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6:01 PM
@MrSmooth ...Ouch.
Q: what is a good rpg for the iphone? Any like those old d&d pc ones?

spaghetticowboyAre there any RPGs for the iphone like the old ssi ravenloft d&d PC games? Or newish ones on any platform at all?

Q: Battlefield 3 crashes only when flying

FoxtrotMy Battlefield 3 on PC only seems to crash (BF3.exe isnt responding, etc) when I am flying in a Jet during combat. I have no idea why this is.... I currently have 6970 x 2 in Crossfire, stable OS: Windows 7 x64, 12GB RAM, i7 @ 3.8ghz with a 1200watt psu. I have tried both the newest drivers ...

6:25 PM
@Lazers @Gnome Why did you answer this?
Eh, no harm in answering it, even if it gets closed.
There are lots of closed game-rec questions with answers.
Oh, so downvote my answer, why don't you.
@GnomeSlice Answering a bad question encourages them. ಠ_ಠ
@ArdaXi This
I left a comment.
@GnomeSlice Also, I didn't, FWIW.
6:27 PM
@FallenAngelEyes Not you specifically.
Anyway, out for now.
@GnomeSlice There is harm because it encourages people to ask questions just so they can get answers for themselves, despite the fact they'll be closed. I've seen other users comment as such before. This isn't behavior we want to encourage here. :/
@GnomeSlice I down voted it
for the reasons they both said
Does anyone know if I could make an Ubuntu boot disk with programs already on it? I'd ask Ubuntu but they scare me.
@RonanForman Scare you why? I didn't think a Stack Exchange site could be scary.
@RonanForman I think you can with the customization kit
6:32 PM
@bwarner They talk complicated.
@Ronan @Marco will protect you. :P He is a mod there, after all.
this regex isn't worknig and I have no idea why :/
That could be annoying.
6:34 PM
It's just ignoring the \S
@Wipqozn my regex skillz are far below average, but what is the {0} doing for you there? it seems like that would mean "match the previous 0 times"
and you're using \S, which is the opposite of \s, so it has to be some non-whitespace character before and after the word, 0 times?
@agent86 that is what I want it to do
@agent86 that' doesn't work if the word is ath the start of end of a textarea
so... if you want \S{0} doesn't that effectively mean "do nothing"?
@agent86 it should mean "ensure there are no non-white spacge characters before or after the word"
so make sure it's just the word
@agent86 How does it work?
6:38 PM
I tried \< and \> but that just didn't work at all
@Wipqozn no. It only ensures it won't be matched
What you need is something like \wvalidated\w provided \w expands to whitespace and punctuation and whatnot
@agent86 Are you going to as the super collider style to chatter box any time soon?
or [^\S] (any non-\S character)
@badp that's... weird
@Wipqozn the regexp only needs to find an example of what you're looking for. Provided "avalidateded" it'll match (lookie! there's that thing, zero times, then validated, then that other thing, zero times).
6:40 PM
@IanPugsley doesn't work
@RonanForman I've not used the customization kit personally, I've heard of it before and I think it's what you want. You'd have to look at the docs.
if the word is at the start or end of the string, it won't match it
@RonanForman I'm not sure how easy it would be to match their style. If there's interest, I might take a look at it. One issue is that they don't give me the same output data as the supercollider uses, as far as I can tell.
You could make it look similar then.
@RonanForman I'm already pulling the site icon URLs down, for instance. I'll look into it at some point. Has it been useful thus far?
6:42 PM
This is really annoying :/
@agent86 It hasn't done anything, but it should be.
I'm just trying to make a regex that will let me know if a textbox contains a word
but if the word is at the start or end of the box it won't work with what I expect
@Wipqozn you can use \Z to match the end of the line and \A at the beginning, so you're looking for whitespace or \A at the beginning, or whitespace or \Z at the end
like [\A\S]word[\Z\S] maybe?
@agent86 yeah, that should work, thanks :/ I just thought it would be possible without that
@RonanForman Ask if you dare.
6:46 PM
If only there was a Stack Exchange for software developers where this kind of chat would be more on topic... :p
@agent86 actually itdoesn't... iif there are non-whitespace characters afterwards it ignores them
oh wait
never mind, it doesn't work
It hates me
there... it's working... for some reason preg_match was the issue
well that stupid error just cost me an error of productivity
@Wipqozn how much is one error of productivity?
@agent86 zeus dammit
one hour :/
7:05 PM
Screw it, I'll ask the question, even if its a dupe I'll still find the answer.
Q: Create a boot disk from an installation

Ronan FormanI want to make a boot CD that when used can run (without installing) an copy of Ubuntu with all the same preferences and programs as the version I created the CD from. I am running version 11.10 if it matters.

@RonanForman vote to close, too noobish
@agent86 That's the reason I didn't want to ask it.
@RonanForman I was just picking on you, I think it's a valid question and I hope you find a good answer to it :)
7:26 PM
@agent86 If I do I can test out your script.
I was going to hack at it a bit today, but for some reason it's not working properly in opera. hmm.
New video in 5 hours!
@John Are you here?
7:43 PM
Q: What happens to mercenary units that die during an outbreak mission?

Bryson DudaI'm not very far into the game yet, but I've played a couple of missions where I accidentally killed my infantry team with my artillery team. Every time this occurs I have restarted because I wasn't sure if the killed units would be permanently gone after the mission. Does anyone know what happ...

woo <canvas> fun
now to look into terrain generation
7:54 PM
@Ronan Intermittently. What's up?
:S lunboks is kinda flooding the frontpage again
@John How do I get into hamachi
You need to add a network. I've set one up. The network name is GamingSE. I'll give you the password over steam or something when I can get to it. @Gnome and @Ull should also be able to give it to you. I just don't want to post it here. :P
@agent86 It works!
7:59 PM
@RonanForman woo!
The number wont go away.
@RonanForman yes, you'll have to actually view the inbox on some other site to get it to change; the API for SE is read-only, sadly.
I can't mark your items as "read" (as in the opposite of "unread") because I can only read, and not write, the inbox data.
@John I forgot it. It's just saved.
Can't you just delete it fast?
@Ull right.
8:07 PM
Q: Most useful destruction energy type and managing perks

hvgotcodesI'm playing a pure mage build (might try to do the thief/assassin quests when done with the mage quests). Right now, I use perks sparingly. There are perks specific for fire, electricity, cold based destruction spells. I'm wondering if one energy type fits all in this game. Should I just fo...

Q: How do the Hati and Sköll equipment bonuses stack with other bonuses?

murgatroid99The Hati gloves give double combat experience and the Sköll boots give double Agility and Woodcutting experience. If I wear those and have some other equipment that also gives bonus experience in the same skills, what kind of total bonus do I get? For example, if I am wearing the Hati gloves and...

I'm polishing my resume. For the first time in my life, I'm looking at it and thinking:
"Damn. I've been up to some interesting stuff."
The answer to a game rec question has more downvotes than the actual question.
Thanks guys.
Q: How do I Find a Escaped Prisoner

TerryI have a quest from the 'Companions' to kill an escaped prisoner. He is said to be roaming Haarfingar. When I bring up the journal and highlight the quest, It offers no clues on the map. I have been to Solitude and search a few keeps etc. Also tried the 'Clairvoyance' abilty. In all honesty h...

Q: skyrim, level up choices for mage

hvgotcodesTalking about the choice between health, magic, and stamina when one level's up. As a mage, I've put every single choice into magic, but I'm wondering how often I should be leveling up health or stamina. Is there a good ratio to follow?

Q: Is ebony armor supposed to be weaker than glass when improved?

Theodore MurdockI came across something rather strange today: improving armor with no perks, 4x 29% fortify smithing enchanted items, and a 130% fortify smithing potion (made via 4x 29% alchemy enchantments), I was able to improve ebony armor to 99 points, but glass armor to 102 points. That's in spite of the f...

@GnomeSlice ?
8:33 PM
Yeah. Rather than downvote the game-rec question I answered, more people decided to downvote my answer instead.
@GnomeSlice What question?
@GnomeSlice Well, you should know better.
A: what is a good rpg for the iphone? Any like those old d&d pc ones?

GnomeSliceI quite enjoyed Seed: Rise of Darkness, so much so that I later purchased, and also enjoyed the sequel, Seed 2: Vortex of War.

(Disclaimer: I cast no votes)
@ArdaXi So?
Jesus Christ, if it had been anyone other than me, the question surely would have had more downvotes than the answer.
8:35 PM
So, in this particular case, I can see why they would downvote your answer.
@GnomeSlice So, people don't want to drive new people away because they didn't know the rules.
Given that they have the same number of downvotes, I doubt that this is part of a vast
@GnomeSlice That's your interpretation.
@Ullallulloo Right. Which is why I answered it.
"The world is out to get Gnomeslice"
8:36 PM
@RavenDreamer Same score. Mine has more downvotes. I'm guessing the asker upvoted it.
@GnomeSlice There's a difference between not wanting to drive people away and waiving the rules for them.
I don't see the harm, I hardly lobbied to have it re-opened.
@GnomeSlice There. I fixt it.
@GnomeSlice It's encouragement of something we disallow.
8:37 PM
@GnomeSlice It's now a comment.
On the question.
Where it should have been in the first place.
Don't answer Game-Rec questions.
I've seen tons of closed/answered game-recs... :S
I didn't see any harm.
When an established user answers a question, it validates the question.
Oh really.
@GnomeSlice This is why you shouldn't answer them. Adding more bad precedent makes the problem worse
@GnomeSlice Yes, really.
It adds validity at any rate.
8:39 PM
@ArdaXi It didn't validate my question about King's Bounty when @Oak answered it.
@GnomeSlice You're comparing apples to toasters again.
A question is a question.
@GnomeSlice Validation doesn't mean it's good per sé, it just makes the closing more harsh.
@ArdaXi You think!?
@GnomeSlice It doesn't actually make it on-topic, but it makes the asker feel like it's not too bad.
8:40 PM
@GnomeSlice So... you were annoyed about your question, and therefore you took it out on an innocent user...?
@Ullallulloo Right, and then more people will think it's ok
@ArdaXi What? No. I've seen lots of answered game-recs, so I assumed it was fine.
@murgatroid99 IT IS.
Q: How are women portrayed in King's Bounty: Armored Princess?

GnomeSliceSo a game caught my eye recently when I was doing some online shopping. The game is called King's Bounty: Armored Princess. The reason it caught my eye is unimportant, you jerk. What I really want to know about is how that cover reflects on the actual game itself. I'm not familiar with th...

@GnomeSlice When we close a game rec, the eventual goal is deletion
@GnomeSlice Game-rec questions are off topic. We don't want more of them
8:41 PM
@GraceNote Why have I seen so many closed/answered game recs then?
@GnomeSlice He means in general, including game-rec.
@GnomeSlice This is not a game-rec.
@GnomeSlice Because people don't know better.
@GnomeSlice Depending on when you were looking, it's a matter of "We didn't get there in time" and "It was back when we allowed game rec"
@GnomeSlice I believe the plan is to be deleting them, too.
8:42 PM
There's a reason I went and deleted ~300 game recommendation questions in an hour after our policy was enacted.
Well, that's perfectly acceptable, someone could have just TOLD me, rather than downvoting it more than the question.
@GnomeSlice FAE did tell you.
THEN downvoted.
In fact, technically, @GnomeSlice, your citing "there are closed and answered game recs" is kind of proof of the fact that the wrong signal is being generated, neh? ♪
Yes, which is fine. So were the downvotes really necessary?
I suck at stackexchange.
@GnomeSlice You still got +6 net rep
8:43 PM
@Ullallulloo She said she didn't downvote
@GnomeSlice Well, you didn't delete it.
@murgatroid99 NOT THE POINT.
@Ullallulloo I had to leave.
@GraceNote Okay, but people in general.
Also, I didn't even think of deletion.
@GnomeSlice The question has been commentified. Your rep can be restored with a recalc.
8:44 PM
@ArdaXi I'd hardly call this validated.
If you want that -2 back right this instant.
@RavenDreamer It's not about the rep.
@GnomeSlice Then why bitch about downvotes?
The fact that the lot downvoted his answer but not the question itself does kinda make it ornery.
8:45 PM
Yeah, that sounds about right.
@GraceNote Yes, that.
I get the feeling that if it had been anyone other than me, the question probably would have had more downvotes than the answer.
@GnomeSlice It is. The answer gives you the idea that the question is fine, when in reality, it's not.
@GraceNote Both got 2 downvotes
@GraceNote It was -2 and -2 when I commentified it.
@ArdaXi But it is.
8:46 PM
@GnomeSlice See, and as long as you keep that mentality, everything's going to seem like a personal attack.
@murgatroid99 Then someone went and downvoted the question after I started bitching.
@murgatroid99 Then, @GnomeSlice lacks a thing to whine about, neh?
The issue here is your paradigm, not our behaviour.
In other words, mission accomplished
@ArdaXi Oh really.
@GnomeSlice There isn't any kind of "Target GnomeSlice" thing going.
8:46 PM
Remember my sock puppet?
That was an interesting experiment.
As someone who needs a mac to develop on an iOS project...
@ArdaXi Can I trouble you to take a look at the vote counts on my Kong's bounty question?
I laugh at that.
Q: 5+ 13-
@GnomeSlice Have you thought it might be due to the question, not the user asking it?
8:48 PM
A: 13+ 1-
So... the answer on that 'bad question' got 13 upvotes.
And my answer on a recent 'bad question' still went into the negatives.
No, you haven't, because you are stuck believing that everyone who sees your name refuses to look at the post.
We vote on content, not the user.
@ArdaXi Prove me otherwise.
Explain what I just posted to me.
@GnomeSlice I can't unless your mentality changes.
@GnomeSlice That, friends, is the definition of a logical fallacy.
8:49 PM
@Gnome the burden of proof should be on the accuser, not the accused.
About how someone else's answer on a 'terrible question' gets 13 upvotes, and my own answer on a terrible/less controversial question goes into the negs.
@John I don't think you're getting starred enough! Quick! Make a frowny face!
You want me to field this explanation, @GnomeSlice?
@GnomeSlice Plus, that wasn't clearly off-topic.
@Raven :(
8:50 PM
@GraceNote Assuming I know what that means, sure.
@GnomeSlice Are you honestly going to claim that your answer was equal quality to Oak's?
@RavenDreamer No. But it's not a BAD answer.
But it's MY answer.
@GnomeSlice We have a badge called "Reversal", it is awarded to a user who gets 20 upvotes on an answer to a question with -5 or worse score. It's because a question may be poor in quality and essence, but the answer is considered stellar and exceptional. Typically meaning that it is an answer that makes the question shine, hence "Reversal".
But not every answer to a "bad" question is going to be an exceptional answer.
No, I'm not saying mine was exceptional.
But it's not a bad answer.
It's an answer to a bad question.
So the question should have had more downs, I would think.
@GnomeSlice A downvote says "I don't think this answer is helpful or clear". Someone might've figured that your answer is not helpful.
8:52 PM
@GraceNote Everyone has said why they downvoted it. "Because it was game rec".
@GnomeSlice And people have been clear that they don't believe that answering a game rec question is helpful - neither to the site, nor to the original asker.
Yeah, okay, so downvote the question. I thought votes were reflective of post quality, independent of situation.
Can you people stop starring all of the things that make me look wrong?
They're reflective of what people find helpful or unhelpful, which is what it tells you in the tooltip.
@GnomeSlice I think it comes down to game-rec being clearly off-topic, and your answer only helps the OP mainly; while your question was really debated of it's ontopicness, and the answer was still really helpful.
@GraceNote So the question is unhelpful.
8:54 PM
Low quality tends to be unhelpful; high quality tends to be a lot more helpful.
@GnomeSlice Downvotes on a question would indicate that people believe this.
Q: Is there a way to shut down a Nether portal with redstone?

ResorathSince it is no longer possible for flowing water to deactivate a Nether portal, you can't use pistons to push blocks into the nether portal and finally you can't move the obsidian powering the portal with pistons; is it possible to deactivate the portal some other way with redstone? I'm not too ...

@GraceNote Right.
Wouldn't the question be more unhelpful than the answer?
@GnomeSlice People have differing opinions.
I can't think of a decent retort to that.
Because you shouldn't have to.
8:57 PM
Then why do I always find myself doing so.
@GnomeSlice I think the whole 'you should know better' argument is important here.
An experienced user setting a bad example is more unhelpful that a new one doing the same.
@RonanForman Why should I know better? I've answered game-recs before, and recieved upvotes.
I'm the victim here.
@GnomeSlice A lot of it probably wouldn't happen if you didn't assume things were done just to make your life miserable. We aren't here to make your life miserable.
@GraceNote Except Wipqozn.
@GnomeSlice I don't feel sorry for you, you seem to like being the victim.
8:58 PM
At the end of the day, a vote reflects one person's opinion. If there is a discrepancy between the votes on a bad question and its bad answer, it's because one or more individuals don't feel that one or the other is as bad.
I was going to say except @Mana... :)
Well then why have I started getting so many more suspensions, downvotes, and deletions than I used to have.
@GnomeSlice Memory bias. Possibly recency bias as well.
@GnomeSlice You're starting to flip out a whole lot more compared to before, probably because you are negatively feeding yourself to imagine that we're trying to make your life miserable.
@GraceNote Or, because it got attention in the chat room, so people went and downvoted me because they're annoyed that I answered a game rec
8:59 PM
ugh. I am not touching this topic with a 10 foot pole :) So opera, it sucks.
@GraceNote Aahahaha! That's probably true to some extent.
Basically, you think we're out to get you, so when we do anything for normal, non-targeted reasons, you're assuming it's because we're trying to make your life miserable.

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