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12:27 AM
Q: Can I restore an older save from the cloud?

ThebluefishMy computer crashed while playing the game. When I launched it, the launcher asked if I wanted to upload the local save to the cloud, or download an older version from the cloud. I chose the first option. Upon launching the game, it told me that the save data was corrupt and forced me to reset to...

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2:08 AM
Q: Minecraft Bedrock 1.12.1 Custom Crafting Not Working

villager1I have a problem with the minecraft behavior pack which doesn't register my custom crafting recipes. I think I have everything written correctly, but it still doesn't work. Here is the code: { "format_version": "1.12", "minecraft:recipe_shaped": { "description": { "identifier": "cus...

2:26 AM
My girlfriend's 16 year old indoor cat got out and disappeared
Oh no :(
@GnomeSlice here's hoping that come feeding time you start hearing a meowing at the door or window
It's long past feeding time
Hopefully he's hiding or got taken in somewhere but... I have a bad feeling
And now she's forced to go off and work an 11-8 overnight shift while reeling from this
This is going to be a major tragedy for her she loves that cat to death
3:30 AM
Heh, CrossCode 1.2 adds New Game+, which has the option to let you keep your old level. They've even changed some of the dialog to fit in with that
4:04 AM
i have got to try that sometime
might try it tonight after i get it updated
4:22 AM
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7:51 AM
Q: How far away from you does grass spread?

posiedon9898 VoI am making one of those new 1.14 wool farms and I want it to be pretty big. Since the SMP server I play on has a max of 40 entities per chunk it has to be pretty big in terms of x and z coordinates. So basically these farms are mostly limited by the max distance in which grass spreads, I need to...

8:11 AM
Q: Can my factorio mod prevent a custom achievement from unlocking?

TroyenI'm looking at adding some achievements to one of my mods and have only been able to find limited documentation. From what I can tell, achievements must be based off of one of the achievement prototypes. But I'd like to make something a little more complicated. For example, for a multiplayer mo...

8:50 AM
Morning chat
@Elva Morning!
9:09 AM
@Elva Morning
1 hour later…
10:12 AM
Q: diskspace for minecraft server

呪われたI have a raspberry pi cluster that I want to use as a Minecraft server. It will be a small server for my friends and me with max. 6 player slots. We will play vanilla only but we plan to hold the world for some years so there will be a lot of building going on and the map will be pretty big. Is ...

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11:27 AM
Okay what the heck
Discord almost-removed the entire goddamn game store
There's no direct way to access the store
@Ave Did it have any games that weren't on other platforms?
@Nzall there were exclusives.
People weren't interested, it seems
@Nzall nononono
it's not just the nitro games
it's the entire game store
I knew that they were dropping nitro games (~10 people messaged me because of my work on breaking the store's DRM)
11:32 AM
Q: Is loot redeemed from loot-a-grams scaled to your level?

David TohThe Dinklebot, a random spawn at Skywell-27 drops loot-a-grams that can be traded in to crazy earl for the occasional legendary. Assuming you had no mayhem mode/ tvhm activated (aka you are on your first playthrough), does the loot you receive from earl scale to your level even though the Dinkleb...

Apparently they removed the global games store 6 months ago, and you can only buy games through dev servers
Probably explains why i stopped seeing Discord try to sell me games
all in all breaking DRM was fun, 10/10 would do again
More companies need to make their own crappy DRMs so that I can have more fun
@Ave i assume Steam's isn't crappy then
11:52 AM
@Memor-X It's not that good or bad
I'm simply not interested in steam tho
it's not going anywhere
@Ave Do you think the EGS might go somewhere? Or are you worried Tim Sweeney might throw his planets of cash at you?
@Nzall I'll look at EGS later.
El Goonish Shive?
Epic Games Store
Question btw
Is EGS UI massive for y'all too?
on smaller res screens especially
I swear steam is getting worse every time I use it
12:03 PM
@Ronan might be slowly getting patched ready for the new UI
am hoping the new one doesn't fuck up offline mode
Will the new UI actually open when you ask it to?
@Ave I prefer El Goonish Shive
It's a good comic and also silly
Hades is still missing
This is a tragedy
@Ronan you mean like how some games force Steam to open?
No, like I open steam, and it just sits on verifying install until I force quit it
12:06 PM
@Ronan i used to get that when my old portable hdd was playing up, since getting the new one and transferring everything onto it, nothing like that
@Nzall I think egs is here to stay, and might even be the biggest a decade from now
might want to just scan your drive. defrag analysis, error check, stuff like that
@Memor-X It's pretty new and I only use it for games, but I might try that
@GnomeSlice i would not be opposed to that unless they still don't have a cart
@GnomeSlice Could be. Problem is they have a lot of inertia to overcome from Steam users that do not want to use the EGS client for a variety of reasons
12:07 PM
i would say Epic can go fuck itself if it can't implement a shopping cart in 10 years
(and also if they are still bullshitting when people don't take their exclusivity deal)
I'm currently using the GOG galaxy client whenever possible, though I still have to start WoW manually through the Blizzard launcher because of WoW classic
@Nzall last review i saw of that was pre-release and you still needed Steam and Epic running to run/download their games
is that still the case? or have they fixed it?
@Memor-X replace years with "weeks in the pre-release phase" and I agree
@Memor-X Yeah, you still need the clients, but A) you can start the install and launch processes from the GOG Galaxy 2.0 client directly for most games) and B) it's meant as an abstraction over the various other clients you have, not a way to replace them
it's not meant to replace the other clients being installed on your machine, but rather as a way to see every game you have across all your clients and accounts
@Elva i don't know how you can have a cart in "pre-release" to be honest
@Nzall i guess i'm not normal liking my desktop shortcuts like an idiot
12:11 PM
@Memor-X because software doesn't magically appear on the day of release :p
@Memor-X Desktop shortcuts are fine for games you got installed, but GOG Galaxy also shows games you don't have installed. It's still in beta and actively being developed, but it's fine for the most part
I think it's better if you view GOG Galaxy 2.0 as a cross-platform library organization tool, rather than a gaming software management tool
12:42 PM
I wish Heart&Slash was better. I finally got around top playing it and it's so close...
@Nzall They also have an enormous userbase of kids who are growing up playing fortnite who are probably using the EGS and not steam at this point
@GnomeSlice That is true, but EGS is missing A LOT of older games these teenagers might be interested in because of discussions from streamers they watch
True, I'm just saying that as the playerbase ages and younger gamers become the new target audience they may have an advantage in a few years
@GnomeSlice True. What I'm actually hoping for is a duopoly, where Steam and EGS can coexist with their own markets
*starts up CrossCode at last* ok lets see how it *crash*
........oh come on don't do this to me, why don't work? *starts back up, Steam reports no .exe*
.......why? *AVG pops up reporting quarantined .exe*
son of a bitch AVG
@Memor-X What OS are you using? if you're using W10, Windows Defender is perfectly fine
12:56 PM
@Nzall yeh Windows 10
I hope we find this cat
1:23 PM
@Nzall This
Honestly, these days Windows Defender is used by so many people that the only reason to not use it is if your job requires you to use a different one so they can get the telemetry from that
Because Windows Defender is the default antivirus, Microsoft has worked really hard to make it work well, because if it doesn't, people are just going to install a different antivirus package and then complain Windows doesn't work well
Okay, this game confuses me
Did they make prestiging easier again?
Q: Google a big Liar on Pokemon go

Sooner PlayzOn the raids on Pokemon go I googled what level do you have to be to do a raid in Pokemon go. it said at least level 20, But i did it on level 7 I'm Confused.

Oh wait, does progress towards a higher layer only count points you've actually prestiged in the previous layer?
1:53 PM
Q: MC multiplayer problems

xJuliaxvxMy minecraft multiplayer servers keep crashing, they say ''Loading terrain'' for a long time and then time out. ive tried other versions, and then if i get into a server (im using cube craft as an explanation) my toolbar doesnt even show up and just crashes, my singleplayer does work tho. Does an...

2:13 PM
Q: Minecraft multiplayer

random personokay so basically I've played with friends while im at their house. Well if we live in the same city but far away is it possible to just do as you normally do and open lan then type in the IP, etc. Hahah I'm rlly stupid

2:38 PM
@PrivatePansy CrossCode is such a fantastic game. Definitely one of the most underrated games of all time imo. The story, the combat, the dialogue, the art, the puzzles... there's not a single thing about that game that is done poorly.
I'd write up a huge review here, but I don't want to spam so I'll just say this: Anyone who hasn't played CrossCode who enjoys games like Zelda, Hyper Light Drifter, or any other top-down combat with puzzle dungeons -style game should absolutely try it out.
@MageXy There's also a demo of the game on Steam, so there's not really a reason not to try it out
today isnt a holiday is it?
Probably is, but not a well known one
2:53 PM
there is like no one here at work, and normally there are quite a few people in already
> The number one thing you can do to improve your JS is by not writing JS.
@Dragonrage Not the number one thing I can do to improve my salary though.
@Yuuki Well, depending on how you interpret it, it might be. xD
@Dragonrage Where do you work?
Unless you work for a company that pays by lines of code
@MageXy There are some companies that tried to do that. Within a week, someone will have a task of refactoring a major bit of code or removing an obsolete feature and removing thousands of lines of code in a single day
3:05 PM
@Yuuki the next sentence says to use TypeScript instead
In the last 3 days I've had less than 5 hours of sleep total and I'm not sleepy. This has never happened to me before, not sure if I should be concerned 🤔
Did have a bit of a breakdown 20 minutes ago, but I don't think that's related...
@Elise this is one of my holographic duochrome polishes. Also my flamingo bedsheets.
@Nzall the US. so, looks like either Mayflower day, Play-Doh Day, or Cinnamon Rasin Bread Day
3:08 PM
@Ash that's a very nice color!
@Ash oh yes, the bedsheets! Didn't even notice at first, they look fun 😄
@Elise In my experience, it cycles but you should definitely get some more sleep.
@Dragonrage My company is doing an event for PlayDoh day, actually. Company bought everyone a 50 cent can of PlayDoh and everyone can submit a sculpture. The one with most votes at the end of the day wins a gift card or something
@Yuuki every time I get in bed, I just stop being sleepy and by the time I fall asleep, it's almost time to get up again to either go to work or babysit 🤷🏼‍♀️
@Elise depending on the light and angle it looks more gold or more green
@Ash wait what? It looks pink in that photo 😲
3:11 PM
@MageXy thats cool
I'll post a pic of my model later when it's finished. (Warning: I'm a terrible artist and may cause traumatic brain injury with my terrible skill)
@MageXy sooo, you made a blunt weapon? 🤔
I'm on my phone and the light from the window is bouncing off of it and the cat is freaking out 🙀
It varies how long my sleep is depending on how strictly I adhere to my sleep routine, but generally I get about 7 hours of sleep per night, and I've found that's somewhat on the edge of what I need. I generally go to bed between 10:30 and 11, fall asleep around 11:30 to 12, and my alarm goes off 3 times in 9 minutes at 6:30
I also often wake up around 1-1:30 AM because of biology
I really should take my pills around 8 instead of waiting for 9:30
@Elise yep! That's how duochrome polishes work! They look different depending on angle. Like when you see a puddle of oil spilled on the ground, and it has other shimmer colours in depending on how you look
I have always needed 8-10 hours of sleep and even then I'd still be tired sometimes
@Ash I figured the "duo" in duochrome implied two colors 😄 I guess pink is kinda between gold and green? 🤔
Or it probably has nothing to do with "two" colors
@Nzall I work night shifts, so my sleep is all over the place
3:18 PM
oh hey it looks like the library has received my order and are processing it
I rarely sleep 8 hours in a row, not by choice
And there are 2 holds on it other than myself apparently so that's pretty cool
What book was that again?
All Things In Common, looking at the economic practices of early christians
taking a deep dive into Acts 2:42-47 and Acts 4:32-37
3:25 PM
I need to fix my emoji sizes lol
("All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of their possessions was their own, but they shared everything they had." etc)
@Unionhawk (in best period appropriate accent) You damn commie!
@Ave the cat emoji seems fine 🤷🏼‍♀️🙀
3:42 PM
@Unionhawk ah, yes, I remember now
4:03 PM
The entire studio is folding
> Making great games has been all I’ve wanted to do my entire life. Now, I’ll have to find something else to do with the rest of it.
4:17 PM
As promised, here's my entry for the PlayDoh contest: imgur.com/a/Y4VHhjf
I call it, "Maybe A Little Too Happy"
I like it!
4:39 PM
> Before was was was, was was is
cc: @Ash
This hurts my head but I like it
English is silly :)
4:54 PM
Q: What do the red wings in the bottom right corner of my stealth bomber icon mean?

FluxI was looking through the supported units of a city with I saw that my stealth bombers had a red symbol in the bottom right of their icon. The red symbol looks like a pair of wings. What does that symbol mean?

@Jutschge how is BL3?
5:18 PM
Woohoo! Everyone's breaking the build today!
@MBraedley It was an accident, I swear!
5:32 PM
> I spotted him across the restaurant. There he was, eating his salad with a dessert fork. The nerve of some people! I was so aghast that I dropped my handful of mashed potatoes.
@Yuuki Excellent
Now I want mashed potatoes
Q: How do I get bartenders to make drinks in Dragon Quest Builders 2?

Quasi_StomachI have multiple bartenders on the Isle of Awakening and corresponding bars, but they never seem to be making drinks and seldom if ever stand behind the bar. I've tried placing chests with ingredients in the bar area, but to no avail.

i had some mashed potatoes last friday. they needed more garlic
Floor 27/28 is as far as I can go right now. Not too bad.
6:25 PM
27's the highest I've made it
I think I messed up my prestige layer 2 over the weekend.
Somehow, the auto-buyer options didn't show up and I just ended up buying an experience boost.
@Yuuki I mean, that's pretty useful
@MBraedley Hey, same here!
Ugh, I can't believe I got lucky with worldgen in ONI but still messed it up.
Two steam geysers fairly close to base and I've borked it up because I'm too chicken open up the Caustic and Swamp biomes.
Maybe I'll restart with the same seed and be more adventurous this time.
I also messed up my washroom sieve loop so there's that.
Q: What makes Halfling Swordsmen bad against Chaos Spawn

Thomas KoelleThis month marks the 25 year anniversary of Master of Magic. In the Master of Magic wiki is a damage calculator, and I would like to know why it is correct in this battle. Halfling swordsmen, ultra elite with bless and holy armor. vs. Chaos Spawn The halfling warriors have 14 resistance, 10 ...

6:34 PM
@Yuuki ONI?
@SaintWacko Oxygen Not Included.
@Yuuki Ah
I've been binging it so hard the last week.
Base/city management games are waaaay too easy for me get addicted to.
I blame the fact that I can't talk about them with the friends I usually game with so I tunnel hard on them whenever I have the opportunity to play.
It's... Weird. Visually very cool
@Yuuki I've heard that's really great
A friend of mine plays ONI religiously, and even though I've never played the game he gives me blow-by-blow summary of his colony every single day
It's, uh... kind of annoying, actually, he's completely turned me off from ever trying the game because he's so obnoxious about it
Plus I just don't like the art style the Klei uses for their games, Don't Starve included. (Sorry not sorry)
@Yuuki I assume you've tried Rimworld?
6:41 PM
Although not in awhile.
From what I remember, Rimworld has fewer building/environment management mechanics but more colony sim mechanics.
Yeah that's a fair take.
I'm excited for the Steam version of Dwarf Fortress
@MageXy wait, what?
It will have actual graphics!
No idea on the release date tho
Oh, very nice. Thanks for the info
The important question: will it blend build?
6:46 PM
Ugh, now that I'm doing some more reading, I was way more scared of slimelung than I should've been.
The answer: no. But it should be an easy fix.
I like this game but I think I would only recommend it to people who like weird indie games
I really like it. Have only tried it in handheld mode so far
Surprised I haven't heard of it til now
@MageXy I'm a little surprised that you can apparently type whatever you want in Steam's Release Date field.
@MageXy How far is he into it? I can't imagine talking about ONI constantly.
I'm just talking about it now because I've realized that I messed up pretty badly and wasted a good seed.
7:07 PM
@Yuuki He has been playing on and off for like a year. He was a big supporter during their early access, and now that it's released 1.0 he's been playing a bunch more. It's pretty much his favorite singleplayer game.
He's reached the end game a couple times afaik, he is currently during some kind of carnivore challenge where you have to produce a massive amount of meat by XXX number of days or something like that
My pebble is only getting 3 days per charge now. I think it's finally time to replace it.
Maybe 3.5 days.
@MBraedley I don't think it's even been a year and my Fitbit's almost there.
Then again, I got frustrated and haven't been wearing for the past two weeks so no idea what the battery actually is.
7:30 PM
@Yuuki Yeah, but a FitBit starts at ~4 days. My Pebble started around 6.
> vector subscript out of range
Oh no!
7:49 PM
@MBraedley That was starting to happen to my Pebble Time, so I bought a Pebble Time Steel
@MageXy Saaaame
Q: a kdo ve kk prit iz čolna na računalniku igram preko t-launcherja prosim naj keri pomaga kar koli kliknem ne gre it ven


Okay so for the second layer of prestige, if I select damage 1x > 2x, does that mean that my 4x multiplier from the first layer effectively gets doubled to 8x? (or any other stat)
RE: Bridge's favorite incremental
@MageXy it should, but don't forget that your layer 1 is reset to nothing
...oh. right. poop
@Elise But going forward, yes, it will double all layer 1 XP prestiges.
8:03 PM
I think that slows me down a bit short term, but probably better in the long run
I reset with just 1 L2 point and that slowed down everything to a near stop
I would recommend saving up at least 4+ points, so you can get exp, dmg, exp autobuy, dmg autobuy
and a hero, if you have 5 points
Yeah that's what I was thinking
ok cool
once I had all of those things, it all sped up a ton
GIS makes it impossible to link to images now
Right click > Copy image address if you're using Chrome, I think it's similar for Firefox
8:09 PM
I'm on my phone
Was getting there
oh nvm then lol
The Art is so good in this game
8:19 PM
Today, in excellent train things
@Ash If a train stops moving, does that mean it train't gonna run anymore?
@Yuuki Man your jokes are off the rails!
8:43 PM
@GnomeSlice Geographic Information Systems?
8:54 PM
@Yuuki How does ONI compare to Frostpunk?
@Nzall Less existentially depressing.
Mostly due to the art style.
@Yuuki and gameplaywise? Does it have adjustable difficulty settings so I can make it easier than most games in the genre?
ONI does have better difficulty settings, I think.
Does it go on sale frequently?
And there's more replayability based on my recollection, the different possible starting scenarios are more varied.
8:57 PM
I've seen it go on sale twice, last time was June.
9:10 PM
Game where you play a dictator who conquers the world by answering Geography questions
Yeah, that's today's weird steam game
> If you're not sure where to conquer next, try throwing a dart at the globe.
@Coronus ... Pacific Ocean?
9:26 PM
thats where you're most likely to land
Q: How much money do you need to start rebuilding the village?

YasskierI've recently finished the "Nest of vipers" main quest and decided to start "From the ashes" DLC quest, where I was named as a bailiff of a new Pribyslavitz village and ordered to rebuild it. I was feeling very rich having on me about 4.5 k of groschen... until I've found the costs of labour and ...

Q: Can you use a USB output splitter as an input viewer

KonstrictorI wanna have an input viewer for my switch. However, I need a board that is about 70 bucks and I don’t want to spend that much on it. Could I use a USB output splitter like this: https://www.amazon.com/Female-Dual-Extra-Power-Cable/dp/B00M4SH7KW for this? I would think I could plug in my pro co...

9:46 PM
Floor 30 gets you another hero.
@Frank i havent made it there yet. not sure what i did wrong, but my progress has slowed to a crawl
Q: What's the intended purpose of the Book of Regression?

senpai The Book of Regression, an item you get by vendoring an Orb of Scouring with 1x Scroll of Wisdom, apparently downlevels your character by 1 and resets all exp to 0. What I want to understand is, for what reason would this be used for? The only obvious answer that comes to my mind is that cert...

10:09 PM
Gunhouse is a weird game
@Yuuki that was awful
@SaintWacko Google image search
Q: Getting Steam Indie Games to run udner Linux or even a Mac

meshfieldsI am interested in getting Children of Morta or similar games to run on m Mac or Linux. They are pretty decent machines with dedicated AMD GFX cards. How to emulate Windows for gamign or get such games to run which are natively NOT supported off steam. Anybody had any success which such Steam In...

@badp thats actually malzahar
well yes that guy
also, to be fair, he had literally zero mana, but it was amusing
also, in other league related news, i got to my promos to plat.
I finished my promos to silver today with an ahri flaming and ragequitting
now I'm down to 30 lp again
at least next time I'll have a free win
Q: WiiU error code at on-line play

Tomás I have gotten this error every time I try to play online quests. I can access the world, the lobby, but when I choose a room I get this message. The same happens with other games but the code is different. Is there someone with the same problem?

11:05 PM
@Dragonrage Got the auto-buyers at level 2?
@Frank i have a few of them
@badp thanks.
@badp luckily i havent had too many lately, but i fully expect them in my promos
@Dragonrage I saved up two points, so I could get a stat multiplier to 2x, and it's associated buyer.
Every two points, and after I got all of them, things started getting silly.
@Dragonrage I just love how Riot saves those games for your promotion series
i've had to try the bronze 3 promo series like 8 times
it was just a constant unending barrage of flaming, inting, ragequitting, disconnections
and I just needed 1 win
and since I'm a shitty support main what am I gonna do but cheerlead people into being like "wow you know we basically won that trade cmon we can do this woo"
which has gotten me to the point where I am now playing the same whether i'm 0/7 or 7/0
i went on a 5 game winning streak, and my fifth game, my LP gain went down. i lost one game, and then won the next one and my LP gain went up
maybe that one match was particularly easy?
I was at Bronze 2 0 LP for like seven consecutive losses
but they were losses where I queued with a Silver 4 buddy
so the game must have had mercy on me
11:15 PM
@badp not sure, but i had 2 people from the losing team from that game on my team the next game and they were super tilted
which is why i lost
Q: Beedle Zelda BOTW voice actor

Big T LarrityJust playing through BOTW and find Beedle's voice funny. Anyone know who the voice actor is. (I am playing English version)

Q: Java(TM) Platform SE Binary not on firewall list?

AnonbergI have that "io.netty.channel.AbstractChannel$AnnotatedConnectException: Connection timed out: no further information" issue when trying to connect to my friend's Minecraft server, the general consensus says to unblock Java(TM) Platform SE Binary on my firewall. But I can't find that on my firewa...

@Dragonrage It's great
It kinda took all the good things from BL2 and TPS and removed the bad stuff.
The biggest complaint I have so far is that most cutscenes only run in 30 fps :P
@Jutschge unacceptable. must have at least 180 fps at all times
I mean I have it on 4k Ultra and it runs at steady 60 which is nice
Then again I have a 2080ti but a friend of mine has a toaster and it still runs on 60 on HD medium. (he has a 760 or something like that)
But the gameplay is absolutely amazing.
Also the music is insanely good. Every boss fight (with the exception of one) is great and the music really gets you pumped
11:36 PM
Q: Are Anointed Siren bonuses activated by variations of Amara action skills?

lentinantSo, Borderlands 3 offers weapons with Anointed bonuses - temporary bonuses which are activated by using action skills. Some weapons require any action skill to be used, but some require specific skills. Now, Amara is the only character, that has variations of her skills. So, my question is - are...

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