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12:14 AM
@Ronan There's several Pokémon, and there's a way to trigger them consistently. Most seem to trigger based on if Mega is lit up at certain points. I just spam light balls at her whenever she's not super charged
Also there are a few pokemon hiding behind bushes.
It was honestly the hardest stage to max
The other Illuminati ones have been way easier
12:57 AM
@Yuuki I was going to link that, but I was on mobile.
Q: How to get to Sir Hamfords Manor in Mage's Initiation?

bobeffIn Mage's Initiation just after completing the priestess quest, I have been given a quest about stealing an item from Sir Hamfords Manor. But I didn't remember the instructions on how to get there? Could someone help with this?

Q: Unnatural silence in New Pokemon Snap

Kamil DrakariI've been playing New Pokemon Snap for a few days, and it seems to be lacking sounds in many places I would expect it to have some, and seems to ignore my sound settings in other ways. Here are some specifics: During a research expedition Teleporting makes a sound, even with all of my sound opti...

1:50 AM
@MBraedley How is it that the last time I played Kerbal Space Program was in 2013. I didn't even realize it was OUT in 2013. Man, time flies. ALso I only ever put 9 hours into it since I'm lame. Think I'm going to start putting more hours into it now. I always wanted to put more time into it,.
@Wipqozn You should, but I also haven't played it in many years
@MBraedley I was reread the martian for the third time, which is what got me back into the mood for it again.
Q: How do I send a Minecraft Resource Pack to someone

YeetMan567I play on Windows Bedrock Edition and I have made a resource pack I want to send to a friend but I don't know how to, I've searched it up on google but i can't find anything on it

@Wipqozn the author apparently has a new book out
2:15 AM
@Yuuki Artemis? It released a while ago. Years even. I still haven't read it, although I do own the audiobook.
Oh no, an actual new book. Hail Mary.
It was Recieved much better than Artemis by the look of it.
2:45 AM
@Wipqozn yeah, apparently he went back to his strike zone
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4:31 AM
Q: Does Bozai show up before defeating Vah Naboris?

CenzoBozai is the NPC in BOTW that gives the player snow and sand boots. I am searching for him around the outskirts of Gerudo Town and I can not find him. I have also looked at the tent he would sit in. This has a comment saying he can appear before completing the Vah Naboris dungeon, I however still...

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5:48 AM
Q: Blank pokestop / gym photo disc

Subha Jeet SikdarSo today I went to the neighboring town for some needs there I saw a pokestop and another gym which had blank photo discs These pokestop and gym are new, these weren't there a month before , and I didn't nominate it. What makes it happen so? I have created 2 stops and a gym in my town, all con...

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10:31 AM
Q: How do I find out which mc mods are causing performance issues?

MrDashiihope you all are doing well! I am playing a Minecraft Modpack called "All of Fabric 3" with my friends. The Server is hosted on gameserver.gratis with a Ryzen 3950X and 2 GB of RAM located in Germany. (I am from Germany too) But the Problem is, that the Server is crashing or freezing at some poin...

11:23 AM
Q: Does the "Khaine's Fury" Chaos Wastes boon also activate on temporary health?

galacticninja The Chaos Wastes game mode boon, "Khaine's Fury" is described: While above 50% health, you gain 25% more melee power but deal 3 damage to yourself every swing. By "health" does this also mean temp (white) health, aside from the permanent (green) health? I'm wondering if I need to heal my perma...

11:48 AM
Q: Dying Light the following: How to beat the Mother in final battle?

Nitin JadhavI am at the final part of dying light - the following. I have rejected Mother's request for sacrifice and fighting her. But she is too fast and furious in the last phase - in seconds, I am dead. Especially, when she screams, my health goes to zero fast. Is there a specific strategy to beat her in...

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1:07 PM
Q: How can i unlock Golden Dice from the casino vendor?

Memor-XIn Tales of Xillia 2 a number of guides show the use of Golden Dice in order to obtains large amount of Poker Chips to farm Friendship Potions for Affinity raising, items for selling to clear the debt and for getting a trophy associated with collecting 100,000 Poker Chips. According to a bunch if...

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4:07 PM
Q: Command to get items back

John MI fell into the void and I lost all of my netherite. Is there any possible solution to this. I have looked up different commands to use and none of them work. A lot of them say to load your backup world but I don't have one. What should I do?

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5:24 PM
Q: Do experience buffs affect skill books?

EJSI always assumed that Skill Books, Trainers and other free skill boosts always gave you exactly 1 skill level. However reading about trainers on the wiki I see that: Training benefits from Sleeping and Standing Stone bonuses, though the XP so acquired will never result in advancing more than one...

5:50 PM
Q: Data Modify Entity Problem 1.16.5

OakrestIm trying to clone the inventory of one named storage to another. I first tried finding a way to clone the inventory of a chest. e.g. execute as @e run data modify block[type=chest,name=input].... But that didn't work because i couldn't because the block syntax only accepts xyz coordinates and no...

Q: Loaded chunk visibly disappears when in one chunk but appears in the next?

TobiasIn my minecraft world I have a villager trading hall, and I can see all of it except for one chunk when I'm standing outside of it. Once I go into the chunk however, I can see the chunk again. It's not a render distance problem because I've turned it all the way up to 24 chunks and I still couldn...

Q: Is breaking bedrock(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0jCKJOkAog&t=1s) in minecraft considered cheating, or is it just some sort of weird bug

CheesySpongeHonestly i find it kinda strange that minecraft added it but it might be a mistake. I also am sorta confused if i shld allow it on my smp

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7:33 PM
Q: How does this timing aboard the Obra Dinn make sense?

ArthurIn Return of the Obra Dinn, looking through some of the death scenes, I am perplexed as to how the timing works. In Escape I, we hear the captain has just come up from the hold after chasing away the monster, and we see people (including the captain) emerging from the lower decks. The dialogue se...

Q: What causes the terrible FPS drop in CS:GO and why does `logadress_add 1` solve it?

infinitezeroSometimes in a match on Faceit, my fps drop from ~300 to 20. Opening the ingame console and typing "logadress_add 1" will freeze my game for 3-5 seconds and afterwards my fps are back to normal. What is happening and why does the command help?

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9:16 PM
Q: How to effectively/quickly level Illumina routes?

WondercricketI completed the main story to New Pokemon Snap, and I am going back to the previous routes and maxing out each one for 100% completion. While time consuming, the standard day/night routes are fairly straight forward to max out due to how expedition points are calculated. However, because of the w...

9:42 PM
Q: Ps3 controler issue

Kiley1829We have a wireless ps3 Controler and have been using it for months now we turned it on today and it says connect USB controler we dont have a USB one what can we do to fix it?

Q: Minecraft black screen shader when not on menu

JosselynI have already used minecraft shaders, the thing is that the shaders works only on menu when i press esc, but when I want to go back, normally, it turns black, anyone knows what might be the problem? I'm using 1.8.9 and the shader Sildurs vibrant shaders v1.28 Lite, the thing is I also thought it...

10:33 PM
Q: Baldurs Gate 3 - Trailer Dragons

ThomasI've watched the trailer a few times, and got a question there. The dragons shown in the trailer/intro are red dragons as it seems. Is there any clear indication as to what age class they are of? At first I would have guessed ancient ones, but due to how large they are compared to their riders th...

Q: Who is the Snake Eater theme being "sung to"?

StuperUserThe incredible Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater theme has the lyrics: I'm searching and I'll melt into you and: I give my life, not for honour, but for you Is there a canon identity of the "I" singing and the "you" to whom they're singing?

Q: Multiple Profiles/Players on New Pokemon Snap?

AelinI just recently purchased New Pokemon Snap Digital Download on my Switch. My husband has a separate account on our switch and was unable to play (it was purchased on my account). If he plays on my account is there a way to create a new profile or does he have to continue where my game left off?

Q: OpenTTD Finding Competition

RulerOfTheWorldI'm currently writing an AI to play OpenTTD, and I'm trying to find out how many people & mail will be available if I build a station covering an entire town. (Such as 100 passengers and 20 mail every month) To calculate this, since I haven't seen any way to get this directly using the API, I nee...

11:25 PM
Q: What is the efficient way to reach the Star Metal and Black Ice zone?

YasskierIn Conan Exiles the map is divided in a different biomes with a different climate - from hot desert to icebergs. The most advanced minerals - Star Metal, obsidian, gold and black ice - are only available in the frozen areas on the north of the map. However, when I am trying to reach that area, I ...

11:50 PM
Q: Where do you find Mew?

BlueRaja - Danny PflughoeftI noticed from this question that Mew is in the game. However I've beaten the game and never even saw one. Where is Mew? Please provide a hint rather than a solution. Or at least, put the solution in a spoiler tag.


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