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12:04 AM
Q: Has Tekken 5 : Dark Resurrection ending videos?

Daniel RuizI´m thinking to buy this game by PSN Store, but i listened that PS3 version hasn´t ending videos. Is that true?

@MBraedley about the same scene? might be a bug
Oh, are we trying to do Bridge DnD night again?
That reminds me I should redo the secret hitler meta properly at some point
(it's delete because I should have just started it properly with a time poll)
12:20 AM
@Memor-X Different points in a set of scenes
12:52 AM
Q: Where to find racoons in Horizon Zero Dawn?

k0pernikusIn order to upgrade my equipment, I need some racoon skins. I've been playing quite awhile, and while I already hunted 60 boars, 40 foxes and 20 rabbits, racoons elude me. I managed to only hunt down 6 of them, and since they do not always drop the needed skin, it's quite a grind. Where to consi...

Oh my God this survivor season
Q: I FORGOT MY PLAYER ID FOR POKEMON GO and i camt reset my password now...how do i fix it

Remy Davidi remember my name and such but it just keeps reseting the page when i click reset password and its really getting annoying WTH EVEN IS A PLAYER ID

1:09 AM
Huzzah! I'm past the cut-scenes! All it took was setting the graphics to minimum.
@MBraedley curious if it'll occur later on when you set them back
otherwise Andromeda on PC might be a poor game graphically to Consoles if minimum < what consoles have and consoles can't alter the settings and doesn't crush there
> Mass Effect Andromeda can only be played at minimum graphic settings to avoid cut-scene crashes making one of the advantages the PC Master Race has over the Filthy Console Peasants pointless. a win for the Peasants
> PMR: well we still can play your games though our Emulators with the one device
FCP: oh shut up and let us have this
What? It only works on minimum graphics on PC?
1:41 AM
Q: Why do I have two camels?

3DoubloonsSoon after cleansing Vah Naboris, I noticed its silhouette appeared in my HUD What does this icon mean and why does it say times two?

1:53 AM
there was this gif of a guy mashing a laptop plushie keyboard
and then a pet jumps in to replace a human
I can't find it but I'm sure I must have overshared it
Q: How to testfor somebody that does not have a item in their inventory in minecraft?

Steffen BrownI want to make a command that will kill anybody that does not have a trip wire called Midget passing in their inventory.

Q: horizon zero dawn - artifact sets

jameselmoreIs there any downside to selling an artifact set before collecting them all? I've gotten a set of coffee mugs, but am hesitant to sell if it could void a trophy later on.

@Sterno My game froze at least 3 times trying to get through the first major set of cut scenes (there were a few shorter ones earlier, but this was 4 full cut-scenes in a row) before I switched to lowest settings.
Also, the game seems CPU bound, even in cut-scenes.
And what's crazier is I was less able to record at low settings than medium-high settings.
Holy shit that's huge
God damn
@Unionhawk 95.5 MB
@badp r highqualitygifs
2:22 AM
huh, just learned there was a Martial Arts Stack Exchange site and i already find a couple of questions i like
I am very biased when it comes to that site. My siblings are all black belts in a Korean martial art, so I go with what I've learned from them
@Dragonrage i don't know anyone like that except maybe google-senpai
Q: How can I send a message to all players in the minecraft server?

K Split XCurrently I am hosting a minecraft server, and I as the operator would like to send a "server message", so all the players can read it, instead of me sending the message specifically to each and every player. How can this be done? I looked online, but they all suggest the /msg keyword, which does...

Q: No pokestops - Feeling lonely

Ruben PintoI'm passing some days with my parents in this small village and there's no pokestops around. I'd like to know if I can ask a friend to turn the first pokestop of the day for me without any problem.

Oh, damn.
This new Power Rangers movie is supposed to be the first of six movies.
Good luck with that
For there to be 6 movies there would need to be at least 4 that don't suck
2:37 AM
@Sterno From the reviews I've read, this hits all the campy and nostalgia points of the original series.
@Frank including the sparky suits?
@Memor-X No idea.
it's not power rangers without sparky suits
I won't see it for another month.
Do you really want 6 movies of camp?
2:47 AM
@Sterno Seeing as how I have a giant ass Red Ranger helmet on my bookshelf, full of 20 seasons of the stuff, you tell me.
Kids these days
@Sterno I haven't been a kid for a depressingly long time.
I don't really think of myself as an adult most days
Q: expected # of packs to get all Un'Goro common & rare cards

TraceurWhen the new expansion comes around, I'd like to gather most of the cards on the spot, so I can experiment with the new mechanics and strategies. Realistically, I can't plan on having enough packs to get ALL the cards, but 2x all common and 1x all rare seems achievable. My question is: What is ...

I'm probably the youngest full time dev in the entire office so
I felt old when I went to Dayton though
It's a complicated dynamic
2:55 AM
so my daughter absolutely loves peas
like was mad when she ate the whole thing and no more were forthcoming
@Wipqozn nice try turtle!
@GodEmperorDune peas are delicious
@Sterno *looks up producers for movie* huh, good question. it ain't because it's Michael Bay wanting to make a bunch of movies where dino mechs blow everything up and it ain't because it's J.J. Abrams wanting to take something iconic from Power Rangers and destroy it repeatedly
@Frank 6 feels like a lot
@Ash It is.
Saban is nothing if not optimisitic.
3:14 AM
Bet that won't happen
@Frank might be an understatement. in the past 2 decades there's only been 2 movies and from my understanding the second one which came out 2 years later bombed
@GnomeSlice id be very surprised if it did
ofcause maybe 6 new Power Ranger Movies have a better chance since people are willing to throw money at 4 Sharknado Movies
@Memor-X sharknado movies are cheap to produce
last i heard the budget for that kind of stuff was a handful of millions
power rangers budget is easily 10 times that
3:43 AM
Q: In Pokemon Go, are shiny Pokemon more powerful than regular Pokemon?

I Like to CodeIf I have a regular Pokemon and a shiny Pokemon, both with the same IV statistics, and with the same attacks, are they identical in terms of battling strength?

Q: Is Roblox+ safe to download?

Dark_123I heard about Roblox+ for Google Chrome and I'm wondering if it may have some kind of malware connected to it. I'm really nervous about downloading it and I just want to double check to make sure.

4:41 AM
Q: Why do things duplicate in inv. Mcpe creative?

user182527Sometimes I'll be playing creative to build medieval city's and towns and lots of the time items like stairs will randomly take up 4 slots in my inventory and if I drop it they all drop like 1 stack...can I fix this?

Q: Apprentice nephi wouldn't give the quest

Matas VaitkeviciusI am level 79 and would like to go to Halls of reflection but Apprentice Nephi wouldn't give the quest to do the attunement, We have also lvl 80 in party without attunemet and no ! ether.... Is there a quest before? Why apprentice Nephi wouldn't give the quest?

4:54 AM
Take the budget of one blockbuster movie and you could make like 20 sharknado movies
Why you would want 20 more sharknado movies though is beyond me.
Q: Best house for kids

DraugrSo I was thinking about adopting a kid and was wondering what is the best house for kids (a place where they could run around and play with each other and/or other kids)

@Dragonrage because it's one of the 4 horseman?
@Lazers2.0 i think this one's trolling
5:19 AM
Q: How to launch Nomad from Tempest

Chuck SavageI'm on EOS, Site 1. I found the Nomad, opened the crate, got it out. I was driving around, got to the Site 2. By accident went back to the tempest with the poorly placed "Return to Tempest" button. (I was trying to exit the nomad) Relanded on EOS, but now the Nomad is aboard the Tempest and I ...

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6:27 AM
When your visa application gets denied
@Avery sorry fam
Q: If I paid for Super Mario Run on one ecosystem, will I have access to the paid features on another?

Jeff MercadoMy primary phone is an Android phone and now that Super Mario Run is available, I downloaded and purchased there. But I happen to have an iPod as well but didn't purchase since I know Android was coming. I don't want to buy on both if I don't have to since I'll only be able to play it on my iPod ...

6:45 AM
@GodEmperorDune nvm fam thanks for everything
@Avery no worries fam
My issue was I was absolutely stressed and muttered a lot, had some uncertain info on paper (address mostly) and switching to english during a turkish visa interview didn't help (in my defense his turkish was undecipherable)
@Avery you'll get better and try it again in the future
it sucks now but you'll get through it
7:13 AM
Meh All I need rn is alcohol. Tons of it.
And I forgot my key inside the house. Perfect. Not even alcohol can help me now.
8:21 AM
Q: Fort Vaux "zombie" screams and sounds - Battlefield 1

H. BrendanDoes anyone already have a clue on what the weird sounds are in Fort Vaux in Battlefield 1? I heard it was an audiofile of an walrus or something. I hope that any of you have some theory on this new easter egg in Battlefield 1.

8:34 AM
Apparently, there's a street in the Belgian town of Kortenberg called "Vissegatstraat", which loosely translates to "Fish ass street"
or "fish hole street" if you want to be boring
@Nzall Names of Streets/Towns can be really weird in Europe.
Q: What are the storage and lodging capacities for the towns and cities in the game?

EllesedilI'm considering my options for a couple of towns to heavily invest contribution in. While I certainly have a slew of variables, I'm trying to narrow things down a bit and a large consideration for me right now is lodging and storage space. What are the max lodging and storage capacity for the var...

> Antwerpen: Kromme Elleboogstraat (Antwerpen)
Limburg: Wijvestraat (Zonhoven)
Oost-Vlaanderen: Vortekoestraat (Waasmunster)
Vlaams-Brabant: Boterham (Halle)
West-Vlaanderen: Oude Zak (Brugge)
Those were the nominees for a competition for the weirdest street name in Flanders
loosely translated: crooked elbow street, hag street, stinking cow street, sandwich and old sack
In Switzerland we have the "Chindlifrässerbrunne" (translate to child-eater-fountain). It's a fountain with a dude who's eating small children. Pretty much noone knows why it extists but it's a tourist attraction lol.
@Avery hey at least you don't live on your own and do that =p
Also morning chat, can I go back to bed?
8:59 AM
@KevinvanderVelden Why do you want to go back to bed?
Cause then I can sleep
Sleeping is nice
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10:13 AM
Q: Do shiny Pokémon show as shiny on the map?

IsukaSince March 22, it has now been confirmed that at least the shiny Magikarp and Gyarados have been introduced in game. If a Pokémon is shiny, would it appear as shiny on the map, or is it required to launch the battle to see if the Pokémon is a shiny one?

yes! i got Steam to work offline! now to play Monster Monpeice
same as before
guess the problem wasn't the crack then
*screams out the word fuck*
tried Original War through steam and it work so it must be the game
10:49 AM
Q: If a Pokémon on the map is shiny for someone, is it shiny for everyone?

IsukaLet's take the case where two players would face the same Pokémon on the map. The first player would launch the battle, and find out that the opposite Pokémon is shiny. If the second player launch the encounter with the same Pokémon, will the Pokémon also be shiny for him?

Episode is giving youtube ads and I am out of words
@Memor-X Guess cracking the game is not good...
@Arperum well now that i've got Steam working offline i probably don't need the cracks but in case if it wants to pull some crap on my i'll archive them just in case.
@Arperum he cracked the game and it didn't work, so he bought the game and it didn't work either (from what I understand)
Current topic at work: Hammer cannons
10:55 AM
@Memor-X btw, have you tried running the game with steam in online mode?
at least for Steam. can't say the same for Origin if they don't release a Sims 4 Disk set
@KevinvanderVelden As in: cannons tat are shooting hammers?
or I should say, with internet access available
@Arperum yes, a cannon made for shooting a hammer
The internet shows a surprising lack of them
@KevinvanderVelden Good subject.
10:56 AM
@KevinvanderVelden I don't think hammers have the optimal shape for shooting out of a cannon
@Chippies actually i brought the game first, tried running the .exe then tried applying a crack i used on Commandos then hunted down for what kind of crack, if any, was used for Monster Monpiece and that failed
@Chippies this is true, but they are still hammers
@Chippies not sure it'll work then. only my laptop can do that and it's specs are way lower than my PC's
And shooting hammers out of a cannon is still cool
@Memor-X specs don't matter that much to be able to run the game, if your laptop can run the game for more than couple seconds (like your PC), then you can actually troubleshoot it
@KevinvanderVelden hammers are most efficient when they pivot around the handle end. A cannon would have to make it spin or else it's a waste of a hammer
and making sure the hammer hits properly while spinning out of a cannon seems like a difficult task
it does sound like a doable design
11:00 AM
Meh, that's just an efficient method of giving momentum to the end of the hammer if you have an arm, a cannon doesn't need that
It'd basically be a giant metal slug on a stick
So you can have a smaller bore cannon with a big weight
you could have a cannon hammer instead
like a rocket cannon, but instead of rockets propelling it, it would be propelled by a cannon
(not the same as hammer cannon)
Explosive hammers are a thing
11:25 AM
@Chippies huh, it worked. well by worked it was playing the Idea Factory and Compile Heart Logo Animations which are pre-rendered anyway
@Memor-X so it sounds like the problem is either with no internet access or with your PC itself
ok so somehow my laptop which cant even run Vanilla Mincraft on low can start up Monster Monpiece but my PC which can run modded minecraft in high can't
PC's run so many different types and versions of software and drivers, it's hard to make all games work on all configurations, even if the hardware is powerful enough
@Chippies if it's because of no internet access then it's doing the dick move some games do by forcing online connectivity for single player. but i don't think it's that because on my PC running the .exe with the cracked steam_api.dll and running it through steam without it did the same thing.....and only an idiot would run a cracked game online so i would think the crack would be stopping any online connectivity
cracks don't always disable online connectivity
anyways, Idk, it's hard to troubleshoot when it's not a common issue for others
I'd make sure all the important redistributables are installed and drivers are up-to-date, but Idk how tech savvy you are
11:34 AM
@Chippies well Monster Monpeice comes with redists for Visual C++ 2012 and 2013 and DirectX and runs them as apart of the first play which i had already ran myself when trying to get it to work via the .exe so they have been installed. as for drivers i've never updated any. never had any real need to
is there a way i can check (in windows 7) what drivers i should be looking for updates? would rather not go opening up my PC now
if i have to open it up i'd rather put that off until the weekend. take my frustration in being so close to play Monster Monpiece out on Gannondorf tonight
@Memor-X That would most likely be your GPU. run dxdiag
@Memor-X well, your gpu drivers are the most important
@Nzall ahh thanks (totally forgot i had that)
ok. did a google search for ATI Radeon HD 5700 and i found the AMD website with all the other results for ATI being those download collection sites (which to be honest i wouldn't trust)
did ATI Technologies change their name to AMD?
@Memor-X ATI was bought by AMD many years ago
honestly, not even sure why your gpu has ATI in its name, as it was bought 2 generations before your card was released
ATI and AMD is kinda interchangeable when talking about gpu's though
is your windows 32bit or 64bit?
@Chippies 64bit Windows 7
11:48 AM
both links are for Windows 7
@Chippies i would assume it was because it was built 7 years ago. the Date under version is 3/3/2010
he, he, my girl turned 7 20 days ago
ooooooh that makes me cringe so bad, your drivers are probably not even proper AMD/ATI drivers
@Chippies would it matter if the current display mode says 32bit?
@Memor-X no, that's fine, it only goes to 32bit
totally different things
@Chippies how do you mean?
11:51 AM
@Memor-X if your drivers are from 2010, I imagine you are running generic windows drivers for your gpu
@Chippies so would that be a problem if i tried updating them?
@Memor-X no, it would be really good if you updated them :P
the windows generic drivers are the most basic drivers to let your gpu push image to your monitor
the AMD drivers will actually install whatever it needs to run games
it sounds to me like your PC really needs all the drivers to be updated, it would benefit from that
why does your PC not have internet access, if I may ask?
security reasons, I assume?
@Chippies that. if it doesn't connect to the internet then i don't need to worry about viruses and what not. all unknown files are scanned on my laptop which has an up to date anti-virus.
the other reason is location. i live with my parents and they control the internet. the router is at the other end of the house near my mum's laptop so there's no ethernet cable long enough to reach my PC
eh, I haven't had a virus in years and I don't have an anti-virus either (except the built-in Microsoft Defender in Windows 10, with disabled realtime scan)
@Chippies all as in? all i can think of for games is video card drivers and maybe sound card drivers
11:57 AM
as long as you are sensible with what you download and run, viruses aren't that problematic
@Chippies true and i am. but better safe than sorry
@Memor-X eh, for gaming, probably the gpu drivers should be enough
actually audio drivers wouldn't hurt either. I've had games that didn't run because I had old audio drivers
@Chippies Running an adblocker and keeping Windows + browser patched, plus some common sense in what sites you visit and what software you run is enough to avoid 90% of viruses
@Chippies Just make sure you have an adblocker running, too.
updating motherboard stuff would be good, but if everything works, they're probably good enough
12:01 PM
@Chippies ok. so before i run the driver install (provided it's an offline one) is there anything i need to prepare for? like what happens in the driver update stuffs up for some reason
@Frank I do, but it's extremely rare for ads to be installing viruses without clicking on them
@Chippies It's the most common vector for forced malware installations.
@Memor-X there shouldn't be anything you need to prepare for, the chances of something borking up are slim
@Nzall i started running an adblocker just because wikia sites are running like dog shit now-a-days and generally run fine when the ads are blocked (the rare few also need javascript disabled)
if something does mess up majorly, you can just boot into safe mode and fix it from there, no permanent damage would be made
12:02 PM
@Chippies how do i check that
@Chippies so make a system restore point just in case?
@Memor-X Adblockers are also useful to reduce bandwidth consumption. On some sites, a page load with ads is two or three times as big as a page load without ads
@Memor-X you'd have to find out your exact motherboard model, which I'm not sure how to do from within windows
@Memor-X I mean, if that's a thing you do and trust then sure. I haven't used a system restore since XP times and I've had them disabled ever since, so I have no experience to speak of
@Nzall I have pi-hole set up on my network, but it gets annoying sometimes when it's blocking redirects that goes through google adsense or other ad-based redirects
I think I whitelisted adsense after, but there's others too
@Chippies well i never needed to use it before but i thought if you have to boot in safe mode to fix the drivers you'd restore from a restore point to uninstall them
@Chippies That's why I use a browser-based adblocker: if there is anything that needs ads to get through, I can just permit them
@Nzall I use browser based adblocker as well, but the pi-hole works on all devices on network, which is nice and it also gives purpose for my pi, since I stopped using it as an emulator machine
12:11 PM
Explorative Education

Proposed Q&A site for accelerated students, educators of those students, and others interested in going beyond standard curriculum

Currently in definition.

Q: Mass Effect Andromeda - Rank up weapons in single player campaign

Aaron HenleyI'm trying to upgrade my Avenger rifle from Rank 1 to Rank 2 and I have no idea what to do. I thought it would be in the research/development section but it's not and I don't know if I need to find a blueprint or what.

12:31 PM
Well that was quick
Q: Games like Portal?

TheGamerPlayzPortal may be old, but for the first time I just played Portal 1 (I played Portal 2 several years ago) and I must say that it is amazing, but not for the normal reasons. I love it because of the... mildly disturbing theme. Even before I heard the lore when I played the game it always gave me an o...

12:53 PM
Q: The White March, part I & II levels

SardathrionMy party is currently level 7 which according to all the sources I read, is about right to start the White March, part I. Will I get enough experience in the White March to do it all without returning to the main map? Or is it more like the Endless Path, something you have to come and go as you ...

1:04 PM
Unfortunately I no longer have the game and probably couldn't play it on modern hardware if I did, there's no way I can test this to see if it would work. — king of panes yesterday
Then why ask the question, man?
> A bloke I used to work with is in hospital after being hit by the car and has marked himself as safe.
Technically true now, mate, but I think being actually injured in a terrorist attack doesn't really count as 'safe'...
@Yuuki He's not dead, so ther's that.
1:23 PM
Q: Minecraft Importing sounds to 1.9 Resouce Packs

Teamcraft_StudioWhat's the ogg file name and where do i need to place it the sound for punch sound in Minecraft 1.9 resource pack!?

1:34 PM
I suppose anyone who cares has already read it, though.
I should reread them
Is there an eta for 3 yet?
This November.
:( so long
Better than the ETA for Doors of Stone.
The top 5 books on my to-read list on Goodreads haven't been published yet.
More want :(
1:37 PM
One is even called "Untitled".
Next year, I'm not going to publish Doors of Stone. #ResolutionRevolution (Sorry, but you might as well start coming to grips with it now.)
Note when that was posted
I don't know how I feel about Rothfuss
There's so much bad tied up with the good in his books
I don't know what you're talking about
I also have no idea how that series can be tied up in one more book
Because honestly it feels like nothing has really happened yet
@Sterno How do you feel about Neil Gaiman?
I'm currently reading Terry Pratchett (Discworld)
I'm on Sourcery right now
But I've skipped most of The Light Fantastic
1:46 PM
@Sterno yeaah I think he should just split it up in 2, otherwise it'll probably feel rushed
@Nzall He's very good at writing pretty prose and each individual sentence is well-written, but he can't stitch a plot together to save his life.
@KevinvanderVelden Doors of Stone to meet the same fate as Half Life 3 confirmed.
What's your favorite author?
Question to you all in general btw
@Nzall I've hated most of his stuff I read. Particularly American Gods, which so many people rave about.
There are probably rants in the transcript from me about American Gods
@Nzall Brandon Sanderson probably
I don't consider myself to have a favorite author. I guess Sanderson comes closest.
He puts out just as much mediocre stuff as he does amazing stuff, though.
@Sterno I couldn't finish American Gods.
1:49 PM
@StrixVaria I wish I hadn't
Mostly because I just buy pretty much everything he writes and it's all a good read even if not everything is brilliant
@StrixVaria So, I hit a strix varia on my way to work this morning. :( It flew straight into my car. I couldn't swerve, and I couldn't get on the brakes fast enough.
I kept expecting it at some point to get good based on everyone's review ever
@Fluttershy D:
Are you sure it was a barred owl and not some other type of owl?
@StrixVaria Positive. T_T
1:50 PM
@Fluttershy the opening strike in the war against the mods
There were five of them in the treeline by the highway, and one of them must have been diving for a mouse on the other side of the highway or something.
Did it damage your car?
Can we unpin the Smash Mouth thing yet? Every time I see it "All-star" starts playing in my head
@Sterno You're an owner.
@LessPop_MoreFizz self-pins never usually lasted this long, I guess people left it up because I don't do that nearly as often.
1:53 PM
Yeah, but I usually don't unpin something just because it does awful things to my head
Though I guess in this case it's not actually important!
I know how to fix this.
Sing the smurf theme song to yourself and it'll get whatever song out of your head.
I don't actually know the Smurf theme song, or at least it isn't coming to mind. I have the feeling I'd better not fix that.
@StrixVaria Hmm... I guess I'll give it a try then.
Yessssss, read them all
My favorite thing about the Game of Thrones series is that I don't care about reading the books anymore.
1:56 PM
@KevinvanderVelden All two.
@StrixVaria It did not. Only my feels. :(
@Sterno I stopped reading the books and watching the show!
@Fluttershy :(
@Sterno la la lalalala lalalalala
I'll probably keep watching as long as the show has Tyrion
I mean, if I'm still watching Flash and Arrow, I'm clearly not picky
Holy shit that Flash musical episode
so bad
In high school, I had a student in my class who would turn violent if you did anything related to smurfs in his viscinity. Call him a smurf, talk about sarsaparilla, hum the smurf intro music
I got a couple of bruises because of it
@StrixVaria Only in the USA and canada
2:00 PM
You should have just brought sarsaparilla to school
@Sterno it's final season coming up anyway
I thought there were two short seasons left
Or did we already have one of the two short ones?
Q: (Almost) Unlimited levitaion effect

Guest 0257I modded minecraft PE, and the levitation effect (Given by experience bottle) time was set to 50000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000. What should I do, when will it wear off, and can I stop it?

But they do not have any regional blocking whatsoever, so I can download and read it just fine on my iPhone
No, still seasons 7 and 8 left
2:06 PM
@Lazers2.0 That's a lot of zeroes. I doubt that is actually the number you got because overflows.
Not if it's a double
@Sterno I think I stopped watching Arrow with 1 episode left in season 2.
That shows how invested I was.
@KevinvanderVelden That would be dumb.
@Arperum it needs to tick down with time
I finished season 1 of Flash and if season 2 had been available on Netflix right away I'd have kept going, but I stopped for a year and now I don't care.
2:08 PM
So no, it's not dumb to store a fractional number of seconds in a double =p
@KevinvanderVelden true.
I blame fuzzy head because of headache for me not thinking clearly.
@StrixVaria I do this with so many shows. I just go a day without watching it, and I realize I didn't feel like I missed anything, and I never go back.
But all this talk of TV shows reminds me that I have season 2 of Ash vs Evil Dead to watch...
Just have to finish getting through Iron Fist.
I'll probably watch future seasons of Jessica Jones if/when they exist but other than that I'm not really interested in the Netflix/Marvel stuff.
I couldn't get through season 2 of Daredevil.
@StrixVaria but daredevil is the best one! D:
(but that's mostly because the punisher was too good)
@StrixVaria Neither. It just seemed like nothing happened.
2:13 PM
Maybe he shouldn't have been such a whiny douche in season 2 then.
also I really enjoyed Luke Cage
@BlueBarren So that makes it even easier to ignore all the other ones too!
@Arperum I should ignore Iron Fist
it's kinda bad
well Finn Jones that is
he's an awful Danny Rand/Iron Fist
The supporting cast in that series does a really good job though
Iron Fist is really bad. But I've watched all the others, so I need to watch this one too.
Specifically, Finn Jones as Iron Fist is really bad.
I'll finish the first season
but I'll probably not watch anymore if they do more
aside from that the marvel series are doing a really good job imo
It's just DareDevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, right?
2:17 PM
Daredevil season 1 and Jessica Jones are still the best so far. DD season 2 was good when Castle was on the screen, but pretty meh overall.
Does Iron Fist feel like a kung fu movie?
@BlueBarren For The Defenders, yeah. But they're doing a Punisher series too.
@Fluttershy And that's the parts of DareDevil season 2 I really enjoyed/why I thought it was so good, Jon B. as the punisher is perfect casting
He really nailed the part.
IIRC, the TV series have been trying to evoke specific movie styles. Jessica Jones with noir, Luke Cage with blaxploitation, and I don't remember what with Daredevil.
2:18 PM
@Yuuki not really it feels like the emotionless story of Danny Rand
Iron Fist is supposed to feel like old-school kung fu movies but I guess that's not happening?
@Fluttershy and that's what I look forward to the most, a Punisher series
@Yuuki oh for sure it's not happening
2:34 PM
I haven't yet watched any Marvel series on netflix, just the movies
BotW's theme music is great, I just wish that it pops up more often while I play.
I mean, i HAVE watched half of Agents of Shield, but not much more
@StrixVaria In both cases (Arrow and Flash) it only kept going downhill from where you stopped, so your choice was solid.
2:58 PM
Oh wow, they really changed the animation for Bob the Builder.
Woo, QA is asking for more precision in test steps, but nothing has failed!
two giraffes in a fenced in area https://t.co/wMfz7ljZOA
Q: Do buried corpses rot normally?

SamthereI've been looking around a bit but I haven't found the answer. I'm curious as to whether buried corpses decay normally. Does a roof over the grave impact the decay, or do they decay as normal corpses? If I build a freezer around dirt graves or sarcophagi, will it keep them fresh? That way I cou...

a picture of a large rock https://t.co/L3loRUqXzK
3:14 PM
I hate updating my apps
I'm always worried something will fail
@KevinvanderVelden No... that's a dying palm tree, I think.
Or a burnt palm tree.
It's the pattern of the "scales" that gives it away, as I see it.
Huh, Sunless Sea just got a iPad release
Well, on a second look, I guess it could be a human-built stone column.
Wait you were serious?
a pizza covered in toppings https://t.co/kOdAocVqJX
3:24 PM
@KevinvanderVelden The "scales" did make me think of palm trees for a second. And I thought I could explain the coloring as ashen via burning.
And the ring at the bottom? =p
a car that is sitting on the seat https://t.co/jFbwDqSZTl
I think the bot has no idea what a pizza is suppose to look like
a piece of pizza https://t.co/qsOMMXVQWA
@Unionhawk My dropdown terminal dropped down
3:28 PM
Ooo, nature 1, bot 0
a close up of a rock https://t.co/bgdkTN9zod
@TimStone Haha, that's excellent
@PrivatePansy I don't think so either:
a pizza covered in toppings https://t.co/kOdAocVqJX
ノ┬─┬ノ ︵ ( \o°o)\
3:32 PM
@badp did you get flipped by the table?
poor you
3:42 PM
@BlueBarren Agents of SHIELD too
@KevinvanderVelden That just ruined my morning lol, ouf
@GnomeSlice Agents of SHIELD won't directly tie into Defenders.
Coworkers talking seriously about what status code to return. Me: "We should just return 418" ... "Thank you kevin"
@KevinvanderVelden unarguably the best toppings
@GodEmperorDune I found out today that Hamilton is coming to Toronto in the 2019-2020 subscription season
oh btw lol
turkey blocked alcohol makers' accounts on twitter and instram
thats a good move guys we should drink to celebrate it
3:50 PM
@Avery Hmm... how does that work? Does the state-run ISP block all access to those specific Twitter accounts via some hardcoded URL scheme?
Oh, Twitter allows countries to block specific accounts?
@Yuuki nope they request twitter and instagram to just block it on turkish IPs
yeah even reddit does thtt (gore subs are banned in germany & gay subs are banned in turkey (why is this a thing I don't know))
Technically self-promotion but shh >:/ If you know anyone with disposable income for donation purposes, please to click
@Ash yassssssssssssssssss
I found out too late to get tickets for LA, you must go to Toronto in my stead
Let me know if it is merely awesome or awesome + superlatives
@GodEmperorDune I don't even care what I have to do. I will buy tickets for the whole subscription season if I have to
@Ash I am so hyped for you even though it's years away
3:56 PM
Yeah I am super hyped even if I have to wait forever
Hype train gogo
Hamilton hype puts @uni's monster hunter hype train to shame
Crap I think I am ODing on Hamilton right now; it's like all the songs are going through my head at once
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