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3:00 PM
@John this groups seems to... big and everything to be this group >-<
ok thank you ^^
@Serverfrog xD you are welcome
The names of the admins and mods should confirm any doubt you may have
@OrigamiRobot how so?
though actually a fair number of them aren't active on the site that much anymore so you might not have ever seen them
@John i saw it. i just scrolled through the names... yep.. its bridgy
and then some of them, like @AshleyNunn here, use a different name
3:02 PM
@John it's normal that many use a other steam name than usernames on other platform. I'm one of it too ;)
I just realized I'm a moderator of the Arqade group. Huh.
@John jep you are ;)
@OrigamiRobot Needs more ketchup.
@Serverfrog I wonder if this means I'm supposed to be doing something.
3:04 PM
@OrigamiRobot I will be sad. But then again I usually buy store brand white cheddar macaroni and cheese.
@John Yes. Dance!
@KevinvanderVelden dancing is always a good option
I, uh, actually have trophies and titles and stuff in that regard
@john re:different names, I like to keep it confusing. ;) (actually, my steam name is me just about everywhere, this is a weird exception)
@John Also Pixel
3:05 PM
@AshleyNunn is confusing. D A T A A C C E P T E D
@AshleyNunn Are we an exception since we're your favourites?
@Wipqozn Yeah but everyone knew pixel was kalina
cc @AshleyNunn @KevinvanderVelden @Arperum @Yuuki
3:07 PM
@Yuuki Spider (Man) Farm
@Yuuki that can only go well
A: Town Hall 8 War base Attack Strategy

Markhttps://youtu.be/xchYnbGb9wU https://youtu.be/CZPtCMnoGIg If your a th8 you can still 3 star anti-dragons bases with all dragons.

2 days ol, just links to youtube channel which appears to be his
3:09 PM
@Yuuki Spider FARM?!??! How is that a good idea...
@RPiAwesomeness The fact that that has 8 "legs" is not lost on me.
insert tacco bell joke
@John Oh. Hah! Didn't even realize that :D
@RPiAwesomeness suuuuuure :D
@Serverfrog dat shockwave
3:12 PM
@RPiAwesomeness I don't even. (haven't looked yet)
@Arperum ;)
I haven't either.
I was just listening to some of his other stuff and saw he had this and figured I'd troll the Bridge :)
@Arperum Seriously, he's quite incredible
@RPiAwesomeness i do not mind being trolled by this at all
@MattGiltaji :D
Listen to his Maroon5 or Let It Go cover.
Just don't watch the video. His constant smiling can get a bit annoying...
> No plans to make Ancient weapons easier to find or gamble, but “Super Kadala” upgrading blue/yellow items to Legendary of that item type is maybe on the horizon.
That would make it simpler to perhaps get the items you're looking for.
@StrixVaria I wish I was home so I could read
I blame @Frank. Why can't he just be my sugar daddy so I don't need to work?
3:18 PM
@Wipqozn That sounds so wrong.
@RPiAwesomeness Then never watch me when I'm at a concert.
@Arperum ;)
@5pike Good.
@Wipqozn Because a) You don't put out for me. b) I don't swing that way, and finally, c) Ew.
@Arperum as if you can see your face, it's moving too fast!
3:20 PM
@Frank Well, on the bright side, the book I'm reading is Words of Radiance.
@Wipqozn That's good, yes.
@KevinvanderVelden Hey, I'm not windmilling at topspeed all the time. there are also moments when I'm singing along or jumping like crazy. Or just headbanging in a non-supersonic way.
(Also: Can I interest you for going to a Blind Guardian Concert 10 or 11 april?(respectively in Eindhoven or Antwerp)
@wipqozn I am home and can read all I want right now but would rather be at work earning money. Wanna trade?
@AshleyNunn Recovering from your surgery?
@AshleyNunn Just make @Frank your sugar daddy.
That's what I'm planning to do!
3:22 PM
Okay, this got really weird.
Well, goodbye to my day. This guy is too awesome
I already have a girlfriend. I'm not interested in expanding.
I'm so sorry you were the last user to talk before I sent my message @Frank.
@OrigamiRobot That's so sad.
3:24 PM
@rpiawesomeness part that and part I have no job so I can't earn money even if I want to.
@AshleyNunn :O You quit that one you got a while back?
@Wipqozn Whatever. I can just roll with it.
@OrigamiRobot waiting for your body to figure itself out is the worst. I am getting better but I still get exhausted faster than I want.
So long as it doesn't become a prevalent theme, anyways.
3:26 PM
@rpiawesomeness hell no. They dropped my contract along with the rest of the contract employees.
@AshleyNunn :(
@Frank Ohhh...so I probably shouldn't have preregistered the meme site...sec
@OrigamiRobot Yes. Not breathing tends to make lungs unhealthy
How'd the interview go?
@OrigamiRobot I...........................okay then
@OrigamiRobot Oh bleh. That doesn't look nice at all
1 min ago, by Origami Robot
Oh, okay I just saw the context
I quoted the wrong one
3:27 PM
Those are never fun
@OrigamiRobot I hate spirometers.
@OrigamiRobot Jesus
@OrigamiRobot I think we have this contraption at home. Never knew you'd use it for lung training. TIL
3:28 PM
@OrigamiRobot I feel like the source of that image may be a bit misleading. You don't breathe with your knees!
@TimStone WHAT? So that's what I've been doing wrong!
Also I have French Toast Crunch everyone. Good times are being had.
@TimStone that's what threw me off
Q: Can someone with more rep than me create a tag for Bloodborne?

TelestiaI searched through the tag list for "Blood" and none of the results were for Bloodborne. I even searched through the new tags page as the game came out yesterday the 24th but I couldn't find a tag for this game. Could someone add it for me please?

3:30 PM
@OrigamiRobot I see. My brother got it after his neck-surgery, though he never used it.
@TimStone Nice to see you rolling with it, too. :P
@OrigamiRobot lying in bed for a long time isn't good for your anything, really.
(the irony of this is that I haven't gotten out of bed yet and I have been here long enough to plant 5 crops of cucumbers in my Smurf village (so an hour and 15 min))
3:33 PM
@SepiaLazers Bloodbooooorne
@AshleyNunn Ooh! Question: Are you getting the new Harvest Moon?
I'm so happy I have my book + friends also waiting
I just know I have nothing to do today so it is sapping my will to move. (everyone who says I wish I was unemployed so I could be lazy all day needs to be punched. The boredom is killer.)
I want to pressure @Wipqozn into getting it.
3:34 PM
@frank maybe, if I have money and can actually find features that make it something I might stick with. Otherwise I will probably try really hard to talk myself out of it even though my brain will want it like it does every Harvest Moon because it thinks it will be as good as HM64
@OrigamiRobot pretty much this. I would do anything for work right now. (as evidenced by my interview tomorrow with payday loan people)
@AshleyNunn Some gameplay videos I saw showed that it speeds up a lot of the tediousness from A New Beginning.
@frank nooooo don't tell me that! That makes it appealing!
@AshleyNunn I know! But I need people to help pressure @Wipqozn! :P
I honestly have no interesting in getting the new HM.
Especially with so many other games I want to play right now.
3:37 PM
@Wipqozn But if we're talking about it, and how awesome it is, you will want to get it.
@Wipqozn I first read that as MH and got quite confused
@Rapitor Yes
@Rapitor ... Now I want a Monster Hunter/Harvest Moon game.
That has more in-depth combat than Rune Factory.
The quest system would be better than dungeon diving, honestly.
@Yuuki Tri had farming... kind of
@Rapitor Not really.
It really wasn't any different from the wycoon system. Just more limited.
3:41 PM
it had a farm
but yeah,a Monster hunter harvest moon would be pretty cool... email capcom/natsume
@Yuuki I wouldn't mind a bit of a cyclical system. Farming to get produce, spend produce to provision hunters to get you materials, which you use to upgrade farm equipment.
Harvest Moon, Monster Hunter style.
Or even a multiplayer-esque type option. Have one Harvest Moon player, getting the produce, and one Monster Hunter player. Together, they progress.
play as hunter. get blue feather from some feathered monster with 1% chance in order to propose to love interest
@Rapitor Trade for provisions of some sort.
I'm trying to figure out some more depth to that aspect; it would definitely replace the open air kitchen, and probably most of the consumables you take on a hunt.
basically the game would be more independant. you farm your own herbs/mushrooms/meats, cook your own meals, and brew your own potions. just with additional social stuff of harvest moon.
I could see the tool upgrades of Harvest Moon using monster parts. That's a fairly simple interaction. But it could be monster parts used as fertilizer, giving your crops different effects.
3:50 PM
that's kind of what rune factory did, IIRC.
So maybe using Zinogre Horns on your crops would give them a lightning effect, either resistance, or an additional buff to consumables that use them.
To make things simpler, you could cut out most of the different maps and have one unified map like the Deserted Island (Moga Island) in MH3U.
Monsters could be "in-season".
1 map for each season
You would only encounter Lagombi during Winter, for example.
it could be the same map, just reskinned and tweaked (different paths to areas)
3:52 PM
@Yuuki How would that work for the hunter, though?
Fighting the same monsters over and over would get rather tedious.
Frank is thinking in a multiplayer co-op sense. I think me and Yuuki are saying you are both the hunter and the farmer?
@Frank Okay, instead of certain monsters per season, how about changing probabilities?
@Rapitor Then it's essentially Monster Factory.
monsters exclusive to seasons are fine. i mean crops are, but there are still universal monsters and ones that appear in multiple seasons
Q: How bad is early game mass debt?

DespatoWhen I play Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance with my friends multiplayer, they all give me a hard time for going into mass debt (I'm spending more resources than I'm gaining) very early in the game. But the only way for me to stop mass debt from happening is to make my ACU and engineers idle. I...

3:55 PM
@Rapitor Well, I was thinking maybe you could do something similar to RF4 where in-season crops get a bonus to growth. An analogue would be increased probability of seeing in-season monsters.
So, you could hunt a Lagombi during Spring, Summer, or Fall, but you're more likely to encounter him during Winter.
And least likely to do so in Summer.
Unless....the farmer (you/another player/whatever) created some food or something that Lagombi really likes.
So you can up the chances of finding that monster.
Yeah, that'd be good.
slathers hunter in Lagombi mating pheremones
@Frank Oh dear, I hope he doesn't get pinned.
We've got the inklings of what could probably be a pretty darn fun game.
There needs to be more interaction between the roles, though.
4:00 PM
Hmm... if we're separating them into different roles, I could see farmers gathering resources while the hunters hunt the monster.
@Yuuki That's what I see it as.
They'd craft consumables (and maybe use some reagants they brought along) and drop mini Supply Boxes for the hunters to use.
The issue is objectives.
Obviously, hunters win when the target monster is successfully hunted.
Q: Order of usage: Raging Strikes and DoTs

Niet the Dark AbsolMy understanding of Raging Strikes is unclear. Increases damage dealt by 20%. Seems simple enough, right? XD What I want to know is how this 20% boost interacts with my SMN damage-over-time attacks. Does the 20% apply to the individual ticks of damaging, or does it apply to the DoT debuff ...

Farmers can sell their produce for general hunts, but if they're looking for something specific, they can offer increased supplies or bonuses for a specific hunt.
But do the farmers have to, I 'unno, carry Wyvern eggs back to camp or something?
4:01 PM
Harvest Moon is about farming, getting to know the town, and getting married. The objective is to get better at that.
So, tool upgrades taking monster parts would be good.
Probably some items that can only be gotten from monsters, like the blue feathers.
Perhaps the farmer can also breed animal helpers, that give you something different?
Maybe a war bull or something?
Ooh, that's some neat looping.
To equip the bull, you need monster parts, to give it armor.
And you can upgrade that armor with more parts, or level up the bull by feeding it stuff.
Oh, I guess you could put "farm tools" into its own weapon class. Deals less damage, but either gather more from resource nodes or get an expanded drop list from resource nodes.
@Yuuki Or a partner hunt; the hunter protects the farmer from monsters, while he gathers items.
The farmer could also have upgrades to the farm that would allow them to make better potions
@Frank You have to be able to switch between the two modes though, so you can be hunter one hunt and farmer the other hunt.
So the ingredients the hunter gets can be refined in to much better stuff as a farmer
4:07 PM
@Arperum Which is why I'm thinking farm tools as a separate weapon class.
@Yuuki I would not allow them to be used as a weapon at all. But they could indeed take the weapon slot.
Q: Is there a way to see censored contents in Bravely Default PAL

NetFoxI know that in EU version of Bravely Default they have censored many contents. Is there a way to have them? Also with Action Replay or some kind of hack. Thanks.

Q: Transferring characters to Borderlands Handsome Collection, bonus 75 keys for both games if I transfer only BL2 characters?

Lasse V. KarlsenI've read that transferring characters from lastgen BL2 or BLPS to the respective game in the Handsome Collection will net you 75 golden keys and a few other bonuses. This page - Cross-Save in Borderlands: The Handsome Collection (UPDATED) - seems to indicate that no transfer has to take place, ...

Q: Is there a way to use your gun with a two-handed weapon?

TelestiaI'm currently using the Hunter's Axe and I preffer the two-handed version of the weapon. I had accepted the fact that using the two-hander meant that I was unable to use my pistol. That was until I fought the second boss(or at least the second one I found) Father Guacemole. He was also using the ...

And rather than have armor slots, you'd have tool slots (so we don't lump all the tools into one item).
That way you can have two hunters and two different tool using farmers in a hunt.
@Yuuki Harvest Moon had this; tools had slots for Wonderfuls.
4:09 PM
now the question is, how can we get Natsume(or whoever) and Capcom to actually collab o this
@Frank No, I meant rather than wear armor, a farmer would bring tools. That way, you can upgrade each tool separately rather than one general-use tool.
4:25 PM
@Yuuki That's how Harvest Moon does it, so that sounds right, yeah.
@Yuuki i don't know about you guys, i always plow my fields while wearing full plate
That's assuming we're going to stick with the Monster Hunter style loadout. Which I assume we will if we're considering bringing farmers on hunts.
@MattGiltaji If wearing that full plate had an armor skill that lowered the amount of stamina used for plowing fields, I would so do that.
has never played any of the harvest moon or monster hunter games
@MattGiltaji you should probably get on that
4:29 PM
But now I really want Story of Seasons.
Good thing it comes out next Tuesday!
me too... I didn't think I wanted it, but I honestly haven't played a harvest moon since wonderful life...
does the nintendo e-shop ever have sales?
@Rapitor Don't think so.
that's unfortunate.
I plan on hitting up the local Best Buy/Future Shop. As a last resort, EB Games.
@Rapitor Yeah, it does, periodically
4:36 PM
Usually on a certain publisher's stuff or whatever.
Even this spitballing of a new game idea makes me want to play Harvest Moon more.
then be disappointed because it's not that.
Probably not. But it's a pretty epic idea.
I'm interested in seeing how they do tool upgrades this time.
I wasn't originally a fan of Wonderfuls, but then I realized just how much control they gave you over your progression.
@Rapitor Some of the previous Harvest Moons had tools that had slots.
These slots could be filled with items called Wonderfuls.
Depending on the color, these Wonderfuls would provide a different effect to the tool.
4:44 PM
One would reduce stamina usage. One would give you more of the item (for animal products that needed tools). A couple would widen or lengthen the range of it.
And they stacked.
So you could have a tool that was essentially free to use, but could only affect one square.
Should I get off the bus and get some food or wait until I get home
@GnomeSlice what food do you have at home?
There's a highways and a subway
Just leftovers but I have like a shirt ton of maxed potato rod
And some pizza I can rebar
maxed potato rod sounds good
but rebar pizza is also good
4:52 PM
Oh shutter
Mashes potatoes
takes notes @GnomeSlice's phone really doesn't like him.
I hate you ape
It doesn't help shy in on the bus
And hits some bouncy ads shot
For duck shake
This KD fuct
At Leary it knows to autocorrect I fuct now
@LessPop_MoreFizz I feel like I'm missing something. I've not received anything from Pillars of Eternity other than emails about updates. Should I have my key already? Or anything, really?
And KD apple entity
@Fluttershy i bought it last night and had an email for my key this morning
4:58 PM
What's pillars of eternity
WTF why did my phone try to correct a mangles 'eternity' to 'sterno'
It won't be correct to sterno again now
@MattGiltaji Well... that sucks. :\
@GnomeSlice new rpg
For me, not you.
Chroma Squad will be out in a month! That will be fun.
5:00 PM
Mirror formers
Mother fucker this phone
@MattGiltaji I backed it, so I should get a key. But I haven't seen anything from them.
I'm almost home where I will bash my phone to bra
@Fluttershy maybe ask on kickstarter?
@GnomeSlice Dude. You really need to spend a bit more time editing, if this is still happening.
5:01 PM
It's sim possibles do DK on a movin bus especially ins residential streets like this
There's lie speed umps and shot
I can understand that. But, still, if it's impossible, perhaps wait to type until it is?
@MattGiltaji Yeah, I messaged them.
@GnomeSlice why is DK in the autocorrect dictionary?
@Frank Or don't. It's entertaining, for duck shake. :P
@Fluttershy True. But he seems to be getting pretty mad at it.
5:04 PM
@Fluttershy god donut
Q: It is possible to lose Insight?

cloudymusicAs I've progressed through the game, I've been steadily gaining Insight via fighting bosses and Madman's Knowledge items. Ultimately, I'm interested in seeing what I can buy with Insight from the Insight shop in the Hunter's Dream, but I haven't gained access to it quite yet, so for the moment I ...

Now that the onebox includes the context, laziness++
Plus some anime garbage.
@LessPop_MoreFizz do you know anything about this
i.e. is the first one worth tracking down and watching
Q: What is the range for co-op in Bloodborne?

KodamaI'm a bit hesitant to level up too much because I like playing co-op, so I'd like to know how the range to summon and to be summoned is calculated. Does it work by level, like in Demon's Souls and Dark Souls? What are the ranges and can you have any influence on them?

@GnomeSlice Super Troopers is considered by many to be the funniest movie of a generation. Personally, I wasn't a big fan. But I'm the only person I know who wasn't.
5:15 PM
@GnomeSlice whats to know?
2 mins ago, by GnomeSlice
i.e. is the first one worth tracking down and watching
@Fluttershy I never liked it either if that helps
@AshleyNunn It makes me feel less crazy. Thank you.
Beerfest, on the other hand... Excellent movie. :P
@Fluttershy No problem :)
this seems like a big deal
5:26 PM
@GnomeSlice it is a big deal
pretty impressive that it can self-power the whole process
@Fluttershy You and @AshleyNunn are the worst!
I haven't seen Super Troopers, but judging by the name, it sounds lame
can I join the cool kids club now?
@Chippies it's a funny movie, if you have a "stupid" sense of humor.
@Chippies has been added to the list of this room's MONSTERS
@GnomeSlice that video is really good for watching without sound
5:28 PM
needless to say. i found it hilarious
@Rapitor I wonder if it's on netflix...
Probably not in Canada
But probably not in general
But I'm willing to be wrong
@Unionhawk it's not in Canada
Willing and able
5:30 PM
too lazy to check if the US one has it, since it probably doesn't
@Chippies Have you seen Beerfest?
@OrigamiRobot If it's a movie then no
at least I don't think so
@Chippies Negative.
@OrigamiRobot I used to play a drinking game with Beerfest. Any time they took a drink in the movie, we'd take a drink.
5:31 PM
@Unionhawk so, it does have it?
your use of "negative" is confusing considering the context of the reply
does the US not have monthly download caps on internet service
@GnomeSlice Typically not but it kind of depends
@Unionhawk that's useful, now I don't have to turn proxy on every time I want to check if something's on netflix
@GnomeSlice usally no.
5:32 PM
Some ISPs want to, but...
@GnomeSlice their internet is so slow, it wouldn't even matter if they did have a cap, since no one could ever reach it
@GnomeSlice technically yes but they are rarely enforced
more likely they will throttle the user after hitting the cap
What often ends up being the implementation is a download soft cap, and throttling after that?
they also like to upsell you to a higher plan if you are repeatedly hitting the cap
5:33 PM
I'm fairly certain I have (had?) a download "cap" of 4 GB per day (since steam downloads would crawl to 0.1 MB/s or whatever once they hit 4), but I don't think that's a thing anymore, and that was just a university thing
@Unionhawk Doesn't show which seasons for TV shows
Man, you made me lose my train of thought
It bugs me when Netflix starts shows at season 3 or 4
Well, you should take that up with Netflix and the show's producers or whatever. Or stop complaining and deal with it.
Bloodborne is so awesome.
5:35 PM
@Batophobia blame licensing and the rightsholders
cc @Wipqozn
@Sterno It looks damn cool.
@Sterno is the penny arcade comic accurate?
It reminds me that I need to play Dark Souls still (for definitions of need)
I haven't read it yet.
my first fight of fists vs werewolf didn't go well
5:36 PM
Oh crap, I just realized the fraternity house has a PS4 now (bought for the express purpose of getting Bloodborne), I may have to hijack that
Actually no
Q: Minecraft don't run after updating Java?

Cristi CristiI was playing Minecraft on a server and then the game is closed. After the game has not worked, I uninstalled java and Minecraft and I reinstalled and Minecraft ,again not work. Here is the error message: The system cannot find the path specified at java.lang.ProcessBuilder.start(Unknown Sourc...

Well, actually, anyone who really wants to find out where I live will.
That's a scary fucking thought.
Anyone who wants to internet stalk you and an entire fraternity?
5:39 PM
@Unionhawk nice
Bloodborne is GOTY (until tomorrow when Pillars of Eternity comes out).
cc @Wipqozn again
(as in, tomorrow your link will die... or, be updated and probably no longer about Bloodborne)
@Unionhawk yes i know what a permalink does, was too lazy to find it at work
Thats what she said
5:42 PM
@Unionhawk half the office decided to cluster round my neighbor's cube, so i was pressed for time
and our internet is really damn slow
@Sterno I thought about that after posting it, and was waiting for stars to say that I was not star baiting (I actually wasn't)
@Unionhawk for duck shake
Does anyone know if answers with net-negative votes count towards tag badges?
Q: How can I change who is the leader of my party?

Ashley NunnI really want to swap Compa out for someone else, as she is relatively weak when attacking and I usually end up having her die really fast. Problem is, she is apparently my party leader for some reason, and I can't find a way to swap her out. How can I change who my party leader is?

Q: What are the hidden songs and how can I access them?

antimoWhen playing Cytus, I found out that sometimes the songs count on "Chapter Select" doesn't match the songs on that chapter. Example: Chapter I ("Operators") shows 12 songs, but when I count, there are only 10 songs. Is that a bug, or are there hidden songs? If so, then how can I access them? Do...

It looks like the answer is "yes". Heh, that can encourage some odd behavior
5:58 PM
Q: How to install DSfix for Dark Souls PC?

WheltI have downloaded DSfix for Dark Souls, because I want to run the game at 60fps and at a higher resolution. I followed the install instructions, which are simply to extract the contents of the folder to the Dark Souls binary directory (where the Dark Souls executable is), and made changes in the ...

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