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12:22 AM
@Sterno I'll take it under consideration.
@ash @badp @uni @everyoneOtherThanWipqozn twitch.tv/twobugs
the bugs are upon us
no u @Wipqozn, no u
Aug 11 '16 at 22:04, by Dragonrage
user image
I've been crawling through several months of bridge transcripts
@badp hue
@badp and yet you are not remarking upon @twobugs adequacy
but I had to find this first
oh are we making a brexit scrapbook for @fredley?
12:36 AM
we do have a couple of years
Q: The Witness - Keep Tower Puzzle - Why Is This Incorrect?

J.A.CI'm not sure why this is wrong. Could someone explain it to me?

12:54 AM
@Lazers2.0 @Vemonus can't really do it in comments but you sure you're not seeing it as
instead of
@Memor-X The problem is that the bar piece has to be horizontal, so the L piece is actually being used as
Which is backwards
@murgatroid99 oh i see. i was seeing it like this
2 1
Right. That's what I thought it was at first too
So, this is actually our third question on the site about that particular puzzle, asking why a particular solution is incorrect. I asked one of them
1:14 AM
Q: Unable To Capture The Last City in a Region?

Loki The DIY-erI recently picked up a copy of Mount & Blade: Warband and am still fairly new. I have managed to capture almost all of a region on the Campaign map, but I am unable to besiege the last city. What am I doing wrong? Do I need to somehow overthrow the king, or is there some other, more obvious way t...

@Wipqozn Oh, you bought Nier: Automata? Nice! I've heard it's pretty excellent.
@Fluttershy yeah. The main reason I bought it is because of the music. I'm weak.
That's the review that sold me
@Wipqozn I've also heard that's really good. I really want to pick it up, but I'm saving up for my move. :(
@Fluttershy That timeframe is the music that started playing that made me go "welp, let's go to amazon"
You're going PS4 over PC? (PC Master) Race traitor!
1:29 AM
@Sterno Yeah. 20% off if I do it via PS4 on amazon. Plus I've heard very mixed things about the PC Port.
@murgatroid99 beat me to it
@Wipqozn YES. It's so good. I'm debating whether it's my favorite game of all time.
1:41 AM
@Wipqozn You monster
Q: Do resource packs work on Minecraft 1.2.5?

DragonkillerI have minecraft 1.2.5(I know I Know, really oooolllldddd! but hey It was on the demo and when I tried it out it was the FULL VERSION!) Do resource packs work on that version? Because I really LOVE the old minecraft sounds...plus If it doesn't work on my version, is there another way to change th...

@Wipqozn I've seen multiple 15% or higher sales on PC
I did hear that the PC version was having some performance issues, while the PS4 version runs at 60 fps, so it's not too bad
2:13 AM
Q: Strange lighting anomaly

Experimental RocketSo I was on my adventure maps build server and was flying about with my elytra and noticed four bright patches of light on the ground. I swooped down to break what I thought was a torch causing it, but there was nothing there. Just light sitting out in the middle of the night. I'm not sure if ...

2:24 AM
The secretary of state didn't want to be secretary of state. He did it b/c his wife told him to. So that's a thing.… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/844366774246236160
Yeah, my earlier rule seems to be holding up pretty well in light of this
The most important question to ask of anything coming out of the Trump admin is: "But what if things were, in reality, much more stupid?"
Tillerson doesn't take media along to China, it's taken as the administration being secretive and punishing. In reality he's just incompetent because he has no desire to be Secretary of State and doesn't want his failings under the spotlight
We're all going to die
Oh, yeah, pretty definitely
@Wipqozn Yeah, that's really good.
We're going to be at war with Iran and Korea within 2 years unless the FBI makes something happen
2:28 AM
Trump repeated the American-made steel line RE: the Keystone pipeline even though the WH itself said that it was exempt/that wouldn't be the case
There's like zero reason to self-goal yourself like that
Except if you really are just winging it in the dumbest way possible and saying whatever comes to mind that will get people to respond to you
The reason is it was a fucking campaign rally, he's literally lied about everything else and it won him potus, so why would he stop making shit up
He has no incentive to tell the truth
But God willing he's caught not telling the truth about something under oath
Oh no I've discovered an animation bug on SO and now I can't unsee it
> I told you God's not through with you
You guys need to be nicer to Emperor Trump
wait is he making people calling him Emperor yet? Can't remember
what about "Dear Leader"?
I think that's a Highlander situation where he has to steal the title from Kim Jong-un first
Ahhh, good time to be on the East coast sunglasses
2:33 AM
@Wipqozn he has a Golden Throne in Trump Tower and believes himself leading mankind. think we might be entering the Warhammer 40k universe.....37,983 years too soon
I thought that was going to end in some kind of chicken baseball but that's actually much funnier
Tim Curry is not only one of our greatest film actors, he also delivered the best video game line of all time. Watc… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/844244764560162818
Jeff Bezos: "Oh hai"
@Wipqozn no
Q: Fallout 4 Nuke A World

ejbothin Nuke a world i talked with the doctor and accidentally started the quest to kill all the raider bosses, I don't want to do this and now it wont let me power up Nuke a wold till I do, is there anyway to remove or change the quest? Oh and i cant reload a save, previous save is literally 48 hours...

If he steps down recognizing that his presence in the white house is toxic to both party and country, maybe
But until that day, which will never happen, no
@TimStone yeeeeeep
"maybe stop living paycheck to paycheck, give up that new iPhone and bootstraps and shit idk"
There's also the number indicating that this bill is literally worse than straight repeal as far as number insured
I should call and or visit Mr oh-8 and tell him to pls not
His local office isn't too far away
@TimStone I have egg shapers that makes eggs into the shape of flowers and one that makes it into the shape of a car
Okay that's silly-cute, I'll accept it
@TimStone well, fuck, I'm crying
@TimStone reddit voice technically that's not a square; squares are TWO dimensional, this is THREE
2:53 AM
@Ash Gaaah I was like "Should I put a feels warning?" and didn't, my bad
Spoiler alert: is ad against AHCA which will literally make healthcare less affordable for people who don't make a lot of money, viewer discretion is advised
3:38 AM
Lol @Yuuki, I'm currently playing against a Yuuuuuuki
@Ash uuuh same
TSA agent (checking my ID): "Hawk, like that skateboarder Tony Hawk!" Me: exactly Her: "Cool, I wonder what he's up to these days" Me: this
@TimStone hue
3:48 AM
Has anyone here played SSBM? If so, on what device (i.e. how)?
Super Smash Bros. Melee? Yes, on my GameCube.
@TimStone haha
@Yuuki Same here
@Yuuki Unfortunately, I don't have one of those :(
@MistahFiggins Well that is the main way to play it.
Unless you have a Wii or an emulator or something
3:58 AM
Q: Can I safely load previous save files?

spinalwrapI would like to revisit and re-do certain one-off events in this game such as Eventide Island. There's probably a save file where I haven't done Eventide yet - what will happen if I load that? Will the game keep my newest save files intact, so that I can resume normal play after a short time trav...

@RedRiderX I do have a wii, but I kinda want melee instead of brawl
@Arperum 1) nice 2) youtube literally started to recommend me metal songs.
What controller do you use?
@MistahFiggins You can play a gamecube game with a wii
4:00 AM
@Avery And what's wrong with that?
@SaintWacko nothing
I'm dying. Japanese player Kikuchi just had the Dodger Stadium organist play the Zelda theme as his walk-on music.… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/844397331961270273
@Avery Indeed
@Ash damn, that's pretty cool
@TimStone To be fair, it is pretty baseball-y
I bet some if not most of the fans payed no attention
4:54 AM
@TimStone now to complete it they just need green uniforms, the Master Sword painted on their bats and to communicate their plays with a series of.....whatever you would call them, the "hup!" and "yaaaah!"
> Jimma: it seems like the team has mastered Zelda Speak and is using it too communicate their plays without the opposing team getting a heads up!
Bobba: actually Jimma they are just talking nonsense
Jimma: how do you know?
Bobba: i speak Zelda Speak, that guy just said "i kiss the coconut to the monkey's banana"
A wild cynicalbrit spotted in...
5:19 AM
@Avery "A wild cynicalbrit spotted....1 year ago" yeh, you kinda suck as being a Pokemon Trainer
you might have a chance if TB is a Snorlax but i doubt even a Snorlax would sleep for that long
that said I wonder what TB is doing
he seems to be doing ok
@Avery forever trying to clear out his recruitment chests in Faeria
unless he's given up or found/coded a script to do it for him
@Avery yeh, kinda makes me hope that he isn't dying anymore
5:36 AM
@Memor-X have you played much automata yet?
@Arperum idk why but this makes me want to play dnd
@GodEmperorDune +1
@GodEmperorDune it's so cute omg
something about the pea color and the smilies
5:42 AM
@Vemonus nope. only got it last week but been playing Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition. i generally don't play new releases right away. give it time get any patches released and all the DLC to come out (because it's kinda annoying to beat a game then some story expansion DLC comes out much later when you're playing a new game)
i am a 30 year old man squeeing over baby food
@Memor-X that makes sense. But damn, automata is powerful.
I don't think they're going to release DLC for this
At least, I hope not
@Vemonus i got bonus DLC with my Day One edition...and it's Square, they're still releasing DLC for Final Fantasy XV
@Memor-X isn't the DLC just aesthetic stuff? Like Pod skins and a machine mask?
FFXV was always planned to have DLC, tho
@Vemonus so far but you never know what else gets released
like i still forget that Mass Effect 1 and 2 have DLC
5:47 AM
@Memor-X I suppose that's true, but I don't think Automata will have DLC since the ending makes it hard to continue playing (avoiding spoilers). That and the story is just so perfect as is. There really isn't any room for additional material
Q: How do I add a build

DraugrSo where would I go if I wanted to make a build that other people could see and try? Would I just go to the forums and post somewhere their or is there a different place to do it?

@Vemonus not always a good thing that. if you plan DLC generally that means you're not releasing a complete game.
though i'm probably a hypocrite there since with my game i already though up 3 DLC for it and their plots are canon
@Vemonus i might check it out after Witch and the Hundred Knight. putting Gravity Rush 2 and Sword Art Online on hold for a bit longer for any more DLC to come out
@Memor-X true. I didn't say planned DLC was necessarily a good thing -- just pointing out that FFXV DLC isn't a surprise or anything.
I still need to play gravity rush 2... I got it day one but I was still playing something else.
now that i think about it. Persona 5 being on PS4 allows it to have DLC and it's not a remake like Persona 4 Golden on the Vita. maybe i might see a female protag DLC rather than hoping for another Persona 3 Protable but without the reduction in mechanics
@Vemonus i've been waiting for it since i played the first game on the Vita. oddly enough i platinumed it on the PS4 but never even got past Bronze with the mini challenges on the Vita.
6:03 AM
@Memor-X gravity rush? I platinumed both vita and PS4 versions. I'm going to platinum NieR:automata tonight and give myself some time to sacrifice some saves before P5. I'm so hyped for it
Okay, the fact that the dude in charge of Calibre got back to me about my bug report within a half hour is kinda great
I mean he can't fix the issue (stupid new encrypted Kindle filetype) but they gave me a possible way around it so I will take that
Annnd the workaround totally worked. Sweet.
6:20 AM
@Ash \o/
I get so annoyed when books are only available in Kindle format. Because they keep changing it and then it gets harder and harder if you have a non-Kindle. Epubs are better.
Q: Miraak's cult is still there

DraugrSo I was playing the dragonborn dlc and I finished it ( killed miraak) and I thought it was all over but his little cult is still sending members to kill me? Is this normal?

7:05 AM
Q: Are there wales in seas of witcher 3?

rahulI was playing and swimming around the mountain "red circled area in the below image" i hear a sound like wooooshhhh , then i make garolt turned around, i saw a big tale of wale. So they exists in game. Where i can found them? I have marked the area in image where i saw it.

7:49 AM
8:06 AM
\o/ I was able to get to work without news of random bombings.
Birthday started out acceptable.
The throath pain is a bit less.
@fredley grats
@Arperum Your birthday last year must have been awful
@Nzall Yes. Was not much fun.
@Avery It's the most over the top cheesy power metal. That happens.
@Avery more super goodness music
8:21 AM
8:35 AM
You might also want to look at Rhapsody / Rhapsody of Fire / Luca's Turilli's Rhapsody
Q: Can the Pokémon in my egg be shiny if I breed it in the hot springs?

user182440If I put a egg in the "hot springs" in poke Pelogo (I think that's what it called) can the egg still be a shiny when it's hatched? Or does it have to be in the party?

@Arperum happy hopefully-not-sucky birthday! \o/
@KevinvanderVelden It's a lot better than last year anyway.
@Arperum Happy birthday!
8:53 AM
@Avery Thanks
9:39 AM
this is the most accurate explanation of depression I have read (excluding scientific papers but this talks more about first hand experience rather than the scientific parts)
9:53 AM
Q: How to turn on player level scroll over popup?

Antiedman1In Runescape how do you activate the player character scroll over level popup? When you scroll over players by default a stat is shown. How do I disable/enable it?

yahoo answers is seriously weird
top answer recommends sexual assault. I have no words.
Oh god why
I watched the ISIS soldier burning video (and I'm not proud of it) and that question disgusts me more than the video did. I have nothing to say. The question isn't the worst thing (something along the lines of appropriate protection and consenting adults), but the answers are pure degeneracy.
@Avery Sleeping with your parents is still not ok. Incest is bad.
10:11 AM
Unprison your think rhino from its 5-sided hexagon of aims to achieve itselfness
@Avery actually it's not the top answer. using SE's way of scoring (+ for thumbs up - for thumbs down) the answers with the highest net score of 4 were showing disgust.
that answer has a net score of 1 but was marked as best answer which i assume is the equivalent to an accept which kinda makes it worse
Q: How do I preform 'shiny swapping'?

Ev1l0rdIn Pokémon Sun and Moon it's possible to 'shiny swap' Pokémon as a method to gain shinies. How does this method work? I'd love to get some legal shiny Pokémon, but I don't get how the shiny swapping method works. I'd be very interested in knowing how to do this and if there are any caveats to it.

wrote a lengthy reply, but shortly: Yes it is bad, I would never even think of it, Turkey suffers a lot from it on eastern parts of the country (child brides being forced to marry their cousins etc), but I don't want to directly say it is bad, because while it is bad, that's less likely to be helpful towards solving the issue.

(another reason is, you never know if someone here was subjected to such a thing, forcibly or not, deceptively or voluntarily, and I would rather not have someone get depressed over my statements)
second point, thoughtful thinking, has proven helpful on some cases, not here, but on discord and whisper, mostly.
10:27 AM
@Avery My cousins live 100 km away. At one family meeting 10 years ago (when we were both minors), one of them asked me in casual conversation if she was someone I would want to sleep with
or something like that. I was pretty oblivious at the time, and I made kinda weird comments
saying that she was too old for me while she was older than me (remember, both minors) and that she's not my type (which she called a lame answer)
Looking back on it, I think she might have been flirting with me
11:04 AM
Q: Should I defend the Entry Room?

Chris BeckeIn my Fallout Shelter games I normally keep the entry room unstaffed, and build no rooms on the first floor. This means all Raiders, Ghouls and Death Claws go immediately to the 2nd floor, on which I have 2 full sized production rooms, and a Mr Handy on duty to help out. My thought process is: ...

Q: I cant acces my pokemon go account when trying to do so with google account

GanonslayerIt goes back to the register screen when i choose my google account, but i can acces the game with a club pokemon account. It just goes black, and then back to the menu

11:18 AM
@Nzall this might get me some hate, but I don't see anything wrong with consensual sex with protection between, say, cousins. Actually making babies is a risk I wouldn't be willing to take, but it's not a guaranteed case of "inbred babies" either
So question, anyone being disconnected on every game, in every ME:Andromeda multiplayer match they attempt to join or create; Open NAT; on LAN; when I host I got into the game but everyone was disconnected when I got into the game.
i get a "you have lost your connection to the session" every single time, tried more then 10 times.
@TimStone I assume Mr oh 8 voted for that but Rob prob hasn't yet
@Ramhound I'd imagine on LAN it would still have to connect to the online servers. Hardly any game these days has proper LAN support
No; My Xbox One is connected to my router over a LAN connection as opposed to a wireless connection
i still attempt to join the match, but I get disconnected, at the match loading screen
@Ramhound does it only happen when you host or also when you're trying to join other players?
11:28 AM
If I host the match starts but I am the only one in the game.
but that's because in andromeda you connect to the host not a EA server
does multiplayer work with other games on your xbox?
Yes; Never had a problem before; I know GOW4 uses a similar approach at least for private matches
never had a problem with it
has this issue persisted for more than a day? It might be a temporary EA issue
It happened during the early access I thought it might be that it people were making MP progress. So people are playing.
i just tried it this morning
the only thing I can recommend is to turn on DMZ in your router on the xbox IP and see if that helps, if it does, your ports need to be open. If not, I don't know then, I don't know much about xbox
11:36 AM
Ahh; all; open NAT is suppose to mean I can connect to anyone with a different or same NAT type;
open NAT is confusing as all hell and I don't think anyone in the world understand how it works. DMZ still makes a difference a lot of the time regardless of NAT settings. I have open NAT, but a lot of the time I still need to open ports for PC games
@Chippies Same here. I don't consider it wrong for 2 consenting adults with a family relationship to have sex, provided that A) there is no power dynamic going like mother-son or uncle-niece and B) precautions are taken to avoid unwanted side effects
Weird topics for a chat room about video games :$
@Ramhound Avery started about how someone on Yahoo questions wanted to bang their mother
And from there, the conversation evolved organically
but I agree that it's a bit creepy to discuss
@Nzall just think about it being a reflection on what Yahoo Answers has become
and what Stack Exchange could one day become if we don't keep up the Quality Control
11:48 AM
@Memor-X I actually made a parenting question about consensual incest between adults
@Nzall and? what happened to it?
Q: how should you deal with siblings or cousins that are sexually active with each other?

NzallNote: I don't have children myself, nor do I intend to have any, but I think it could be an interesting question. Suppose you have 2 children (gender is irrelevant for this question) within 3 years of each other, and both older than 14 (so it's not statutory rape because of R&J laws) who for som...

It got closed as primarily opinion based, which is a bit weird since that entire site is mostly opinion based.
@Nzall It's a crappy thought experiment.
apparently, it wasn't really between adults, but still
This entire discussion makes me think about that Folgers commercial parody
@Nzall you do what they did back in the day....because you're the King and/or Queen you make it allowed for just your Son and Daughter. though them a pure blood heir will be born since all other kingdoms are pussies and they potential marriage candidates for your children will sully your noble bloodline
11:53 AM
SFW (except for a brief kiss and some censored swears), don't worry
not common now-a-days because we have less monarchies
and even less crazy kings and/or queens
@Memor-X Yes, but we also got much better ways of birth control
But honestly, I think this discussion is getting a bit too disturbing, so let's stop talking about it
Doesn't ME:A release today?
@Nzall i say yes because my order was sent this morning from the UK
though there have been people playing it already
@Memor-X Press copies, Origin Access trial
@Nzall It was released on monday in some areas, but the european launch is either today or tomorrow
12:01 PM
Yes; it's released at least digitally in the states
and physically... yesterday
tuesday magic day for video games for whatever reason; (why they release a product people need jobs to purchase on a Tuesday will always confuse me)
but yesterday after work and today before work I did one shrine in BotW
I'm making so much progress
in my defense though I was watching Iron Fist most of last night
My internship contract has a retirement clause in it

Proposed Q&A site for due to large number of questions being asked in WordPress section about Woocommerce ( off-topic ). i think it will be better to have separate place on stackexchange for this widely used ecommerce platform.

Currently in definition.

12:17 PM
Q: How do I register friend codes from Pokémon sun

YesI remember in Pokémon x if you do a certain amount with an aquatance you can register them in the friends... Is that still possible on Pokémon sun moon? Is there a way or can I only get friends from Pokémon xy (and possibly oras)?

@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment Wouldn't that be better of on the support forum of that specific plugin?
@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment Why is it off-topic, and why would a dedicated site help?
reminds me of minecraft.se
The Fulton surface-to-air recovery system (STARS) is a system used by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), United States Air Force and United States Navy for retrieving persons on the ground using aircraft such as the MC-130E Combat Talon I and Boeing B-17. It involves using an overall-type harness and a self-inflating balloon which carries an attached lift line. An MC-130E engages the line with its V-shaped yoke and the person is reeled on board. Red flags on the lift line guide the pilot during daylight recoveries; lights on the lift line are used for night recoveries. Recovery kits were designed...
This was a thing that existed
@Frank as per the tag
> OFF TOPIC. Questions *specific* for this e-commerce plugin have their own forum at wordpress.org/support/plugin/woocommerce.
12:28 PM
@Memor-X So, basically, they have their own support base.
@PrivatePansy um yeah, ever played Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker or Phantom Pain?
Well, I guess if they want to try it at A51, we'll see if they have the support needed.
@Frank apparently. though i suspect that the tag attracted alot of crap questions on Wordpres.SE since the tag has over 1000 questions to it and the oldest is way back in 2011
@BlueBarren No
@Frank It's a plugin where you can buy support IIRC.
12:31 PM
@PrivatePansy ah well Kojima put the Fulton balloon in those games
amusing mechanic
> Fulton first used instrumented dummies as he prepared for a live pickup. He next used a pig, as pigs have nervous systems close to humans. Lifted off the ground, the pig began to spin as it flew through the air at 125 mph (200 km/h). It arrived on board uninjured but in a disoriented state. Once it recovered, it attacked the crew.
@MBraedley Yes, that amused me far more than it should
@MBraedley such a lust for revenge
Angry pigs are quite dangerous though - pigs have a lot of mass, and they can gore people to death
@MBraedley is that from wikipedia or from Metal Gear
@PrivatePansy every seen 1000 ways to die? one of the stories was about this guy stealing piglet making fluid but when he went to leave he slipped, bashed his head on the metal fense and fell inconvenience. the pig that he was jerking off then started to eat him and he died
12:35 PM
@Memor-X It's actually from the CIA archives. The Wikipedia page lifts that passage from the source.
@PrivatePansy it's even funnier now that i know it appeared to actually happen, and a guy wrote that down in his report.
> once the test subject recover it attacked us. not a happy piggy
> Dear diary: Today I slung a pig from the ground into my plane in mid-air. This made the pig very angry.
Angular2 appears to have what looks like c# properties
set Thing(value: string) { do some stuff }
@Chippies yolo
Unless you're the Highlander
12:50 PM
@Unionhawk that's a feature of ES6 clasess / Typescript as far as I remember
Or rather ts has it I guess
TS pushes a lot of experimental ES proposals forward. There's a lot of Stage 1 proposals that are in stable versions of TS
Decorators is another example
@MadScientist yeah
I checked a youtube channel with a handful of ways to die. One of them was a germophobe who got alcohol poisoning by sitting in a bathtub of rubbing acohol
I think getters/setters are ES6 and not some unfinished proposal
12:54 PM
The second one was hilarious. A fitness instructor who was choking on a cake, tried to heimlich himself and ended up impaled on a sprinkler with 2 shattered vertebrae
@MadScientist I think you're right. I keep forgetting which features belong to which version of the language.
Q: Killing a specific item without scoreboard in minecraft

Mohannad El-NesrI am trying to kill for example a dragon head (as a "dropped item") only not all items with /kill so I want to know how to specify what type of item I want to kill without using /scoreboard

@Lazers2.0 this is not possible
Man. Bridge After Dark got pretty uh... Bizarre last night, it seems.
@Fluttershy bizarre?
@fredley Is the joke just that this is a huge spreadsheet?
@Nzall I'm not sure joke is the right word
@fredley that is terrifying in its giganticness
@fredley whoops I accidentally deleted it, do you have a backup?
(reasons to hate excel driven data storage)
@BlueBarren My company takes away the Excel. This is one particular 'system' we are in the process of replacing
1:31 PM
@fredley we're in a similar boat of replacing Excel with proper systems where ever we can but as expected that is a long and hard process (since people are so attached to how they do things)
heh you think excel is bad?
turkey's citizenship system is literally based on a crappy database scheme based on notebooks they were stored on, which I complained before
1:59 PM
♫ When the spacing is tight / And the difference is slight / That's a moiré ♫
slow clap
(for being pro choice apparently)
Coding non stop for 8 hours was a bad idea
(and I got rusty in unity it seems)
@Unionhawk "Suspended"
I think it's the top story here.
2:15 PM
What the fuck is this nonsense
I've been getting these on YouTube for some reason
It seems that the company thinks that the only reason why people play games is to make numbers go up, and somehow it's a useful feature to have your breasts grow proportionally to your level
ugh so that reminded me I saw a dead cat on the road on the way to work :(
@BlueBarren That gif isn't that cute anymore after that last sentence :/
@Jutschge I kinda ruined it, didn't I? D:
@MBraedley I mean, if she's supposedly super-libertarian, pro-choice would be consistent with those views.
@Yuuki But there's the whole hypocrisy noted later in the video
2:21 PM
me in 2016: "oh my god I can't believe this is happening" me in 2017: https://t.co/19Wly2d6NC
@jpbrammer Just shows that in such hostile climate it's better to be white. <.<
@PrivatePansy These shite apps still make a mint though.
Gotta love seeing all those serious questions, and then Arqade questions.
Breaking news: Arqade makes hnq, more at 11
@Isuka tbf: worldbuilding is not the most serious questions either.
2:33 PM
@Arperum True that
> What did the valley girl say when a Hyrulean shield eater asked her out on a date?
> Like, I like like-likes, but not, like, like like like-likes.
Q: Two followers glitch

DraugrSo I was wondering if you could have two named followers or if that is just with the DB recruit, one named follower and the slow time shout?

2:49 PM
GAH. I can barely breath because my nose is so extremely stuffed. Also throath hurts on every sneeze. Frequent sneezing.
Q: How do I get the Gerudo tailor to come to Tarrey Town?

ian_itorI started the Tarrey Town quest line "From the ground up" with Hudson and therefore.. [Spoilers from here]


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