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12:03 AM
@Yuuki I like how he describes romancing
12:40 AM
Once built, the State Dept. has estimated the Keystone XL pipeline will employ about 35 people. http://n.pr/2ncSrqO
12:56 AM
@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment wait wouldn't this be on topic at meta or no
Oh it's closed
This is what I get for not clicking a link in the bridge on a Friday in 2016
Do you guys want to see the Dumbest Tweet™?
Well maybe not dumbest, but up there.
@Ronan uuuuuggggghhhhhh
It's stupid on so many levels!
Yes, the first amendment. "Video Game Developers Shall Issue No Take Backsies On Featuring You In Their Game"
Which also applied to the empire we're currently leaving.
Or have left I guess. I imagine the amendments came after the whole independence thing.
1:08 AM
It's a part of the galactic constitution
That makes sense, otherwise I'd say your founders had a hell of a foresight.
@Wipqozn There will be songs written about this day.
@Memor-X I don't know the comic you're referring to.
1:19 AM
If you just post the URL it oneboxes and adds the alt text.
@Ronan XKCD oneboxes?
oh hey look at that
i wonder if it's something SE does or something web developers can do
@Ronan anyway the image is more than enough as a reply
What INSANITY from @guardiancsgo 🙃 #ESLProLeague https://t.co/klql1KyVDA
@Memor-X SE did it because XKCD is always relevant
What in the actual fuck was that
1:28 AM
@Unionhawk a cheat? or a non-dynamic fuck up in the physics which didn't stop bullet collision with the wall(s)
This is a pro event
Also bullets go through some walls depending on the gun and wall in csgo
With a damage reduction
My assumption is they always take that shot on the off chance of hitting someone in the chest or something and just got lucky with the headshot
Like, knowing CTs come from about there
@Unionhawk oh, i didn't know they had that kind of ammo variation in CS:GO. i'm just remembering my old CS: Source and HL:Source days
well so long as it's a legal move and the map layout could be studied ahead of the match there's nothing wrong
Like how mad would you be if that happened to you though
@Unionhawk keyboard smashing mad i would assume
@Unionhawk There's been cheating in pro events before. Especially in CS:GO.
1:40 AM
I mean maybe idk
The rate is prob less than randos but then again I don't have those numbers
@Unionhawk randos as in randoms? if so i would really call that cheating because it wasn't you intention. now if you on purpose looking for a random glitch then that's cheating when you succeed
It's not a glitch but it might be a wall hack but it also might be one of the luckiest shots in the history
I'd say the other two scenarios are about 75% chance luck 25 walls, or so
Q: Does clicking a Pokémon on the map determine if it's shiny or not

TasI read this comment earlier (quoted in case it's removed, emphasis mine) and If a Pokémon is shiny for someone, is it shiny for everyone?: I also can confirm this: I just had a regular Magikarp on the map. Once the battle started it was yellow and had sparkles. So yeah, you need to invoke the...

Q: During the side quest "Messages to the Nexus", what impact does editing the messages have?

kalinaDuring the side quest "Messages to the Nexus", you're sent to pick up messages from terminals that have been set up on the Angaran planet of Aya and upon picking up each collection of messages you're given the option to forward the messages to the Nexus unedited or edit the content and then forwa...

@Unionhawk That's what I'd assume too.
You take literally any advantage you can get in competitive games.
If doing that gets you a kill 1 in 1000 times and costs you nothing, you do it every time.
And maybe you get chat to go "VACVACVAC" while you're at it in that 1 in a thousand chance
That is, you always get chat to do that because twitch chat is dumb and predictable
1:49 AM
@Unionhawk You're dumb and predictable!
@MBraedley to be fair, chat one boxes a lot of stupid shit
Like this is fine
Painting complete!
@Unionhawk https://i.stack.imgur.com/Dload.png <- not magic
2:04 AM
Type this is fine in sandbox.
@Frank what else is there do to?
@Memor-X Assembly, decaling, and final topcoat.
Magic is real
And it has low battery
this is not fine
That is amazing
It actually reads like a redacted classified document. None of the bits that are left are important in any way.
@nycsouthpaw "i am here to take names and chew gum and i am all out of gum" "i have gum mr president" "shut it sean" "yes sir"
ahca vote is looking closer
They need to convince all leaners and 3 hard nos
@Unionhawk wait i thought that died
2:49 AM
@Unionhawk this the new health care thing to get rid of ObamaCare? if so didn't that being postponed?
@GodEmperorDune vote tomorrow
Here's my latest whip list based on the current state of play for the #AHCA bill: https://t.co/qH2j2fyLmc
@GodEmperorDune but we did kill Paul Ryan's smug-ass speech about how on this day 7 years ago etc
So there's that at least
@Unionhawk eh they know their base will never check the dates
they could just make it again
Paul Ryan wouldn't choose to die on the hill of "I'm not making a minor edit to my stupid speech"
He's a standard politician, not an idiot
You know, the kind of standard politician who has dreamed of cutting Medicare since he was That Guy in college
But, standard nonetheless
2:55 AM
So AHCA is bad, right? I'm losing track of all the shitty things happening.
Hang on I have a chart for this
@Frank repeals obamacare to give the top 0.01% a tax break
Graphic display of reverse Robin Hood in AHCA. https://t.co/hvaQ0TwwQm
@GodEmperorDune Yeah, but with all the acronyms going around, keeping track of what does what is dizzying.
Q: What do all weapon augment modifiers do?

l IThere seems to be a lot of augments that modify the ammo of the weapon to things like electricity, plasma, plasma seeking, etc. What exactly are their bonuses and drawbacks?

Q: What's up with my FPS? I have a decent setup

Jackson MasselHere's the thing. I have a decent set-up. 8Gb(s) of RAM, and 4GB(s) of video memory (I think that's the name.) and GTA only uses like 888mb of my video mem. and around 1.3GB(s) RAM. Any reason? Normally, with and without mod menu, its around 30-15 fps On mod menu I drop down to 4 fps it does the...

2:57 AM
@Frank its cool
chances are if its a new thing being proposed by this administration and congress its bad
@GodEmperorDune That was my default assumption.
I was just having a hard time keeping track of the acronyms between Obamacare and this...shitshow.
From now on ACA is affordable care act (2010) and This Nonsense is the 117th congress and the 45th President (right?) as a collective
yeh sounds like it's being delayed
i remember them saying it was bring postponed as that was why US Markets closed in the red
something about investors using this vote as an indicator of the future economic situation of the trump administration...or something like that
i just watch the business news section for the current exchange rates
@Frank the question or the comment?
3:07 AM
@Memor-X Oh, derp. The question.
@Frank since it has an upvoted answer doesn't it take a mod now to delete?
@Memor-X Nope. It's closed. 10K+ can delete it now.
3:19 AM
@MistahFiggins it's not B it's P
Q: Are named miraak cultists normal?

DraugrSo I was wondering if it is normal to run into a named cultist because I have run into a couple and was wondering if it is normal. Are they supposed to be like the generals/high priests of the cult?

clickbait has it's uses
i think Snake is taking the joke too far
4:20 AM
oh cool
discord got a new settings menu design
5:13 AM
Q: Why does the ask question button animate without restarting

TasI'm not a web or UX expert, so perhaps this is standard, but it seems odd to me When hovering over the Ask Question button on the main site , the button animates firing lazers. If before the animation finishes, you move away the mouse cursor, the button becomes static again. However, when movin...

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6:17 AM
Q: What language are lyrics of the music in Nier:Automata?

FrosteezeThe lyrics in the game seems to use German or Latin-based language, but I can't quite pinpoint what language it is. What language are the music in Nier: Automata sung in?

2 hours later…
8:01 AM
Natural Language Processing

Proposed Q&A site for Programmers, Researchers, Computer/Data Scientists interested technical aspects of Natural Language Processing.

Currently in definition.

Q: Effect wording of Passive Skills in Mass Effect Andromeda

monstoDid they deliberately make this confusing? Barrier (Biotic Passive), Rank 1: Description: Maximum shield strength scales with each skill point invested in the Biotic Skill Group. Effect: +5% Max Shields The way it reads: "For every point put in Biotic Skills, you get an additio...

fact: if I have to google your name and "international students" because I just can't find the button on your site, you're doing something wrong.
(more so if you're requiring me to send all my documents via mail. not email. actual physical mail)
Q: Overwritten CSGO demo file

user182601I accidentaly typed "record %oldname%" this is a name I have used for a previous demo(same as last game). is there any way to recover the old demo as this demo was saved with the same name and deleted the previous version. I stopped the recording immidiately after starting and the PC has not been...

@Lazers2.0 I'd expect not.
So I just saw this... 11 hours is nothing compared to how much I used to play diablo back in the day.
@KevinvanderVelden Did you read the article? While it does say Zelda is almost a 1:1 attach rate to the Switch overall the console has a 5.5 attach rate.. ie: People are buying Anything they can with the switch.. They claim they are not sure if accessories are included in that number but the quote does imply it is selling a wider range but Zelda is Very likely to be purchased in every combination of what people are buying.
@Avery ... That article makes me sad that people don't realize they have to take care of their children.
@James what do you mean by that?
@Avery My son played a game console bought for the family where I am completley ignorant of what it is but when I took it away he got upset and threw a tantrum.. must be because it was a video game.
^ That makes me sad.
8:47 AM
Playing video games leading to violent and erratic behavior? Never been proven by any assessment...
I mean, if you give them nothing to do, they'll get bored. It's expected.
Learning how to swear and becoming aggressive by hanging out with people who swear and are aggressive? Been known for generations to be a thing... I mean how old is the concept of hanging out with the Bad Crowd going to lead you astray been a thing? 4-5-6-7.. ?? hehe
@James I am a VERY violent person at times, and I grew up with playing GTA. People blame gta, but my bio-dad was always very violent, but he didn't play any games in his life. People just like blaming what they can't understand.
@James Why does she give CoD to a 14 year old? I mean, I know that the demographic for those games is around that age level
But still, parents shouldn't throw the responsibility on their games
@Avery Pft.. People wont blame themselves.
They wont take responsibility for their actions. They wont take responsibility for their child's actions and they wonder why their children don't care how they act.
Imma tired
and I want to be awake tomorrow.. new headset.. that hopefully wont be shitty reception and will not turn off if I turn my head the wrong way :D
8:52 AM
btw, that 538 analysis has given me a couple new subreddits to filter out of /all
I gotta say videogames can make kids somewhat violent... not the content but the addiction. Most games are designed to be addicting. Take that away from someone and they won't be too happy. Especially children who can't handle it.
And well a lot of (competitive) online games have a shitty community which isn't really a good thing for kids.
I think part of being a good parent is teaching your kid how to deal with not getting what you want 100% of the time.
@Jutschge except most of the community is already minors
In related news: in a few days, in order to prepare for my sleep exam, I'll have to stop playing videogames at 8 and go to bed at 10
Because that's pretty much how I slept during my high school years, and we want to see if that might help for my sleeping problems
@Avery yeah but most of these kids just adapt the shitty language from adults/kids who are in the community longer. Sometimes it even catches over to ppl who aren't toxic.
I've seen a lot of my friends who were really calm turn into fucking monsters after 1 year of playing League. It's crazy how a community can influence people.
9:06 AM
tfw microsoft fucks up their certs
@Jutschge you have a point
9:33 AM
ok....i assume when updating AMD drivers the screen resolution is supposed to shrink down to what i think is 320x240
oh thank god it's back after the restart
yay! Monster Monpiece is working!
thanks @Chippies for the help
and everyone else who assisted
@Memor-X yes, that is a common thing when removing the thing that tells windows how to properly use a monitor
Usually it fixes its self without a restart though
9:52 AM
Q: Does one need to complete the GTA Online achievements to receive "The Los Santos Legend" platinum trophy?

Experimental RocketSo for most of my time in GTA online I'm senselessly killing people, but about two weeks back I decided to try for 100% completion. I completed that task yesterday (by finishing golf below par lol) and I was expecting that to be the platinum trophy. I was incorrect and now know that it is "The Lo...

"And a lot of information has just been learned, and a lot of information may be learned over the next coming period of time." ... What?
10:26 AM
@KevinvanderVelden That's from the Trump interview?
Morning Arperum
It's almost noon :p
@Arperum Yeah, but convention of the English language is to say good morning from 5 AM to 11:59:59 AM. 12:00:00 PM is noon, and everything after that is afternoon
Because English doesn't have something like "good noon"
Eh, I've also been in and out of the chatroom for a couple hours.
10:40 AM
There's also always UGT
Dad's like "what will you even do with your life" and I replied what I am working on atm for future plans and said "if you are willing to listen properly and have a civil conversation I can keep you updated" and he's like "read what you wrote first, disrespectful"
and believe me, he's like the Turkish Trump.
oooh he's mad even more hahahaha "will a 50yo man learn calmness from a kid?" I mean yes, if you don't know it, yes, yes you will.
ooh man I'm so tempted to sue him to get the last bit of my legal rights from him transferred to mom right now.
apparently having some free time for myself and for studying to SAT and GED is not acceptable. I bet he'll go around bragging "My son [he doesn't know and I don't care at this point, to the point of even wanting to get rid of my last name] is just 16 and he's in a University in US".
@Avery ... holy crap he is literally the turkish trump. He even throws legal threats but does nothing (but I kinda beg him to do so at this point so I can crush him in court he started).
11:01 AM
@Avery why does he have them?
@Memor-X Because they agreed so on some settlement back from 2005 when my parents broke up.
11:25 AM
@Avery I know someone who has a similar sort of situation with their parents, and fortunately it gets a whole lot easier once you don't live with them.
@Ronan which is hopefully soon for me :/
all his rights over me will be gone on 11 oct 2018, but there's a lot until then. And living away doesn't matter as he literally pays people to stalk me and then threaten me when I do something he doesn't like.
@Avery Stay positive!
Oh I didn't know about that last bit, that's rough.
That was an amusing typo.
it was
@Ronan yeah. Worst part is that everything is legal if you are rich enough in Turkey (and know the right people -- he does).
11:34 AM
Q: battlefield 3 keep crashing (crash log)

Unapippaguys someone can help me to find a solution to this crash? i've tried many solution, start the game as admin, compatibility mode, graphic drivers updated, but nothing works, hope someone can help me to figure out the problem. the crash log here https://gist.github.com/anonymous/485906fe9dbd3dcc...

@Avery it could be worse, you could also have the American Trump against you lol (although the current ban is restrained anyway even if it did include Turkey)
@Unionhawk I mean the Pc ban is still there
Ah shit that's true
btw Would you be able to help me with some of my questions if I messaged you on steam?
Discord dm might be easier since those are slightly more persistent, I think
And steam mobile chat kind of sucks
11:42 AM
@Avery Your dad is Turkish Trump, and rich, does he happen to be named "Erdosomething"?
Damn the trump hate is real
@Jutschge it's not our fault that he didn't take his own advice on healthcare for everyone lol
@Arperum if this chat wasn't logged and indexed I'd make an "Erdogan is daddy" joke but it is :/ his real name and face is here though.
11:57 AM
@Avery You know that given that your profile includes your original name, it's trivial to know which of those 3 men is your father
like, your profile literally says
> Formerly known as: ardaozkal, arda
@Nzall I mean yeah
12:00 PM
Easy for humans/hard for robots
Q: My greninja likes being poked!? (Pokemon xy)

Please helpI went in the Pokémon thing where you can play with Pokémon and I went in it with my greninja and I started poking it but it wasn't annoyed it showed the song note things (and I think it means "enjoyment") and I poked it in lots of other places but it still enjoyed it... How can I fix this?

And if I google your name, the first post is your github profile with a mugshot and your other names
I am not trying to unlink my real identity from online identity?
@Avery no, but what I'm talking about is that given how frequently you're anti-establishment in this chatroom and how you're trashing your father etc, there's a good chance that someone who is sent to investigate you can find a trove of incriminating evidence
Even the message about "if this chat wasn't indexed, I'd make fun about our dictator" can be seen as negative
12:06 PM
man yesterday was fun
one of web apps that's kinda important sorta died
@Nzall yeah, but I don't care that much.
@Lazers2.0 let your Greninja be free. If it likes being poked let it like being poked
12:26 PM
Q: What does this option at the end of Nier: Automata actually do?

TylorAfter beating the credits mini-game in Nier: Automata's last main ending, you get two options. One of these is to simply display a message made out of per-selected phrases to display to other players going through the same mini-game, simple enough. But after that question, you're given a heftier...

12:38 PM
@BlueBarren Facts.
@BlueBarren i-is that an actual ad?
@BlueBarren Is this real? I can't believe Reese's would advocate possibly dying just so someone can enjoy their product.
@Avery @MBraedley no someone on Reddit made it for a friend who recently got diagnosed with a peanut allergy
@n_palum Yes.
I can't recognize @Vemonus anymore.. did the robots get to him?
12:49 PM
bonus points if you can guess which youtuber that is before clicking
Q: Is there is a way for me to share games but not ps plus on PS4?

Capt. KillyaI'm sharing a game (GTA 5) with my friend. We're using the activate/deactivate primary account method, but is there a way for me not to share my ps plus, because I'm paying for the ps plus while he isn't. I just want to share the game and not the subscription. I'm annoyed with my friend and I don...

github notifications are spam now.
@Avery bigclive?
@KevinvanderVelden yup!
12:54 PM
who is that?
this competition was unfair
I didn't even know who that is
@BlueBarren competition is about knowing who he is, though
@Avery hmmm I think I meant knowing of his existence first
I can't guess someone who I didn't even know existed
example I can Philip Defranco
because I know of existence
but it might not be him
bigclive is a youtuber who opens all sorts of cheap shady "chinese" stuff.
Which is why it went boom
he likes poundland (those 1$ shops, only in england tho) and judging by the description, this was from there
> So I got this cheap LED lamp from Pound-o-roid and it EXPLODED!
12:59 PM
The WeRateDogs snapchat is the best
@Unionhawk More facts.
Q: Mr. Bonding isn't where he should be

HelpI have all the O-powers and I've maxed my style in Lumiose City; I know this because I bought my Blastoisinite at the shop for the lowest price. I finished the game but I couldn't see Mr. Bonding where he is supposed to be. I searched up on different sites to make sure I went to the correct place...

@n_palum sorry! I debated whether I should even change my pic or not, but NieR: Automata was just so good. It stole the spot of "best game I've ever played" from Persona 3, so I had to update my picture accordingly :P
@Vemonus Haha it's okay.. I haven't played it only watched it.. although my favorite video of it so far is Dunkey
@Vemonus MGSV all the way, Venom Snake is the best
1:09 PM
*Vemonus not venom snake
Oh also 'grats on 30k @Vemonus
@Avery I like how his reaction was basically "unplug and run"
See the chick from Nier Automata just reminds of Lana Rain... for reasons...
@Arperum I really expected his beard to go on fire
1:18 PM
@n_palum the soundtrack is beautiful. I've dropped way more money that I should have on this game and its paraphernalia. That $190 black box edition, the $40 OST, a poster + frame... and then I bought the game for a friend because I need people to talk about it with
Also, thanks!
See everyone compared it to dark souls which I don't play so I just didn't care to.. plus I've been sitting on the fence about buying ME:A..
I watched someone legitimately play it and thought it looked solid, then watched dunkey make a joke out of flesh eating robots and laughed at the game
@n_palum wait, don't buy ME:A now
@BlueBarren That seems to be the general consensus so I've been waiting.. I'm so dissappointed so far.. I wanted something similar to ME3
@n_palum I feel like when I do play it the campaign is just going to be a miss for me whereas the multiplayer I'm sure will be better
@n_palum weird. It's not really like dark souls at all except for when you die, other people see your body... gameplay wise, it's a pretty standard hack-n-slash, just extremely fluid and looks more badass than usual. The story is what really does it, though. I've been reeling from the true ending for days now. I restarted the game after making "the decision" at the end of the game.
1:23 PM
Also from what I've heard the music just isn't on the same level
and ME, especially 3 had some awesome sounds
Also, I'm not a huge fan of mass effect since I've only played 2, but I got bored and bought it last night. It comes in today.
@BlueBarren See I want it for the campaign, not MP, also I've heard that mp sucks
The music was decent yeah..
@Vemonus You bought 3? or ME:A?
@n_palum andromeda
@Vemonus Hmm neat.. Not really my style game though.. also don't have a ps4 (even though everyone keeps telling me to get it I don't like the joysticks)
@n_palum I say that because I know the campaign just won't hold up to the original trilogy whereas the multiplayer just seems more of the same so I fail to see how that could suck.
1:25 PM
@Vemonus Hmm.. you'd be better off playing 3 imo
@BlueBarren No it won't, and I didn't care for 3's MP, and andromeda's MP aesthetic and controls are so horrendous.. as a game design student that makes me mad at most games nowadays..
@n_palum it got ported to PC as well, though I've heard it suffers from some minor performance issues. I blame them for the sudden decline in its metacritic score, haha.
@Vemonus gahh I've got too many games to play on PC right nowww
And one of my friends' favorite series is ME. I've always heard 3 had a terribly weak ending that disappointed fans of the first two
@n_palum how is the aesthetic horrendous? Also if neither of us have played it how can you speak on the controls...?
@Vemonus there's already a fan mod that greatly improves performance
@BlueBarren oh that's good to hear. I wish more people would play Automata, but I have a feeling it'll be a cult classic like the first one
1:31 PM
@Vemonus yeah tbh I'll probably never play it
@BlueBarren I'll play it an extra time to make up for you not playing it
@BlueBarren I've read a ton of reviews at this point and many have gone into detail explaining the controls.. things like M opens a map but ESC closes it.. like come on now what are you doing
@Vemonus You may have to do that for quite a few people
@n_palum that is fine by me. As long as I'm done before Persona 5 (4/4)
@n_palum and let me guess no custom key bindings?
@BlueBarren No one's mentioned that so I'm not entirely sure.. But there's also things like an excessive amount of empty space.. a lacking in alien races compared to other games (and the ones there are being largely humanoid)
1:38 PM
@BlueBarren you can customize them
@MadScientist so then controls really shouldn't be an issue
@n_palum at least it's pretty
Just the fact that someone consciously decided, hmm M opens my map so clearly ESC should close it
@BlueBarren I don't think you can change the Esc thing, but I also didn't notice that one
@MadScientist yeah I personally don't understand what's wrong with having esc close your map
unless the map doesn't pause the game?
Why would it not just be M though, like the same thing to open and close it for consistency
It's a small thing just bugs me idk
1:43 PM
it's seriously annoying for smaller windows that you want to quickly check, I've been annoyed by this in other games. I didn't even try to close with m in ME:A, probably because the map is full screen
What about the possibility that esc maybe closes everything? ANd maybe M does actually close the map too. I don't know. I don't own the game
When I do get the game it'll be on Xbox One so I guess I won't have this issue
It may, but again from a design standpoint the consistency makes more sense
@n_palum Having esc close all windows is rather consistent.
Yes, but not also having the option to have the same button open/close something is not - it's also against what has become a standard convention
1:50 PM
on a controller the B/O button generally backs you out of a lot of things menu wise
so that's consistent across a lot of games
Very true.. and normally on a PC if 'I' opens an inventory, it also closes it.. or 'M' for a map
Although the Division does the whole ESC is your only back option unless you click back which is infuriating.. If I hit 'I' to open a menu you've got the hit ESC like a billion times to get back to the game
well in the case of console games if you open a map with the select button both B/O and select will close it too
or any kind of menu for that matter
@n_palum Sometimes 'B' for inventory.
Regardless of the actual key

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