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11:00 PM
I can't even remember which games you can find me in the credits of.
@GnomeSlice :(
I know 'Demons took my daughter' is one of them.
Oh look. @Wipqozn shows up right as I post ":(".
@John I wouldn't have noticed that if you didn't say anything
@Wipqozn STALKER
11:01 PM
Dungeon Developer, I am An Insane Rogue AI, and Ninja Hamsters vs Robots I may be in, at least one of those.
@Wipqozn Sure....
I actually just got home. Was "cleaning" my aunts computer.
I missed out on Legends of Kong. Some of the other Sloths got characters based on them in that one.
@GnomeSlice I've played IAAIRA. It was pretty good.
@Wipqozn Cleaning software off it or cleaning the inside?
@John Ah, yep, I'm in the game description for that one.
11:02 PM
@GnomeSlice Whoa cool.
@Wipqozn Cleaning software off it or cleaning the inside?
@GnomeSlice Whoa cool.
And the double posting continues...
@John software Also got her an anti-virus.
I'm also in the Ninja Hamsters one.
she just had the version of mcafee which didn't do anything
@Wipqozn That's always good.
11:03 PM
So yeah, those three.
@Wipqozn >.<
@NickT Just so you know, that was flagged. I marked it as invalid though.
but if you get suspended... it's for that post, although I don't think it's offensive or anything :/
@Wipqozn w/e, worth it
@Wipqozn Nick's a 10k. Pretty sure he knows.
11:05 PM
@John You don't see your own stuff get flagged
@John you can't see flags on your own stuff afaik
@GnomeSlice I tried the mobile version of NHvR but I couldn't figure out what was going on.
@GraceNote @NickT Oh. Sorry, nevermind then.
@John Check the game descriptions for those three games.
I wish I had my old Kongregate username back.
Someone stole my old account.
@GnomeSlice I would if I didn't have such a bad connection right now.
@GnomeSlice You had a...badpazzword? Ba dum, tiiish
@John You don't need to actually load the games.
@John And no, I was a lot younger, and I gave it to someone for safe keeping when I went off to summer camp one year.
Then didn't come back to Kong for like a year.
Long story short, I'm now xGnomeSlicex. Which I HATE.
11:10 PM
@GnomeSlice I hate it too
(not just because of the xx though)
@GnomeSlice You totally didn't get my bad joke, did you?
@John Yes, I did.
@GnomeSlice :(
@GnomeSlice Ordinarily, this would so be flag material, but since imgur is currently blocked for me, I don't see it. :)
@John This confuses me.
How do you know it's flag material if you can't see it?
11:14 PM
Oh, by the way, since everyone always asks if I got banned when I post something, we should just have the feeds post this whenever I'm banned:
user image
@Mana I was wondering if anyone would catch that. :)
@Mana You're saying he's wrong?
@John I noticed. Assumed it was intentional.
@GnomeSlice I'm not saying he's wrong.
With my gravatar shopped onto the left girl's head.
Anyway, dinner.
@GnomeSlice It was.
Imgur is blocked on my computer, but that doesn't stop me from pulling up chat on my phone whenever someone posts a picture.
I'm curious, did @GnomeSlice get banned and then a mod(Mana?) unbanned him? Or did a mod(Mana?) delete the post and invalidate the flags? Or did @GnomeSlice actually learn and delete the post himself?
11:18 PM
@GnomeSlice I didn't even need to look at that to know it was posted by @gnome
@John I find the last one unlikely.
@John I just deleted it.
@GnomeSlice I support this.
That picture is awesome.
I didn't validate the flags, so it can be seen as kind of a warning to @GnomeSlice to stop straddling the line because I'm tired of having to deal with this.
Obviously the easiest solution is to just shut down chat.
@GnomeSlice Do you have a younger sibling? Even if you don't, imagine you do and then before posting something ask yourself if you'd show it to your 10 year old imaginary brother/sister.
11:31 PM
@RonanForman 13*
I have no idea what you posted but I assume this applies.
You need to be at least 13 to be on the site, so that's a better age to go with.
@Wipqozn I'd say 10 to be on the safe side.
Also you don't need to be 13 to view the site.
@NickT You stole my job!
Although I wouldn't be able to do it for at least 12 hours.
Any chance of uploading that smaller?
11:40 PM
Q: Deus ex HR: Pacifist in Montreal mission

Dan HowardI can't figure out how I could complete the Montreal mission without killing guards. They all stay together so if I stun one they wake him back up. I tried a youtube search but didn't see anyone do it there either. Any tips? The only thing I could think was to use invisibility a lot.

Q: which gaming mouse to buy?

williamI love games and high end PC hardware so I need advise which gaming mouse to choose there are plenty of them. I play mostly FPS and RTS My budget up to $100 Thanks

@NickT hahahaha
11:57 PM
who won sick nerd baller at IEM Kiev?

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