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10:00 PM
@GodEmperorDune Excellent.
@Wipqozn just lost my vote
@Wipqozn not a hahaha.gif, @uni is winning again
gosh darn it
anyone knows/uses a good twitter dark css?
Mine is terrible.
A few donations coming in from our friends at @TheArqade thanks for your support! http://mariomarathon.com
@ardaozkal thanks @Ktash
and donators, obviously
10:08 PM
@GodEmperorDune only two are listed atm due to a bug, but I contacted them and trying to get it fixed.
@ardaozkal heck yes
also reminder:
@ardaozkal Working with @CPCharity to debug a technical issue. Please forward your donation receipt to team@mariomarathon.com
@ardaozkal Oh, crap, I didn't know i had to do that
Q: Who has the biggest head?

RetrosaurEvery hero has a specific head hitbox that allows weapons to trigger as headshots on them. Which heroes, from the biggest to the smallest, have the biggest head hitbox? In some ways I feel like D.VA has a huge head hitbox but at times it feels like Roadhog and Winston have bigger heads. In all ...

Q: What can headshot enemies?

RetrosaurAre there specific weapons that can only headshot enemies? Can all attacks headshot enemies, including melee attacks? Can all hero abilities headshot enemies, such as Genji's Slash Dash if aimed correctly? I would also like to know, besides what can headshot enemies, which of those weapons have ...

Today I learned Valhalla
10:10 PM
If your donation is not visible here, this applies.
Why do they need me to do that?
@AshleyNunn technical issues apparently. If your donation is visible on the link above (there are 2), you don't need to do it.
@AshleyNunn so it gets lumped in with the arqade grouping, i think
edit: 3 now. Someone donated another $25. Thanks for your donation!
@ardaozkal I just did, so maybe that's mine?
10:12 PM
> Password does not meet requirements.
I'm going to assume so, unless one of you donate at the same time? :P
No, your password requirements are crappy
If your name is visible here, your donation is visible on the tracker too.
> Your password must be 8 - 16 characters, and include at least one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, and a number.
As I said, your password requirements are crappy.
10:15 PM
the upper limit on that is bad
my passwords are at least 20 characters and go up to 64 characters.
All my bank passwords are the worst :|
uuugh don't remind me
@JoshPetrie all your bank passwords are @Wipqozn?
For a while I had one bank with a 8 character maximum.
Eight! Seriously.
10:17 PM
My bank's password requirements are so random that I reset it everytime I need to log in.
@ardaozkal are you still using that homemade password vault?
not anymore
Jan 31 at 1:32, by ardaozkal
@GodEmperorDune switched back to lastpass.
@ardaozkal good
since january
10:18 PM
MY master password is not tthat safe tho. Might change it.
I should turn on 2fa first tho
@ardaozkal yes that should be the safest
@ardaozkal yes you should do that too
using google auth with lastpass, seems to work pretty well. All of my systems are considered untrusted, so need to enter a token every session (every time I close/open the browser)
my password is way too long tho. pain in the back to enter everytime on my phone
< doesn't use premium
@TimS. i switched to duo because the UX is slightly better (approve or deny popup on phone app instead of having to type in the 6 characters)
my password is right pony powersource lego
10:23 PM
@ardaozkal even in premium you still need to type in your master password into the app
@GodEmperorDune I actually just switched away from Duo, had a lot of app issues with my phone, and when using it with ssh auth, it wouldn't work half the time
@TimS. really? what phone was it?
I use google auth exclusively now (even for ssh access to my VPS)
its an iphone 6s plus
(I was surprised too)
it works well on my 5S
ymmv, but I'm very happy with google auth now... got like 7-8 apps in it
10:24 PM
though i have google auth for other stuff
cool, if it werks :)
@whoa how did you get from staple to lego?
hah, my manager just took our 2 new interns on the grand tour... I've never seen bigger grins on their faces
@GodEmperorDune They both hurt to step on, no?
@whoa :D
10:26 PM
@GodEmperorDune EVERY TIME?
Can't we use some sort of PIN instead?
@ardaozkal you have to do it once every time it starts up from nothing, then i updated settings to allow me to do fingerprint to unlock it if it was already running and lost focus for too long
@ardaozkal Our IT department requires users use ELITE PINs, like 1337
@whoa yeah those are unhackable
Shit, I think I need to change my windows login password too. It's not the worst password I use, but it's nowhere near the best among the ones I remember.
10:30 PM
@whoa that is literally my phone PIN.
cc @badp
Q: Should I become a thief in Skyrim?

TheDogFoodIn Skyrim, it's a quick way to make money. But is it worth being thrown in jail, meeting hired thugs... This is a question about statistics, not about ethics.

added lastpass' auth to my watch
@ardaozkal ?
@badp he was using a "bad password"
@badp my pin is 1337 which is a bad password. Just like pinging sterno on burns, I ping you on bad password. Should I stop doing that?
10:36 PM
@ardaozkal yes, you need to cc @Wipqozn on burns, not @Sterno
you cc @sterno for drama
@GodEmperorDune oh my bad. I thnik that I should ping @Sterno on nice friday trolls?
> Check here if you'd like us to e-mail your password.
NOOO! Don't do that!
@MBraedley what wwebsite is that?
@MBraedley wat
Best Buy Rewards
10:39 PM
Is it worth it?
They also may have a weak policy that doesn't allow special characters
Is it worth htem having your password and mail in plaintext?
@ardaozkal The rewards program? I mean I can redeem coupons for future purchases.
If it was me, I'd use an alt mail and a random password
Also am currently working on freehand drawing support for ownshot.
Also imgur support (thank me later- no longer homebrew imgur).
@ardaozkal It's now a random password at least
10:46 PM
@SaintWacko I play it from time to time still. I haven't ascended with any of the Ashes classes/races, though, or played the new campaign.
cc @GnomeSlice
and @StrixVaria?
Stardew Valley update when?
@Yuuki who is that?
@GodEmperorDune Emily. Best girl.
nah, the sauce queen is the best girl
10:52 PM
She's currently not a marriage candidate, but CA has said that she will be in an upcoming update.
@GodEmperorDune Sauce Queen is best inhuman being.
@Yuuki because the sauce queen is the best, of course
@Yuuki we're all going to die
Godlike creatures should not be marriageable.
@Yuuki we're all going to die a death, we're all going to die the best death
and we're making Merica pay for it
did I miss the mod candidate grilling thing?
was it badp or fredley who told me about my lack of badges?
Whatever: Got the meta one
@JoshPetrie I hate how no bank seems to have implemented any for of two step authentication.
My google account is more secure than my bank, and that's terrifying.
@Wipqozn my bank has 2FA if i want to move more than $1k around
Not sure how sharing calendars works, so if anyone can give feedback, that'd be great.
It downloaded something.
I'm going to assume @Yuuki just gave me a virus.
@Wipqozn thats the mad hax
11:09 PM
Gosh darn it @Yuuki
it makes it easier for @AshleyNunn to assimilate you if you win the election
Well, apparently the other way is to get email addresses from everyone.
yeah this just pops me an ics that opens in outlook which I literally never use
Or make it public.
Gimme a sec.
This is betterer
11:12 PM
Okay, so it does adjust for timezones.
This is good.
Am I supposed to see anything on that second linked calendar?
@AshleyNunn There should be an event on Saturday?
@AshleyNunn indeed empty for me
I think in the lower-right corner, there's a button that adds it your aggregate Google Calendar.
11:15 PM
it seems that @Yuuki has succeeded in stealing all our google based credentials
@GodEmperorDune And on the eve of the election, I shall now be mod by proxy! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
I don't see an event on it
I blame @fredley. He mentioned a Google Calendar thing, so I decided to mess with it.
indeed empty. First one worked tho
11:19 PM
@Yuuki j...just set up a form and get our mails, then invite?
ical is the worst thing
that'd prevent an additional calender from popping up too
i mean i have the shared calendar now, but i think @Yuuki didn't save the actual event schedule
Yeah I have the shared calendar there just isn't an event on it
@AshleyNunn try the first link. You need outlook/the mozilla thingy though.
11:21 PM
@ardaozkal I don't want that
there's no reason for me to use that
I just had to retake corporate anti-discrimination training, and it basically goes like this: "Is this scenario discrimination?" "Yes"
Nope, that just sets an event for right now
Why is Google Calendar annoying to work with?
@Yuuki try outlook cal
11:24 PM
@ardaozkal but that's annoying for those of us who don't use outlook
I'd rather stay with something that works with browsers.
@Yuuki What you're trying to do probably just isn't a prioritized use case
Outlook cal is not outloook app's cal
....this episode of Lost Girl has Slenderman in it....it's just weird
I mean the one on outlook.com
11:25 PM
@murgatroid99 sharing a calendar, then pushing updates to that calendar? that doesn't seem adge case at all
@AshleyNunn wat
personally i think @Yuuki is doing it wrong
@Yuuki Yep.
Nope, outlook decided to include my PII bc why not
@GodEmperorDune Oh, that. I think you can have calendars associated with Google Groups
That seems to generally be the way I've seen that done at work
11:27 PM
i mean a shared calendar with permissions to view and add/edit/remove events seems basic
i would be astounded to learn that google calendar doesn't handle that
I think that the simplest way of doing that with a group of any significant size is to have a Google Group own it
Click sub from top
Looking over the candidates again, it's weird how half of them are within 1k of each other
My donation finally got accepted
Am I that shady?
Security questions are the worst
11:40 PM
I wonder when GTX 1080s will be back in stock
Anyway, I think my coworkers trolled me. They told me I absolutely had to talk to this woman on the phone. They wouldn't say why other than making it sound like her voice was the most amazing thing they had ever heard. Others even joined in unprompted
I spoke to her. She's nice. Pleasant, but normal voice.
@twobugs that is a very weird troll
your workplace must be the dark souls of not understanding what trolling is
Yeah. Talking over the phone was the right choice anyway because she was not very computer savvy so being able to direct her in real time rather than back and forth with emails was good
It was just... not life changing :P
American Truck Simulator is on sale! Woo!!!
I wonder how big of a sale
20% off. MEH.
@twobugs your workplace reminds me of the accounting firm in parks and rec
It's better than my first Grown Up job, which was Office Space

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