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11:01 PM
Q: Are perks limited per prestige?

RobbieI got Freddy to level 50 prestige 1 and I was going to farm bloodpoints with him but I noticed that I'm missing a good perk for farming with Freddy, Distressing. I kept upgrading his bloodweb but now there are no perks showing up. Do I need to fully prestige Freddy to get all of the perks I have?

@GodEmperorDune Titles != pronouns
curls back up in a ball
@Ash yes exactly
@Ash sorry to make you unfurl
11:16 PM
All good.
COmpletely different note - I can't decide if this looks interesting or just plain weird twitter.com/Pixar/status/1182279613470240769
Q: What can I invest in with my excess of Caps?

PausePauseAfter a few lucky nights gambling on the Strip, a successful raid on a mysterious vault, and a smattering of snow globes my Courier has acquired an excess of 100,000 bottle caps. Now that I have all of this money what can I do with it? I had spent a few thousand caps on implants to upgrade my ch...

@Unionhawk The thing I downvoted was deleted, so I probably got mine back. I think that's how that works. I've tried to just not look at most of the answers.
Also, I made meatballs and spaghetti tonight in my instant pot. It turned out well.
I'm glad I'm finally using the instant pot, but also, I think mines defective.
11:33 PM
@Wipqozn yay for tasty food but also not yay for defective
@Yuuki needs CG first in their group
@Dragonrage Chaos is a ladder, not a rocketship.
Q: Bunnyhopping in quake: how does the movement model allow this?

IngolifsI was watching this interesting video about bunnyhopping and speedrunning in Quake's E1m1: I must confess I've never really understood how bunnyhopping works (in Quake, or any other game for that matter). The video provides a few clues, such as: Turning in a...

G2, C9, GFN, HKA
i think thats what mine was
11:42 PM
@Wipqozn 8 is the undeleted yeah
I put TL last because 1) 4 and 2) if they make it, I'm happy, if they don't, I get Pick'ems points.
@Yuuki even if TL goes boom, i doubt they place lower than ahq
Money well spent tbh
@Dragonrage But 4.
11:59 PM
@Memor-X Wait @Ave it's your birthday today? Happy Birthday! It's mine too :D
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