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10:00 AM
Actually, yes they are! The new project Tiny Speck is working on is pretty different, so they basically gave away the entire client codebase of the game, which means all the volunteers had to do was to clobber together a server and spin up an AWS instance to get it working again
I'd wanted to check it out before it died, but never got around to and then, well, it died.
@kalina every monday, meeting to explain what's on the calendar for this week
Please appreciate this intelligently spaced quote in our CompSci faculty building:
10:14 AM
@FEichinger Ignoring the... uh, part that leaves much to the reader's imagination, why is the word 'it blows' in a different font?
@PrivatePansy Well, there's a line below it, but this crop explains why I still giggle every time I walk past it.
you're just a huge pervert
Especially with that little detail of the toilet sign right where the "it blows" line ends.
@kalina I thought that was what you liked about me? Have you been lying to me all this time?!
wait, maybe
don't hold this against me in the next election
@GraceNote @BenBrocka Have either you played Koumajou Densetsu: Scarlet Symphony? I was recently made aware of its existence and I'm curious as to how it is.
10:17 AM
@kalina I don't think it works that way.
you'd be surprised
why can't anybody release an MMO I'm interested in
I need a game I can sink 500 hours into
like... now
@kalina Because there is a secret society carefully conspiring to keep you away from yet another addiction.
at this rate I'm going to end up playing ESO "just because"
@kalina Ewwww
@kalina Inappropriate comment about holding something against you
10:19 AM
How about Neverwinter or PoE? It's free, at the very least
@Blem ... Well, so much for me being a huge pervert.
@PrivatePansy I NEED
@PrivatePansy I don't think Neverwinter would be her thing.
@Blem ...
there is room for more than one huge pervert, you might not be the biggest though
10:19 AM
@FAE you're right, neither is PoE, after the hack and slash fest that was D3
@Blem "Oh, I bet I'm not the biggest."
especially with an expansion just around the corner
which I've already bought
which I agree regret buying
Come on, star ... That doesn't count.
@KevinvanderVelden old
10:20 AM
I put it in quotes for a reason.
Like a day old!
@KevinvanderVelden and already posted in chat
This one is way better than the one Private Pansy posted =p
@kalina yeah but I don't read all of chat on the weekends so meh
@KevinvanderVelden you should
the best conversations happen at the weekend
@KevinvanderVelden What does the fact that I do tell you about my life?
10:21 AM
@FEichinger You enjoy backscroll?
@FEichinger you don't have one snigger
@FEichinger well, I just spend the rest of the time playing minecraft and dota so that's not much better
@kalina :(
@kalina Tired eyes skipped the s and I nearly choked on my water.
@FAE slow clap
10:22 AM
@FAE how completely inappropriate of you
@FEichinger Not my intention!
@FAE Of course not, you filthy racist!
@FEichinger At least I don't have a swastika for my gravatar.
Unlike the... what, 3 we had in here last night?
now that's one thing I've never done
@FAE Well, there have been an awful lot of chat account deletions recently ...
10:23 AM
@FAE oh gods, did the hitlers from RPG SE invade?
I did make the fantastic mistake of posting a picture of myself on the internet again recently, though
@KevinvanderVelden +1, no duckfaces
@KevinvanderVelden I... I'm not sure what this is nor if I want to know...
I regretted it literally straight after the 2 minute cooldown expired
and the internet did not disappoint, doing the same thing it always does
@kalina Could've told you so.
10:24 AM
@kalina: oh, only cause of that kid ;p
@kalina Sprouted jerks?
@FAE All teh jerks, in fact.
just... facedesk
and I thought Stack Exchange was a safer place to do such things
@FAE on a remembrance day for the victims of the holocaust RPG SE was invaded by lots of accounts with hitler gravatars.
@KevinvanderVelden the whole of SE was
10:25 AM
@KevinvanderVelden ...classy.
@kalina Yeh ... no.
sadly, that particular user doesn't appear to have been banned
and still actively turns up in AU chat
@kalina I remember seeing it mostly from RPG SE, but meh, you're in more chat rooms than I am
claiming to be reformed
@kalina The jerk, or the swastika?
10:26 AM
sometimes, I really appreciate the way some of Arqade's mods work
Because the swastika keeps getting deleted and just getting a new account.
(I'm looking at you, @badp)
@JourneymanGeek Well, yeh, the jerk is still being a jerk. No news there.
@FEichinger Only when this particular user is not around, strange how that happens, eh?
@kalina Well, yeh, there's that, too.
10:27 AM
@FEichinger: apparently abusing tor. Its people like that who ruin tor for everyone :/
TOR is there to be abused
@kalina This.
I'm sorry, but claiming there's an intended "valid use" for TOR is just ridiculous.
There is a valid use for TOR
to abuse it
... Oh, screw you.
10:28 AM
@kalina NOT MY FAULT.
it is
you tried to push an additional screw to the queue and it overflowed
Well, yeh, it kinda is. But still.
So how many screws are in that queue now?
I can't tell you, it overflowed, they're everywhere
... eww.
@kalina Some other times, I'm just that unnamed moderator who did the thing a year ago
10:30 AM
@badp "the thing", you say?
We all remember "the thing". It was unpleasant.
at least you're proactive, some of the stuff that goes down elsewhere on the network would never happen with you around
I don't remember the thing cause I'm a lame newbie =[
@kalina It wouldn't have happened on AU a year ago either!
I'm hoping the candidates that win in this election actually sort out their activity, if they're around as much after being elected as they are currently it will be insufficient.
Really don't want to end up in the scenario where we elect three people who're equally as idle as some of our current mods
10:34 AM
@kalina Not equally. But they're certainly not shining examples of activity either ...
TOR is for CP Pics
I'm not sure I want to know what CP means, because I would feel required to flag you
@kalina and it'd probably be validated if he didn't use acronyms =p
it's fine, my brain has accepted that it means Captain Picard.
@kalina I like this better than the other option
10:39 AM
@KevinvanderVelden Very much so.
@kalina FYI: number of flags cleared by moderators this month: 168 147 146 112 105 76, plus 40 from Anna. Average handling time 0 days 5 hours 16 minutes 0 seconds
with 14 flags still open
thats a good quota
not as fast as 4chan but good
That's a lot of flags
@badp This month as in this past three days?
@PrivatePansy from January 3rd
10:48 AM
I really don't want to count how many flags I've raised since Jan 3rd
Oh, then that's not really a lot
Multiple flags on the same post only count for 1
however, the individual responsible for that 76 should be made aware that he's half as active as several of the other mods
He is fully aware.
He actually is who rallied for these elections to happen.
During the same time period, I have raised >250 flags, of which ~15 got denied
10:51 AM
@kalina That's surprisingly high
I didn't filter dupes and there are probably some comment flags in there
@PrivatePansy you should consider that while my stats look equivalent to everybody elses, my stats are for a 6 month period, not 2+ years
I have a < 1% decline rate for flags
over 1%?
@PrivatePansy Sure you wanted to write > there?
10:52 AM
I have 58 declined flags out of 1508 raised
Never could figure out those signs
and out of those 58 declined flags, most of the posts still got removed anyway
Yes, I just searched "less than greater than for kids" to find a picture like that. Sue me.
@kalina So that's about a third of our flags total.
10:54 AM
@badp now, imagine if I could just action them
@FEichinger Actually, I memorized it as the 'mouth' (bigger end) always points to the bigger number
Only ~4500 flags in total on Arqade..?
@PrivatePansy nope
then you end up with oddities like 4 is greater than 9
Or something along the lines
Mouth open towards the bigger meal
10:55 AM
I just sometimes get tripped up when using it with words
@3ventic Her this-month is ~ a third of Arqade's whole this-month.
@FEichinger I cannot understand this sentence.
What's "her this-month"
posted on February 03, 2014 by Jutschge

Recently, I got kind of a lot lag spikes while using some internet programs at the same time. Now since I'd consider my connection speed as pretty good (10mbit up/100mbit down) and the problems are really just spikes and not a constant high ping, I wonder what causes this problem. They usually only occur when I use the following programs at the same time: x-split

I've been awake 20 hours. I should probably take a nap.
10:57 AM
That would be a good idea.
@3ventic In the period between Jan 3rd and now, I have raised 1/3rd of the total flags on the site, is what they're saying
@FAE you should, either that or insane amounts of caffeine and a good game
@kalina I'm currently debating the merits of a 2-3 hour nap for a boost versus just staying awake through the whole day.
@FAE are you currently doing anything?
I don't really feel tired right now though, but I know I should get some sleep.
@kalina No, mostly just reading the internet.
I cannot stay awake for over 28 hours in a row.
10:59 AM
2-3 nap sounds like a win, then
@FAE Then you should probably sleep
but if you can't get to sleep, then it's just a waste of time trying
@3ventic the week I started playing The Secret World, I stayed awake for an entire week
@FAE it is the middle of the day, you really should go to bed =p
completed the entire story, did some additional levelling, etc etc
10:59 AM
then slept all weekend
@kalina This sounds like it would cause hallucinations.
The week I started playing my first and last MMO, my computer was playing the whole week
@FAE do you not remember the gibberish state I was in by the end of it?
people were joking about my omnipresence on the site during that week
As in, monthly test of the national alarm system
Alll the noise
@KevinvanderVelden aaaaaagh
11:00 AM
I did the same when WoW: Pandaria came out too
@FAE well, be glad you didn't take a nap an hour ago =p
This would be the worst alarm clock ever
@kalina Yeah, but not the details of it so much.
@KevinvanderVelden It is. I've been woken by it before.
5 days of no sleep reduces the brain to mush
however, sleeping after 5 days of no sleep is the best sleep possible
it's like death, but you get to wake up from it
@kalina Have you never been interested in going back to play it again?
@FAE I did install it sometime late last year, logged in, logged out, uninstalled it again
I think it's f2p now, isn't it?
11:02 AM
@kalina Believe so, aye.
I didn't fully enjoy the game the first time around tbh, the mechanics are pretty clunky
Still has paid packs and such.
had a reasonable story though
tried some new things, some of them worked, some of them didn't
iirc it had a pretty decent soundtrack too
I own it but still haven't really played it yet
And recently uninstalled it because it took up a ton of HDD space
that's a point, I still have ESO beta installed
and WoW
and EVE
11:05 AM
Was ESO any good?
and it's probably time to reformat my PC
@3ventic not really
Seems like it
it had a lot of annoying things in it
like, if you play with a bow and arrow
the arrows clip and disappear at distance and you're limited to 40 yards
and they fire in a straight line
and if you're 41 yards away from the enemy, they vanish just before they hit the enemy
My friend said that their UI is pretty much completely static and you can't even move the windows.
and magic is ridiculously overpowered in comparison to... everything else
and the party system is terrible
11:06 AM
Not sure if that's still the case, but if so, ugh.
@FAE the UI was completely static
That sounds pretty bad.
the party system didn't let you share quests, didn't let you share objectives, included random instancing where half your party would vanish
@kalina aren't they releasing Q1?
it was impossible to tell how far into a question @OrigamiRobot was and vice versa
11:07 AM
When was the release date?
@FAE I have no idea
if they are, it's not ready for release based on what we saw in the beta
April 4, 2014
other than that, it's fundamentally skyrim but with hundreds of people running around stealing your kills and loot
I don't think they're going to get it fixed in a few months
Maybe it will be good about a year after it's release but meh

The Elder Scrolls Online will release on PC on April 4, 2014.

Bethesda's upcoming MMORPG will hit both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 later in 2014. The next-gen console version launches on an unspecified day in June 2014.
Yeah, that does not sound like it's going to be super polished by then.
11:09 AM
well, they could have been holding back for the beta
past experience demonstrates developers don't usually do that though
It just sounds like a generic free-to-play MMO with worse than average mechanics with just the story and lore going for it
@3ventic they intend to use a subscription model, I think
@3ventic .. sans the "free to play".
Yeah but when you've got stuff like no quest sharing and a static UI, those are things that are at this point, pretty locked in. They're also going to feel restrictive to anyone who's played other MMOs.
@3ventic It's box fee + sub fee.
...which just makes it worse
11:10 AM
basically, IMO, ESO is just a re-run of what happened with SWTOR
it will probably be free to play by the end of the year/middle of next
@3ventic Plus having a race locked behind the collector's edition.
...which just makes it worse
If I'm not mistaken, it's like 50€ purchase with 15€ / month
oh god, that's the other thing
all races can join guilds together
but they can't join parties together
I just timed out from chat... so yeah
Try to figure out what I was replying to
@kalina ...how does that make any sense at all...
11:11 AM
I have no idea, but we had to re-roll to party up
Do they tell you that in character creation?
even though we could join a guild together
WHAT?! You can't have many races in one party?
That's ridiculous.
again, it could be a beta thing
but in my mind, it should be the other way around in beta
with all those restrictions lifted to make you focus on testing the game
11:13 AM
I think I'll be sticking with Skyrim and mods
@FAE It never made any sense in the Elder Scrolls universe to begin with, where there were always people of all races working for and with others. Hell, even back when the Orcs/Orsimer were still just the "XP loot bags" (Daggerfall) you could still talk to them - and even help them along.
and the quests were boring enough that I entered click spamming through quests rather than listening to them
oh, and they've got this text to speech thing
at least in the beta
where they didn't even bother recording vocals and just used text to speech for voice overs
I wish I could make this stuff up
@MartinSojka I've never really played the single player games much
@kalina I'm going to assume that's just filler, as they've got a lot of big name voice talent attached.
11:15 AM
I bet Skyrim multiplayer mods are better..
@FAE some of them were voice acted, but like minor characters and vendors - all of their lines were text to speech
@kalina To be fair, I wish game developers would do that more. It'll sound horrible at start, but then many of the first 3D games looked horrible as well, and look where we are now.
@kalina That's kind of messy. I imagine that's something that would get cleaned up later though, I hope. Maybe they've just not gotten their "Additional Voices" actors in yet.
@3ventic half a second, not bad
11:17 AM
@FAE I think Bethesda's "additional voices actors" is just Linda Carter and a lot of sound filters. ;)
@kalina Half the requests never reaching the other end is bad
@MartinSojka hahaha
@3ventic you're not the only person noticing issues
Think I'm going to go lay down and try to nap, or at least rest a little. Still not fully recovered from last night, so I should probably curl up in bed a while.
11:19 AM
mmm bed
so comfy
I think I'll go get my sister from school soon
from school?
I wish it was hometime already
hours ago, in fact
I came from school already
Later all.
@FAE night o/
11:21 AM
Damn you lag, I'm going to do something else than spam the retry button on my messages. See ya
@3ventic o/
11:31 AM
I'm trying to find an image of my desktop I posted in chat
@kalina Yes, you do ... >.>
@3ventic The grand total is 22,213 mod abuse points (flagged posts)
since the start of the site
Q: Can the Realm Reborn launcher pause/resume the game download?

OmegaI just purchased Realm Reborn. It seems like the launcher is trying to download around 9GB. When it had around 50MB, I decided to cancel it and then restart it just make sure that it was able to resume - because my internet connection is not quite stable. It seems to me like the download begun...

The grand total for actual flags raised is 74,882.
@badp Wow
That's quite a low accept rate
11:34 AM
No, 74,882/22,213 is the ratio of average flags/flagged post
Declined flags still count as mod abuse points.
Hey, remember when this was an actual issue?
3.37108900194 flags per post on average
@3ventic flags per flagged post; there's all the other posts that never got flagged
I have one of those I think
I hate the retry button, bye
The grand total of deleted posts is 31,156
The rest is 108,741
so that's 74882/(108741+31156)
or .54
@FAE PC gamers: complain about late crappy ports, complain about early unfinished releases
...and actually have a point in both cases
11:46 AM
a wrong answer isn't a reason to kill it
that's what downvotes are for
it's not even wrong, it just seems to be a dupe
by @Michel's own comment
Miss link
I run into my activity and get the first link there ... but the "stuff" that I wanted to kill, was already dead o.O
Congratz on the mods o.o
It was an answer with a lot of spam and email and bla-bla-bla
I was added and removed as room owner when I wasn't around. I'm so popular.
Even when I'm not around, you guys just have me in the forefront of your minds! So sweet.
ooOOOooo, Monday morning finishes in 6 minutes
11:55 AM
@kalina but what happens after Monday morning?
@tombull89 Monday afternoon, duh
@PrivatePansy indeed.
@tombull89 Friday
@Michel Still not dead
terrible mods
@fredley says you, who turns up 3 minutes before the afternoon starts
what kind of morning cover do you call that?
11:58 AM
I'm going go out on a limb and call this spam:
A: How to fix PCX2 lag?

user68355Reasons for getting high ping value. 1.High ping is when there is high traffic in your system. 2.This can be either caused by loading such large files that the system cannot handle them, or by running several programs at the same time. 3.High ping is not just due to the bad internet connection...

This answer has nothing to do with the question, and ends with a link.
3 hours ago, by fredley
@Wipqozn I'm going to disagree, and call it not an answer
@fredley one line of text is not activity
@kalina Pretty sure it is
I voted for you because you were meant to be active in the EU mornings!
sort it out

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