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12:55 AM
Q: My datapacks are broken on my server

SlimeyI am currently using two datapacks, PheonixSC's Random Item Datapack, and my own datapack which adds simple custom crafting and achievements. after some trouble, i managed to fix Pheonix's datapack as well as the errors it caused, but i cant get my own pack to work. Everything was working fine un...

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2:01 AM
discord broke nitro somehow
I don't know how they managed this
I can use external emotes, but not react with them, and everyone I know with nitro is missing the nitro badge on their profile including myself
2:17 AM
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3:18 AM
Q: Is there a 32-bit floating sandbox?

Xboy1Floating Sandbox is a PC game where you have all these tools and can destroy a ship, and I want to play it, but there is one problem. I have a Windows 7, (which is 32-bit) but I only know downloads for 64-bit (like Windows 10). I won't to know a simple way I can download a 32-bit version, or make...

3:52 AM
necklace broke again and once again i had another small ball chain to take the clip off from to repair
at some point i'm going to have to face reality and that i can't keep hacking fixes like that for it and get another chain that matches the length of what i want
just hard to find a chain that is long enough that the Soul Gem of my necklance drops down 1/4-1/3 down my chest, sitting in that area where the rib bridge is
Q: Minecraft sun, how?

user238642If the regular Minecraft world is infinite, how does the sun revolve around it? Please elaborate as much as you can if you wish to answer such a crazy and unimaginable question~!

5:02 AM
first story, about the continuation on the whole Blizzard Boycott thing and how one of the people who worked on WoW Classic is cancling his subscription
almost mentioned Ten Cent and how while tim sweeney would be fine with freedom of speach, who's to say TenCent wont kick him out for someone more agreeable
2 hours later…
7:04 AM
Q: Hidden ingredients

Funtime MikeIn this site I found a list of locations of the hidden items that was very useful, however they are only in that place in normal difficulty. What I would like is a list of locations for hard and severe difficulties as well, if possible

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8:25 AM
Q: Top of the world achievement

KeyGold69922145Cant get the game to recognize that I built to the world limit. I saved and closed out. But still no luck. I'm in my son's realm. Is that the reason. It wont work

8:43 AM
Morning chat
Q: How do you get the gear in the overworld?

badp I've acquired two of the three years I need from Gerudo Village but still need a third. This one in particular is taunting me… I see a relatively easy solution using hover boots, but I can't find any. I've got the hookshot, the power gauntlets, the feather, etc., but this year still eludes me.

9:06 AM
Q: What resources do I need to masterwork an Armour 2.0 item?

David YellWith the release of Shadowkeep the way that armour works has been updated to Armour 2.0. I've seen that Legendary Shards are required to boost armour energy levels. With the new Enhancement Prism and Ascendant Shards, available from Banshee-44, what are the resource requirements to progress thr...

9:21 AM
@Elva morning!
Guh work proxy is breaking spotify again
Productivity pluummmeeeeeeet
Q: What is the most upvoted question in Arqade?

Max ChanI want to know what is the most upvoted question in arqade so I can learn to ask a question eith a hood quality. Anyone know what is the most upvoted question here?

9:42 AM
Apparently a Scotch distillery has invented Alcoholic tide pods
@Nzall saw it before
my problem is:
- too little amount of alcohol in general, and also likely very expensive
- too much to drink at once and you can't choose to drink only half of it or so, it's all or noothing
my problem is: wut o.o
That gender reveal thing at the start though!
Q: Which treasure items shouldn't be sold as they are?

user238464The crown, crown jewel and royal insignia can be combined to create the Salazar Family Crown, the single most valuable treasure in Resident Evil 4 (48 000 pesetas). By selling the items individually you only earn 33 000. Are there any other comparable treasures in the game?

@Nzall clicking this ruined my recommendations
I see ellen bootlicking now
smh youtube
@Elva download youtube music with youtube-dl
9:56 AM
And store it where? :p
@Elva on the computer
The work computer on which I'm not allowed to store personal things?
no internet and i got some tracks on a playlist which opens VLC on start up, mornings are greeted with Beer, Beer, Beer, Poker Face and the Deadpool Rap
@Elva then being in your own and plug headphones into it
@Memor-X my own computer?
@Elva well laptop
9:58 AM
That sounds like a very practical solution
That is also going to be super normal and isn't an a lot of hassle
Anyway the problem is that I don't have access to my spotify playlists so have to make do with youtube. Which I have to switch songs every 4 songs because youtube just keeps on going with a single artist and I want different songs
@Elva oh so you want a sorta random discovery thing?
I don't want discovery I just don't want to listen to 6 songs on repeat
Give me variety
or give me death
Give me melodic metal, then folk rock, then something with piano, more metal. Just don't give the same damned thing for half an hour
@Elva what i do for random music while driving is that i have a selection of songs for a driving playlist and i run that on Shuffle on one of my old iPhones
i used to listen to the same at work until i was able to get youtube-dl to download and sort lists of videos
10:08 AM
Or the proxy could not randomly break websites!
Let's do that
That seems easier
10:28 AM
@Elva You left the IT people alone too long and they started getting fancy
@Ronan we don't have an IT department except well, us programmers
We've got an outsourced proxy service
It is pretty crap and badly configured
(for one it's not transparent which is fun when working with docker in a linux vm on your windows pc)
So you're paying another company to have too much time on their hands
But it looks like it's fixed itself again!
Good job windows! I only got my window focus stolen 4 times while typing that sentence
10:48 AM
Q: ARK Survival Evolved Climbing Pick Engram Question (Valguero Map)

CheeritupDo I have to own ARK Survival Evolved Aberration expansion to be able to craft the climbing pick on Valguero map? (I checked and the climbing pick is enabled on that map)

11:28 AM
Q: How do you put full stacks of items in creative mode in the Windows 10 edition of minecraft?

GodFatherDaveAny idea how to do this in Windows 10 edition? I have tried the hover method along with middle clicking and it doesn't work.

12:09 PM
Q: Why doesn't my wife like me as much as she used to?

Paul D. WaiteIn my Stardew Valley game, I'm married to Abigail, and we have two children. For quite some time, our relationship level has been 13 hearts. I talk to her every day. The other day (14th Fall in year 6), I woke up and talked to her as usual, and noticed that our relationship level had fallen to 1...

12:39 PM
@Lazers2.0 You've changed, dude. People grow apart all the time.
12:59 PM
"Did a meteor falling on my farm make my wife like me less?"
That would be my first guess, not my third. But I don't own a farm or have a wife.
1:14 PM
The weather can't decide if it should rain, or snow.
1:43 PM
Hmmm. Rain, I vote rain
Rain is nice!
A nice good stormy night where you don't have to go anywhere and can just watch it rain
@Elva i'd go for that but just for sleeping
sleeping during a storm is so relaxing
@Frank tell it to do sleet. it's the best of both world
@Memor-X I hate sleet.
@MBraedley why?
Sit back, get some hot choco going, blanket and comfy chair
Or even better, couch and SO snuggles :O
Q: Is there a multiplayer mod for Left 4 Dead 2 on PC?

alchemistgeekWondering if Left 4 Dead 2 can be played multiplayer on PC.

1:51 PM
@Memor-X It sort of is.
Rain, sleet, snow, depending on the temperature.
It's going to be a fun drive home.
@Memor-X It's cold but not good snow, doesn't feel good if it hits skin, etc.
2:09 PM
hohohoholy shit new games are big
RDR2 is 150GB
And GoW 4 is also well over 130 GB
At this rate I'll have no choice but to get the Gigabit internet speed boost for my home internet, because I won't be able to download the games in a reasonable timeframe
2:22 PM
175 gigs of HD space... my previous SSD is smaller
Q: What is the level cap in Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition?

KidburlaThe level cap for Final Fantasy XV was increased from 99 to 120 post launch. Was this change carried over to Pocket Edition or is the level cap still 99 in that game? Also, is the level cap even reachable due to the reduced scope of the game?

2:53 PM
@Nzall What are they doing, making a unique texture for every fucking surface in the game?
Would not surprise me
That's not a new thing :p
@Nzall ugh, this is gonna require some work to free up that much space on my SSD...
Megatextures in Rage were probably the first implementation of that
No they're making a unique texture for each individual blade of grass and rock
@Elise I have a 1 TB SSD and I'm already considering upgrading it to a 4 TB SSD
3:00 PM
@Nzall 4tb ssd's are a thing on the consumer market?
That was my question too o.o
400 euro for a sata one
@Elise yeah, they cost about 650 EUR though
And for a good one 1336,80
That really needs to be 20 cents more to be honest
I might get a 1tb SSD for christmas, since my 4tb HDD died recently and my storage options right now are my 480gb SSD, 320gb 5400rpm SATA2 HDD and a 4tb external HDD
1tb SSDs have really gone down in price since I last shopped for storage
I'm thinking about asking for a 1TB NVMe SSD
3:03 PM
NVMe aren't super expensive either tbh
Idk if the speed difference is that much different in day to day tasks to pay extra tho
I mean, people with lots of money will probably tell you it's worth it :P
Q: Can you tell me games to train divided atention?

zxcvbsI'm looking for games (pc, phone) like Where you have to coordinate multiple parallel events at the same time.

Q: Couldn’t sign in original trainer account

Elaine WongI’m using Facebook to sign into Pokémon Go. However as of today I couldn’t sign in and a pop up keep saying that the account does not exist. So I tried going in as a new trainer with the same Facebook account in hopes to try switch back to the original account but fail to do so. Hence, now I’m st...

4:07 PM
I have a 120gb SATA SSD as a boot drive, a 500gb NVMe SSD as my games drive, and a 1TB HDD as my data drive
I want to replace the 1TB with another SATA SSD, though
Also, I stayed up way too late last night trying to get my ESP32s to talk to each other
Q: Is there a way to lock head rotation? 1.14.4

AaronKanaronHello! I was doing some stuff in my single player world and i wanted my head to always look down, but not making it choppy? You could do "execute as @p at @s run tp @s ~ ~ ~ ~ 90" in a repeating command block, but that makes it very choppy and hard to look at. Does anyone know a command that co...

Q: Official FAQ on gender pronouns and Code of Conduct changes

Cesar MWe expect today’s Code of Conduct changes to generate a lot of questions. We’ve tried to anticipate some of the most common questions people may have here, and we’ll be adding to this list as more questions come up. Q: What are personal pronouns, and why are they relevant to the Code of Conduct?...

Oh, I guess this comes first, huh
Sara Chipps on October 10, 2019

Last year, we wrote about our important work to build a more welcoming and inclusive community. This summer, I wrote about how we are evolving our product to encourage better interactions and guidance. While there’s still a lot more to do, we’ve begun to take concrete steps toward a better coding community for everyone. This is the most important work we’re doing in our community, and our first wave of improvements are starting to show results.

Here’s one concrete example: For some time, we’ve been using machine learning to flag comments that might be potentially troublesome in the community, e …

4:34 PM
Q: A new folder appeared on My Documents with the game title in Spanish, is that normal?

LemonI just found out that The Sims 4 created a new folder for the save data on My Documents with the game title on Spanish (Los Sims 4), is that normal? Origin, The Sims 4 and my Account have the language set to US English.

4:49 PM
wow that faq is at least -3 (I don't have 1k on meta, I just see chat saying net 6, now net 3)
It used to be +14, so yeah
People are not happy for... reasons?
@Unionhawk +42/-39 atm
they can refer to my answer to the "what if an experienced user threatens to delete their account in response to being suspended for coc violations" mod questionnaire answer, imo
Did you just post the shrug emoji?
something to the effect of "I'd send them a link to the form"
4:55 PM
Right, the "oh well" shrug not the "idunno" shrug I meant
@Wrigglenite In regards to this and a lot of other things - Thank you Bridge, for being a space where we don't have to really worry about the implications of this, as we're already fostering an inclusive, welcoming, respectful space that...already respects people's pronouns and identities.
I'm seriously proud of all y'all - we've pushed long and hard to make this space a good one, and honestly, it's where I've felt safest as this whole thing was going on around the network.
Well, if nothing else, my workplace is is concerned with our safety; During our first break, "Ok, everyone - go home! and don't come in tomorrow, we're expecting 20-30cm of snow, and the driving conditions are only going to get worse."
@TrentHawkins I'm glad they're concerned and taking it seriously.
Also the fact you're expecting that much snow already feels so odd to me, it's 13C and super sunny here in Ontario. I forget how far away you are from me, and how much more north you are.
5:02 PM
@Ash It is nice that the new CoC stuff comes out and we're just "so... what we're already doing?"
oh yeah for sure
@Ash Yeah. The roads were bad this morning.
@Ash it was 20 aand sunny just on tuesday.
@Yuuki Yeah, I am super pleased by that.
I wish it would just choose to either be above or below freezing.
5:02 PM
@TrentHawkins O.o Thats....a rough adjustment
This either or is going to ice up all the roads.
I kind of want to drop an ELL post about singular they in the comments somewhere and then dismiss all of my inbox notifications
@Frank Yeah, that's going to get potentially super bad :(
but I also don't want to have to ignore my inbox for multiple days
It was 34° C one day last week, yesterday it was 16°
Today it seems to have settled on 22°
5:04 PM
It's too bad I can't mute notifications on a comment like I can on Facebook and Twitter
@Unionhawk It frustrates me that people are going "what if someone wants "Your highness" or identifies as an attack helicopter" (I've seen both of those literal arguments today)
@Wrigglenite Oh no, more loopholes on the CoC that can be exploited. Also first time that I know about neopronouns.
@Ash "What if someone wants 'your highness'?" Then use "your highness"?
The good thing is that I have never seen a problem with how users want to be called here on Arqade, I feel that is the safest place on SE to be.
5:09 PM
This is all being hashed out in the M.SE link. But I'd like to point out a relevant comment:
If people are requesting things in bad faith, you are welcome to escalate to mods and mods can contact us CMs when in doubt too. — Cesar M ♦ 37 mins ago
Yeah that's what I just said
From a personal standpoint, not as a mod, all I want is for everyone to respect each other. Be excellent to each other.
Lock phasers and target their bridge = call a mod
We're going to make mistakes. That's fine. People do that.
lmao the faq is net negative
5:11 PM
@Unionhawk It's a redundant classification as well, tbh. At ramming speed, all helicopters are attack helicopters.
Q: How to revise game rating on PS4?

DimKI'm trying to change the rating (in stars) that I gave to a game, but every time I do, it just keeps the initial rating. Is it possible to alter it? Thanks.

@Frank Right, comments don't pin well
Anyways, I'm glad to see you can all finally see the new CoC. I honestly didn't realize it was releasing today.
From one of the answers(/questions?) in the post, the punishment for not respecting people in this room shall be as follows:
so let it be written so let it be done
@Unionhawk I have a diamond, I can confirm this is accurate.
glad I have 75 rep to spend on mse still
5:22 PM
ALso I need to get back to work.
@Unionhawk I'm happy I have enough rep to downvote on MSE apparently. I'll leave it to everyones imagination whose answer I downvoted.
maybe I can get to marshall on mse with this post alone
this is great
the freest comment flags
I don't really want to hash it all out in detail, I just mostly wanted to say I like that we are a good space.
Only part that mildly concerns me is Tim Post's comment on one of the answers. He says that disengaging conversation is fine, unless it's done to exclude someone because of who they are. While that sounds great in theory, I'm not sure works that well in practice.
On one hand, you've got the person who wants to be referred to with certain pronouns. On the other, there's someone else who feels uncomfortable with using those pronouns. Those two desires are mutually exclusive. I think disengaging is the best way to avoid conflict. Otherwise the one who doesn't want to use the pronouns will be forced into staying in a conversation they don't want to have, and they'll probably start antagonizing people in response.
...But then again, the disengagement is also rude to the person who wants to be referred to with specific pronouns. There's not really any good compromise that suits both parties.
If you feel uncomfortable with respecting people, then, frankly
@MageXy It's basically a case of "I'm so happy that's something for the mods to worry about, and not me."
5:26 PM
@Unionhawk you'll take me away from my big cats? But they need me 😭
Honestly, if you decide to stop talking to me/referring to me because you can't use they/them.....there's a bigger problem there
@Ash Yeah I agree. But I'm trying to view it from both sides
@MageXy pssst. You don't actually need to do that
@MageXy If respecting someone is less important than you being comfortable, then I'd say you're in the wrong place.
@Ronan You can't fight bias if you don't understand why it exists.
5:29 PM
@MageXy sometimes, we don't need to "both-sides" this.
@MageXy Although joking aside, the best thing to do if you see behaviour like this is to just flag it for moderator attention. If we notice a pattern, we can deal with it. We have ways of determining if a user has a pattern of misbehavior.
I can fight users though
And I will if necessary
Disengaging is something that needs to be considered on a case by case basis, but one thing I can say is that, "I don't want to talk to you because I don't agree with your pronouns" is not good.
In fact, this incredibly frustrating insistence that we do is harmful and exhausting
I'm tired of having to defend the existence of my identity and people like me
5:30 PM
Y'all don't have to constantly defend being cis or whatever
please stop insisting we do.
I am tired of the constant "but what about edge case xyz"
Respect each other. If it makes you uncomfortable, well, so be it.
I'm tired. I've cried over this enough. (and tbh the tears are the least harmful result of all of this). If you cannot figure out how to do this easy act of care and respect, I can't help you.
I don't want to help you then. Stop demanding our time and energy. It's not right and it's not fair.
5:32 PM
If anyone needs me...I'll be...elsewhere.
How often do pronouns even come up in conversations? I feel like the whole "oh they're making me use these pronouns" thing seems blown out of proportion
@Elise On the Q&A part of the site? Rarely. Chat? All the time.
@Wipqozn I mean... kinda? For pronouns to come into play, you have to talk about someone, not to someone (unless there's some English things I'm not thinking of right now) and generally it would require repeat mention before pronouns are used
Q: If I insert my Pokemon Black 2 cartridge into another 3ds will the save file be deleted?

Heitor Cavalcanti e CavalcanteI'm meaning to buy a new 3ds, and I'm worried if I insert my pkmn black2 cartridge into the new one all my progress will be lost. I don't wanna waste my money buying another copy of the game I already have.

@Ash I'm really sorry if I said something to upset you, that wasn't my intention at all. I only brought it up as a discussion point. I will of course respect you (and everyone) as you are, because in the end we're all humans :)
5:35 PM
if I'm talking about someone (doesn't happen often personally, I guess happens more for others?) I'll use their name first and then pronouns on repeat mentions, while still within the context
and don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that it's okay to use wrong pronouns because "it's rare that pronouns eve
omhg it's impossible to type out a coherent sentence while simultaneously trying to get a 1 year old away from the keyboard
I mean, it probably doesn't normally come up in answers, but in comments sometimes
It's disappointing but not surprising that people are throwing a pissbaby fit about now being required to respect people in a specifically called out way but you know
@Unionhawk it feels like the proper pronouns to use in comments would be "them/they" because you don't know the gender anyway
what can you do
@Elise I see what you're saying. You're right that pronouns are mostly just third person thing, so folks are likely overblowing just how frequently they come up.
In anycase
@Unionhawk This isn't helping. Let's just not call names, either way.
5:39 PM
but even if the people are uncomfortable using the right pronouns, it comes up so rarely, it shouldn't be a big deal to use the right pronouns, even if they make you uncomfortable
but I'm also not part of that crowd, so it's hard to see their side 🤷‍♀️
@Frank I mean idk what else to call "the faq is +something/-about 100", or "I'm deleting my account because of this"
@Unionhawk How about people? Is it a fit? Sure. But it doesn't help the discussion in any sense. So let's just not, alright? You can make your point with resorting to name calling.
I'm sure it goes without saying that respecting a persons gender identity always was and will always be required in The Bridge.
Anyways, I gotta get back to work.
I'mma just gonna pin that.
Even if I think there's some weird wording going on.
@Wipqozn wouldn't be @Wipqozn without typos.
in any case this is here so I should probably get back to work instead of watching for "1 new comment/answer" to see if I can get some more free flags
@GnomeSlice this is amazing
ahhh, I have phantom mouse events!
My mouse is possessed!
Man, the people at Bungie must be buying lottery tickets.
They left Activision-Blizzard with preternatural timing.
6:25 PM
@MBraedley My brain interpreted this as mouse(animal) instead of mouse(device)
@Yuuki Is the problem getting worse?
@Frank I wouldn't know about getting worse, I just remembered that Bungie recently left Activision-Blizzard right before this whole debacle.
@Yuuki That's been long enough that I wouldn't call it prenaturnal.
Unless Blizzard decided the hole wasn't deep enough and pulled out a backhoe.
@Ash I fixed it. My earphone cord was on top of the track pad.
I guess they left awhile ago but it was only just this month that their flagship game (Destiny 2) left the B.net launcher and went to Steam.
6:29 PM
Also restarted for good measure
Glad you got it sorted
Q: How do I pick the best driver, kart, and glider for a track?

KatThere are lots of different attributes for each piece of equipment: whether it's a favored track, the quality of the equipment, its level, its base points, and its special skill. Some of these are described vaguely, such as "greatly increases points earned" versus simply "increases points earne...

Q: How to find which planet contains pops of a specific species?

coledotIn Stellaris (2.3.3), I want to find out on which planet(s) I can find pops of a specific species. If I go into the Species menu and look up the species, it will tell me there are "X pops living on Y planets" but it doesn't tell me which planets these are. I have a huge empire with a ton of diffe...

So that was a lie.
@Wipqozn I really, really hope there isn't some twist like "oh the half-body thing isn't actually your dad but some evil wizard so you need to get over your trauma" or some BS.

Proposed Q&A site for this site will be helpful for pug gamers

Currently in definition.

7:15 PM
@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment Amazing, a proposal for duplicate of Arqade that isn't about Minecraft
@Dragonrage Somebody break out the good stuff, this is so rare.
Q: Mario Cart 8 Golden Cart pieces

Lsootgamer13I really want the Golden Cart, I already have the the Golden Glider, how do you get the other two pieces?

To give you guys an idea of how crazy the whole Blizzard situation is becoming: Ken White, a celebrity lawyer specialized in white-collar criminal defense and 1st Amendment law, currently is known on Twitter under the moniker BoycottBlizzardHat because of the congressmen commenting on the situation
Oh, The Lawyer Formerly Known As PopeHat is getting involved?
oh god
7:38 PM
also why is he not PopeHat anymore I forget
did that account get suspended
@TimStone if anyone would know this it's you
yes you should feel insulted by this
@Unionhawk Doesn't he change his Twitter handle somewhat regularly for topicality?
oh he is still @Popehat
mystery solved
I could have looked this up myself
The mystery was that there was no mystery
I'm disappointed that the answer is not "he got suspended and is now known as the helldude"
Yeah, he's still @Popehat for his username, but he often changes his nickname to topical things
So you know Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision? Apparently he's been linked to Jeffrey Epstein through the latter's black book
8:02 PM
@Yuuki Yes
@Unionhawk lol
I know kung regex-fu!
probably network settings or something
it played the first 26 seconds though
@badp why facecheck with diana?
8:34 PM
that is a dangerous bush to go into
the only thing you missed out on was amumu getting killed and spamming enemy missing a bunch
especially when you have thresh hook?
@Yuuki what's the worst that could possibly happen
@Yuuki she has really strong level 1 /s
@badp ah, ok. i saw a few people flash over, then die, and i assumed it went downhill from there
Anivia - Amumu - Diana - Xayah - Thresh isn't a comp I've ever seen before.
Anivia is a bit too gankable to go toplane, imo.
8:36 PM
IIRC my jungler was worried about how heavy on magic damage we were
turns out they were even more heavy
Heavy magic damage isn't really an issue, imo, because stacking MR makes you weak to consistent physical DPS from the ADC.
Heavy physical damage is more problematic because magic damage tends to be bursty, so you can just build more health against that.
And there's always Gargoyle Stoneplate.
Squishies don't build resistances so magic damage is going to destroy them either way but tank-killing is primarily an ADC's job.
9:02 PM
Me, as a child: ah man my birthday is here I hope I get cool cake and ipod touch
Me, now: Aw man my birthday is here, I hope some family member sends me money so that I can pay off my debt
banks suck basically
(I am financially okay, it's just that my money is stashed away safely abroad and I am too lazy to move enough back so that my bank account isn't at -250, it won't cost me anything until end of month so meh it can stay that way)
9:20 PM
Q: How can you type in Minecraft enchantment table?

MinecrafterSo me and my friend want to message each other in the Minecraft enchantment table language and it would be great if someone had an idea on how to do it. Thanks!

9:37 PM
@Nzall linked in what way
Probably on the flight logs if I had to guess (I don't, but it seems likely, lots of CEOs are on the logs)
9:50 PM
Activision ever had any games made into movies?
Wait I'm thinking of the wrong guy
Idk who you're thinking of, but also yes (or at least the blizzard side has)
Oh apparently
Activision Blizzard Studios, LLC is a motion picture production company and a subsidiary of American video game company Activision Blizzard based in Beverly Hills, California. It was created to utilize its parent company's popular game franchises through films and television shows. It is co-headed by Stacey Sher and Nick van Dyk, the latter being a former executive of The Walt Disney Company. == History == At an Investor Day presentation on November 6, 2015, in the wake of the Warcraft feature film, Activision Blizzard announced the formation of Activision Blizzard Studios, a film product...
Oh god they're planning a call of duty cinematic universe
@Unionhawk ... isn't that real life?
@Yuuki yes
coming 2021: call of duty world at war: the movie it's just Saving Private Ryan verbatim
9:59 PM
@Unionhawk except it comes out in parts with a huge grind to see each one
a grind you can skip by buying this totally optional packs which craft movie tickets
Q: This /execute if block command isn't working - Minecraft

TRTZachI've been trying to have it where if someone tries to open the door it says "It seems rusted shut!" This is the command (execute if block X Y Z dark_oak_door[open=true] run say It seems rusted shut!) Any help?

Happy Birthday @Ave
@Unionhawk Harvey Epstein
Or Jeff winger or something
@Unionhawk Yeah I think that's it
10:02 PM
Yea that mistake checks out
Similar but different
@Unionhawk you like that one? 😄
@Wrigglenite i am so happy that this post doesn't call them "preferred pronouns". disappointed but not surprised by the huge downvotes
I suggest not reading the comments in there
I like that it's now community protected which means that people with only association bonus can't answer anymore
i'm sure its a transphobic dumpster fire
10:11 PM
I've used....a lot of downvotes on it today.
Yeah I've spent about 8 meta rep
And that's just the undeleted ones
I did get to watch someone get hit with the big old -100 removed as rude or abusive penalty that was fun
I'm out of votes
i have votes!
I'm surprised I have any unless you mean rep above 125
@Memor-X thank you!
10:13 PM
Which is maybe good? it's incentive to just...walk away from everything because it's just causing me a lot of heartache
I'm almost out of flags
Thanks for boosting my helpful flag count on meta
i stand corrected, i have only upvotes
and flags
@Ash I've found this to be the best approach myself
yeah comrades i am happy to be your a-cis-tant in this
I am trying very hard to just stick to places like here and RPG chat where I know it's safe
10:15 PM
I don't envy the CM team at all
Or the meta mods, actually
I'm sure they're all exhausted, to say the least
SE's fault for letting this fester for decades
Yes, but I still feel a little bit of sympathy for the actual humans doing the work
Yeah they've ripped quite the band-aid off but it's good that they have
oh definitely this is a management letting lower level employees do the heavy lifting
10:18 PM
It's clear that "be nice" was always inadequate and now we can see pretty plainly why
I mean I am exhausted by it all and I get to walk away from it when I want
Because this change was always included in that, tbh
(seriously, this has been....an intense couple weeks)
is there a place to volunteer to review all the potential misgendering and dispense bans? i'll sign up for that
10:18 PM
It's just that some people don't agree with that
i see a lot of JAQing off in these comments
I wish I could say I was surprised by the levels of vitriol coming out of this
So it's just rules lawyer city
but I am not, it makes me tired and makes me extra glad I have a tub now so I can soak all this off with lovely smelling bubble bath and a romance novel
Best of luck to a bunch of folks in the answers there on their future chat, site, or network bans
Or in filling out the delete account form idc which
10:21 PM
all this "but who will judge what is good faith"... lol, i will
Today I am tired and wish I never came out as enby because yo this is just a lot.
@GodEmperorDune Assume good faith but call a spade a spade
I know it's not just about me, but it's about me and I'm realizing how many damn people don't ever want to respect me and I am just...very done.
@Ash Is rpg chat cool?
@Ash anyone who doesn't want to respect you can go in the sea imo. their loss.
10:26 PM
@GnomeSlice I like it, it's full of good humans if you like tabletop RPG stuff
10:37 PM
@GnomeSlice 'Bout the same temperature as any other chatroom, I'd say.
lol someone used "God Emperor" as an example of a neopronoun and it's he/him yall
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