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8:06 PM
@Avery UAE?
@Avery lewd
@Yuuki yeah first it's holding hands, then it's sex, and next you're reading harry potter, aka SATANS HANDBOOK
@Wipqozn united arab emirates
@Avery Okay, all I could think of was something university
he's in citywalk dubai, specifically
8:12 PM
like "University of Alberta East"
which isn't a real thing
@Wipqozn nah harry potter is good but d&d summons cthulhu.
Religious debates over the Harry Potter series of books by J. K. Rowling are based on claims that the novels contain occult or Satanic subtexts. A number of Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox Christians have argued against the series, as have some Shia and Sunni Muslims. Supporters of the series have said that the magic in Harry Potter bears little resemblance to occultism, being more in the vein of fairy tales such as Cinderella and Snow White, or to the works of C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien, both of whom are known for writing fantasy novels with Christian subtexts. Far from promoting ...
Like I wasn't joking
that was an actual thing
Replaced the element in the over.
it works
man I should really know the proper procedure for closing our tickets
You know, I probably can't comment any further on this without insulting huge groups of people
@Wipqozn List of things not in the Harry Potter books: tarot cards, ouija boards...
Although a crystal ball did feature in the Divination final in the third book.
@Avery OKay see here's the thing
8:18 PM
I mean, if you're going to act like this, can you at least be accurate?
If playing DND will lead me to casting actual real life magic, that's fucking awesome
Sounds like too much effort. Preparation casting? I'd prefer to be a warlock.
Either that or Sorcerer so I get that sweet wild magic table.
Bridge dnd night or bust
Q: How to replace the crouching attack animation and the attack animation while casting in the other hand?

CogentCodaI'm looking for a way to replace the crouching attack with the normal attack animation, that is, without the speed penalty (stops you completely if you're moving) and without the top to bottom slash that takes about a whole second to complete (including ending lag/frames); as well as the similar ...

Q: Fallout 4 building teleportation machine

Ryan bainI have deleted all carpets couches boxes Everything else to and I have built my Teleporter and everything else and it's saying I need to power my control panel with 2 energy so I did it and it's saying I haven't got any power in it and I have no clue how to fix it everything else is powered (BT...

@Ronan Ooo, 5e?
I just got the handbook and have been trying to find a campaign.
I have an idea about playing a Paladin/Warlock.
@Avery Hmm... I think I can give it another go.
8:22 PM
Yeah we should do some serious thinking about making a bridge dnd.
Timezones suck though.
Timezones are the worst
It'll have to be a weekend because of timezones.
I already DnD on sundays, which is annoying.
@Ronan Offline or online?
Just going over some of the open issues for the project, and I come across the issue that lead to this conversation:

In which MBraedley has to deal with crap legacy code

Jan 9 '15 at 16:11, 34 minutes total – 94 messages, 18 users, 2 stars

Bookmarked Apr 17 '15 at 17:18 by MBraedley

8:24 PM
It was offline, but people are all moving away because we're final years, so online.
Good times.
@Ronan pls to join?
Sorry, it's already slightly too full.
It's 6 players, which is slightly pushing it.
Fair enough.
Although I have some 5e experience, so if we want to do a bridge game I can DM.
8:25 PM
well that didn't work
I'm willing to give DMing a try as well, but it'd be my first time for 5e.
I'm down for bridge DND
I don't have much experience DMing though.
I play saturdays with some RL friends, although not every saturday
8:26 PM
We could create characters for everyone and take turns DMing short campaigns.
I've DM'd a few Pathfinder one-shots.
With persistent characters.
I would be down for joining that
Character progression in Pathfinder vs. progression in 5e is so weird.
Rather than ability scores and feats, it's ability scores or feats.
8:27 PM
Class skills, feats are a different thing.
@Yuuki yeah, but classes get more class specific stuff in 5e
Oh wait nevermind. My brain died for a second there.
Yeah, it seems like they moved a lot of the power from feats to class features.
I prefer 5e to pathfinder tbh. The classes seem a lot more balanced.
well @KevinvanderVelden, @Ronan and @Yuuki. That's 3 people interested.
wait no
Feats are a variant rule anyway, they're not really that balanced.
8:28 PM
I'm a person too
Are you?
Are you sure?
5 players and DM is probably max I'd say.
I want to make a Paladin (Tiefling, maybe) and then multiclass into Warlock after two levels.
@Ronan I always just play with the feat rule. It's really just to make humans better.
@Ronan Agreed. 4-5 players is ideal
3 is too few, 6 is too many.
4-5 gives room for party variety
I'd probably make a Bard
Oath of Vengeance and then the Fiend pact. The whole "corrupted hero" archetype.
8:30 PM
@Wipqozn Yeah humans are underpowered, but you can synergise feats to make some broken builds.
@Ronan I'm fine with that. Humans were way overpowered in Pathfinder.
@Ronan yeah I suppose. My groups just tries to avoid doing that.
Hmm... would Link be a Fighter or a Ranger?
@Yuuki Base humans in 5e are: +1 to all abilities. Variant (feat) humans: +1 to two abilities, one feat
@Wipqozn Oh yeah absolutely, I wouldn't disallow feats. You just need to be careful.
@Yuuki Fighter I think. BotW is more ranger though.
8:31 PM
@Ronan I think, lore-wise, BotW Link would be a Fighter/Ranger multiclass.
@Wipqozn theres a movie of it
Also if we're playing DnD I think it's already clear what race my character should be
Yeah, lorewise he has the whole navigation and self-sufficiency thing going, but not really mechanically.
I'd love to join in but I also know my schedule sucks so hard
Either a one-level or three-level dip.
@Ash How badly are we talking?
Because if you can do some weeks then you could always drop in and out.
@Wipqozn I'm super down but same boat I don't have a lot of dm experience.
Q: Is there a standardized way to invite friends to matches/servers?

GhostSomething that works for any game, is there anything like that? or every game has its own system?

@Avery The classic!
I can't believe it's on GOG
No wait this is the remake right?
Yeah the remake
8:35 PM
The other thing about 5e is that the handbook doesn't talk about grids and such, so we can just theatre of the mind instead of needing something like R20.
@Yuuki Yeah grids aren't needed at all in 5e.
With more people it becomes useful though.
@Yuuki Well R20 isn't just for grids
It can help manage assets and rolls and stuff right?
I'm just about to start using it this sunday because my DnD group has moved online.
@KevinvanderVelden Halfling?
@RedRiderX You'd only need to DM if you want to. I've never DM'd, but if we're doing short campaigns I'd be down for giving it a shot.
Oh by the way there are some unearthed arcana classes they've been releasing.
If you want to play ranger check out the UA because the standard ranger is underpowered.
8:41 PM
@Ronan yeah Idon't use them with my group. That said, grids might be a good idea if we're doing online play.
@Ronan well, weekdays I don't get home til 9pm EST, Saturdays I get home 6pm EST or later, Sundays are often me doing things and seeing people because it's my only real weekend day off.
So I struggle at committing to a regular thing
@Ash I'm sure we could work you in occasionally if you wanted to.
So @RedRiderX @KevinvanderVelden @Yuuki @Ronan @Wiphandsome and maybe @Ash?
@Ronan That would be super fun
8:42 PM
@Wipqozn dragonborn, duh
@Ash I don't know, you're a demon who intermittently reverts back to their home plane.
You're slightly out of phase with our universe and are only sometimes tangible.
@Ronan grins That would work
I bet there's a DnD reddit thread of reasons for cycling players.
@KevinvanderVelden Gnome?
One I've heard about is a heroes' guild.
Or adventurers' guild.
8:45 PM
@Ash yeah it wouldn't be a big deal tbh. The DM could just autopilot your character if you're not there, depending on where we pick up in the session.
My group has had people need to sit out before for whatever reason, and the DM just autopilots. Things go fine.
Like Life happens
Not authorized?
I don't know what authorized means.
It's the error we're getting
Did you link the actual game room?
8:50 PM
Oh, maybe that's not actually an invite link.
I think @Ronan is saying he hates us
and doesn't want us talking to his sister
Ah it's this one.
You probably have to link the campaign page rather than the room.
8:51 PM
Ah, I'll click it later since I'm at work.
Nah it's just the link was on that page, rather than the page itself.
The N. in my last name is for NOYB because I don't wanna give them my full name
@Ronan that works
8:56 PM
@Wipqozn Cool.
Apparently murderhobo-ing is a much bigger thing than even I was led to believe.
Q: Does magazine mods affect your gun when it uses heat sinks?

l IIf I have a gun that uses heat sinks/cooldown instead of bullets, does applying a magazine mod to it affect how long I can shoot before it needs to cool down?

Q: Garry's Mod server not functioning;

Rizon RiseIn the past, my garry's mod console would should up as: "..... ....... VAC Mode Secure" Or something like that. Now however, it's giving me a weird "Network: IP 107.161.169.xxx, mode MP, dedicated Yes, ports 27015 SV / 27005 CL" And no-one is able to join. The thing is, it isn't working now b...

Q: Can diseases affect NPCs and creatures in Skyrim?

IainukiCan any non-player character of any race in Skyrim have a disease effect on them? If so, do they take the associated penalties? This includes enemy NPCs, neutral NPCs, and friendly NPCs like followers. Circumstantial evidence like the lack of disease resistance on NPCs where it would be expect...

Murderhobo is the classic 1e character.
> Q: How to get a free home instantly at level 1 in almost any DnD game.
> A: Don't say it was destroyed in your backstory. Or get exiled from it.
Just good at murder, but not anything else.
8:59 PM
I'm trying to figure out a backstory for my character build without the stereotypical "orphaned urchin".
Which is problematic because the build and required backstory is edgy as f--k.
murdered parents
> without the stereotypical "orphaned urchin"
You could be an orphan without being an urchin. Like Batman
Oh man, I should name my character Spruce Bane.
I'd turn my life story into a character build but my life is edgy. Ask me if I lived through something. I likely did.
9:14 PM
@Yuuki he murderes his own parents
@Avery I'm pretty sure most things happened before you were born
My english gets worse as I get tired
I guess it doesn't help that I'm modeling my character on the Dark Knight storyline in FFXIV, which is also edgy as f--k.
Oh man I don't even know what I would do for a build
Well, it seems that builds in 5e are a lot less complicated than 3.5e or Pathfinder.
So you'd just pick a race and class and go from there.
Whereas in 3.5e and Pathfinder, you'd worry about feats, traits, etc.
9:22 PM
I would not recommend Pathfinder or 3.5 to someone new.
My time spent playing Nethack has taught me that Lawful Female Human Valkyrie is always the best choice
@Yuuki Born into a rich family but it was all stolen by unscrupulous business partners leaving him to fend for himself
@GnomeSlice Now this is just the plot of the new Iron Fist Netflix show
Well, they say that nothing under the sun is original.
9:28 PM
Born into a poor family and only got a small loan of a million dollars which he used properly and became the DM
@Yuuki Oh good :D
@Ash Yeah all the main mechanics are just based on your class pick.
Born into a noble family, set to take the reins only to be ruined by a scandal over some letters sent using a common messenger pigeon instead of a hawk.
@Avery i'm assuming when you say DM you mean D&D Dungeon Master....not Dominatrix
@Memor-X I mean we were talking about dnd not femdom, not sure how you got there.
9:32 PM
@murgatroid99 hahahaha
@Memor-X I've never heard DM refer to dominatrix
Just Dungeon Master, for various flavours and uses of such
@Avery Also this.
@Ash blame my bother who last night was ruining my view on society by showing me alternate meanings to stuff
@Memor-X Yes, but the context of our current conversation should have been enough that your statement was not needed
9:35 PM
he's ruined 007: Goldfinger for me
That may be but this room isn't really the place for that kind of thing
Q: With Patch 2.5, how do I use Kanai's Cube since I have no direct access to crafting materials?

AssylumI wanted to disenchant an item, but I cannot take any of the crafting materials out of the crafting material inventory. How do I use Kanai's Cube now?

My dad just tried to convince me that the ACLU is bad actually
Because who knows how long it'll take for them to try to make it illegal to be Christian or something
Well, if the ACLU is bad then the NRA is the literal devil.
Like wut
9:47 PM
Because who knows how long it'll take for them to try to make gun-human hybrids.
Citing the well established precedent of "local governments can't set up a manger scene because establishment clause" and whatnot
Ask him how he feels about "sharia law".
Then then tell him that "sharia law" is basically the same rules as the Old Testament.
@Yuuki now now
My dad is coming to visit on Sunday and I couldn't be looking forward to it less.
50% of his facebook is him saying "you're just an idiot liberal that can't accept that TRUMP WON"
I'm mentally prepared to literally throw him out if he starts shit.
@Yuuki This seems to be the go-to FUD for never allowing Muslims immigrants.
9:50 PM
@StrixVaria I'm so happy my parents and I share similar political views
He forgot the corollary to "TRUMP WON": "AMERICA LOST".
"who knows when they'll try to make it illegal to say merry Christmas. I know it sounds stupid but--" "THAT'S BECAUSE IT IS STUPID"
@StrixVaria I have a friend on Facebook who keeps posting anti-Trudeau shit. Uses the same tactics as that.
I finally had to tell him off and unfollow him, as he wouldn't stop.
I'm guessing you tried to explain that the whole manger thing is that it was the local government setting up the manger scene. If a private citizen did so, it would be fine. And I'm guessing that it didn't take.
Precisely like that
Which led to the above which really just makes me believe that he doesn't understand the difference between a citizen doing a thing and the government doing a thing
9:58 PM
Well, there's always pseudo-agreeing with him. "Yeah, it's a shame that the local government can't set up a scene of Mohammed receiving divine inspiration from Gabriel to write the Qur'an because of the Establishment Clause". For some reason, anti-ACLU people tend to also be vehemently Islamaphobic.
@Unionhawk Well the government is a business and businesses are people so.
@Unionhawk you'd think that but back when i was in high school one of the "minischools" couldn't decorate or celebrate Christmas within it because one of the Year 7's threw fits whenever people did christmasy things like sing jinglebells or what not. normally you's think fuck him but the kid had an intellectual disability so the teachers went out of their way to accommodate him
which up to the point that all the other classrooms during homeroom was told that exchanging of christmas cards and presents (if a student did that) should be done outside of school or at the very least outside the minischool. effectively a ban on christmas in that minischool
(this came after someone pushed him into the lockers when he took their christmas card and ripped it up)
Christmas should be kept out of schools, seeing as it is religious and schools are public.
Christmas isn't really religious in America anymore
@murgatroid99 For some people it really is.
10:09 PM
@StrixVaria it may be a cult but who wouldn't love a cult based around the day a fat jolly guy who gives out free stuff was born?
I would bet that celebrating Christmas or not is largely independent of being a Christian or not in America
@Memor-X Objectivists.
Depending, I guess, on what exactly qualifies as "celebrating"
@Yuuki i stand corrected
e.g. There's an American Jewish Christmas tradition of eating Chinese food. I don't know if simply following tradition is sufficient to count as "celebration", or even "observance".
10:14 PM
@murgatroid99 I actually didn't mean to the people celebrating it, I meant to people who don't celebrate it because they're of a different religion. For them being told that "Christmas is for everyone" is being told that a religion other than theirs is universal.
IIRC, that was born from the circumstances that most restaurants were closed on Christmas Day due to Christian proprietors staying home. As the Chinese were generally not Christian, they stayed open on Christmas Day so American Jews would go to Chinese restaurants on Christmas Day because they were the only restaurants open.
@Ronan My point is that I think whether or not you celebrate Christmas in America doesn't depend significantly on your religion. In other words, people mostly don't celebrate it or not because of their religion; it's a secular holiday that they may or may not celebrate for whatever reason.
@StrixVaria i can understand that. while i don't know if anyone at my high school was religious or not i would think a religion who is so offended by christmas that they would want it out right banned it isn't very accepting of anything that's not strictly followed in according to their doctrine by people who aren't even apart of their faith
I think it's possible to separate the secular celebration of Christmas from the Christian observance of Christmas
@Yuuki That's basically accurate. Though I think you'll find that many other traditions had similarly pragmatic origins.
@murgatroid99 I'm not going to bother to look at anything but this message (like actually), and I can confirm the same is true in Canada. I forget Christmas is supposed to be a religious holiday all the time.
10:19 PM
I think that's also where the kosher tradition comes form. Pigs (or at least pigs before modern livestock farming) tend to have a lot of parasites so a ban on consuming pork had a lot of health benefits as well.
@Memor-X lol talking about accepting
Like that has literally anything to do with it.
Basically, if your celebration of Christmas involves gifts, a decorated evergreen tree, and a jolly old fat guy who wears red, there's nothing really religious about it. If it has a manger scene and stories about the guy Christians worship, it is religious.
One day, I want to go to Chinatown on Christmas Day just to see if the crowd's noticeably different.
Yes, there is some non-religious way to celebrate Christmas.
I even do that.
But it still doesn't really belong in schools where there are people who don't do that.
Arguably, you could say that about any holiday. There's always someone who doesn't celebrate it, for whatever reason
10:25 PM
Sorry I can't and don't want to get fully invested in this because I'm also playing Overwatch.
@StrixVaria what i was trying to say was that while i can understand religious neutrality in schools i wouldn't think a respected religion would have a problem with other people outside their faith celebrating a holiday that a religion might be against to the point where they would tell a school to outright ban it. like "i don't like this while holiday, but you don't follow my faith and it's not in the way of following mine so it's not my place to force you to stop"
No one in their right mind cares what anyone else celebrates.
But not at a public school.
Now that I think about it, I know that "Zero Dawn" is an important plot point thanks to RIP @twobugs, but why is it called "Horizon"?
@StrixVaria Again, if Christmas can be celebrated as a secular holiday, why specifically exclude such celebrations from public schools?
Because schools are for learning and it creates a needless sense of exclusion for non-participants.
10:30 PM
So, you're basically arguing that no holidays should be celebrated at schools, in case someone doesn't celebrate it
The way it is celebrated now, Christmas is almost a secular holiday
There are national holidays which are fine.
@StrixVaria Christmas is a national holiday
Well it shouldn't be.
I am really playing Overwatch though, so I'm going to stop.
10:32 PM
It's a secular holiday.
Let's just come up with a new non-religious name then!
We can keep Christmas for the manger baby Jesus stuff and use the new name for the santa and reindeer stuff.
The name is historically religious. That doesn't mean that the holiday is currently religious
It's like "marriage". The secular/legal meaning has overtaken the religious meaning in modern usage in America
This reminds me (not that it's the same argument, but it just reminds me) of the time someone was trying to explain to me that saying "bless you" after a sneeze wasn't religious.
There is literally no other way to parse the word "bless".
Well, there's ironic stealth-insult Southern "bless your heart".
10:36 PM
@StrixVaria It's idiomatic
I knew it! I knew you'd have something to say.
Arguing on the internet is a great way to procrastinate
That's true.
In my mind, at least "bless you" is basically a learned automatic reaction. It doesn't mean anything, it's just the thing you say after someone sneezes. People say it because it's considered polite for whatever reason to say something after someone sneezes, and "gesundheit" is harder to pronounce/spell.
@Wipqozn ooo, the trailer for the new sea...
> The uploader has not made this video available in your country.
oh for fuck sake youtube/uploader. is it really such a problem to send me the video data when i'm in Australia?
@murgatroid99 i only know how to pronounce gesundheit because of the context of that post....though i thought gesundheit was made up by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
10:51 PM
somehow the discussion about holidays wasn't about easter
@StrixVaria the government is NOT a business
@badp Well, yes, a normal person would think that.
but I guess you were being facetious
But our President is a businessman, you see.
I mean
have you seen his ratings?
@badp Easter is basically a spring equinox celebration, like how Christmas is basically a winter solstice celebration
10:53 PM
@badp Easter is so blatantly religious that I thought it was self-evident that it shouldn't be in school, so I didn't bring it up.
I mean yes you can secularize most holidays
Christmas is much more on the line or the other way on the spectrum.
and that's mostly what is happening
If your celebration of Easter primarily involves rabbits, eggs, and other symbols of fertility, it's not really the same as the Christian Easter, which involves going to church
all I know is that the NL has very few bank holidays and I'm holding tight on them
10:55 PM
Plus, it's not as much of an issue because Easter isn't a US federal holiday, and I think most schools "celebrate" it as spring break
google pls
@murgatroid99 me and my mum celebrate it with presents. because a Nintendo Switch and a Gold Ring last a lot longer than a chocolate egg
also healthier too
0. ---January 1st--- (Sunday this year)
0. ---Easter--- (always a Sunday)
1. Day after easter
1. ---May 5--- (only years ending in 5, 0)
2. April 27
3. May 25
3. ---7 weeks after Easter--- (always a Sunday)
4. 7 weeks after the day after Easter
5. Christmas
6. The day after Christmas
so that's six days off
at least May 5 2020 is going to be a Tuesday
thanks @KevinvanderVelden
If you think about it, an Easter egg hunt usually involves people searching outside for fertility metaphors (eggs). It's basically a pagan equinox celebration.
@badp save a day off for then. that way you can make a 4 day weekend for the cost of 1 day of annual leave
assuming you get annual leave
11:01 PM
I get 26 days of it, yes. It is Europe we're talking about after all :P
@badp yeh but i don't know about employment entitlements in Europe, if they are comparable to Australia's and if they are if you're Casual in which case you don't get annual leave
ofcause i rarely use my annual leave anyway and public holidays are a nice surprise which i tend to forget about
Enclosed you will find Trevor Noah use the phrase "possible conflicts of incest". Unless you're not in America probably in which case you will find a standard YouTube :/ page
@badp i take it it's shown 5 minutes before the force restart?
11:07 PM
@badp if your head is down at this point that is on you tbh
Just four gatling guns to paint, and I've finally finished this addon
Sorry if I let you down. I'm changing my vote on #AHCA https://t.co/JLUotqaO9L
Sounds like AHCA is kill
Q: How do I suppress a driver warning dialog box?

KaizerwolfMass Effect Andromeda dropped recently, and I've been excited to play it. However, every time I launch the game, I get the following warning: To be clear, I understand that updating my graphics driver would solve this. In my own defense, I do not frequently update my drivers due to NVIDIA's le...

Q: Is the Andromeda Initiative Stuck in the Heleus Cluster?

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@Unionhawk I can't remember if this is a yay or not. All of the acronyms are confusing.
11:22 PM
Well, ME:A just had its first freeze...
@Ash the affordable care act is the original 2010 law. The affordable health care act is the current repeal and replace bill
It's almost like they were trying to be intentionally confusing now that I think about it
Seriously? I have to watch these cut-scenes again?
@Yuuki up for paragon?
@GnomeSlice I can do one game.
@Yuuki \o/
11:38 PM
@MBraedley do they have player interaction?
Not enough though.
Hopefully this time I actually dock with the Nexus...
Nope, not even as far as last time
Maybe if I go true fullscreen.
@Unionhawk okay yeah, that's confusing.
@Unionhawk I think it's American Health Care Act.
I don't think even they'd call it affordable.
11:46 PM
I think the bill is actually something stupid like "greatest healthcare plan of 2017"
@Unionhawk "World's Greatest"
The "World's Greatest Healthcare Plan of 2017", is the title for a United States of America legislative bill proposed on March 7, 2017, by Republican Party legislator Pete Sessions to repeal and replace the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ("ACA" or "Obamacare"). The bill's current format removes the ACA's individual mandate, which taxed individuals without health insurance. Moreover, it maintains some aspects of the ACA including ensuring insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions, allowing children to stay on their parents' health care until they are 26 years old, and banning the...
And no that's not it
> This is not to be confused with the American Health Care Act, which is the bill backed by president Trump and most Republicans
God dammit
Q: How is the ball "activated" in DropShot?

BlueRaja - Danny PflughoeftWhat determines when the ball loses its shell or goes super-saiyan? People have been claiming it has to do with how hard you hit the ball, but I've seen people barely tap it and cause it to lose its shell. My guess is that it has to do with how many times the ball has been hit (or how many uniq...

Froze again.

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