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2:01 PM
Q: How to execute a specific item in minecraft

Mohannad El-NesrI want to make a command executing a tripwire hook when it is thrown in the ground you summon a lighting bolt but it seems you can't add NBT tags in an execute command so how to specify the item I want

@Lazers2.0 Like all good problems, use scoreboards
@Lazers2.0 This seems like Guest is back. Third account in as many posts.
Good 'ol minecraft questions and guest accounts
I like that this band has a song called "Why Did You Stop The World From Turning", commonly shorted to "Why" because that name is just too damn long, and another song called... "Why"
Because of course they do
That's not at all hard to search
2:19 PM
@n_palum Follow @Frank's reply. He's not talking about the Minecraft question
@KevinvanderVelden There are also two famous songs titled "It's my life".
From the same band?
@KevinvanderVelden No. Two different bands.
@MBraedley Oh I was just making a general comment about the fact there's always minecraft questions with random accounts
@b_jonas Then it's not as annoying =p
Because you can specify the band
They need to add a third option
Can't keep everyone happy otherwise
Does anyone actually believe jontron is a racist piece of shit
I know there has been a bit of jontron talk here so this might be interesting
2:25 PM
@GnomeSlice yes
@GnomeSlice yes
Yes, probably
the entirety of /r/jontron believed that jontron is a racist piece of shit last I checked
@GnomeSlice Judging by his comments, racist. Piece of shit, debatable but verging on yes.
Jontron is still relevant?
2:27 PM
Look, if you imply that the Imperial Age was good for the people being conquered because the Europeans brought "technology" and "civilization" to these uncultured folk, that's pretty racist.
Q: Weekly Steel Gain From Orders

GeneralMikeIs the amount of steel you'll earn in 1 week from the rewards for completing orders constant, assuming you complete them all? If so, how much is it? If not, is there a typical range?

@GnomeSlice yes
do you guys think I'M a racist piece of shit?
@GnomeSlice Depends. have you said any of the things that Jontron has said?
2:36 PM
@GnomeSlice I don't recall you ever saying anything along the lines of "slavery was good for Africans because it brought them to America".
"misconstrued in a lot of ways" I mean, calling immigrants "invaders" is pretty specific.
@Lazers2.0 People that just ask questions to answer them is sooo weird to me ;_;
@Avery was he taking about like current day or
2:43 PM
@GnomeSlice Yes.
Wow, how scandalous, Steve King doesn't want his country invaded by people who have contempt for his culture and people! NAZI!!!
yo this gladiabots game is really cool
@Avery eh I've seen worse
I went to Walmart last night and stared longingly at Nier: Automata in the displace case. This is my life now.
@GnomeSlice so did I, but it doesn't magically make jon's statement acceptable.
@Avery Is it any different from Wall Street Journal calling PewDiePie a Nazi?
2:45 PM
@Fluttershy didn't you just get the dinosaur Hunter thing?
@Fluttershy Don't tell @Vemonus
@GnomeSlice Horizon? I beat that last week.
Q: Minecraft 11.2 Crashing

M YasirWhen Ever I join a minecraft server ( 11.2) it crashes with the following LOG.

that didn't last long
Still don't have anywhere to put my statue, though.
@GnomeSlice 60 hours for 100% completion isn't bad.
2:46 PM
@n_palum he did pay people to make anti-semitic statements though. Sarcastic or not, that's wrong.
Especially for a studio's first venture into an open world IP.
lol jesus said "hitler did nothing wrong, subscribe to keemstar". #COMEDY
@n_palum That was a bad "joke" done in very poor taste. JonTron had a "serious" debate where he espoused these views himself for more than an hour. Both wrong, perhaps an argument can be made for differing severity, but still both wrong.
@Yuuki One of these days, "It's a prank, bro" will stop being considered a valid argument.
2:48 PM
@Avery I wasn't saying it's wrong or that people shouldn't be held accountable for saying things like that, I just think the media picks and chooses what they want and makes things bigger/worse than they need to be
at the end of the day I don't care what your opinions are as long as you treat people right
Be excellent to each other. #wyldstallyns
@GnomeSlice I feel that should just be most people's philosophy.. but unfortunately the world doesn't work like that.. especially when money can be made off of opinions
you can say a bunch of dumb shit but as long add you don't actively discriminate or be shitty about it who cares
2:49 PM
@GnomeSlice right is subjective though so you could run into people who are doing the "right" thing but it's their standard, or a different group's standard of "right"
@GnomeSlice words can and do hurt though.
High Octane Overwatch Gameplay: clips.twitch.tv/FamousEmpathicAntSmoocherZ
@Fluttershy Prank's definition is so skewed nowadays.. (Man watch me beat up this kid, but it's just a prank, lol you're on camera)
There's stuff I don't like in the world but that doesn't mean I think it should be banned or discriminated against
it just means I don't like it
@GnomeSlice The problem is when you have an audience though. Does that you mean you can say all the racist things you want but as long as you personally aren't provably discriminating against people or being shitty, even if people who follow you and listen (and believe) every word you say are doing said shitty things?
2:50 PM
and that's fine
@BlueBarren There are things that can be mixed standards as to what's right and wrong.. but certain things are just intrinsically wrong/right.
@Yuuki i guess
@GnomeSlice yes, but being verbal about it is... not so fine at times.
if you're telling people to discriminate against people then no
otherwise it just makes you a crappy person but that's not illegal
nor should it be
Remember folks: Literally everyone on America (except native Americans) is either an immigrant or had an ancestor immigrate.
2:52 PM
@n_palum you could argue that murder is something that is always wrong but if the world thought murder was generally acceptable then it would be "right".
@GnomeSlice I'm not so much thinking about legality as "who cares".
@BlueBarren I think it takes quite a lot for anyone to normalize murder.. that's a tough one to justify
@Yuuki also that
@n_palum not if society had been built around it's acceptance from the start
I should care when someone, particularly a public personality with a wide audience, espouses racist views.
2:54 PM
people seem way too invested in crucifying shitty people these days. or even okay people who sometimes say shitty things
@BlueBarren Society would have had to been built around it AND people would have to feel morally/internally about it
I'm not saying we are perfect, but we murder a lot less than hundreds of years ago
Because along the way people went wow, maybe we shouldn't take other people's lives for dumb stuff
@n_palum reminds me of the purge in rick and morty.
@n_palum a world of psychopaths where being not a psychopath makes you not the norm. I'm also using murder as an example that would be a hard perspective to change.
@BlueBarren I understand your point, I just think it's extremely hypothetical and unlikely as the human race currently stands..
doesn't work, damn
2:59 PM
@n_palum extremely hypothetical
I don't condone murder
@BlueBarren Hypothetical situations are so full of 'what-ifs' that it isn't even worth debating them... and I'm not saying you do condone it, I knew what you meant
Although to be fair I usually assume the worst in everyone until they prove me wrong ;)
@GnomeSlice I don't think that tendency is a recent thing. It's just that it's more noticeable because of the Internet. And it's far more easy to see what most people don't like because most people are now easily accessible.
@n_palum I think hypotheticals are still worth exploring even if it just leads to fun conversation.
3:01 PM
@Avery pls
@BlueBarren They can be fun to explore, but sometimes people take them the wrong way and they get annoying
@Fluttershy 100%ing horizon turned into somewhat of a chore, sadly :( I'm running out of room for statues too tbh
I also feel like a lot of those topics are just beaten to death... People aren't going to stop being racist just because you tell them to
@n_palum are you... trying to call me... annoying?
No, society has not "gone crazy with political correctness". People are just more accessible now. And your words can reach more people far quicker than they could just a few years back.
3:03 PM
Man, the whole 15 minute delay on getting pinged is frustrating. By the time I see it, the convo has moved on T_T
@BlueBarren haha no not at all, I've just had bad experiences talking about stuff like that with people
@Vemonus Why do you have such a delay? I'm out here making jokes for you and you leave me hangin'
@n_palum well here's a hypothetical. What if we never had this conversation!?
CC: @MetaEd
You stop that
What if I never got bored at work and spent my free time exploring this SE and Puzzling?
3:06 PM
The world will burn
What if SE never existed and puzzles weren't a thing?
@BlueBarren then they'd use reddit prob
@Avery hiss
(I hiss at your logic)
When hundreds (maybe thousands) of people are saying "hey, you f--ked up", maybe the proper response is "hmm, maybe I should take a second look". Not necessarily go back on your decisions or views but at least take an introspective. But tellingly, JonTron's response is that the media is distorting his words (which is a bit odd because most of the people yelling at him probably watched his video where he said his words) and everyone else is misconstruing his thoughts.
From hypo- "under" + thesis "a placing, proposition".
3:09 PM
@Yuuki I don't think the day that people learn to take a step back and consider a different perspective is within our lifetime sadly.. or maybe I'm just pessimistic
@n_palum That's no reason to say that shouldn't be the ideal.
Code Golf is another one you can spend hours in.
I'm not even smart enough for puzzling let along PCG
Hey @Vemonus since you are supposedly the pokemon go lord.. and I just started playing it a couple weeks ago.. is there any benefit to spinning the ball before throwing it? I've just been doing it for fun and because it's more of a challenge to hit
@n_palum And on the bright side, PewDiePie's apology actually seemed sincere. It's a bit sad that the person who can arguably actually claim "the media is taking things out of proportion" is sincerely sorry whereas the person who really can't is not apologetic at all.
3:16 PM
@Yuuki Yeah he did seem sincere about it.. and in his defense it does kind of suck that they forced him to lose so much and get his show cancelled..
Ppl tend to call someone a nazi/racist fairly quick nowadays
I mean, on the one hand I can clearly see that it was taken a bit out of proportion. But on the other hand, he involved anti-Semitism ("joke" or not) while he was sponsored by Disney.
@Yuuki There's two sides to it, neither is perfect
@Jutschge You're a nazi
@Yuuki I'm not sure why him being sponsored by Disney is relevant. I mean, wasn't Walt himself kinda antisemitic as well?
Or is that just a myth?
3:19 PM
@Nzall It's debatable.
@Nzall I think it's just because WSJ could pressure these big companies (Disney/Youtube) and they don't want to get drawn into it.. and it's up for debate if he was
He was definitely member of some partly anti-Semitic groups, but then again anti-Semitism was very popular back then.
yeah, I wiki'd him. apparently, he wasn't anti himself, but because he was involved with people who were, he got some splatter on him
As far as I know, there's nothing that can say he personally held anti-Semitic views, but guilt by association and all.
Not to mention that even if Walt Disney held anti-Semitic views, that really shouldn't pertain to the modern Disney company.
@n_palum, who calls me that? but yeah, if you spin, there's a small bonus chance to catch. i forget the actual numbers, but i'm pretty sure a question was asked on arqade at some point
3:22 PM
@Vemonus I did because you answer so many of the questions and played the game xD and thanks.. didn't feel like digging through those
If your grandfather was a Nazi (and if you're German, that's almost certainly the case), that doesn't mean you can't call people out for being anti-Semitic.
And modern Disney does its level-best to project this image of wholesomeness. Anything that can mess with that will get dropped fast.
One could say that they're kinda Nazis about their company image :P
Well that's just using the play on Nazi referring to something/someone as overly strict
@Nzall walt is also kinda long dead
So what the founder wanted isn't really relevant anymore
Also disney made a bunch of anti-nazi propaganda
@Vemonus A chore? How so? :o I thought it was fairly easy.
Chore could mean dull/not as fun not necessarily hard
3:27 PM
@Fluttershy, it was easy, but having to find all those collectibles was a pain. Especially the ones that required climbing while trying not to get attacked by Glinthawks.
I was planning for NieR to come in much later than it did. I wanted to finish HZD as fast as possible so I could start NieR, but I still had about 15-20 hours to go when it showed up
So that probably made it feel even more time-consuming
Still working on Horizon. Hunting Thunderjaws is fun.
Another reason I debate getting a PS4...
@n_palum Death Stranding
Meh.. I mostly want HZD/the ability to play online with my friends who are 5 hours away
Horizon, Nier, Nioh, and The Last of Us Remastered are reason enough for me to justify my PS4. :P
3:32 PM
@Vemonus turn on the quick notification in your profile under prefs?
@Ash did not know that was a thing. Doing that now.
^ Oh shoot, @Vemonus I meant Nioh was the one like a dark souls not Nier... That's what I was thinking of
@n_palum, yes that is much more accurate lol
@Fluttershy I'm considering getting a PS4 as well, but that's 100% for exclusives. I'll play Nier on PC.
Though I got too frustrated with Nioh. It reminded of the gimmicks they pulled in DSII which is why I didn't like it
3:32 PM
IF I play it that is
@Fluttershy See of those Horizon is the only one I am interested in right now...
@Vemonus they are very quick once you do that
I also really dislike playstation controllers
@BlueBarren :|
Poor man.
3:34 PM
@BlueBarren She tried her best.. I still wouldn't mind a PS4
@Ash thanks, I found it!
Say what.
Charlie sounds like a stand up guy
@Yuuki Charlie, you are a little confusing there, friend.
@Yuuki Those traits actually aren't complete opposites though. Fearless means you lack fear. Cowardice means you lack courage. There are semantic differences between this
He can be someone who is not afraid of anything, but doesn't want to face his opponents because he thinks the combat is beneath him
And that can be seen as cowardice
3:42 PM
Charile feels nothing, neither fear nor compassion. :(
Sure, but I don't think it's implemented that way in the game mechanics.
What is this kingdom hearts now?
Like someone else apparently got a strike team member with "+10 against hordes of enemies" along with "-10 against hordes of enemies".
Positive Traits: Shotguns for legs / Negative Traits: Shotguns for legs
3:44 PM
@Yuuki well I guess the world is all about balance in the end?
I don't think Charlie is going to make it to round 2 of interviews with that resume.
@Yuuki Thing is, you can actually lose and gain traits from missions, so you'll probably lose one of them at one point.
@MadMAxJr Is that the resume including the fearless coward, or the shotguns for legs?
I don't think either are good fits for the position.
Though Bill has a solid resume. Positive Traits: [CHEAT ENGINE:VAR$APPROVAL=100] / Negative Traits: Lone Wolf
@MadMAxJr He's just gotta sway them with his charm and confidence
3:52 PM
Wow @RepHastingsFL when asked to tone down, "I don't have to be nice to nobody when you're being nasty to poor peop… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/845282659446214657
4:04 PM
also @Yuuki I have no idea where that is in this picture I posted
@BlueBarren Lurelin Village.
@Yuuki huh
East of Faron Woods.
South from Hateno.
4:06 PM
wtf game
Yeah, Lurelin is a bit out of the way.
I have 70 hours and I still don't know what's going on
It doesn't feature in the story at all.
Faron is pretty much optional.
well I know what I'm looking for tonight
I mean, technically all of the map is optional.
4:07 PM
well I've done the fountain of courage
That's in the Akkala region, IIRC.
except Hyrule castle and the great plateau
Or is that Power?
@Yuuki power
But yeah, Lurelin is in the southeast portion of the map.
4:08 PM
oh I finally got the ancient armour last night
And in the very far southeast corner, you'll find Eventide Island.
I have been to that island
after I beat the game
Urbosa's Fury makes it much easier.
(Also, I threw an Edge of Duality onto the island before I landed on shore)
@TimStone Standing up for the little guy
@Yuuki ................................................. YOU'RE SO SMART
4:24 PM
@BlueBarren The hilarious thing is that I didn't even use the Edge against the Hinox.
It broke before then, so I ended up using a Soldier's Broadsword that dropped from a Bokoblin and two uses of Urbosa's Fury.
Should've thrown two weapons on the island
Trump apparently has zero patience.
Wants a vote now on TrumpNotCare, consequences be damned.
@Frank then he's definitely got the wrong job
@BlueBarren Did you think he was ever qualified?
Q: Cities Skylines: how do I build a city without industrial zones?

TCassaI remember when I was playing this last year I built a city with absolutely zero industrial zones, and no need for them. How do I do this?

4:34 PM
@Frank well no but he clearly didn't care about his qualifications before taking the job
@BlueBarren Well, duh. Trump is Trump. He's qualified, reality be damned.
@Frank reality be twisted (by his tiny hands)
BREAKING: Emilio Vasquez, a write-in Democratic candidate for the PA House seat in 197th District, won the special election. Story to come.
I wonder how often that's happened, that a write-in candidate has won
5:02 PM
tfw an app bugs and doesn't consider DLC bought even after you get payment stuff from google play
@BlueBarren He just has to squint a little bit
He isn't going to keep a horse that eats other horses and handlers.
He will also not let you keep the mountain god. :(
holy shit google support is FAST
I filed a report on that after that and already got a refund
@Avery 24h does that
5:12 PM
I don't think google has 24h support
seeing they never ever really show humans
I mean that's what they claim with the google pixel now..
Maybe it's specific to the phone when using the assistant
I mean, it might be automated
Maybe we'll never know
5:16 PM
I opened payments center after it said "Report sent, contact developer too here!" and I clicked it and it opened that page and it already said cancelled
though my internet is really slow
how about a blu ray?
5:33 PM
Google Fi will even tell me how long it will take for a human to respond to my inquiry and I get my choice of email or phone.
Google support varies a bit by service but tends to be pretty good.
Afaik I have 24 hour support for my Nexus 6p
@Wipqozn It is painful that I know that this is from the second Dr. Who movie...
^ They do it for my pixel too
@TrentHawkins I've always wondered if I should try those movies.
I take it you wouldn't recommend it even for the camp?
@RedRiderX ergh... They are a 'thing'... if you enjoy cheesy/campy sci-fi movies of that era, you might enjoy them. But if you are expecting an actual Dr. Who adventure (and care about the lore), you won't find much there.
Although the Daleks are superb. The show actually asked to use them because they were better than the ones that they had been using - and then due to production timetables, actually managed to air them before the movie premiered.
5:54 PM
Hey @Vemonus why is it that like every gym has either Gyrados, Snorlax, Vaporeon or Dragonite.. with the occasional Rhydon/Blissey
@n_palum short story, because the metagame is somewhat broken
those are the easiest to get super high CP with
@n_palum Because they are typically the easiest to get high-CP versions of and are typically strong in one or multiple aspects (high attack, high defence, high HP, good moves), and there are (currently?) fewer good pokemon with type advantages against them that can reach the same equivalent power.
Rhydon got buffed in a big update that recalculated the numbers. Before, exeggutor was a gym contender
That's why it's not as common, aside from natural rarity
So code has been frozen for a week, and I just found a bug that is potentially crash causing. And it should have been a case that was covered in this years maintenance activities. And I was the one working on the original issue. And now I need to tell the customer that I found this issue. FML
6:11 PM
Ohh I figured it was something stupid like that... The closest thing I've got right now is an 800 cp mantine... woo..
I do see exeggutor too.. sometimes flareon
Q: What exactly is "Park Balance Bonus"?

PhilippAmong the stats which contribute to your overall Park Rating is a point "Park Balance Bonus". How exactly is that stat calculated and what can I do to improve it?

I mean, to be fair, we have flying cars. They're just not economic and aren't VTOL.
if you're referring to airplanes you also have to add in the most people can't afford their own personal aircraft
I think he's referring to flying cars
6:19 PM
then no one can afford those
because I don't think those are for sale
> not economic
I guess I should've used "not economical".
@BlueBarren This seemed like a thing I needed, so I looked it up. You still have to confirm the order on your phone. USELESS :(
I wasn't sure if you were referring to maintenance/fuel or including the entirety of the price
> Signing up for a Pizza Hut account, downloading an app, syncing a pair of Bluetooth sneakers, adding a credit card, bending over to press a button and then approving the transaction via an iOS notification really puts your life into perspective.
6:20 PM
@Sterno you... needed this?
For only half a million
@Sterno well now that you mention it...
For it to be really useful, there would need to be:

1) No iOS confirmation.
2) Delivery via drone in 5 minutes or less
6:22 PM
I feel like I should make the chocolate banana bread thing again but with white chocolate chips instead
@Sterno hmmm I feel like a wrist watch would be a better choice, I don't want to bend down to press a button on my shoes
Maybe it could just trigger any time I jog
but also if it didn't require iOS verification I would press other people's pizza button all the time
That's pretty rare and deserving of pizza
jogs for 5 minutes "hmmm I deserve a pizza" click
6:24 PM
this made me laugh
probably more than it should've
especially albo_underhill's comment
6:41 PM
albo_underhill? Of the Shire Underhills?
Or is he Bree-folk?
> My wet dream is to be struggling with a bug for hours then find out it was actually a bug with the compiler.
@Yuuki I've been struggling with two bugs for the better part of a week ;)
@Yuuki Damn, I read that as "snuggling"
RIP @twobugs
7:05 PM
Q: Can I buy, download and play a game from PSN Store without Activate my PS4 console?

MicleI would like to ask you if it is possible to buy a game from PSN Store and then download it to my PS4 console which is already activated as primary but with other console user and PSN account. So actually I want to ask you if I can buy/download/play games without having my console activated to my...

Q: Agar.io All name size be big...bug?

Ratu Cong Bad English sorry. All name be big on MyComputer. I tryed use safari GoogleChrome InternetExplorer.. However, this problem has not healed Yesterday there was no problem (All Name size is Normal on Yesterday) please help me...

He is MarkTrapp
and OrigamiRobot
and FAE
and ArdaXi
Not Feichinger though
or whatever his name was
FeinicherBueckert right
7:17 PM
user image
Daaaaaamn, the Governator is downright barbaric.
Q: Which powers are affected by increased "Restoration and Defense"?

DCShannonThere's a modifier that shows up on perks and profiles that improves "Restoration and Defense". For example, the Explorer profile gives +15% Power Restoration and Defense And the Engineer profile gives 20% Tech Restoration and Defense That's completely unclear. I tried to figure out w...

Q: My PSN acc is from IE but I'm playing from BRAZIL, how is my connection for multiplayer (PING) gonna be?

ChrisI just got home from Ireland to brazil, made myself a second acc to purchase PSPLUS sub in a brazilian PSN. But I wonder if my connection to continue playing games online in the irish acc is gonna be worst than playing in the new brazilian one. Don't wanna lose my progress but rather that than ...

Q: Playstation 4 HDD in Playstation 3

Emma StoneOK so, I replaced my PS4 HDD from 500GB to 2TB all good, today I bought a second hand PS3 and wanted to replace the 160GB HDD that it came with, so since I am not using my old PS4 HDD I wanted to add that into the PS3, so I replaced the 160GB from the PS3 with the 500GB PS4 one and all good. I t...

@Yuuki If you mean his grammar then yes he is
@n_palum the only thing wrong with it is "to add something from the world"
@n_palum It's not that bad. His meaning can still be understood.
@GnomeSlice Why are you linking to a Breitbart article? That's just... no... don't do that, please.
7:33 PM
I know it's not that bad ;)
@MBraedley To be fair, the headline isn't made up at least! Just way old news
I'm not gonna read it because breitbart doesn't deserve the impressions
Here, an article from not-breitbart: thedrive.com/the-war-zone/8594/…
@MBraedley I didn't even check the URL bar to notice that it was Breitbart. shakes fist Curse you, @GnomeSlice, you win this fight!
@Yuuki I clicked the link before realizing it went there. Now my employer must suspect I'm a Trump supporter. I'm ruined!
> So Dan Stevens is an English actor playing an American character who is doing a bad English accent.
Oh, the horrible 80's style graphical intros on that video, though.
@Yuuki What show is this?
7:39 PM
@MBraedley There I fix it
Wait, it also looks like the video was in an interlaced format at one point too.
@MBraedley Legion.
@Yuuki Yes, I should have known that. Haven't seen this week's episode yet.
Legion has been a really wild ride.
I need to watch legion
7:44 PM
Once next week's episode (which is the season finale, IIRC) airs, I'm gonna try to marathon them.
Q: Is there a way to buy the original Titan Quest Gold or Titan Quest + Immortal Throne?

João MendesNow that Anniversary Edition is out, I'd like to know if there's still a way to get the old games. Steam, GOG, Origin, et al, they only list the anniversary edition, but maybe some store somewhere might still have those other ones listed.

@Yuuki that sounds like a horrible idea
We should do that at the same time while in chat
Since I have them on Google Play (and therefore YouTube) I could definitely do it.
anyone else has att?

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