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12:11 AM
Hey Republicans, don't worry, that burn is covered under the Affordable Care Act
@Unionhawk Hey that's my dude.
Alright @Unionhawk I know you like to party hard but c'mon
I don't even know where the fuck stow oh is
Too far wasn't me
@Unionhawk Nope, you got a humvee now, so you could have easily traveled the distance.
Contrary to popular belief there's more than one person in Ohio
12:22 AM
@Lazers2.0 Yeah, Guest is back.
the buzzfeed listicle of sick AHCA burns is pretty nice
Oh the irony that Donald Trump and Paul Ryan have no Plan B
@Wipqozn this is weird but cool.
Trump calls the NYT to blame Democrats for failure of health bill: “We got no Democratic votes” http://nyti.ms/2nlQHxd
This mismanagement of a bill is on you and the speaker
12:33 AM
failing new york times
i was busy with my trucks
i <3 trucks
You idiots lost your majority by like 13 votes
If you need a single Democrat vote with your current house majority then you have fucked up
@Wipqozn this is me. All the time.
Ever seen a fly the size of a grain of rice kill a car going 70 on the interstate?
@Fluttershy wut
12:36 AM
@Fluttershy wat
A fly the size of a grain of rice caused my car to stall while I was doing 70mph on the interstate today.
Just shows that you can have all the cards and lose if you don’t know what you’re doing.
Ok, here's a Midiflip that's more on-topic here:
Also, Trump is the personification of hypocrisy.
12:40 AM
Q: How do I settle Havarl?

l II just opened the vault and raised the viability of the planet to 80%, the lead scientists there said we could go ahead and set up a outpost, but I can't seem to figure out where I can do that. There are no icons on my map that marks a suitable outpost location. Here is the my map:

@StrixVaria this makes my brain hurt
so familiar yet so different
Q: Why am I getting dropped from multiplayer to main menu?

David YellHaving been a long time player of Diablo 3 on PC, I bought the game on PS4 a few days ago for some sofa gaming. My friend invited me to his game, so I created a character and joined the party. I could see thier characters in the lobby, so I hit 'Enter game' loaded for a few seconds, and then app...

Q: Is the weather in the tutorial area set?

Fredy31I watched a couple of speedruns of Breath of the Wild, and I'm now wondering... The tutorial, in a speedrun, features quite a bit of climbing. That would be screwed if, by bad luck, the runner would get rain. But in 10-15 runs I've seen, I don't think I've seen one abort because of that. So is...

Q: A note to this site (becouse it won't let me ask site questions at the place you are ment to)

YesssWhy is this place so mean to my friend!? First you mark Mr. Bonding isn't where he should be as a duplicate when it had nothing to do with where he is becouse she knows where she is and what to do but there is a glitch stopping her and she needs help, she doesn't know, it might be a new or a ra...

Q: Can I use a online bank to with draw and e-check from the UK

edward murrayToday I receive and email that I have and e-check that need to by deposit. How to go about it with a online USA bank?

@Lazers2.0 wut
@Lazers2.0 wut wut
@GodEmperorDune voted and boated
1:13 AM
I do have suspicions about that account incidentally
No @Frank didn't kill me and take my place
But idk, circumstantial evidence
I said it was a lost cause.
Q: Why a substitute can appear in a gym?

IsukaI have seen many users linking screenshots of their map where a strange gigantic substitute was just standing there, above a gum, such as on this one or this one. As a substitute is not a Pokemon, it can't be captured, so there is no apparent reason one would be present in a gym. Does anyone hav...

@Frank prob, I raised a mod flag to let someone better at this than me or you combined know that there's probably some issue here
@Unionhawk It's guest all over again. Just burn and done.
Probably idk
Incidentally, I had a dream that I inherited a diamond the other day
It was a surreal experience
1:21 AM
Sparkly, or SE?
Like I said, super weird and specific
That is super weird and specific.
Q: Graphics card for old pc

S.SrihariMy pc is over 8 years old. Processor:core 2 duo e7500 Ram:4 gb Speed :2.9ghz I know it is quite low end. It can't even run games like gta 4,nfs hp 2010 and other that came in 2010 & 2011. For running at least these games, will adding a graphics card within 100$ help.

The premier of my province apparently only has a 12% approval rating. Not surprised, but man that's a low number
@Ash The Hydro debacle is an anchor for her.
1:35 AM
Oh, it totally is.
We are not closing this untill they are re opened and my friend gets what she deserves — Yesss 2 mins ago
Somehow, I don't think that will help.
@Ash I'm not up on all the history; weren't the plants started under a different party?
Lots of shortsighted decisions coming home to roost, and I'm not sure if the Liberals are just getting the blame because they're in power, or because they legitimately created the situation.
Q: Identification: "Educational" game from ~2000s

CarcigenicateWhen I was a kid, my grandma had a couple games that featured the same character. I was like 10 at the time, so my memories fuzzy, but this is what I remember: You played a character that wore a sweater that covered most of their face, and ran around into different areas solving various puzzles...

@Frank I dont recall, off the top of my head
1:56 AM
ty strix for deleting that. it gave me a headache trying to read it
2:19 AM
Q: Forza horizon 3 not launching!

Nikhil BartwalSo guys ... I just downloaded forza horizon 3 yesterday. Everything was well, it installed, I ran the manifest, pressed Y, it registered without any error. But on opening the shortcut it says: "You need a new app to open forza-horizonrelease Look for the app on appstore" And there is no s...

Q: How to create joint worlds on MineCraft?

ScratchndentI have created four worlds that I would like to be able to fit together as one seamless world so that I could create walls and make it so that players can cross worlds by going through nether portals and using the [1 block nether = 8 blocks overworld] so that I could create a server and have mini...

Q: How do I restart the Switch?

splattered bitsMy Nintendo Switch can't connect to the internet. I'm trying to update parental controls. Other devices are connected fine (the phone from which I'm posting this question; the kids are streaming shows from Netflix). The Switch is connected to my WiFi. However, the Switch won't connect to the inte...

2:55 AM
Q: Minecraft Java Not Working

DavidI am trying to use JRE 1.8.0 121 In the new Minecraft launcher, but for some reason, I cannot change the allocated memory in JVM arguments without my game crashing. When the "JVM arguments" box is checked, the game doesn't load, yielding the error: The virtual machine could not be created. A fat...

1 hour later…
4:24 AM
Oh god
Tfw "24 million Americans" isn't enough to shut down "Ryancare was good actually"
Wait, really?
It was literally garbage legislation, lol, why would anyone go to bat for that?
4:27 AM
It led to some fucking tangent on "the OH-1 rep (NOT OUR REP) was eliminated because something about abortion"
If you think ACA is terrible it did nothing to really address that, if you think ACA is good it certainly didn't make it better
I lost track
Fun times
Seriously though planned parenthood needs to form some subsidiary organization or some shit to allow hard R's to see there's a difference in where the funds go
Because like, that's already practically a thing but not physically a thing
I hope OH-8 can flip with good funding but probably not
OH-8 has been red since forever
Hmmm, not to divert, but I have a database column I have no idea where it came from
4:31 AM
/shrug idk either
Ah, of course, someone else is to blame
@TimStone that someone being @Wipqozn of course
lol this district has been red since 39
I will accept that he's responsible for all my junior developers
4:35 AM
@Unionhawk in 39 republicans were a very different party
Well it's been John Boehner for 101st through like nowish
So basically forever
But you know, when I pay more taxes I'll understand and come around to the idea of "fuck everyone else as long as tax cuts$
Literally the argument
Like fuck off
4:53 AM
Like I understand the theoretical personal benefits of voting R
But on the other hand no
It's the whole "we're supposed to help people" vs "we're supposed to help OUR people" argument still
I think about that scene a lot
@Unionhawk there is a valid argument to "govt should not throw money away on frivolous things" but the problem is that either side has different values for what is frivolous
Q: Achieve a radiant and younger looking skin

chiryjuriyaThe primary reason for this is getting old and a variety of other factors which hurries up the method of getting old and making us appearance older than what we're: sun exposure, free radicals, busy existence fashion, genetics and absence of care and nourishment.Peptides are new innovative discov...

5:13 AM
Q: In some game son roblox how do I dig?

GgggI don't play roblox on computer and on some games "dig" iis in but I don't know how to dig I tried holding the screen on a digable part while having the dig thing on and I can't dig, how do i

@GodEmperorDune right but it becomes Insane when it drives into "DT paid 25% what did Bernie pay" territory
@Unionhawk yes it does
Afaik Bernie didn't make 150M and is not subject to AMT
That doesn't even make sense
And I asked "did Bernie make 150" "yes" "rly" "yes he made over 150k" "nonono 150M" "uhhhhhhh"
Hell he paid 19.6% on about 200k
So like
Yes that's less than the 38 tax bracket rate fine but its not 3 orders of magnitude higher income
Tldr: breaking news, uni hates everyone forever
More at 11
Meanwhile, actual image of Paul Ryan
5:48 AM
Q: What is a "shutout" in Dropshot?

BlueRaja - Danny PflughoeftOne of the new achievements is Damage Control Win a Dropshot match via shutout What is a "shutout"? I've played (and won) a few games of Dropshot, but I don't remember ever seeing something called that.

6:22 AM
Q: How do I make a Rock Candy Xbox 360 controller vibrate on Windows 10 64-bit?

RxanaduI'm trying to enable force feedback on a Rock Candy Xbox 360 controller on my computer. My computer runs 64-bit Windows 10. I've looked everywhere, but everything I get looks like malware while the rest looks like it works for Windows 7 or 8. How do I get this type of controller to vibrate on ...

3 hours later…
9:45 AM
Q: Is it possible to use Dualshock 4 bluetooth dongle as a ordinary bluetooth device for pc?

The_DiverI've got a Dualshock blutooth dongle for connecting PS4 joystick to PC. I'm wondering if I could use the same dongle for transferring files. Is it possible? If so, how could it be done?

10:21 AM
Q: How do I leave H-047c?

kalinaH-047c is an asteroid that used to be one of the golden worlds, it has very low gravity and extremely high surface radiation which prevents you from leaving the Nomad. Not being able to leave the Nomad prevents you from interacting with anything, including the Tempest to leave at the end of the...

Do any of you have ever had problems connecting an X-Box controller to a Win7 32bit pc? I have finally give in to playing Dark Souls with something that is not keyboard and mouse, but this thing is eluding me. (I'll be afk a few minutes, I'll be back. Soon.)
I've never had problems connecting my wireless one
Q: Why do some celestial objects "pulse" on the Galaxy Map?

kalinaWhy do some celestial objects "pulse" on the Galaxy Map? What I mean is in this screenshot, only one object is pulsing like this and this is the asteroid I've just finished on:

@kalina Mine is wired
Well, mine... "this one I got from a friend" would be the correct wording, I guess ;)
10:41 AM
then you should be able to just plug it in
I did that at first, but it didn't get recognized. So I went to the MS wobsite and downloaded the drivers, and installed them, and restarted. Still, Run Joy.cpl finds nothing
And the devices listed in Device management do not match with the ones in the MS guide.
its an xbox controller, drivers should be delivered via windows update
Let me check
mass effect andromeda is disappointing me more the longer I play it
did you at least get funny gifs out of it
10:49 AM
tbh that's kinda the problem
the first few hours of the game are relatively well polished and yes there are some animation bugs and facial quirks but in general it's an RPG with shooting mechanics with some issues
but as you get later in the game the polish falls away
like the landing cutscene for the fourth planet just abruptly ends half way through
or peebee always talking to me while facing a wall
but tbh, the story is quite weak as well
Q: During the quest “Uncovering the Past”, what impact does saving the AI have?

kalinaDuring the quest "Uncovering the Past" on Voeld, you come across an ancient artificial intelligence and are put on the spot to make a choice about its future. You're able to destroy it, keep it for yourself, or return it to it's original owners. The artificial intelligence does not recogonize it'...

it feels like EA made a mass effect game, taking all the best bits and then throwing them away
which is... oh
exactly what happened
things like getting off H-047c for example, at no point does it prompt you to press the key binding for extraction, and up until that point there hadn't been a need to use it so there was no reason for the player to necessarily know there was even a key binding for it
Q: one particular button on keyboard that did not work well if 2 key are being press

Haz WanI just bought this new keyboard~ so I try to test it on a game~ Devil May Cry~ the setting on keyboard is I=attack, Space=lock-on, J=gun, L=grab, K=jump while w,a,s and d are for the movement as usual the default button.. so I wanted to do the melee combo in-game but I can't do it since the butt...

11:28 AM
Q: No clan chest after playing the team battle

user182692I want to ask that my clan had been finished playing the team battle and I didn't receive the chest ( It was already at 10/10). Is it that we need to wait until the team battle to be finished to get the chest, or it is a glitch

@Unionhawk ryancare didn't pass? cool.
@kalina windows update fails for some unknown reason
Q: Can this run Ultra settings on all new games?

yasou2121can this spec run Battlefield 1, GTA 5 , Horizon , on Ultra Settings? GIGABYTE GA-H270-HD3 LGA 1151 Intel H270 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.1 ATX Motherboard Intel Processor Core I7-7700 IGABYTE GeForce GTX 1050 DirectX 12 2GB 128-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 ATX Video Card Corsair 16GB DDR4 Me...

11:55 AM
Q: what is the best civ to win in deity?

SandroI would like to know the best civ to win in deity, cultural victory. is there any party setting that make it easiest ? thanks

12:10 PM
@TimStone Is it called "views_content_cache"? Because I lost a database table the other day, and I've been wondering where it got off to.
12:34 PM
@Avery it wasn't rejected either
@Wipqozn It wasn't, but that's pretty impressive
@TimStone Our database server run out of memory, and uh, yeah. Weird things have happened.
1:03 PM
@Zachiel You can download the Win7 drivers here
1:31 PM
7 and a half hours til vacation. I can do this.
@Ash *cheers*
What is this "vay cay shun"?
But also yay :D
And in 10 hours, @WorldEngineer arrives. :D
wooo! :D
1:38 PM
So no matter what, today will be a Good Day.
@Ash have fun :)
I will, especially once work is over
Q: How do I unlock the other characters in Don't Starve: Pocket Edition?

PhoenixWhat are the requirements in order to unlock all other characters sans the starter?

1:59 PM
aw, peace
Windows Insider quest to turn my computer off and back on
they made a few
@Chippies That's where I got them from in the first place.
@Zachiel does the ring on the controller light up?
did you try unplugging and plugging it back in?
@Chippies After pressing it, it blinks, but it never comes to rest or, as I'd expect, switch to only a quarter of it being lit.
@Chippies several times, tried all USB ports.
@Zachiel it shouldn't blink. Is it wired only or is it also wireless? (I have no experience with first party microsoft xbox controllers, so Idk if there's a difference)
2:07 PM
I'm now checking my framework updates
it sounds like it's trying to find a wireless connection
Wired only, or so it seems.
From what little I googled just now, as expected, wired controller should never blink
wireless blinks when it's trying to connect
Hm, no, wait, the plug comes off and it covered the wireless button
make sure your cable is properly plugged in
it might also be damaged, probably
2:10 PM
plugged enough that when I launch Windows Update, it suggests me a driver
it shouldn't be looking for wireless connections if the cable is connected
And it stops blinking whan I unplug it
can you see the controller in devices and printers?
"Unknown device."
you could uninstall that (with the controller unplugged), wait a few seconds after the uninstallation process is over and then plug it back in
2:16 PM
I could also try uninstalling the English version and installing the Italian one, since I just noticed that it needs to be the same as the OS and my previous IT installation failed.
CCleaner to the rescue!
And here I thought that removing it from Device Manager was enough
@Zachiel I think I found your problem
the wireless controller only connects wirelessly. The cable is for charging only
the only way you can get it to work on PC is with a wireless adapter for it
A: Can I connect a wireless Xbox 360 controller to PC with a play & charge cable?

Lon KastensonThere is no way. Microsoft made it so the Play and Charge Kit only receives power. I believe there is some other data that is sent to the controller as well that someone decoded but there is no data sent to the computer from the controller. I will try to dig up a link. On the other hand, you cou...

Q: Minecraft launcher could not connect to server?

InterstellarFish What do I do? I looked at a similar question to mine and there was an answer saying to make sure Java is allowed past the firewall. So I checked and it already is. I've tried uninstalling and installing bot minecraft and Java but nothing has changed. http://xpaw.ru/mcstatus/ says that all servi...

2:32 PM
@badp This was like 6 months ago tbh
@RedRiderX has he stopped apologizing?
Seeing this guy on the 31st
along with bit funk
@badp Well I wish he would apologize a little more for dropping electoral reform but eh.
2:44 PM
Also PSA Chrome Store Foxifed works pretty well for some extensions (including Porkchat)
There are a lot of buttons and stuff but if you sign and download then save to a file you should be good.
@RedRiderX tytytytytyty
1 Piece of Evidence That Proves Internet is Weird
@Avery Yeah I was looking into it because I wanted to use the Vue devtools in firefox and Chrome is suddenly giving me a lot of out-of-memory errors.
@Avery Oh my I didn't realize how big a theory this was.
@Chippies Or using a different OS, apparently
2:49 PM
he used some oil! and that oil can be made with cannabis! and people used cannabis since forever!
@RedRiderX Actually it was a year ago. @badp? More like slowp, amirite?
Not dozens! gasps Lets hope they weren't all bakers
@Wipqozn but has he stopped apologizing
@badp Pretty sure
The whole thing was so stupid
@Avery Nah they didn't have weed back then, if they did, why don't we see bongs in paintings?!?
Checkmate Stoners
2:51 PM
more like hey people around me find smoking weed non-christian! Let's say jesus blazed kush amirite? xdddddd
@TimStone Crowdfunded celebrity endorsement has hit a new fever pitch.
@TimStone Yeah I'm really made at PlayTonic for this tbh. Like nobody is thinking of Jonton in all this. Being a white supremacist is hard! The oppression and hate they face on a daily basis is just so hard for us too all understand. Poor, poor JonTron. All he wanted to do was stop non-whites from diluting the Gene Pool. Is that so wrong?!?!
(the joke is that yes it is, and JonTrons a vile piece of shit)
man, I want to play UT so much rn
anyone knows if there is still an active community?
@Wipqozn Good thing he has entire boxes of donuts worth of people to support him in this endeavour!
@TimStone Yeah I'd hardly call dozens as being slammed.
3:00 PM
Bannon walked into Freedom Caucus meeting,said "This is not a debate. You have no choice but to vote for this bill.… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/845635296607789056
lol, that is beautiful
@TimStone Did Bannon actually do that?
If so, it highlights just how dysfunctional this administration is.
I mean, only according to Axios, but
@TimStone to be fair, I'm pretty sure freedom caucus' demands were something to the effect of "throw more people off healthcare"
Well, yeah
They're not wrong that something needs to be done about the costs though
Sure but that doesn't make them any more need to be primaried
Unless 12 dimensional chess and keep them to sow chaos
But no
3:12 PM
@Unionhawk I think throwing Ryan under the bus isn't really fair.
Trump didn't really give him a chance to work it out.
Just got impatient with the whole deal and said take it or leave it, right now.
It's totally fair, Ryan set the date of the vote and then realized he didn't have consensus
When getting consensus for this shit is literally his only job
@Unionhawk Eh? Ryan set the date for Thursday?
I mean, he's the Speaker, Trump can't actually force him to do anything
His mistake was bowing to Trump's wishes
Well, then. I guess he's totally to blame, then.
I wonder how much Trump is going to try to just executive order his way through the job?
He has a lot of room to do that unfortunately
Not infinite room, clearly, but a lot of room
3:25 PM
go go judiciary!
go go rudy!
Rudy! Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!
As soon as he starts trying to legislate against the GOP, they're going to impeach him.
There's enough material for it already.
God willing
@Avery Wow this thing goes deep
Same joe, same
3:32 PM
Q: Did Jesus use Cannibis on his followers?

RedRiderXIn pro-cannabis circles, it's often purported that Jesus used Cannabis-based anointing oil to heal/treat/perform miracles. As far as I can tell the logic is this: Jesus anointed his followers and the sick with oil Exodus 30:22 is used as proof that traditional Anointing Oil used Hemp ("Fragran...

funnily enough I just posted a skeptics question too
Q: Have there been more than 27.000 Islamic terrorist attacks since 9/11?

AveryI was browsing a hashtag on twitter (#StepsToReverseClimateChange to hopefully find how I can help myself), and saw a post by someone with this image attached: The image reads: More than 27,000 Islamic terrorist attacks since 9/11 More ice in 2015 than ever Tell me again whic...

@RedRiderX commented with the article I screenshotted, you might want to include that too
> 7. He Liked To Talk About Peace And Love
@Avery tbh I don't know if this article will build a stronger case...
@Avery This would require ~5 islamic terrorist attacks daily on average. I doubt that is the case.
@Arperum it's more than likely not. It's just that the number is SO HIGH that I kinda want to see which islamophobic source they used (or maybe they just made it up themselves, but that's up to skeptics now)
I found the source for the second statement probably: louderwithcrowder.com/…
also if you check the source of the post you see a hidden message, mostly about shit like this
3:51 PM
Time to go watch what will be either the most awesome dumb movie of the year or the dumbest awesome movie of the year.
@Yuuki Power Rangers?
@Frank Power Rangers.
> Most of Google’s code is stored in a single unified source-code repository, and is accessible to all software engineers at Google
@Yuuki I won't see that for another month.
3:54 PM
> 86 terabytes
> 2 billion lines
> 35 million commits
I promised myself that it would be the stupidest movie ever that I have to watch on opening weekend.
> 40k commits per work day
man, I feel bad at google software engineers now. I can't even think how terrible git (or whatever they use) would function at that rate
also not even branches... (nearly) everything's on master... wat
4:09 PM
It's basically a heavily modified fork of Perforce
I assume the repo of the 86tb size also contains the history, and that the history (at least not all of it) is not stored on developers' pcs?
or they might be doing what microsoft does which is [brb checking NDA]
yup it's under nda :(
Q: Which sniper scope has the highest zoom and where is it found?

Timmy JimIn Ghost Recon Wildlands, the snipers come poorly equipped with scopes that hardly zoom in. So far, the best scope I've found has a 6x zoom. I'd really like to get into sniping in this game, but even a 6x times zoom is weak in my opinion. Is there anything higher? And where is it found?

4:34 PM
@Avery One benefit of working at head is that you usually only need access to head
We use TFS and essentially just commit to master all day long
Larger project efforts are branched but not day to day work
Lol... Looks like the current presidential strat is to let the ACA death spiral
Someone should probably tell him there's no indication that will happen (afaik)
4:58 PM
Q: How to stop crouching in Breath of the Wild

user1008646Links keeps crouching ... at the most inopportune times .. usually when I'm being chased. How do I make Link stand up? And how did I make him crouch in the first place? I'm using the Wii U GamePad.

Basketball fans around the U.S. treated to prematurely-bought ads congratulating Republicans for repealing Obamacar… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/845453917064441857
Holy fuck
That has to hurt
Get decimated
Also, I think cover pictures of @potus and @potus44 really describe what kind of president they are/were.
5:14 PM
Only the US would democratically elect a leader and then block them at every turn
One is holding hands with thousands of people from all sort of ethnic backgrounds, other is waving his hand while getting in his private jet.
@GnomeSlice They are doing democracy. The ways he is being blocked are part of democracy.
@GnomeSlice yeah those damn Democrats, they had 0 votes
So much for a majority
well, i'm not THAT mad at [most of] his supporters for electing trump anymore, because they are seeing how he actually meant all that stuff and media wasn't lying.
holds finger to ear we are getting word that Republicans should have been able to get their shit together enough to pass without any democratic votes. More at 11
Breaking news: house Republicans have a majority except Paul Ryan tried to speedrun this shit
5:31 PM
Q: Has there ever been a rpg that focused heavily on bring back the dead?

GypsumLike the main character is obsessed with bringing back his dead wife, or wanting to control time with the same amount of obsession as characters like Jay Gatsby or Holden Caulfield?

Q: How do I setblock at the location of an item?

The_vikesWhen I was trying out MrGarettos Command Combiner (https://mrgarretto.com/cmdcombiner) I wanted to place a fire block at 2 items which they are... Netherrack and Flint and steel. But the question is how do I do /setblock at an item?? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!

5:59 PM
@Zachiel what, how? The cable doesn't send data to the PC, it's connected to the battery pack. I don't see how having a different OS is gonna change that
@Yuuki well, I mean, the healthcare is probably better. Who cares if you can't afford it, you're not rich enough to matter.
Navy Seal is the best gif genre
@Avery haha
@Unionhawk perfect
funnily enough I forgot navy seal in my shitposter project
6:17 PM
Q: How do I make Ryder look left instead of right?

KevinIn this diagram, the -s are tall cover (i.e. cover tall enough that Ryder cannot shoot over it), the R is Ryder, and the xs are enemies: x x x x x ------ R (For people with screen readers: Ryder is behind the left side of a tall bank of cover, with enemies in front.) I want to peek a...

Q: What is THE BEST design for a pirate map farm in terraria MOBILE?

KAI Tindall I want to know if anyone has a pirate map farm That actually works. Mine does NOT spawn Arapaimas. I could not get this to work and I want To see if anyone could give me some tips. Anything related to this always helps! Remember, this is on mobile.

Why tho
Why would you do this
."@FrankPallone was taking names on the floor of the House today." - @chrislhayes @allinwithchris https://t.co/m1zlbBYuU5
Hey my Representative did a thing.
Power Rangers: awesomest dumb movie 2017
6:33 PM
holy shit golang is like the most unforgiving language ever
if (something == something else)
//do something

doesn't compile, while this does:

if (something == something else) {
//do something
@Avery So, like python?
at least python doesn't look familiar
@Avery iirc go fmt will take care of these things
But yeah it also hates unused Imports and iirc unused locals
Q: Pistons are powered indirectly? Why?

AzoraquaWhy are these pistons (indirectly) powered? But the others completely not? None of them update with a block (Not really a BUD piston I believe, or is it?)

Q: Classified Envelope; What can this item be used for?

Fredy31I just got the compendium full, and it gave me a Classified Envelope. It says that it has a photo of a young Sheikah inside. What can I do with this? Does it contiune on another quest, or is it just a reminder that you completed the compendium?

Q: skyrim:are there any glitches to explore helgen before it's destruction

The Mattbat999As I stated, has anyone found a way to explore helgen without it being destroyed without modding? I am on xbox360 without updates if that helps.

6:52 PM
@RedRiderX i used to think python was silly for throwing compile errors on whitespace and indentation... but after seeing the horrible mismatch of styles that enterprise projects end up with, i love that about python
why is pizzagate trending again?
Alex Jones apologized and there's a protest or some shit
@Avery someone is claiming that "new evidence has emerged"
.@IsaacDovere Here is an artist's rendering of the Republican's fight against Obamacare. https://t.co/f2j0sEGa2V
So yeah, Power Rangers is the best worst movie you'll see this year.
6:53 PM
i forget where i saw it but apparently it is one of the signs of the impending apocalypse now
pizzagate, not power ranges
At one point, they actually use the theme song from the old series. It's the dumbest, campiest, awesomest thing you'll see this year.
@GodEmperorDune brb commiting a dominos shooting
inb4 police comes to my door
@Yuuki Nice
Can any of you recommend a tool to take a shorter section of a long YouTube video (3h+). So, like, clipping 20 min of a 3 hour video?
YouTube video editor doesn't work because the initial video is too large
2 more hours til vacation time :D
7:04 PM
@Ash \o/
I am the most excited human
@Ash any plans for your time off?
Might go into Toronto for a day or two, and my mom planned this family dinner thing that's a combination of my dad's birthday, my aunt's birthday, my parents anniversary, and also a chance for some of my extended family who haven't met @WorldEngineer to do so.
The rest we're jut gonna make up as we go.
that sounds fun
make sure to equip your +adventure gear before going to sleep so you have time for more adventures when you wake up
This is excellent advice.
7:18 PM
Q: It will only stay in fullscreen

smfitzyMy computer used to show the taskbar but now I must have accidentally hit a button and now when I go into minecraft it doesn't show the taskbar. I need help

Q: How to not kill more than 2 entities using /kill without using scoreboard in minecraft

Mohannad El-NesrI am trying to kill all entities that are not a player and a sheep called test catch but I can't use /kill @e[type=!Player,!sheep] so how could it be done WITHOUT scoreboard because I don't want to keep doing scoreboard for everything that deserves and that doesn't. and please don't judge me ...

ah crap i'm missing @twobugs stream twitch.tv/twobugs
I will miss his stream today :(
Apologize to him for me, please :)
my internet is all laggy so i can't get on
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