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12:24 AM
A more modernized Dungeon Keeper
Ello, Bridgers
Wow yeah I can't play this right now, this is complicated.
Um, okay
How has everyone been?
12:47 AM
Q: How to deactivate a PSN account on a PS3?

SahaZara WolfSo when I first got my PS3 I didn't have a PSN account so my sister logged into hers. Now I have my own PSN account and I can't log into it on my account. I know I could create a new account and log in there , but all my saved data is on my account and I would like to keep it all. So my question ...

I am lost.
@Unionhawk Context please?
Yeah, i am a bit lost on where that came from
12:57 AM
People just share things in here sometimes
I know, but generally there is a bit of background information or explanation with it.
Q: What are the differences between the Adults Only and Mature versions of Manhunt 2?

LemonI was looking at the old releases by Rockstar Games, and I found out that Manhunt 2 has two different ESRB ratings: Adults Only on PC Mature on the PS2, PSP and Wii What are the differences between this two sets of versions/releases?

1:26 AM
Is good that the question got posted here, there is no Manhunt 2 tag so I used the tag for Manhunt 1. Can someone please create the tag and edit the question? Thanks.
Q: I lost my Minecraft house... how can I find it?

TheaI was in creative on my Xbox one. I had just finished an awesome house and was even re-doing the village it was by. I decided to go into the nether world w/ a portal. I got into the nether and explored and I couldn’t find the portal I had come in. I build another one and a spawned somewhere compl...

1:54 AM
@Lemon done
2:09 AM
cc @Dragonrage @MageXy
2:29 AM
Q: Are Field research Pokemon influenced by anything?

BenIn certain Field Research quests, the reward for completion is a mystery Pokémon encounter. I have been doing the last stages of the Let's Go Meltan quest, and one is to catch an Aerodactyl; and where I live, we don't really qualify for any of the spawn locations. So outside of raids or potent...

2 hours later…
4:34 AM
@Elise It's this 3D platformer where you play a viking or a dwarf with an air dash and a double jump and explore what I think is a ruin
5:32 AM
@Nzall or that it implies the existence of a mobile version with macro-transactions to "skip the grind" for those filthy casuals
1 hour later…
6:58 AM
@Memor-X I mean, it's already pretty P2W: Yes, you can find someone willing to sleep with you purely by chance or from a common interest that doesn't cost money, but a significant amount of relationships originate from activities where one or both of the parties invested into making that relationship happen
7:26 AM
There’s a wrestler whose gimmick is playing the Switch, no matter what
7:57 AM
Q: In Tortuga Team’s Spaceland, what determines when turrets appear?

Alan H.I’m playing Spaceland’s first level that has turrets and drones. The turrets emerge from the floor, and when this happens seems to be based on player positions, but it doesn’t seem straightforward. I am struggling to predict this. What’s the rule for when a turret emerges? (Any other tips for f...

8:38 AM
Q: Why does old game work over Hamachi but not over the internet?

DanWhen hosting a game of Anno 1602, with the relevant ports forwarded and the process allowed through the firewall, it usually works. I tried hosting such a game last night, and 2 friends were able to join using my external IP. However, a third friend was not able to connect; my game did not show ...

9:47 AM
Great. #reallybigservicechange means I can't bus to work for 6 anymore even on weekdays unless I leave at 4:05 AM
Thank you Ottawa politicians. I guess I'll just call an $18 Uber every day now
10:03 AM
wow, south park used a clip of turkish police attacking protesters when shittalking china
10:20 AM
Q: Can a Pokemon that tried to captured from field research run away?

JTRSo this morning I've completed one field research that have Sableye as a reward and when I'm throw my firs Pokeball, it run away. If I'm not mistaken I got Sableye as a reward after used 7 charged super effective moves at gym battle. I thought a pokemon that we tried to capture from field resea...

10:39 AM
@Ave pretty ballsy
Wow this is ballsy too
11:09 AM
i cracked up when i heard about it
11:37 AM
@GnomeSlice yaaaay for making public transit worse.
12:27 PM
Somehow even worse
12:56 PM
Current status: Refactoring an 800 line unittest so it's no longer a single method. It will still be a single unittest because there are interconnected elements between the various components I'm testing, but I'm trying my best to put every separate element being tested in a separate method
Q: Is it possible to be promoted beyond centurio prior rank?

XenoxAfter completing the 2nd Punic war campaign I was promoted to the rank of Centurion Prior. Is it possible to earn further promotions beyond this rank?

1:39 PM
I love sitting around waiting for a build window to happen
productive use of my time really glad we implemented this
@Unionhawk what's that?
Q: how do I add mods to Minecraft PS4 without a computer?

Michael Dibblewell if my first question was closed then I hope this one is better and more "on topic"

@Ave we have to wait for particular times of day to build DEV
so if I need to make a db change I have to do that between 11-11:30
or 2-2:30
(or 8-8:30, or after 5, but fuck both of those times)
I just realized that this weekend will be 2 years since I decided to leave my last job. It was over thanksgiving weekend. I remember it vividly because I almost just straight up quit. Context being we launch a huge project over the weekend. GOOD TIMES.
thanksgiving is in november
1:47 PM
@Unionhawk but why
@Ave because we have testers in dev, and developers who would rather complain that they're getting a "too many columns can't save the thing" error rather than get latest
yeah I know I added that column do you have the latest code no well
that would be why it isn't working
@Wipqozn You launched a huge project over the weekend. the THANKSGIVING weekend. As in the weekend when everyone expects to be home with their relatives and most webstores are overloaded because of Black Friday and Cyber Monday
black friday is most DEFINITELY in november
that one isn't even a canada joke that's just when it is
@Unionhawk He left his job not ON thanksgiving weekend, but because his boss announced they would launch a huge project a couple months later, so over how to deal with Thanksgiving
@Nzall Canadian thanksgiving is october
1:50 PM
I don't follow but I'm going to pretend that I do for the sake of expediency
bujt also yes
it was alll because of piss poor planning on behalf of the execs, aka literally everything that company did.
What really kicked me into gear of saying "fuck this", is when my boss misudnerstood something I said in slack, thinking I deployed something, and then basically just tore into me.
to which I essentially told him to fuck off, humiliated him, and told him you might not see my come tuesday (after the long weekend). I came back to slack the next day with a bunch of messages of him panicking and apologzing. It felt great.
And then I promptly replied to the recruiter who reached out to me a couple days before, talked to one of my refereneces for updated contact info, to which he replied by "We're hiring in 4 months, so if you want wait, I want you to apply for that instead of giving you a reference for another job"
And that's where I work now.
During those 4 months I kept dropping hints about "we shoudl really cross train people on all these technologies that only I know, especially the legacy stuff...." but no one got the hint.
greater context being this was basically the final nail in the coffin of a lot of high stress and under valued situations going on for a loooong time. FUN TIMES.
Anyways the point is I was just thinking about how I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much happier at my current job. It's not even close. It's like night and day.
@Wipqozn Having a job where you're appreciated and valued is so important
@Nzall It really, really is.
That reminds me I should get back to looking for one of those
Also I just realized that over half the team all left within a 6 month period. We had a team of 5 people going into The Hell Project. Two people right around the end of the project, and then I left a few months after.

The company did staff up the team after those leavings, but still. That's a lot of folks leaving such a small team in just 6 months.
@Ash Do it up
2:00 PM
Can someone give me a quick rundown of this blizzard thing?
@goodguy5 They banned and are not paying a Hearthstone professional player who expressed his support for the Hong Kong protests
Plus two casters who happened to be on screen at the time
gotcha. thanks.

oof, that second part is rough. (not that the first part isn't)
@Wipqozn yeah, I have been, slowly, but the move took all my spoons for a bit.
Also, the Blizzard subreddit went private for some time yesterday.
I think the forums have been shut down too.
The casters and the player involved were Chinese
This was during a Chinese tournament, I believe
2:02 PM
Also, they canceled all interviews with college-level players and teams.
@goodguy5 It is slightly more complicated. The casters involved goaded the player into expressing support
So they're not innocent in this case
ohhhh. okay
@Ash Yeah you had enough going on as it was.
They asked him "could you express the 8 words", which is censorship speak for the slogan used to support Hong Kong
2:07 PM
Nice, i got an automatic 1.1% raise last month because of union negotiations.
2:20 PM
2:40 PM
oh boy marco rubio of all people in jumping into this blizzard thing
Probably grounds for moving further discussion to TIF.
2:51 PM
@Ash Aww, misplaced the box of silverware during the move?
3:02 PM
@SaintWacko haha actually that ended up being the one box I knew where it was. :0
I have taken risks
Someone else said they needed to do a build but if I put my changes in it would catch them so now I'm sitting here refreshing the history to make sure that gets started so nobody complains at me
Should have done the 2pm window
@Nzall 3d like, 3rd person? or a 3d side scrolling?
all right, email is out and people know dev is broke on purpose
3:34 PM
@Wipqozn That's so great to hear :)
3:49 PM
Good choice.
Galarian Ponyta isn't a Fairy type?
galar ponyta (fire fighting)
Hopefully, Galarian Rapidash is Psychic/Fairy.
Or lose the Psychic typing and go Fairy/Flying?
I suppose it's to balance that ability.
4:07 PM
@Unionhawk I... Can't tell if you're joking
Nintendo needs more variety beyond fire / fighting
Psychics are already super-effective against Poison so the ability to be immune to Poison status isn't as strong as it would be on a Pokemon whose typing would be weak to Poison.
@Wipqozn It doesn't help that Ponyta's original typing is Fire.
@Yuuki Au contraire!
The last thing you want is to get crippled by the type you want to counter
Crippled is a strong word since Poison status isn't like Burn where your stats are reduced.
@Wipqozn I am it's psychic something iirc
@Yuuki Very British, yes
4:15 PM
I need to food
I don't have time for qdoba foh outta here in advance
Damned fairy-types.
I can't believe they're making us choose between Sirfetch'd and Unicorn Ponyta
Tough choice.
I quite like sirfetch'd though.
I am alright.
4:25 PM
@Yuuki, i played one normal game after the last game we played last night. everyone in the game besides me was at least plat 2, with several diamonds, and one master
@badp same
@badp Hard same.
Q: How many levels are in Grindstone?

qnoidI can already see 120 and there seems to be more. This is Grindstone on Apple Arcade

Q: whats the currency on the right of nova in starlink battle for atlas?

CONNOR MITCHELLSo i have been playing star-link battle for atlas on Nintendo switch for a while now and i just cant seem to figure out what the currency on the right of the nova is can someone help me?

Ah, shit, someone go reboot the @badp again
4:27 PM
@Dragonrage o7
ssh –t @badp ‘sudo reboot’
@SaintWacko Pretty sure I can't kick-mute mods.
Wait, @badp isn't a mod anymore.
/mode @badp +kb
fine I get it bye
4:33 PM
@badp is taking awhile to reboot
maybe he had windows updates to install
@Elise 3rd person
@Nzall Rune?
@Elise No, it's a quite recent game, like I think from 2018 or later.
there's one I have in mind, but can't remember the name
not quite 2018, but not as old as Rune
@Elise No, that wasn't it. It had quite cartoony graphics. I'm fairly sure it's available on Steam because I think I've seen it pass my queue
5:26 PM
@Yuuki this doesn't seem helpful
@Ash E N H A N C E
@Yuuki I'm pretty sure it's just hance
Maybe just ha
I don't know how long "knows too much" has been a reason to hide FB ads, but it is an excellent reason
5:47 PM
Q: My friend has a PE world and she wants to put it on my Windows 10 minecraft

Sonny PerandinMy friend has a PE world and she wants to put it on my Windows 10. Would there be anyway to do this

6:11 PM
Oh hey, they added Halloween stuff to the Arcanum incremental.
6:33 PM
Since controversial gaming news seems to be the hot topic of the day, did anyone see that EuroCosplay (a cosplay competition) banned one of its top competitors for allegedly wearing blackface?
It wasn't actually blackface, it was a latex skin suit using a dark skin tone, which is perfectly in line with the character she was cosplaying (Pyke from LoL). It was a really impressive cosplay too.
Not making any comment on the specific situation, but I don't think the technique you use to make your skin black should matter for what counts as "blackface".
Or make whatever would look like your skin black.
@GnomeSlice Steam's been sending me notifications for it being on sale every now and then.
Looks like they're ditching the roguelike aspect and going back to the open RPG style of GOF2. Holy shit yes.
@Yuuki everspace 1 you mean?
Maybe I should wait for 2 then.
6:41 PM
It's okay.
It's not what I was hoping for
It's very pretty but there really isn't a whole lot to it
If you're more interested in the RPG style progression then do yourself a favour and play Galaxy On Fire 2
@Yuuki I feel like blackface is purely about the intent behind the costume. If it's mocking or belittling a culture, then the costume should be shamed. But something like this cosplay, which is trying to faithfully (and more importantly, respectfully) recreate the original character, can't possibly be considered vulgar.
Or just wait
@MageXy I agree, I'm saying that deciding something isn't blackface because they're using latex instead of shoe polish (or some other face paint) is kinda missing the point.
I have a limited run edition of everspace for PS4
Physical copy at launch. Nice.
@MageXy There was a successful instagram model / cosplay model who was banned from Instagram or maybe twitch for darkening her skin for a Lifeline cosplay (black character from Apex legends)
On the other other hand, pinning everything on "intent" is problematic for multiple reasons.
6:45 PM
Her response was pretty confused, I guess whatever country she was from they don't really talk about these things like we do here.. and it was obviously not just overt racism
Intent is hard to prove and racism isn't a wholly conscious behavior or mode of thought.
(also i thought pyke was green)
Pretty much
I think America is oversensitive to darkening skin color for costume purposes due to the negative history of "traditional" blackface. Of course, there are definitely still cases where people need to get upset, but context is really important.
Q: Master Blaster [NES]: How to enter a door?

MentalistSorry for the seemingly trivial question, but none of the YouTube vids I've watched on the subject have revealed anything. As if it weren't bad enough that the Select button is required to exit the tank (against common NES convention - although I could also fault the convention, for limiting the...

@MageXy Agree for sure
Developers confirmed to me directly on FB that this sequel is going to be "more like GOF2 and then some"
Hell yeah. Count me in
> You will receive a physical copy for your preferred console platform, presumably in late 2021 or early 2022.
6:53 PM
@Yuuki He's "green" because he's been dead underwater for a super long time
But in the concept art he had darker skin. artstation.com/artwork/35q5B
@MageXy Wow this is dope. Were people comainjng this is racist? That's just stupid. It's a costume and makeup contest
A nail in the coffin of art
@GnomeSlice What strikes me as odd is that it's "racist" because a white person is cosplaying a PoC, but it's not sexist even though it's a girl cosplaying a guy. Seems like a double standard.
What if it were a man portraying a woman?
I think this whole incident is stupid. That's an amazing creation
Anyone who is trying to argue that cosplayers motivation for her outstanding design and effort is "racism" is just reaching WTF
That's actually fucked is that person banned for life
"No, this is my (horrible) spotlight, Blizzard." - Riot, probably
@Dragonrage @MageXy Pick'ems are live. Since Worlds has never made sense in the past, I'm banking on JTeam to knock out FPX.
7:29 PM
Q: trapped by a redstone signal?

urgentboiI got trapped in a position when I had an observer tping people to a position and it's stuck on repeat. Anybody who joins my LAN gets tpd. How do I remove the observer from almost 100 blocks away?

@Lazers2.0 dupe
no u
7:49 PM
@MageXy disagree; non-american shit like sinterklaas is only now being perceived as the gross shit it is
rather, some parts of the States are leading the way and setting the standard
and it's up to the rest of us to catch up
8:10 PM
@badp "[United] States", "leading the way"... I'm sorry, as an American, I do not comprehend this sentence /s
8:30 PM
Q: How to collect liquids you can't safely stand in?

Ryan_LHow do I bottle things like acid, teleportatium, and lava? I can't stand in them to put them in a bottle. In the cases of acid and lava, I die, and in the cases of teleportatium and polymorphine, I teleport away or polymorph into something that can't use a bottle. Is it even possible to put th...

2 hours later…
10:12 PM
Q: I've searched everywhere and can't find one specific gmod prop?

Bran BranYo, Tryin to make a map and I know what prop I want, but i cant find it anywhere. Its basically blue shelves with cardboard boxes on, the map hns_waterplant has load in some of the warehouses, hns_offshore has them on too, has_halfdocks uwes them in some indoor parts. Basically like a warehouse...

11:09 PM
It appears that functionality to delete one's blizzard account is temporarily disabled (which is probably a GDPR violation)
Q: Trapped by a Redstone Signal and command block around 50 blocks away

urgentboiI got trapped in a position when I had an observer tping people to a position and it's stuck on repeat. Anybody who joins my LAN gets tpd. How do I remove the observer from almost 100 blocks away? I've tried /fill and don't know the coords and I don't want to abandon the world. It's really import...

11:38 PM
@Lazers2.0 god I wish I had a hammer
everyone upvote my Minecraft answers a few at a time I only need
Oh wait I just need 30 answers 0 score
@Yuuki the next King of Asgard
@GnomeSlice Hulk, Thanos, Trump and.......not sure who the bottom right is supposed to be

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