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1:09 AM
Q: Is there a way to detect if a cat is sleeping? 1.16

Ferryn FoxI've searched for cat nbt data and also checked in-game but no dice. It doesn't seem to have a "Sleeping" tag like that of a fox.

1:26 AM
Noita update: found Holy Hand Grenade and decided to hang onto it
At the end of the next level my patience was rewarded when I got Exploding Corpses (which also grants explosion immunity)...and Glass Cannon (all damage and blast radii x5, max health=50)
The underground jungle no longer really exists.
2 hours later…
3:35 AM
Q: At what point is the check for whether or not I meet the criteria for Ending C?

VemonusThis may be a bit spoilery, so please read at your own caution. I played NieR: Gestalt back in the day (read: 2017, I was late okay?), so I’ve done this before; but it’s been a while... The criteria for route C is that I need Route C is different from the previous route (B, duh) in that Howeve...

3:59 AM
Q: Can i delete steam garud without haveing a code

Shindledloso I was using the steam desktop auth thing on Github and then the hard drive it was on broke, (idk what happened but it beeps when I plug it in. Any help on that wud be nice but I don't need it) so now my steam account is asking for an auth code but I don't have one and the SDA code to transfer ...

Q: What is the quickest way to level up damage on raider's axe?

RyugaGodI have a raiders axe with max enchants, with heroic on it and I have ender armor. Also, I have maxed out the strength on it and I have a few talismans. I need to know the quickest/most efficient way to max out the damage on it. I want to be able to 1 shot at least the 9k health enderman, in futur...

3 hours later…
6:56 AM
@ToxicFrog Good riddance to that!
2 hours later…
8:51 AM
Q: Is there any way not to lose inventory after dying other than commands and chests

DarkPhoenixI wanted to know if there is any method other than using commands, chests (ender chests included) to not to lose items in the inventory when we die in Minecraft. I couldn't find any method. Any help would be appreciated. My version is Java edition 1.16.5 if needed. Thank you!

9:06 AM
And our network is out again
9:39 AM
Q: detect if no online player has a specific score and execute command

dinidiniexecute unless score @p playerid = step10 time run say no players as the @p finds nearest person it dont check all players at once and therefor fails to not run when someone online has the score how do i get it to only run when no online person has the score in this case a playerid value of 10

9:57 AM
Turns out there was another power outage at work
@Nzall you work doesn't have UPSs? or did they run dry?
@Memor-X we got UPSes, but not enough to cover all machines
And we don't have anyone at the office to quickly intervene when it happens
3 hours later…
12:54 PM
Ever since that Facebook phone number database got leaked I've been getting almost daily spam messages
Only thing to do about them is delete the message and block the number
1:20 PM
Q: Minecraft forge server wont use the ram I've allocated

JackI have made a minecraft forge server with a large modpack, have 16gb of ram and have allocated more ram via a .bat file: java -Xms1024m -Xmx6G -jar forge-1.12.2- It start the server up and I can join it however the tps only goes up to about 10 ticks per seconds and it says its onl...

Q: How do I check if my GPU supports Raytracing?

Memor-Xwhile browsing a particular website I came across this notice on a page for Metro Exodus ATTENTION! ENHANCED EDITION WORKS ONLY ON GPUs WITH RAY TRACING TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT! IT WILL NOT LAUNCH ON OLDER GPUS! DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS REPACK IF YOU DON’T HAVE A MODERN VIDEO CARD! If your videocard is ol...

2:08 PM
Q: How to fix my ip4 to play on minecraft?

Péter TempfliEsterday when i tried to host a minecraft server to play whit my frends i noticed that my ip4 address changed adn my ip6 is not detected. I can't connect with either of them(old and new ip4). Only 0: worked so i think the problem is whit my ip.After that i used hamachi and that worked but that on...

2:29 PM
@Sterno you still playing Blade of Agony?
1 hour later…
3:32 PM
@Wipqozn That's the funny part lol. I've had that permission for ages
@ToxicFrog Huh. Well that game sounds like fun
It's loads of fun, although I found it got more fun for me personally once I modded it to no longer have permadeath
Because for me the fun comes from experimenting with weird/overpowered spell combos and the permadeath mechanics actively discourage that
Q: What is the "Arc Furnace" and why can I not find information about it?

William Walker IIII've been crawling around various wikis and I see mentions of the "arc furnace" as if it were some sort of refinery above the 'refinery' option, but when I try to follow I wind up at error pages, or at 'Basic Refinery.' Was this an old name for the Basic, a discontinued entity, or something else?

4:10 PM
Q: Boost Ore Detector Range?

William Walker IIIThe hand drill has a native ore detection range of 20m. The base-installed ore detector has an altogether unimpressive 150m range. From glancing at wikis, the small-craft seems to be 50m. 50m is well below a safe flying altitude, especially in mountainous terrain, is 50m really the furthest you c...

Q: When does the game determine which fossils are which?

user1008646When does the game determine which fossils are which? When they are "buried" at 5am? When I dig them up? Or when Blathers assesses them? For example, if I dig up a fossil, does the game already know that it is a Diplo Skull, or is that determination not made until I hand it to Blathers?

1 hour later…
5:17 PM
I predict this will be as much of a disaster as whatever that last amazon game was
6:18 PM
6:36 PM
Q: what items should i search for?

Cat of doom2I have beaten all bosses currently on the Xbox One edition of the game. does anyone have recommendations on what I should do next? any specific items I should search for or something to build? if you want to help with these objectives my Xbox name is: cat of doom2

Q: Why can't I up-vote

YharonI can't up-vote, I have 15 reputation, the requirement. Can anyone tell me why I can't up-vote? I have tried on up-voting a Terraria question, is that my problem?

Looks like I was a bit premature. That Vice article is based on a single 4chan comment
@Nzall Yeah, sounds like a 4chan troll. Also, wrong chat.
Anyone pick up Press Reset?
7:11 PM
Q: Why can't I up-vote

YharonI can't up-vote, I have 15 reputation, the requirement. Can anyone tell me why I can't up-vote? I have tried on up-voting a Terraria question, is that my problem? Also this was my first up-vote attempt.

7:25 PM
Q: How to trash stuff?

William Walker IIII mine rock, I process rock, I'm left with a few thousand litres of gravel, which is realistic but the stuff has no use. There appears to be no "get rid of this" feature so I started just scooping it up in my manual inventory, walking outside, and manually dropping it on the ground. I figured I...

7:35 PM
Q: Text on Footer on Arqade Meta Difficult to Read

Timmy JimI noticed today that the footer across the Arqade Meta site is difficult to read the text on because of the gray lines. It's as if the lines are going through the text, almost like a strike-through. The text in the bottom right "site design / logo © 2021 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions l...

3 hours later…
10:16 PM
Q: Giving potion effect when I hold an Item

WTHIJI've tried for some time to fix my problem alone, but now i need some help ! ( 1.16.4 version ) I am making server with friends using custom items and powers related to them, in this example it's a wand of levitation. So here's the command that I've used : execute if entity @a[nbt={SelectedItem:{id:

10:40 PM
Q: Trying to remember the name of a game

fox909aI am wondering if anyone can help me remember the name of a game. I remember it was like a space taxi like game but had elements of shooting in it and some dialog. I think it was around the early to mid 2000s and I remember picking it up in a local computer shop in the bargin sections I was like ...

@Lazers2.0 I wonder if this is Space Taxi 2, which is a thing apparently
11:28 PM
I think I've watched this at least twice a day since it released
I discovered this channel a month ago and they're great.
11:53 PM
Q: Is there a way to play BS Zelda: Inishie no Sekiban?

MicroMachineI've been wanting to play Inishie no Sekiban, a Zelda game which is difficult to find because it was broadcasted to the Super Nintendo a few times in the 1990s. So far I haven't been unable to locate a translation of the game or any ROMs. Are there playable copies of BS Zelda Inishie no Sekiban?

Q: Minecraft Java npc

DJshelfmushroomI have a server, and I wish I could make NPCs. Is there a command or bukkit plugin I could use? I would prefer if I could make it tp them somewhere.


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