imagine what that feels like
It's usually short so I have to act fast
I should probably get back on some variety of ADHD meds
@Yuuki woah hold on πŸ±β€πŸ‘€πŸ±β€πŸπŸ±β€πŸ’»πŸ±β€πŸ‰πŸ±β€πŸ‘“πŸ±β€πŸš€
all of these are incredible
I can't find anything other than standard emoji tho
Must be a newer update or otherwise different version of windows 10
7:23 PM
(Enterprise 1803 build 17134.1006)
@Ave *available on RTX enabled graphics cards only
8:07 PM
@TimStone wat
That doesn't help
God, you're going to make me find the thread aren't you
uh, hm
the groverhaus thread
tweet added to bookmarks
Somehow this is even more confusing with context
tldr: some guy on SA called Grover built an incredibly ugly house himself in the great dismal swamp complete with mismatched windows, insulated stairs, and load bearing drywall
(it is rumored that "that's a load bearing poster" is a direct reference)
oh the opposite
and the thermostat in direct view of the sun oh god
it's good every time
8:15 PM
@PrivatePansy Exactly
Some of the Groverhaus stuff is ignorable/not really a problem except that he combined all of those things into one house.
@Unionhawk I don't know enough about construction to understand the problems in that thread
8:32 PM
Oh hey, we have the DSA NPC opavote report now
(32 candidates, electing 16, decided in 32 Scottish STV rounds)
with 4 elected in the very first round even, no surprises on that set of 4 names
8:46 PM
Our local candidate was also in the same boat that I always end up in for mod elections, she was eliminated in round 32, and all remaining candidates were elected
9:08 PM
Q: Do tiles have to be worked in order to get the yields?

Eddie KalI never really understand how tile yields work (Civ 6 Gathering Storm). I have done my own experiments on this, but the results seem conflicting, so I figured I should probably just ask people in the know. It seems to me in order to get the yields of a tile, it has to be worked by a citizen. But...

@Batophobia Wait...is this a cartoon based on the video game? I need to check this out.
9:21 PM
@Memor-X i honestly forgot they made Diablo. And i got the 3rd one on my shelf
Diablo 1/2 were made by Blizzard North, which was at the time a fully autonomous company owned by Blizzard; after the Vivendi acquisition they were hollowed out and then disbanded.
@Wrigglenite the idea of the sale isn't particularly odd given what day it is, but some of their game choices are for it are
What day is it?
(other than @Ave's birthday)
Coming Out Day
@Wrigglenite National Coming Out Day
(aka one of my least favourite enforced holiday whatever days)
9:31 PM
Oh, I had no idea
9:42 PM
I kind of like it; everywhere/one I've seen that participates puts an emphasis on not coming out unless you want to, and it's nice seeing a profusion of posts from people who do.
But I get not liking it.
(I actually meant to post a thing on corp-internal social media, since I already changed my name and stuff earlier this fall and that might catch a few people who didn't catch the email, but forgot. Oops.)
I get why people like it, it's just not my jamk
In non-gaming and non-coming-out related news, I got to fly in an ultralight yesterday and it was SUPER COOL
10:10 PM
@ToxicFrog ooo
@ToxicFrog I still can't believe you did it, I am so not brave enough
Just saw Joker. I enjoyed it, but oh boy is it dark. My buddy and I were uncomfortable the whole movie. But like, a good uncomfortable.
got a usb-c to hdmi hub for my phone, it's crazy how powerful phones are these days
(that's a GameCube version of Wind Waker)
@Ash it was honestly a bit scary, but it was more exciting than it was scary overall
the whole time I was playing it (not very long), I kept seeing Link as @Unionhawk... at one point when a villager referred to him as "Link", I was reminded that his name is not, in fact, Evan πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ
10:14 PM
Got to see Fergus-Elora from the sky for the first time
@Elise lmao
@ToxicFrog that's very cool, did you get pictures?
The ultralight in question takes off like a rocket, it really doesn't want to be on the ground at all once it gets moving; but it's also very forgiving. If you let go of the controls it just politely settles into level flight until you take them again.
whenever I'm visualizing @Unionhawk irl, I imagine toon Link with the blue shirt πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
and somehow it doesn't seem out of place in my mind...
@Ash I didn't! symbol was on the ground but forgot her camera, and I didn't bring one deliberately -- taking something out of your pockets while cruising at 100km/h is a great way to drop it into someone's field or, worse, through the prop
(The instructor actually had two "people dropping things through the prop" stories, once with one of his pairs of gloves and once with a bag of dog poop)
@Elise I mean
@ToxicFrog oh, yes, very valid points
I definitely want to do it again, though, and maybe even get my permit someday, and if I do that I may need to also get a helmet-mountable gopro...
10:17 PM
@Unionhawk that is what you look like, right? Please don't ruin my headcanon
@ToxicFrog ....I....dog poop? really? how? what augh no
@Ash passenger forgot it was in their coat pocket because they'd been walking the dog earlier, wind whipped the coat around, bag fell out of the pocket and got sucked back through the prop (it's a pusher design so this happens very easily)
@ToxicFrog oh god
So yeah, before I got on board he asked me to make sure my pockets were empty and told me that story as to why
Reading some of the earlier messages - today is national coming out day? And here I am, as boy as I can be, because in-laws are coming over for the weekend 😐
10:21 PM
@Elise :/
I'll have to find a different T-shirt... the one I'm wearing really doesn't hide my chest at all :o
on the flip side - the shirt I'm wearing can't hide my chest at all :D
I'm not quite at that point yet, but...
@Elise :(
@ToxicFrog I thought you were way ahead of me in everything? :O
I think I've been pretty lucky with HRT, considering I'm on a low dose (3 months on 1mg E, 1.5 months on 2mg)
@Elise I don't know -- maybe you're getting faster results, maybe I'm underestimating myself?
10:27 PM
@ToxicFrog could be a combination of both πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
I had quite a lot of progress within the first 3 months, then it actually stopped with the dose increase, but I think there has been some minor growth recently
I don't really have anyone to compare myself to, other than random strangers on reddit... I don't know any trans people irl 😐
Looking at my logs I did start a few months before you, so πŸ€·β™€
And there's huge variation in results across people, between different dosages, different dose mechanisms, different biochemistry...
@ToxicFrog yeah, the last one seems to be the most important
my cat's been enjoying this tiny chair lately :D
it's his throne
when my daughter isn't shouting at it...
@Elise that's a perfect cat sized chair!
@Ash yesss!
@Elise hahaha the cat looks very "this is my cat throne" in this picture
10:36 PM
@Elise ahahahaha we have[?had] an almost identical chair and Suzie did exactly the same thing with it
@Ash I think he's just glad that the loud child was contained and not shouting at him :P
I dont blame him for being glad about that
oh hey, the super dub finally ended
I think he's terrified of her
he hates loud noises and she tends to go over and just shout πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
my daughter doesn't have an in-door voice... she knows how to whisper and she knows how to shout. There's no in-between πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ
10:39 PM
Alex used to do that (which Suzie was completely unpeturbed by and Epsilon found terrifying) but has gotten better about not making loud noises around the cats
To the point that Epsilon will actually come into her bed while I'm reading bedtime stories and chastise me for not feeding her dinner first
@ToxicFrog we're trying to get her to stop doing it, but she enjoys tormenting the cat and I think it's too early for her to understand that the cat doesn't like it
she goes over to the cat, shouts and then chases him across the room
A Story In Two Photos
until she corners him too many times and I have to take the cat and put him downstairs
10:41 PM
Aaw, poor kitty :/
@ToxicFrog our cat isn't allowed into her crib or playpen (jail - she only goes in it when she's being bad) and he's really good at following rules
a rare image of both not trying to murder each other
that happened after the photo was taken
Alex and Suzie got along really well from the beginning, somewhere I have a (poorly lit) photo of them both asleep under the same blanket
The cat has always been cautious around the baby, because he doesn't like unpredictable things and there's nothing more unpredictable than a baby
I wouldn't say they don't get along though, it's just the child can be a bit rough (she's in 97th percentile in height and weight of children her age) and the cat doesn't like that
usually, if she's not going full speed towards him and isn't shouting, he's cautious, but he doesn't seem to mind her too much
sometimes he'll even come over and sniff her if she's calm and quiet
11:08 PM
Anyone unlocked the new Loader character in Risk of Rain 2 yet?
@Elise my two cats have very different personalities; Suzie loves everyone no matter how loud and unpredictable they are because humans have hands and hands can be used to give her pettings
And Epsilon is surly and dislikes strangers and loud noises and only deigns to be touched regularly by like four people in the world
Q: Who has three hairs?

AshThere is a gold challenge to complete a race with a score of over 7,000 points, with a racer who has 3 hairs. Which racers count for this challenge?

my cat loves being petted, but he loves me over anyone else. But he's also very skittish and easy to startle
he's also of unknown age (we've had him for 4 years, the SPCA said he was 10 when we got him, Idk if I believe that)
he behaves like he's young, but also infinitely wise
Wise...definitely does not describe either of my cats at all.
@ToxicFrog I have never seen a cat as wise as mine and I hear that from anyone that has met him
he also has incredible sense of time and he likes when everyone follows a routine
he knows what time I get up for work, what time I get home, what time I go for a nap before work and when I have to go for a nap after work (I work night shifts with no set days)
when I'm late coming home from work, he gets anxious
if I'm not gone for a nap on time, he comes to me and meows at me
he could make a great parent πŸ™„
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