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2:03 AM
fifth island is the worst
2:37 AM
this Pokemon Snap? is it because it's got barely anything in it?
3:02 AM
@Memor-X nah, the illumina pokemon is the worst
2 hours later…
4:34 AM
Q: How much Lore/Story is currently available in Diablo Immortal?

BenSo at this stage, Diablo Immortal has been released into Alpha for the general public. After having played it a bit, I found that it was not for me. However, I am an avid follower of the Lore and Story in the Diablo series, and am very keen to know what Immortal adds to the storyline. For example...

5:13 AM
@Wrigglenite Why did you rollback 385618?
@ExpertCoder14 changes the entire intent of the question
@Yuuki What do you mean? More specific
asker should just ask a new question instead of editing that existing question
@ExpertCoder14 the original question asked for game identification
the edited version asked for how to acquire that game
completely different questions
@Yuuki I did believe they were closely related enough that I would see merit in them editing instead of posting anew
it changes intent and it changes the answer space. plus, what's the harm in asking as a new question?
5:19 AM
I believe in reduce reuse recycle for Q&As
Rather than trash and start anew
every time
I'm not talking about chat message
Chat and Q&A are so different.
Just because I want one thing for one doesn't mean I want the same thing for another
I'm not sure how recycling pertains to Q&A posts.
I saw some relationship between the old question and the new
So I thought editing them was okay
Like if they changed it to a completely different game obviously that would be off
But if they ask what the game is, then they figure it out, now they want to know how to get it? I'd say editing to list updates is a better choice
What value do you get out of editing instead of asking a new question?
Not to mention that you're essentially deleting the original question.
5:23 AM
It's more efficient then deleting and reposting.
How so?
Editing is one action.
Deleting and reposting is two.
If you want to cancel one question and provide another, just edit it. More efficient, and not like anyone will care.
Two button presses is not much time and energy saved. Arguably, it generates more problems because now we're arguing about site policy that's already been nailed down.
Well either way I think the subjects of the two versions are close enough to warrant editing
And clearly, three people are already caring: the moderator that reverted the change, you since you brought it up, and now me because I agree that the change should've been reverted.
5:26 AM
Well, either way I still want to see that question reopened in its edited state. What should I do?
Tell the user to ask it as a new question.
Alternately, ask it yourself.
Meh, I would prefer something to do with the current one, but whatever. I'm starting to agree with you on some parts.
Some of your statements are starting to make sense now that I think about it.
But where do we draw the line between what is similar enough to warrant editing?
My rule of thumb is to look at how much the edit would change the acceptable answers for that question. In this case, the question asked "what game is this?". Acceptable answers would include the name of the game. The edit changed the question to "how do i get this game?". The name of the game wouldn't be an acceptable answer to that question.
So if they changed even just one minor detail that would invalidate existing answers, it wouldn't be a good edit?
That edit wasn't changing a minor detail.
5:31 AM
I agree with you.
"what is this" is not a minor difference from "how do i get this"
I mean in general
I'm not concerning that question anymore
So in general if they changed even just one minor detail that would invalidate existing answers, it wouldn't be a good edit?
If you're looking for hard and fast rules, then I can't give you one. One, I'm not a moderator. Two, I don't really agree with hard and fast rules.
Discussion is an important tool to use when participating in a community-run site. I probably came off really curt and rude earlier. And for that, I apologize.
But you did the right thing. You saw that there was an action that you disagreed with. And you asked for clarification.
And we talked about what we both consider is the proper action.
I honestly don't know anymore. Your statements make sense, but there's something in my gut that tells me that editing the question would be better.
I can see both sides of this equation, and now you've got me split.
Well, the contention is that preserving the edit would improve efficiency. I'm not sure what metrics you're using, but I would assume it's that some memory space is saved on the servers?
And it's less effort to edit a question than it is to ask a new question.
For the first point, users really shouldn't concern themselves about how much server space their questions take up. That's something for Stack Exchange employees to worry about. In all likelihood, the memory cost between one or two questions is likely so miniscule as to be completely negligible. The same goes for the amount of effort spent on editing vs. asking a new question.
As for the downsides to allowing radical edits, the chief one is that you're essentially deleting the old question. There could be value in the original question that's lost when a radical edit changes the entire intent of the question.
Now this question in particular was likely going to be closed. But there's value in leaving questions closed and how would we decide when it is acceptable to completely change the intent of a question?
5:46 AM
As I saw it, they had a similar problem, and I guess they thought it would be more efficient to edit.
If server space is not an issue, obviously the path of least resistance would be to post anew, meaning not closed and 0 votes
Perhaps they edited the question because they thought there were no answers yet so nobody would mind if it was changed.
@Yuuki My response to that would be, is it okay to change the context of the question if there are no answers yet?
Because if your rule of thumb is to look at whether it would invalidate answers, what if there are no answers?
@ExpertCoder14 For me, the rule applies whether or not the question has answers or not. For the most part, you can guess what kind of answers would be acceptable for a question without actually knowing the answer.
Now let's go back to that question that started all this.
Asking a new question is the choice that presents the least problems. In accepting comprehensive edits, there's so many conditions that need to be satisfied to make sure that the least amount of harm is created for both of the questions. It's honestly just less of an issue to just ask a new question.
What if the question was not closed when they made their edit?
Might they have been able to get away with editing?
Likely not.
5:54 AM
So it would get reverted in some way, even if there has not been any interaction with it yet?
That's the decision I would've made if I came across that in the edit queue.
Wdym edit queue
OP edits don't require approval
Do you mean some sort of universal edit log?
I don't recall all the moderator tools, so I'm not sure if that's one.
Never been a moderator, so I wouldn't know.
Yes, I see that. However if you want to replace your question with another when there has been absolutely no interaction with it so far (votes, comments, anything else), to me it just feels wrong to delete and repost it.
I don't know why I feel that way. Maybe it's my habits about reuse rather than start-over.
6:09 AM
@Yuuki Okay, I believe that's all discussed for now, so I'll leave it at that. I'll pay more attention in the future instead of just assuming
Thank you for your time.
6:24 AM
There's no question shortage. SE is not running out of disk space to store questions (and revisions take up space anyway). There's no value to reusing a question ID number the way there is to reusing physical things. And if you're changing a question that much, it's mostly detrimental to have it hang on to the comment and vote baggage of a different question.
7:19 AM
We got an issue with our firewall at work, so I can't VPN into work
I've been sitting here for over an hour watching Youtube videos while waiting for our sysadmin to fix it
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9:43 AM
Q: What do the numbers in brackets mean after City/Village on the RRT player aid card?

JezThe Railroad Tycoon player aid card shows the industries that produce certain goods, and the places that consume them. However, after "Village" and "City" is sometimes a number in brackets: What does the number mean?

10:35 AM
Q: How does Taal's Twinned Arrow work?

galacticninja The Chaos Wastes game mode boon, "Taal's Twinned Arrow" is described: Ranged attacks now fire one additional projectile. How does this work with weapons and career skills / ults where this description is not quite straightforward, like ranged attacks that don't have projectiles or have multipl...

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12:44 PM
Q: Is it possible to connect an Xbox 360 wireless controller to the Xbox one s wireless receiver for PC?

Geniuni GenI got 2 Xbox 360 wireless controllers for my PC . I'm considering that the xbox 360 controller wont connec to the xbox one s receiver (meaning the 360 controller will be phased out soon and games might use a new XInput api that's incompatible with the 360 controller)

12:59 PM
Does anybody know why GTA: San Andreas is trending on Twitter today?
1:15 PM
1 message moved from This Is Fine
1:28 PM
@andrybak apparently someone made a "Rank these 4 games" tweet with Vice City, San Andreas, GTA 3 and GTA 5 and San Andreas was picked up for the trending because most people used the full name
And a significant amount of people even replaced GTA V with GTA IV because they think GTA V sucks
@Nzall thanks
1:44 PM
Between 3, Vice City and San Andreas the latter of the 3 was the best, particularly the gang warfare and the riots in Los Santos and the airfield out in the desert
just a shame that you couldn't do the gang warfare in the other cities and the vanilla riots were limited to just Los Santos. but it was made up by having cheats to expand the riots though the entire area and giving civilians any weapon. the airfield became the only refuge an even then now and again a fire would just spawn
Gang Warfare in Los Santos in the middle of a riot, at night, in a sandstorm with civilians with M4's, SMG's and Rocket Launchers made for really chaotic gang fights
@Memor-X I've tried so many times to play San Andreas, but I never can get into it properly
Like, it kinda feels outdated at this point
2:53 PM
Q: Command Block working after breaking it

PanDonutRecently I made a command block teleporting player to specific cords but i accidentaly turned it ON and I was stuck in a loop. I destroyed the command block with setblock but it still executed commands. I checked it with NBT Editor and it wasn't in the region files but still worked Please help

San Andreas was incredible when it came out but these days Saints Row exists which makes it harder to recommend
@Nzall i used to play it on the XBox back when i was still in high school and didn't have alot of games (or the money to buy them) so it sorta engrained into me
@ToxicFrog Saint's Row you can really get OPed with the bonuses so the rsik is greatly reduced when you make things get crazy
i remember doing this challenge where i had Sandstorm, Riot, Give civilians any weapon and Civilians attack you (ie. they seem to gun just for you) and tried to escape Los Santos while underfire from everything
died so many times from a rocket getting me from behind when i finally got to a car
in Saint's Row, that's a Tuesday
3:19 PM
Q: what does the egg for a sandstorm dragon look like?

dragonvale playerI have no clue how to breed it nor what dragons to use to breed it or what the egg looks like for it to know if its the right dragon.

4:01 PM
Man, I need to play Factorio and Elite Dangerous again at some point
I'd love to play some Factorio again in the near future.
Q: Unable to connect to FACEIT CS:GO servers.No AV,no firewall,good network connection

Parsa MousaviI'm new to faceit and almost each time I want to play I'm forced to join a server(mostly german ones,while I live in middle-east) which is unreachable for me.I can ping the server of course but I get retrying public(...) messages in console and finally fail to join the match,an as the result I ge...

@TimPost I played it once, and realized that it would eat up waaaay too much of my time so I never ended up buying it. Quite a few of my buddies have over 500 hours in it. The archer loving porkchop @fredley has over 1000.
I need to go back to it now that 1.1 is out
My whole message got wiped what. I blame my cat.
@SaintWacko I've been wanting to return to Elite dangerous for a while as well. I stopped when I was 50 sectors out something, but on my way back. Got boring hopping back.
I recently reinstall Kerbal Space Program too... I barely played that. Haven't touched it since 2013. I always wanted to dive more into it though.
who knows if I will though. so many games, so little time.
4:17 PM
KSP is hard to get back into
Furthest I made it was sending a probe to Duna
I usually get distracted building airplanes lol
I bought it when it came out and very very quickly realized that it would eat a ton of time and kinda forgot about it. Saw someone doing really cool things in a let's play over the weekend and it looks like even more fun now.
@TimPost I think it improved quite a lot during Early Access.
4:34 PM
I think the fonts changed
Q: We are switching to system fonts on May 10, 2021

Aaron ShekeyTL;DR We’re shipping system fonts as our default font stack. We plan to do this on May 10th, 2021. What? We’re planning on specifying system fonts on Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange Network. On macOS and iOS, you’ll see things set in San Francisco. On Windows, you’ll see Segoe. On Android y...

5:02 PM
Q: Minecraft give effect when stand on a certain block in a 10 by 10 range

cool guuyOk so im trying to make a base that that when someone enters it they get glowing so i can see them but i don't know the command i also don't want the effect to be perminant and that the effect is given only when being on that block

Q: Is there way in Minecraft to make fish do not do that slappy thing ? (with resourcepack)

LagoIs there way in Minecraft to make fish do not do that slappy thing ? with resourcepack ? like with using Optifine Cem Or something like that ? i am using minecraft version 1.16

Q: Powers getting freezed, getting blue and not usable in lol wild rift at times

ReyanPowers getting freezed, getting blue and not usable in lol wild rift at times. At the time of attacking an opponent my powers kinda freezes and are not usable.. How to solve this issue.. I know its a dumb question., but please bear. Attached image In this pic the powers are blued out. Why?

Sony Now Expecting PS5 Shortages to Continue Into Next Year ign.com/articles/…
> Global shortages of semiconductors, which are used in almost all computing devices, has made it increasingly difficult for the continuing demand for PS5 consoles to be met. Semiconductors are a crucial part of the PS5 architecture, and the shortages have let to delays in the console's production cycle.
Video games were a mistake
5:18 PM
@Wrigglenite Cryptocurrencies were a mistake
A bigger mistake for sure
I don't know what point I'm trying to make there
I managed to get a PS5 a while ago, and now also a COVID19 vaccination, so I got most of the rare things I'd want. I'll just skip GPUs for now, even if you can get them they're just too expensive
5:41 PM
@MadScientist Mistakes were a mistake
I've been getting back into Noita lately
Game still hates you for playing it, but it's fun
I found that Noita got a lot more fun once I installed a mod that added respawn points
There's so much cool stuff to explore and experiment with but since so many experiments end in "kills you instantly" it strongly disincentivises it.
6:01 PM
My only issue is that given how easy it is to go back and edit wands in the holy mountains, you should really be able to edit them everywhere by default rather than hoping you get a perk
Before you get the perk, you're just wasting time running back and forth
I also have a mod installed that adds it as a guaranteed drop from the chasm boss
Also, running back and forth? Last time I tried that it didn't work, once you leave the holy mountain the first time wands are no longer editable there.
The chasm boss? As in, past the lava lake?
I forget its name
But the point is, there's a mod that makes Edit Wands Everywhere a guaranteed drop from it
6:03 PM
That is not a boss I would consider fighting anywhere early
well, no, but early on you don't have enough good stuff that you're really hurting for EWE
The idea is to make it guaranteed without making it trivial
If you want the latter, there are also mods that let you start with it instead
I'd say that's probably the strongest boss in the game, so it's definitely not trivial!
I do think that if backtracking to the holy mountains were allowed, editing everywhere should be allowed by default too, but as noted backtracking to the mountains doesn't work for me, so I'm not sure what's going on there
But as for keeping the holy mountain active, you can use a teleport spell to avoid the area that collapses the temple
Or you can dig through the brickwork with one of several ways, but those are harder to get and come with other issues
I've gotten teleport spells other than Recall less commonly than edit wands everywhere :P
And digging through the floor angers the gods, sooooo
(that said, I'm surprised that angering the gods doesn't break the wand-editing properties of the room as well)
6:06 PM
The newest update added a small teleport bolt that seems fairly common
well, they dropped a trailer for the venom sequel. carnage in a movie rated pg-13? that just seems extra wrong
Noita is a game where you snowball your advantages into bigger and bigger ones, and an early teleport or Peace With Gods is one of the fastest way to start accumulating power
But it also means that RNG can just make your life much harder than it needs to be
Q: Why isn't Golem spawning?

FieryPhoenixI was playing with my post-Moon Lord Journey Character, and went into a new world and found the temple, drilled into it with my Laser Drill, got out some researched Power Cells (researching is basically duplication) and used it on the alter, and he didn't spawn. I killed no bosses. Can anyone tel...

7:10 PM
Q: Why do precompiled shaders run faster than loading the game in general?

WG481I've noticed when emulating the 3DS and Wii U that precompiled shaders run faster than just generally playing the game. Moreso on the Wii U than 3DS. When playing something like Breath of the Wild, it generally runs slower, especially while it's configuring the shaders while I'm playing. However,...

Q: Using custom enchanted books in an anvil (Minecraft)

Lincoln SmithI recently started building some things with command blocks for a Minecraft server a friend is hosting. Is it possible through commands or some other way to combine a tool with an enchanted book that is unobtainable without commands? Whenever I have tried, it just gives the tool the highest survi...

Jesus, just noticed the new main site font
As in: it's using the system font
1 hour later…
8:28 PM
Q: Can you put SNES roms on a Super Mario Bros Game & Watch?

StickyChannel 92I want to try to put Super Mario All-Stars Super Mario Bros 1 & 2(JPN) on the Game and Watch. I've seen some hacking videos on putting NES roms on it, but can you manipulate it to put SNES roms on it? BONUS: Is there a way to change the clock so that it matches the All-Styles theme?

8:53 PM
Q: Change Pre-1.9 Ender Dragon Phase with Commands

gCoIs there away to use commands in Minecraft 1.7.2 to instantly make the Ender Dragon perform the charge action at you?

Q: Can Flip Out affect the player that activated it?

StevoisiakThe description for Flip Out states "Next time you land on a drop panel, the player(s) with the highest number of stars will lose the same number of stars as you." What happens if a player activates Flip Out, then lands on a drop panel while they have the most stars? Will the player lose twice as...

9:26 PM
> You’ve earned access to the Suggested edits queue!
10:25 PM
@SaintWacko TIL you didn't already have that
Or is this on a different site?
I have no idea what the rep threshold is if for anything anymore
Once you get the diamond it stops mattering
@Wipqozn Pushing 1500, send help automate sending help
11:10 PM
@fredley Just mod the game to play Archer quotes non-stop. That'll break the addiction.
11:22 PM
@Wipqozn I got this message recently lol
And I've been 25k for a while
I think it's just a "has this user seen this message yet" flag for a new message
I think it corresponded with the recent design change idk
Someone probably posted it on meta and got "yeah, just hit dismiss it's fine you won't see it again"
@Unionhawk That's would make sense

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