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@fredley I guess media coverage got him some attention.
@5pike Yeah, gawker picked it up, and I imagine many mainstream outlets got it from there
BBC News article in 3...2...
I don't wanna live on this planet anymore...
I mean c'mon. Why don't I get 35k$ when making potato salad
Because you weren't the first person to put it on kickstarter
I have a feeling that this was not the first kickstarter that attempted this but the first that got mildly/pretty popular.
@Jutschge Remember, what's the most important thing about comedy?
Your timing is a bit off here @fredley
@fredley The $35k?
Alrighty then, internet being weird, nothing to see here
Also known as Never Build A Commenting System Without A Report Button
it's like Internet 101
Yes, all the flags!
Also, we haven't had any flag drama in chat in a while :o
Are we finally growing up?
Q: Bind items on mouse wheel

Ms. NobodyWhen I was playing DotA I used to have 3 of my inventory items bound on the mouse wheel (up, down and click). But I can't find this option when binding my inventory in Dota 2 settings. Is it possible to do this in config or somehow?

wow, mods were quick this morning: gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/175152/…
8:58 AM
@TZHX What do you mean 'this morning'?
Mods are powered by lazers, and lazers are quick
I mean, I've seen things last a lot longer than that before.
@TZHX When mods are around in chat, things get handled quite fast.
For a feature worthy of keynote-inclusion, OSX Dark mode is pathetic
@fredley but dude Helvetica.
@badp Not dark-mode exclusive
Dark mode is literally an inverted menu bar, in which you can't see any icons because all your apps have black icons (although this will probably update, mostly)
Also the opacity of menus in dark mode is waaaay too low
9:16 AM
@fredley He's going to be on Good Morning America (major national network morning newscast) in 2-3 hours. I expect 6 figures.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Awesome
> If we hit $3000, the whole internet is invited!
So you too are invited.
9:34 AM
@Arperum What could possibly go wrong?
@Arperum Did somebody already told 4chan? I heard they never miss a good party.
@fredley No idea, I have vague memories about a certain project X in Haren that went perfectly fine.
10:05 AM
Q: Order of technician calculation with accumulative power moves?

Phil D.Basically, my question is probably about order of calculations. Technician works for moves that have power of 60 or lower while accumulative power moves get stronger each time they are used (eg Fury Cutter). Which calculation happens first?

Blegh, My boss is blasting pretty loud music through the office. His music taste is completely opposite to mine though :(
Is it like, german folk music? That's the worst
@KevinvanderVelden It is rap and dance music mostly.
That's pretty terrible to
Retaliate with metal
Best plan, regardless of circumstances
@KevinvanderVelden I plugged my headphones in and am playing metal. I've been thinking about just overpowering his volume with the boxes I have.
10:14 AM
@KevinvanderVelden batmetal
According to the weather radar my entire country is currently covered with rainfall
@fredley I am playing babymetal
@Arperum *shudders*
@fredley Basically J-pop with Death metal combined.
@Arperum I know what it is
10:21 AM
Q: Minecraft Hexxit Suddenly Extreme Lag

EkonionI have a extreme lag problem on my server. It's a dedicated Server on my local machine with me and up to 4 other players on it. We use the Hexxit-Mod-Pack on 1.5.2. I give my Minecraft 1Gb Memory. Disabling the mods is no option, but without mods it works properly. We build a small city, with...

I'm playing Röyksopp
An excellent choice
@KevinvanderVelden Fuuuuck. I hope there will be a VOD available. Can't watch/listen, at work. :(
@MartinSojka payed VOD =[
10:37 AM
> The Great Escape is a live adventure game that takes place in a real world environment instead of on a computer screen or as a board game. Players are all in an actual room. They must escape by interacting with the environment, solving puzzles, deciphering riddles, and figuring out codes. Players have 60 minutes to complete the game in order to win.
@Wipqozn Yeah. I love immersive stuff like this.
@MBraedley cc you. It's owned by the same guy who owns Gus's pub.
See also: 2.8 hours
I have fish running on Windows. Somewhat. Success
@badp Nice
10:43 AM
1) Why aren't your fish in an aquarium? 2) How are your fish running?
@Wipqozn Cool. In China, this is already a thing.
I remember cygwin
@5pike In London too I'm pretty sure
@KevinvanderVelden fish is running pretty okay, although I had to apply one workaround or two.
10:44 AM
@fredley It's a neat idea and probably not to hard to set up.
function x86
  echo '(x86)'
@5pike The owner supposedly started it due to being popular in Japan.
@badp do you have some kind of weird mutant fish with legs?
@Wipqozn Maybe this is what a friend has in mind for another friend's bachelor party
10:46 AM
You should eat it, you might get superpowers
@KevinvanderVelden No, it's a perfectly normal fish that's been built for a non-aquarium environment.
It moves like fish and it quacks like fish.
@badp I don't think that's a fish... it might be a @Wipqozn turtle
No, no, it's fish all right.
What's the difference between bash and fish?
mainly always-on reverse search and a saner syntax, plus a nice color scheme/syntax highlighting and a webserver-based configuration system
no fi asec and pals
(Note the use of () instead of `` or $())
10:56 AM
@badp That is certainly nicer than bash
you can type in functions directly at the command line and they're indented automatically
I dunno if indentation is meaningful though
It must be, otherwise how would you determine control flow?
10:57 AM
Unless ! is End of Statement
Oh I didn't see the end
oh yeah ! is not a super special character with a cherry on top in fish, so you don't have to worry to remember the specific way to escape it
What's support like?
Command line completion is not up to par with ubuntu's bash.
Dunno about OSX's zsh
That said, once you do figure out one command, you have always-on reverse search
so it's trivial to come back to it
(type something, cycle between completions with up/down arrow, confirm with right arrow, or just autocomplete a token with TAB)
@MBraedley Yeah, one of my friends is down for it. Going to see if I can get alarge group of my friends to try it out.
@badp This is killer
11:08 AM
@fredley also it seems to be OS X first so um thanks guys!
11:24 AM
Q: Using the riot shield in extinction mode of COD: Ghosts

ShibliIn extinction mode, how can I put riot shield on my back to protect myself from the attacks behind after purchasing the shield?

@fredley Fun with tentacles is best fun
11:40 AM
Oh ... new DF is out? There goes my productivity.
@fredley: Name a classical or romantic era composer.
@MartinSojka I've been resisting so far
@Wipqozn Hmmmmm
@Wipqozn How emo are you feeling?
@fredley I'm actually pretty cheery. Something upbeat?
@Wipqozn Hmmm
I like Handel's keyboard stuff
11:53 AM
@Wipqozn deadmau5
@fredley Not classical or romantic, but I could go for some handel.
Too hot to Handel
@badp You're really bad at spelling bands today
@fredley The 5 would've given it away too quickly. I could've gotten away with it. Say, "Friederich Deadmaus".
@fredley That's great. I need to use that.
Q: What mean Full modes?

user81162Can someone explain me what mean by full mods on equipment ? Like Odachi full mods ?

11:59 AM
@badp Johann De Admaus
@Wipqozn Mendelssohn is pretty awesome too. Try the octet.
Good, this is blocked at work. Otherwise I don't think I'd get anything done today.
@MBraedley the guy who made that is a regular on gamedev.se
@KevinvanderVelden My brother linked it to me last night. I stayed up an hour and a half later than I normally do playing it.
@MBraedley I've done one like this before
It was mostly centered around constructing things in circles, e.g. 4 packed circles within a larger circle
12:04 PM
@KevinvanderVelden No, it means I came into work half an hour later because I couldn't get up this morning.
@MBraedley even better =p
@MBraedley Why would you do this to me?
I was planning to work today.
@Wipqozn :D
@Wipqozn such suffering must be shared!
12:06 PM
@fredley It is
Apparently "Educational" doesn't override "Games"
Oh god what have I done
I'm stuck
All triangle challenges complete
Hexagons complete
@MBraedley You are a horrible person.
@MBraedley I'm pinning this so everyone else suffers.
@fredley you don't have to compete, you can be a horrible person too
12:22 PM
Hmmm Google I don't remember the great inflation of 2011
Um, Arqade isn't responding for me, but other SEs are.
works for me
@MBraedley It's just you
That's disconcerting
No, I seem to be back
12:56 PM
Q: Different sight indicators

clctoI noticed that when the enemy has visibility of a champion, the indicator above them is different between Warwick's Blood Scent and most (all?) other abilities, such as Cait's trap. Here are screen grabs of the two: Is there any functional difference between the two?

1:10 PM
Well, Fi is in Hyrule Warriors I guess
At least she's not a tutorial
My calculations say there is a 95.68% chance that she will still annoy you out of your mind.
Since it's a muso game basically all she has to do is not "talk" in those weird sounds and she'll scrape by as not annoying
@Blem That's not inflation. That's straight up devaluation.
will be surprised if there's no Ganondorf, shiek or ghirahim at this point though, some pretty weird picks
very glad Midna is in and Impa's a badass though
@FAE Touch My Katamari is okay, got it for a few bucks in a sale. Standard Katamari controls work great, doesn't have the depth of Beautiful Katamari or anything though. It's more of "Katamari on the go" than "new must have katamari" I guess
@Blem Did Zimbabwe annex Denmark while I wasn't looking?
@BenBrocka Touch My Katamari?
1:23 PM
@fredley yeah
@BenBrocka Right
hrm Newegg has the Wii U Smash Bros controller/adapter bundle but not Amazon yet
I have no idea what Hyrule Warriors is supposed to be in the first place
@badp Dynasty Warriors + Zelda.
It's a Musuo/Warriors game
lots of little enemies, big sweeping attacks, flashy battles
1:33 PM
Pew pew pew?
A bit drug down by the fact that somehow after like 50 games they still haven't found out how to just slightly randomize the appearance of standard mobs to make it a bit less obvious you're fighting 50 of literally the exact same thing
Give this moblin a hat, this one a blue vest, this one a scimitar instead of a sword, crap like that would go a long way to making it feel less cheap
@BenBrocka yes, by making it really expensive (in both art and memory)
Mostly memory being the limit, given that we're talking about a system with 2 gigabytes of ram
The Wii U has 2 GB of memory; that's four times a 360's.
1:35 PM
I've seen it used in many games, it's really not that expensive if your game is set up right. It's closer to alternate clothing than having all those different actual character models
@badp The Xbox 360 has .5 GB of RAM? That's it!?!?
Did not know tha
Yeah, it's not PS4/XB1 but it does have a notable RAM advantage
Yes, and even less than .5 was usable in games (a bit over half I think)
@RPiAwesomeness That's twice the RAM the PS3 had.
How in heck did it play games, like, at all...
No, PS3 also had half a gig
1:37 PM
Oh, it was separated half and half rather than shared
At any rate, very little ram
PS3's memory architecture was weird but not as clearly inferior to the 360's as people say. They're both roughly over a quarter of a gig for games (still completely awful)
I guess it only has to play the game, not have too much background stuff running, but still...my crappy 8/9 yr old laptop has like 5 times as much ram...
That said the Wii somehow has 88 MB of RAM?!
Wii U has 2 GB, 1 for games
Well yeah, the Wii is a gamecube
How the fuck does Skyward Sword fit in 88 MB?
1:39 PM
@BenBrocka I know how that's done (and implemented it myself), that's essentially just a change in texture
But it is kinda expensive in GPU fragment shader time
And yet my laptop can't even emulate PS2/Wii games...what...
what's the CPU/GPU on those?
that's probably what the difference is...
It's like, THE thing that makes musuo gameplay look cheap to me though. Hopefully they start doing something like that on gen 8 hw
@RPiAwesomeness rule of thumb for emulation: it requires an order of magnitutde more performance than the thing you're emulating
@RPiAwesomeness emulation takes much higher resource requirements (and some stuff just doesn't run properly at all if the emu isn't perfect)
1:41 PM
@KevinvanderVelden @BenBrocka That's what I ended up deciding.
Seriously, we're just now reaching the level of actually properly emulating a NES
I can run gamecube well beyond 60FPS at 1080p~ and max AA in Dolphin but certain areas in Metroid Prime 2 will lag even at naitive res no AA just because the effects don't emulate well
@RPiAwesomeness Wii should work actually. Dolphin emulator runs more or less lag-free on my gaming PC
nice :)
1:42 PM
We can cheat and get close enough for most games, but an actually emulated SNES? Not really
@Jutschge Well, I definitely don't have a gaming PC :P
Sound aside, NES and SNES emulation has been near perfect for years. Sound is usually the hardest
Yay chiptunes :D
@BenBrocka they have, but mostly because we've build a large list of roms and have patches for them so they work
Though that has been becoming less and less necessary
Yeah, I've emulated Gameboy & SNES pretty well...it was on Windows though :(
1:43 PM
@KevinvanderVelden *SNES
Ty @badp, you're correct
I don't mind per-game hacks as long as the emulator handles 'em automatically
Q: Using Tracking with less than three cards

ChaseCDoes using the card with less than 3 cards remaining in your deck cause you to take fatigue damage? For instance, if you have 0 cards left in your deck, and use tracking. Do you take 3 rounds of fatigue? Or 0? Because you technically wouldn't draw anything. But you do go through 3 cards. Conte...

Q: What does the 'Game Completed' cheat do in Shining Force 2?

OthyaIn Shining Force 2 you can trigger cheats by doing a button combination during the title screen. Then you get some cheat options: Turbo Mode Control Enemy Game Completed What does Game Completed do? I've tried selecting it and it seems as though it doesn't change the gameplay at all.

My main problem with emulators is timing issues, usually resulting in just slightly off sound, and usually making anything rhythm based unplayable
@BenBrocka I've noticed that
1:45 PM
Can run PSP at insane FPS, but Patapon is unplayable because the timing is off, even if it's running at 60FPS smooth
Timing issues are the worst
Also Desmume gives me no end of sound issues in the games I want to play on it (mega man ZX/ZXA)
I think the high-res branch actually worked much better but was still slightly off
Mega Maaaaaaaaaaaaaann!
Good game
1:47 PM
Yeah I understand why it's an issue, still annoying though. Hopefully we can gen pre-gen 6 all perfect before too long. I'm impressed how well gen 6 emulates honestly
Mother 3 had slight timing issues too. You could choose between smooth sound or hitting combos
And PS3 emulation is making impressive strides. No where near playable but they managed to get Disgaea 3 ingame
But that's a GBA game emulated on Android
I hadn't thought of that, but that makes sense. I was also playing it on android so I just didn't bother with the rhythm stuff, input lag would have killed it anyway
It'd be interesting if emulation could fix PSX's Z buffer (I know it can't), would be interesting to see the games that way, not sure I'd play like that though
People bitch, but Mega Man Legends still looks perfect to me
1:57 PM
I am sensing a theme :3
@BenBrocka :3
Q: Mission five of MSD, any hint how to handle it?

DrakaSANThe last update added to the game "Mission", which are staged with preseted deck and no base upgrade. The first 4 ones are quite easy, but I m struggling at the 5th one. This mission give you Tarma, Fat Tarma, Drill Slug and Sand Bag, with the goal to stay alive 80seconds. Problem is, the map s...

@OrigamiRobot There was a Megaman Legends 2?

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