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12:00 AM
@Yuuki I just filled mine out semi-randomly since I don't really follow the pro scene very closely. (Basically I only know what Reddit tells me haha)
12:23 AM
Q: Steam Sharing Library Help

argonian sabreIs it possible to have a steam family Library Sharing set up so me and my child can both play the same game at the same time? as of now it says "An error occurred while updating Red Faction Guerilla Steam Edition (Shared Library Blocked" Is it a possible fix or am I stuck with it? Any help would ...

12:35 AM
i saw this on discord. is it legit?
Unknown but I imagine they have more rules than that
Man it's frustrating to find a question which has a really bad accepted answer and a really good one that's not
@Memor-X No
@Memor-X This definitely looks like something that would be written as "Blizzard is going all the way appeasing China" satire
12:52 AM
ahhh ok, i just wasn't sure because it seemed over the top but at the same time, firing 2 commentators who said nothing is over the top too
ugh, my league client is super borked
Huh, Rogers hold music always starts in the same place.
(I got the same first song I got the past two nights)
1:43 AM
I'm going to fight the whole network
Or at least like 2/3 of it
Apparently I am too, so I'mma gonna go eat my dinner instead
Like get the fuck out of here with this "just don't be offended" shit lol
Hello, Bridge
2:05 AM
Q: What game is catalogued on TVTropes and allows you to fight an unprepared final boss early?

MaladyWhat game is catalogued on TVTropes and allows you to fight an unprepared final boss early? As in, you there are multiple places where the final boss can be encountered and beaten, on the first run of the game... And the further along in the game you fight them, the more prepared they are? I t...

Hello, Memor
How are things?
2:09 AM
man I'm glad answer votes are +10/-2, I don't actually have to spend meta rep
What is going on, exactly?
People are mad on the internet
@TheMattbat999 good. after about an hour out at sea in Minecraft i finally found a place where i could start my own village with the Millenaire Mod. though i still needed to use the /fill command to make land and fill in some holes because it was a mash biome but the good thing is that with how far out the village boundary is to sea, i can get some towers build and create like a proper port. assuming i still have space
For both good and bad reasons
But nothing in here is changing
@Memor-X sounds fun.
People seem to always be mad about something, honestly.
2:12 AM
before i shut down i had tasked making the Normam Player Mansion (don't know it's actual name) which using IndustrialCraft i'm going to turn into a power plant for the village and i also found some rubber trees in the nearby forest
Sounds complicated.
I played a bit of Call of Duty: MW3.
@TheMattbat999 been meaning to play that myself since i played the previous one
@Memor-X it is really fun, especially online. But, if you have sensitive ears, be sure to mute people that have a microphone.
@TheMattbat999 yeh i don't play online. i'd play it for the single player plot which i assume picks up from where the previous game left off
@Memor-X yeah, you remember where MW2 leaves off? The game starts just a few hours (chronological) after the ending of MW2
2:18 AM
I don't know why, but I feel bad for reaching 2k rep. I can no longer suggest edits (they get approved immediately) and I feel that I might literally do something wrong and get banned from editing.
Lemon, it will be ok. Just be sure you make good edits.
@Lemon well it's assumed by that time you know how to make good edits
even though you can get to that without editing
Heck, i can hardly ask questions myself, much less correct someone else's
Well, English is not my main language and I have been making pretty stupid mistakes during the last 2 weeks (in both spoken and written).
@Lemon Eh, don't worry about it. Worst case is you do something wrong and it gets reverted and people move on
It's usually not a big deal
2:23 AM
Even worst, the new CoC makes me even more nervous. Put a incorrect word and you can get warned and even banned.
Well, if a mod ever warns you, just explain your situation. Our mods here aren't heartless.
Considering that is going to appear as "modified x time ago Lemon" on the home page...
Calm down. If your worst mistake is "uh oh, i made a typo", you are doing far better than i am.
Generally speaking you probably won't address people in edits so
The main spots to watch are chat and comments and as long as you're willing to self correct as needed
Especially chat.
2:34 AM
(I am kind of glad, speaking in my official capacity as an italics haver, that no bridge regulars that I know of use neopronouns for the sake of that's a piece of the whole thing that even English natives are not practiced in. Every native speaker knows how singular they works, but I have a comrade who uses ne/nim/nir and it's a small challenge every time to mentally find and replace they/them/their. It is merely a small challenge, and a necessary one, but it's not hard wired into my brain yet)
I have never heard of ne/nim/nir before in my life.
That's what ne uses and that is what I try my best to respect. It's not that common afaik, but it is a thing
Learn something new every day
@TheMattbat999 Same here, the list of basic gender neutral pronouns shared by SE just looks like broken english to me (compared to what I learned about pronouns in april).
@Lemon well, my native language is English, so this was a bit surprising to learn about. I... try to ward away from pronouns when referring to other people. Well, when i do rarely talk, that is.
3:06 AM
Q: Xbox 360 Sound issues

Gordon BrownMy Xbox 360 has a AV cable connection but the sound is not working. And I cannot connect to a wireless network for my Xbox 360. And I cannot use the usb to update it.. What can I do?

@TheMattbat999 So, I just asked my English teacher about the gender neutral pronouns and the way that they are mentioned/used on the CoC, his response was "Those pronouns are not official words by Cambridge so I do not recommend using them".
@Lemon still, while you are here, abide by the CoC. Idk what the heck Cambridge has to do with it, but.
@Lemon Here, it doesn't matter if they're official, or not.
People deserve to feel welcome, and the least we can do is show respect by using their requested pronouns.
Hello, Frank
All words are just made up anyway
3:11 AM
Very true
some of them just happen to have accepted meanings
3:23 AM
English is not a prescriptive language.
English is a weird language.
> "The problem with defending the purity of the English language is that English is about as pure as a [SALACIOUS LANGUAGE]. We don't just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary. - James Davis Nicoll
(Also, if you're going to pick an authority for the English language, which you shouldn't, it's Oxford not Cambridge)
English has an empirical attitude: "if i can see it, it is mine"
Good night, Bridge!!
all right we're going to have to do something about pins, hm
With all this commotion about pronouns, i think i will stick to calling people by their username to be on the safe side
let's see sept 30 + 14 days is what, october 14?
ok that's probably fine, let the sept 30 pins fall off naturally
maybe unpin the oct 4 idk
3:30 AM
I never understood why "murder" is one of the Bridge's tags
@TheMattbat999 It's an old, old joke.
The joke being that actually used to be a tag.
is both a game and a meta tag that was previously used
@TheMattbat999 there is a lot of wildness going on in meta. The meat of it is: if someone tells you what their pronouns are, use those pronouns. Do your best at it and you'll be fine.
@Yuuki i figured so. It has been up for atleast 2 years and 4 months.
murder was used on questions related to killing people in video games
then we decided that was stupid
after on questions related not to fishing, but other activities related to fish
3:31 AM
A: The Memes of Arqade and its Chat

GnomeSlice In memory of murder: A lot of us loved [tag:murder]. Even many of us who knew it was a terrible tag, we still found its application humorous and the concept gave us entertainment. We're sad to see it go, but we're enduring its loss so that we can pave a way to a much greater future. M...

@GodEmperorDune eh, i don't chat often anyways, so i will be fine.
@GodEmperorDune I think my bidding of bad day to that guy scared him o-- oh, nope, lol
we're just going to play the fucking privilege olympics now cool
I have been here a good while, now that i think about it.
@TheMattbat999 you've done a decent job of learning pronouns in here iirc
at least my rep is +90 or so
to make up for the garbage fire in my inbox
3:34 AM
@GodEmperorDune i matured alot being around here, honestly, in all aspects.
But i am generally not around here much anymore.
@Yuuki Hahaha I know that guy
@Yuuki it seems like the has the side effect of always showing the full user name
take @TheMattbat999's name in some posts above. if the script isn't running you just see "The"
@Ash i'd say TIL that @ash knows everyone but that's a lie because i already knew that
I don't know everyone just a lot of someones
@Unionhawk Yeah I'm battle-hardened on my probable amendment to a proposed DSA Cincy CoC to remove the "assume good faith" line (which was added by the mover as a change from the template they used)
3:40 AM
@Memor-X pinged. I was alerted.
@TheMattbat999 yeh just using you as an example of the side effect of the pinned userscript
@Unionhawk its a good take, bront
@Memor-X oh. Well, uh, otay
There's a good reason DSA NYC Emerge left it out
the username list will look a bit off even for those not using a pronoun
3:41 AM
and it's fuckin
this shit
Crap, just call me "rando".
@TheMattbat999 lol, no i mean for those who will pick up that suddenly the left looks different beyond just pronouns appearing
god, I should prepare all the motions I have for the DSA Cincy CoC shouldn't I
rather than just flying off the seat of my ass
@Memor-X Oh, okay
another example is @GodEmperorDune who, when the script is not running, sometimes just appears as GodEmpror
3:45 AM
@Memor-X oh no you found my truename
I am so well known, all what is required to identify me is "The" ;)
anything that messes with layout is going to potentially cause layout issues
@GodEmperorDune yeh, you posts are showing extra gaps because your name and pronoun link are pushing the left <div> down
Huh, a message of mine is on the starboard
3:47 AM
ah yeah the pronoun.is link doesn't resolve to he/him it resolves to the link
I might pr that but idk what with
Mine looks weird. Probably because i am on mobile.
the link isn't clickable here so
it's not particularly useful
Copy and paste into a new tab
maybe one pr to resolve the curently supported ones (if it finds pronoun.is/he, resolve to he/him, etc), and then work out how to do ?or
@Unionhawk can you just chop the known url into an href like this he
3:49 AM
since the pronoun.is is very useful for neo
it shows in a sentence iirc
yeah exactly
you could probably regex it
and then use it to parse html
@GodEmperorDune i meant to ask... how is your pug doing?
@TheMattbat999 she's getting older and more sleepy
how are your goats?
@GodEmperorDune fine. Addicted to acorns tho. I have 14 of them now.
Cause when a mommy goat and a daddy goat love each other very much, about two more of them heathen decide to pop out of nowhere.
And good night, Bridge.
and yeah thank you to @GodEmperorDune and @Ash for lending me your emotional energy, and to anyone here for lending me upvotes your support will fund 108 future downvoting of bad opinions, or maybe even my ability to view votes on meta.se eventually, I'm going to bed
maybe some day our other-than-gaming friends at SO etc will figure out stuff like "respecting people", but we'll see
at least we have our shit together
4:07 AM
Amen to that. Thankyou for trying your best to help.
4:25 AM
@MageXy today (the day that's just started or is about to start, depending on where you live) is my birthday too yep
Also it's ironic how one of the most welcoming and progressive parts of the SEN is one for gaming, considering how toxic average gaming circles can get.
And for that I want to thank you all: You are amazing and help make this place amazing, and for that I thank you.
@Unionhawk this is wonderful, and the fact that they're pakleds only makes it better
4:43 AM
@Memor-X omg need
Q: What is the maxmium possible height in Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

Max ChanI would like to try it by myself but I am scared that it would crush my devices, anyone know the answer?

5:11 AM
Q: Need a way for me to know what players complete what task or ques. (see for more details)

PaulI'm starting a server on my own and I hope one day I can make it public. Its an Anarchy server but it has quests and other things In the lobby of the server there is going to be a list of tasks and quests, if a certain player completes thaty task they get a certain reward but also their username...

2 hours later…
6:52 AM
Q: What does drinking worm blood do?

l0b0Drinking worm blood doesn't seem to harm me, drench me or anything else except the screen starts pulsing. Is there some hidden effect to the worm blood?

7:22 AM
Time to fork this userscript to make the pronoun.is links look good
Not the best, but it works!
7:45 AM
Morning chat
@Elva Morning!
@Elva thank you!
I'm trying to remember how old you are... I wanna say 19 now?
merry lung anniversary @Ave
may more air keep flowing in and out
@Elva correct
@badp thanks, and will do! I'll also keep hydrating and hibernating regularly while at that.
so long as there's oxygen, there's hope
7:52 AM
But not toooo much oxygen
And let's keep the rest mostly nitrogen
Q: Is there any similar alternative for Frantics Game(PS4) on XBOX One?

Keshav AgrawalFrantics: https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/frantics-ps4/ There is this beautiful game which I played on PS4 - Frantics where 3-4 friends can play with their phone using PS4. Wanted to know if there is any similar alternative for Xbox One?

Why are you making inflammatory remarks Elva
If I were making inflammatory remarks I'd be adding ClF3, oxygen is an oxidizer for wimps
I see your chemistry pun and raise you chemistry humor
@Ave Ya know you love it :p
7:58 AM
Those are baseless allegations
@Elva oh I love it.
@badp those may be baseless allegations, but at the end of the day, I am what some would refer to as a "basic bitch".
indeed, CIF3 would make you quite salty
(help all I've got is pH jokes)
I don't think ClF3 would form a salt, though you wrote Carbon Iodine tri Fluoride... I don't know if that's a thing but maybe
Cif is the Italian version of the Vis brand of yellow cleaning liquid… stuff
so uh sure three bottles of Vis is obviously what I meant
I think Cif is sold under that brand in the netherlands too? At lidl or something
8:06 AM
"vis kopen" gets me fish, so probably
yes sticking "kopen" to google search queries is how I do
maar der Nederlanden van der mijn woerdt slechter een slechter een ik houdt van er ja
Also CIF3 isn't a thing, IF3 is though... Generally very shortly
To be fair ClF3 is probably a thing for even shorter...
That really does not like to exist
Q: How to eat a virus with being splited?

Max ChanI see some cells eat the green virus and the funny thing is the cell doesn't split, they simply eat it and become bigger. How can I eat a virus without being splited?

1 hour later…
9:15 AM
Q: Can the Windows joystick properties display multiple hats?

ZhroI haven't seen much of a variation in the Windows joystick/gamepad properties window. Here is what it looks like with my PowerA controller plugged in: Despite having two independent analog thumb sticks, there is only a single crosshair display. The other two "axis" are instead displayed as the...

9:28 AM
o.o IF7 is liquid from 4.5 degrees C to 4.77 degrees C
That is not a big range
Also somebody helps me out of this wikipedia hole I've fallen in
9:55 AM
I just realized that I've been a bridgizen for 4 years
> chat user since 2010-10-31
Though fairly sure not that long in the bridge
sec, checking how long I've been a user
Where do I find that info?
oh wait, found it
2013 for me
> 2013-11-22
> 2014-09-26
well that's cute
the streetview icon has a balloon and said "Happy Birthday Ave"
Oh yeah, I saw that...
Let us never speak of it again
10:53 AM
11:07 AM
I'm out of comment votes AND post votes
aandd am possibly getting MSE banned which is fun
I prefer the interpretation of you personally causing MSE to get banned
And, happy birthday!
@Wrigglenite thank you!
@Wrigglenite I am okay with this, let's shut down MSE for a day, let everyone calm, then get it back up.
@Lemon Singular "they" actually does have a very long history of usage though. I think it's even older than singular "you". It just fall out of favour for a while, but it's coming back into usage again, and was added to the dictionary.
Also "not in the dictionary" is not how english works. It is how french works but english is descriptive
@Lemon aka language is a thing which constantly evolves over time. So even though it might look a bit weird to use singular "they" at first, you'll get used to it. After all, "their/them" is already used singular all the time, and no one finds that weird.
11:16 AM
@Elva It's not even how french works but that's more complicated
French is prescriptive right? "These are the words you'll use"?
@Elva yeah, language is dictated by usage, but @Lemon said their English teacher pointed to the dictionary as an example of why singular "they" is wrong. So just wanted to let them know that's not completely accurate.
Q: How rare is rare potion?

Max ChanI often get common potion in agar.io and sometimes I get rare potion and seldom I get some higher level potion. The rarity of the potion seems to be connected by my performance of the game. I want to know how rare is rare potion

@Wipqozn I know, I saw what you were replying to :)
@Elva Yeah but people don't actually pay attention to that
11:17 AM
Yeah I suppose that is a different thing :p
@Wipqozn I didn't believe this early on but it's very true
As far as I know, I don't actually speak french past what I learned at GCSE
"they" feels normal, neopronouns and "it/its" still do stick out a bit for me, but the fact that they're not very common and don't stick out as much does not mean that I don't respect people's pronouns
(and the reason they stick out is simple: They're uncommon.)
11:20 AM
English they/them/theirs is perfectly normal to me, dutch versions of that still feel weird (hen/hen/hun)
> If any single person is responsible for this male-centric usage, it’s Anne Fisher, an 18th-century British schoolmistress and the first woman to write an English grammar book, according to the sociohistorical linguist Ingrid Tieken-Boon van Ostade. Fisher’s popular guide, “A New Grammar” (1745), ran to more than 30 editions, making it one of the most successful grammars of its time. More important, it’s believed to be the first to say that the pronoun he should apply to both sexes.
11:38 AM
Q: How do I delete save data in Just Shapes and Beats?

Nick Z GamesI recently got Just Shapes and Beats and wanted to delete the game progress to start over with my friends. How do I do that?

12:18 PM
Q: Why are the creatures-Passive and hostile-all invincible?

KerikoKraftFor some reason when I was playing Ark Survival Evolved, when I got hungry, I went to attack a dodo and it was invincible. It didn't even try to run away like normal. So I though okay, little glitch, so I went to another dodo and it was invincible as well. I went to fish, invincible, Pachys, invi...

Good morning, Bridge!
Good. Morning
> chat user since 2010-10-28
@TheMattbat999 sorry I honestly just needed a message so I could get at my profile easily on mobile to check that number
Good morning 😅
12:27 PM
@Wipqozn I'm glad I've been on the people who want to quit because of the code of conduct should do so train already
@Wipqozn thanks!
@GnomeSlice oh. That is understandable
I'm a psychic, basically
@Elva I beat you by three days!
I'm a bit conflicted and I was hoping for some moral answers related to the whole Blizzchung situation, figure out what for me the best way to react to it is
12:32 PM
What is the Blizzchung situation?
Like many others, I support the Hong Kong protesters and hate what Blizzard did to Blizzchung after he expressed protest against China on the matter
Oh, wait, i think i seen an article on that. They banned him, didn't they?
@TheMattbat999 A major Hearthstone player got banned from professional play and his prize money revoked and deranked after expressing support for Hong Kong protests, and Blizzard ended up throwing oil on the fire through an inflammatory message on Chinese social media implying this was done to appease China
So now understandably a lot of people are in an uproar about this, canceling their accounts and doing other protest actions
Now, I don't want to go as far as canceling my account, but it does make me reconsider whether I want to continue playing WoW
12:40 PM
@Nzall first of all, don't let other people tell you how to exact to something, it's okay to feel whatever you feel
It is up to you whether you wanna keep playing or not, honestly.
@GnomeSlice Yeah, I know, I don't want to be told how to react, but I'm trying to get my own ducks in a row and I feel like the best way to align them is by writing them out
Oh I didn't get banned
i just had my comment removed without notice.
and seeing if some of the thoughts I'm having aren't symptom thoughts that follow from a different, more basic thought
Well, if you find yourself so enraged by Blizzard that it disgusted to see their logo when you boot WoW up, then don't play.
Hello, @Ave. Happy b-day, if i am not too late.
12:44 PM
@TheMattbat999 I don't find myself enraged just yet, I think, but that's part of what I'm trying to figure out
@TheMattbat999 Playing WoW requires a subscription fee, as well
@Wrigglenite yeah, and I refreshed my sub the day before the incident
@TheMattbat999 thanks
but that's the sunk cost fallacy
@Unionhawk CHOO CHOO
12:45 PM
Not renewing or playing will send a message.
Wooo, pings.
It will be ignored, but it will send a message regardless.
@Ave you are welcome. I hope you have a good day!
Yeah blizzard has infinity dollars
I will not delete my blizzard account, but I won't buy more games.
12:47 PM
@Ave thank you for your measured input
@Ave I'm surprised you put one together so quickly
Heck, the only two games i know from Blizzard are Heartstone and WoW
@TheMattbat999 Warcraft and Starcraft are (or were, I suppose) insanely popular
fuck i did it again
@Wrigglenite I've been working on video editing more and more lately to get things out as fast as possible.
Also: audio editing and blender basics
12:49 PM
@Wrigglenite oh. I think i have heard of Starcraft...
@TheMattbat999 never heard of Diablo then
@TheMattbat999 Don't forget overwatch.
And Heroes of the Storm
Good morning, @Ash
12:49 PM
But honestly, the only game from Actiblizz that really interests me right now is WoW
@Nzall and funny enough that's the only game with a subscription
the others are pay once.......with macro-transactions for Overwatch
and lots of expansions and things for diablo
@Ave but atleast expansions add meaningful content. at least from my experience with Diablo 2 and Warcraft 3
point taken
12:54 PM
I think what I'm gonna do is stop playing WoW at least until Blizzcon, see how things go there, and in the meantime play FFXIV
1:11 PM
@Unionhawk How is this not a link to Friday
@Ave ah there we go
I was just gonna link that to you
@Ave is on the ball. @Unionhawk is such a disappointment. smh.
For my birthday gift to @Ave, I'll allow her to deowner me.
She's gonna miss her chance at this rate
1:17 PM
Hurry Ave! Hurry!
Frank has removed Wipqozn from the list of this room's owners.
@Frank I saw nothing
1:25 PM
lmao I meta.se repcapped
@Unionhawk That's impressive considering the downvotes you were also getting
+10/-2 baby
I helped! \o/
question bans are a thing if you ask too many downvoted questions in a row right
or is that off on meta probably
@Unionhawk The exact details have never been released, but question bans are a thing. Not sure if it applies to meta, and if it did, MSE is probably special yet again.
1:33 PM
Yeah apparently mse downvotes are only association bonus which I didn't know
instead of 125
explains how the coc faq was able to get to -400 or whatever the fuck
also you ever raise a rude or abusive flag on someone with rep and then watch them closely to see the -100 penalty happen
it's even more fun on meta when most people have rep on the order of a few hundred, thus blowing out a more sizeable chunk
@Unionhawk I forgot that was a thing
@Unionhawk You lose 100 rep for being rude/abusive?
@Ronan Yes
I can't decide if that's a lot or not enough
But that number seems wrong
Most of the time, people who do it have 1 rep so it doesn't matter
1:37 PM
My rude/abusive flags are binding, so I could literally just rip 100 rep for anyone whenever I wanted
but every now and then
aw it just got deleted by vote
also I can see it, and those who voted on it, because caching
which is interesting
Wait what got deleted? :o
1:40 PM
some guy on meta was like "I'm not trolling, but I just found out about this gender thing and have created my own neopronoun, this is not a joke"
to a bunch of comments like "damn this really shows the flaws in the system huh"
a 7 year old could pick up on the fact that they were uh, lying, about it not being a joke
my flag did get marked helpful though so thanks for the free flag
@Unionhawk I think if a comment is deleted for any reason, any unresolved flags are automatically set to "helpful".
Also so many references to "sticks and stones" ... I just want to refer them all to the relevant xkcd:
@Elva sticks and stones, yet so many people are being hurt because they were asked to use respectful words. Words are actually hurting these people
Is there a way to see how much rep I would have if the daily cap didn't exist?
1:55 PM
Count up the bounties you got, the upvotes you got, the accepted answers, subtract the bounties you gave and downvotes you got and some other misc things
Because I've found I got a bunch of answers that got a lot more than 20 upvotes in one day
data.se is your friend
oh wait
I didn't see this
I am so happy about this gift
thanks @Wipqozn
@Ave You're welc
You adding me back messed up my message. Well done.
I am pro
1:59 PM
@Wipqozn Why didn't you allow me to do so a week ago on my birthday?
@Nzall You overestimate how much I pay attention to chat
Note: I don't actually want to do it, I don't want that kind of moderation power
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