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8:03 PM
> If /r/mildlyinfuriating ever becomes subreddit of the day, I hope the post says "Congratulations, your the subreddit of the day".
@Yuuki flips webserver
@Yuuki (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
@Arperum flips you flipping the webserver
@Arperum "Some men just like to watch the world burn"
8:13 PM
sets @BlueBarren on fire
@Arperum insert "this is fine" meme
also did the healthcare bill not pass?
what is the news telling me?
Someone convince @kalina to set @BlueBarren on fire while I go hide in the next multiverse.
@BlueBarren Trump wants a vote on it ASAP/right now. Republicans want to debate it more.
Speaker Ryan went to the White House today to brief Trump on what the likely vote breakdown would be if the bill was voted on today (probably not in the bill's favor).
No, they actually withdrew it
Because they don't have the votes. They're just going to pretend it didn't happen and move on to other things
@TimStone Oh, okay.
Wimps. Democrats kept pushing the ACA/Obamacare, making changes and such until it passed.
8:19 PM
So now we get to play a new game!
Which is to decide how long Paul Ryan remains Speaker after that insane upset
I think that makes the score 47-2 or something like that
Then again, I didn't follow the Obamacare news that closely since I was much younger. Did Dems do the whole "it's not going to pass, let's withdraw and re-plan" jig?
Maybe more like 12-2
@Yuuki AFAIK they waited until they had the votes, but I don't remember
Q: Unable to get into the chest with another character

d33tahI already beat Binding of Isaac quite a lot of times and am trying to max out Samson. Unfortunately, after beating satan five times with that character I still get endgame video instead of entry to the chest. What character-specific requirements are there for the chest?

8:22 PM
Like this is a huge embarrassment, the Republicans have the largest house majority since the 20's and have had so much time to plan this out
There's a reason why Republican partisans are called "reactionary".
Yeah, it's just kind of incredible that they were able to create such a horrible piece of legislation
Not "horrible" in a partisan sense, it was just genuinely bad law
@TimStone So horrible, not even their own party would support it.
Well that and they set the day of the vote before they had it ready because the speaker just wanted to throw a gut punch with it
Right, it had no actual objective other than to change things, and it did it in the dumbest ways possible
8:24 PM
I'm extremely happy that backfired
Presumably they're going to move on to tax reform
@TimStone It's almost as if none of the original drafters thought, "wait, poor people vote for us".
Only there's no consensus on that either
@TimStone Trump doesn't dwell on his defeats.
8:26 PM
@Frank He already managed to blame Democrats somehow
Best security questions.
This never happened. There was no vote, so he didn't lose.
> But the President is said to be "agitated" by the process, an aide said, which he thinks is all "political."
Also best design.
favorite sports team: uhm.... I was never interested.
8:27 PM
@Arperum Except for maybe the first one, at least none of them easily searchable in a public database.
@Coronus hmmm politics being all political, very shocking
I think I flew once? Possibly.
Granted, they're probably easily discoverable on your social media profile.
And since I grew up without a television, favorite cartoon is like "uhm..."
@Yuuki Nope. Completely unfindable. Even for me.
Which is the problem.
@Arperum Maybe change it to favorite 'car tune'
8:28 PM
@Coronus I can't change them. Those are forced on me. I don't even want them.
SO now I have to think of some nonsense to enter.
Which I need to remember (I won't).
@Arperum i think he was meaning interpret the question as car tunes
debates mashing the keyboard
and put your favorite song there instead
@Dragonrage Still does not help me with remembering I did that when I have to answer them.
get a tattoo with the answers
8:31 PM
@Dragonrage sets you on fire
@Arperum The problem? Isn't having the answers to your security question not easily findable through public data a good thing?
@TimStone it's all those "liberal organizers" and not real constituents that caused this
@Arperum The answer, is of course... Friday.
@Arperum make them up
here ill help you
8:33 PM
Art of the Squeal: I blame Democrats for a bill Republicans couldn't pass. I blame Obama. I blame Australian Prime… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/845370898702053381
lol, /cc @GodEmperorDune
Q: Most efficient way to farm or increase a characters SP?

hammythepigSince the new skill inheritance system is out, collecting more SP on your unit has become very valuable. I know that SP is increased by the following: Leveling up; +6 to +24 Defeating an enemy unit (who is close to your level); +1 to +3 Healing an ally unit (available for Staff Heroes only); +...

Q: How do I fill in only certain blocks in minecraft 1.11.2?

Ultragamer564I need help. I am trying to make a map, and I tried to place all command blocks with NBT data in them, but its taking too long. Is there a way to only /fill in certain blocks? I tried this: /fill 607.5 12 981.5 589.5 12 939.5 minecraft:command_block 0 replace command_block {Command:"/summon I...

Incidentally, Indivisible sent me a email saying "THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS HAPPEN"
dubai, chiefs, peanuts
@Dragonrage I think @Arperum's complaint is that he doesn't have a connection to the question/answer pairs so he won't easily remember them.
8:34 PM
Put the answers to your security questions in your Arqade profile. Problem solved.
@Yuuki I answered something I almost already forgot myself. Just hope I never have to answer them.
@TimStone my rep has been knocking it out of the park
@GodEmperorDune Would you loan him out to me?
@Yuuki he's gotten a lot of national attention with this thing, he might ride it to a new position
pls to replace cruz or cornyn (yes, i know they're senators not representatives).
> Accidently started watching episode 5 [of Legion], thinking it was the episode 7, but I'm so used to this show messing with us that I didn't realise until 23 mins in
Gotta love how mind-screwy this series has been.
8:39 PM
I wanna waaatch
But I need to clean :(
8:50 PM
anyone wanna see a picture of my dog?
Doggos are always appreciated.
Q: Is there a max number of arrows you can have?

Fredy31I'm always buying any arrow I can find, so I never run out. I wonder... will I, at some point, reach a maximum number of arrows per category?

@Lazers2.0 Huh, so that's why my shops aren't restocking arrows.
@Dragonrage "Hmm... is that another ball?"
9:00 PM
@Yuuki it was actually my mom walking out the door. she only keeps her favorite toy, and wont play with other toys unless she cant find her favorite one
9:15 PM
So I was taking my spare chairs from storage and I just thought to my self "Hmm, why do I have 5 spares? That seems like an odd number"
I almost slapped myself for that unintentional pun/dadjoke but I was holding 5 chairs
@Dragonrage noice
they're good dogs @doggonerage
My little sister emailed me a couple photos she took of my kit.
Q: How to fix Mario Golf 64 second player taunt glitch?

AkivaTrying to play MarioGolf 64 with my cousin. I used to own the game when I was younger. A known glitch for it was that the second player would sometimes have its sound for taunts ramped down so you could barely hear it. I remember there was a fix for it, but I can't find it anymore anywhere on go...

...aaaand they won't upload.
High res?
9:23 PM
9 megs.
@GodEmperorDune if you can see the grey on her muzzle, its cuz she is like 13 years old now
That's probably too large, try downscaling
Yeah, can't even upload them after I dump them on imgur.
Bwuh? Can't find the first one, but can find the second?
You'll have to click on the first one to see it.
9:36 PM
Mental Help

Proposed Q&A site for providing direction and assistance for individuals fighting depression, anxiety, abuse, and other issues involving the mind.

Currently in definition.


Proposed Q&A site for this site is for those that seek to obtain and refine the hidden knowledge of the occult, alchemy, and their ancient traditions as well as the accompanying symbolism and philosophy.

Currently in definition.

@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment not sure if I should take this seriously or not.
Also, sushi was yummy
@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment Closed as duplicate of Paranormal.SE.
> Q: What do the four elements (fire, water, earth, air) stand for?
> A: ... fire, water, earth, and air?
10:01 PM
They do often have symbolic meaning in some contexts
Q: How do I quit being a russian Tsarina and turn swedish?

user2979044So I joined the Russian Tsardom, overthrew that rubbish Dmitry guy, and became Tsarina! Huzzah! I've been leading our armies to victory over those incessantly war-hungry Swedes. Unfortunately, I have more than a few vassals who are too.. quarrelsome. Anything I seem to do, they get upset, and de...

10:19 PM
cc @Wipqozn
@Coronus actually isn't it Water and Earth swapped because it's supposed to be in the order of the Avatar Reincarnation Cycle?
I like how legion's rational mind is british
And he's just like "Yeah duh, I'm your rational part of your mind"
@TimStone just been hearing this this morning. was the vote supposed to be in congress? where the majority are Republicans who would side with Trump?
think Trump doesn't want to admit the real issue his has
Note to self for the day: One Megabyte is not 1024 * 1024 * 1024
@Yuuki ahhh, that's cute
10:33 PM
@KevinvanderVelden I like how he sounds like a Sir Patrick Stewart impression.
Pretty fitting
10:43 PM
Q: Which companions get along best?

kalinaI've been mixing up my squad mates between missions and found that some squad mates just simply don't get along, while others get along with each other a little too well. When I had Vetra and Jaal along Jaal would constantly try to flirt with Vetra, when I had Peebee and Cora together Cora questi...

Q: What are the rules for building your own industry?

AssylumI know an industry unlocks for building after you upgraded it to Level 3 at least once, but after I've built a Cotton Farm, I couldn't build another? Do certain industries need certain town sizes or are there other limits/rules for building your own production facilities?

@Dragonrage What a good pupper
@n_palum she is an old pupper, but a good pupper
@Lazers2.0 :O
@Dragonrage All puppers are good puppers
You wanna see my doggo?
Q: Is it safe to do this? (Pokémon sun/moon)

PiiiiI have a non alolan Persian from a trade (I think it was link trade but I didn't know it had the hacked symbol on it...) that has the pentagon/hacked symbol (the pentagon is black and in the spot a black cross would usually be) and I am planning on realeseing it after I got an non alolan meowth f...

10:56 PM
All puppers eh?
There's good in there somewhere
We finally got my son's contact, and the surgeon cleared him to see a local doctor for further followups!
Now we just have to patch his good eye for the majority of the day every day.
11:14 PM
@StrixVaria Awesome, glad to hear that! :D
@n_palum nice doggo
Thanks she was a rescue :)
Is it just me, or does Liara sound different in the voice recordings in ME:A from the original trilogy? I just checked, and she was voiced by the same person as before (Ali Hillis).
11:42 PM
^ I mean it's been many years since then
cc @Ash
Q: In Pokémon xy is sushi high roller worth it?

HelpI wanna know if going to sushi high rollers is worth it becouse it's really expensive AND and I don't know how high level Pokémon should be to go in there and how much winning money you get... Is it worth it or not?

Q: I can't Play On servers (MACos) Because I Changed My Minecraft username

BradyI Changed my Username And It says: "Not authenticated With Minecraft.net". I tried Everything. THIS DOES THIS ON EVERY SINGE SERVER

Q: Saitek x52 scroll wheel not working correctly

JoeJoe87577I got a Saitek X52 bought back in 2012. I haven't used it quite a while, and now the scroll wheel behaves strange. Scrolling up or down is just recognised as scroll up. Meaning that this control Is just moving in one direction. I have the most recent driver ( installed on Windows 10 P...

Q: Wii Remotes Connect and Disconnect from Wii U

eajohnsonWhen I try to use my Wii Remotes on the Wii U menu and on the Wii channel within the console, the remote will turn on, and immediately turn off. I can see the cursor on the screen. Occassionally, I can hit a button before the remote turns off, but this is very rare. When I actually make it to pla...


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